Nikki Ch. 02


"Oh, hi!" Nikki sounded bubbly and happy when I called her after a fitful night. I wondered what she looked like right then—I pictured her hair all a mess early in the morning and lying in bed still naked...maybe her fingers would play with her pussy and she would pretend it was me. "So...I can't talk long; I'm in the kitchen getting some coffee for Andy, and then I'm going to jump in the shower with him. How'd you do last night, Stud? Didn't break your promise, did you?"

"I managed just fine," I lied. Why did I even bother to call her?

"Oh, r-e-a-l-l-y?" she drew it out and sounded seductive. "Still naked right now, aren't you, Steve? I told you to call me before you got dressed. Oh course, I'm about to take a shower with my man, so obviously I'm naked. And did I ever get a workout last night!"

I tried to be flippant, too. Inside, I was burning up. My balls ached; my cock hung heavy and stood up while Nikki talked. "I dealt with it fine. I grabbed a flashlight and went for a run on the trail."

"Did you really?! Now you're turning ME on!" Nikki whispered into the phone. "I can just imagine your cock bouncing around when you run! I'll come watch you! Listen, Stud, I gotta run. Andy's coffee's done and now that you've made my pussy start tingling I'm going to make him take care of me in the shower! It would be so much fun to be all wet and soapy and slippery together! You run along—and make sure you don't cheat on me, young man!" I was in agony. How long could I keep The Promise, anyway? I'd never had to try before.

"Nikki, are you coming?!" I heard Andy calling from the background. The pressure in my balls was just about overwhelming.

"Thanks for calling, Steve. You're out there all by yourself; I think you should stay naked until after you feed the horses. Mmmm, I love the thought of your cock swinging around while you're working! I want you to obey me, now. Gotta run—I'm on fire now and need one of you inside me to put it out!"

And the line was dead!

Who is she? I thought. I don't have to obey her! Oddly, I felt bound by The Promise I'd made my friend's wicked wife. Who was she to tell me not to jack off? Why should I care what she thinks—and yet I'd stepped right into it and I HAD promised. More than that, I DID care what she thought...but I didn't know why. My penis surged and my balls began to tighten whenever I thought about Nikki, now more than ever before, but I willed myself to keep my word...and it was hard!

How in the world could she know whether I just worked it out for myself, in the manner of all young men since time immemorial? And then in the next instant, I knew how. She could ask me. And if asked, I knew I would tell her the truth.

I started to pull on my jeans, but I was thinking about Nikki, naked and getting soaped up in the shower and my lucky buddy Andy getting to have her again and again. The coarse denim felt uncomfortable to me; I pushed my dick down into my jeans and the sensation on my hyper-sensitive tip was almost too much. Screw her! I thought. I'll decide for myself what to wear...and when. I kicked off my jeans, pulled on my shoes and walked outside.

It occurred to me, while I stood with one foot on a fence rail watching our stallion eating his breakfast and my penis swinging side to side whenever I shifted position, that I'd done exactly what she'd told me to do—I'd done all the morning chores naked. My mind fought back; no, I liked the feeling of freedom of being naked, I reasoned, and I lived out in the country! I'm standing out here in the sun nude because I chose to, not because that wicked woman told me to.

Still, whatever my arguments, and even though I immediately ran into the house and got dressed, in the back of my thoughts was the idea that it really was true: I'd been doing whatever she told me to do.

Against my better judgment, I accepted Nikki's invitation to dinner for the next evening when she called me later that morning. Nothing; not a hint of the torturous teasing she'd been subjecting me to. She just sounded like herself. Like always, I just walked inside when I got to their house...and like always, I was hoping to see an enticing vision of Nikki. I'd almost never seen her dress "down" but tonight she was wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants, with her hair tied back and bare feet. She smiled nicely—the picture of an innocent young housewife—when she saw me, and offered me a glass of sweet tea. "Cold enough?" she asked, just a twinkle in her eye. "I decided to put it on ice to keep it cool today." My brain wasn't working at full faculty for all the teasing she'd been putting me through, but I did catch the innuendo.

They say "ignorance is bliss," and Andy was still blissful. He wrapped his arms around his no-longer-blushing bride and kissed her earlobe. "It really is pretty warm out today." Looking at me he held up his own glass. "You know I'd never drank this stuff before we met you, right Steve? But, man! You're right! This sweet tea is really good!"

Oh, yes. After the work I'd been doing at the ranch during the day and working with our stallion, Nikki's sweet tea tasted fabulous. I guzzled the first glass and Andy refilled it for me. "That's fantastic, Nikki! Thanks!" I sipped it, taking my time.

Nikki, the demure wife that she was, pushed her ass back into her husband—her eyes fixed on mine—and enjoyed our compliments. They swayed together to some music I couldn't hear, and when his eyes were closed and he smiled at the sensations she must have been giving him, Nikki watched knowingly as my eyes traveled the length of her swaying body. I knew that I was caught, and I couldn't help it. She was gorgeous! And captivating! I was ashamed at my shameless gawking...well, no. I was ashamed that I'd been caught gawking. Shining white teeth, framed by lovely lips and sometimes licked by her red, wicked tongue. Mmmm!

Still, I had convinced myself that I could dance around that fire without falling in it.

Over dinner and while we hung out, Andy and I talked about his upcoming life at sea. He'd made some short trips on his ship but never a WestPac, and he was both excited and apprehensive. Nikki sat next to him on the couch, holding his hand and stroking his neck, and she smiled slyly at me to make sure that I was paying attention.


As we settled onto the couch and chairs in their living room Andy said, "Look, Steve, I want you to do me a favor. Will you?" I said I'd do whatever I could for him. "I knew you would, Buddy," he said. "We don't know that many people that aren't also in the Navy and a lot of those guys are leaving their wives, too. I want you to check in on Nikki for me. Not like every day, you know, but when she needs you. Just, you know, look out for her. Make sure she doesn't stay cooped up inside feeling depressed the whole time I'm gone. Please? Take her out—movies, dinner, like that. And I'm really concerned that she'll be okay while I'm on the ship. I know I shouldn't be asking, but I just want to make sure that she'll be happy." She leaned into his shoulder and whispered something. "Oh, and riding of course," he added. "Nikki really wants for you two to go riding together this summer. Seriously, whatever you did with her last time, it's stuff like that! She came back home so excited and happy! It was great. Thanks, man."

My face flashed fire-engine red and alarms went off in my brain; Andy thought I was still bashful at compliments, and Nikki giggled...and kissed HIM! Before I'd really thought it through, I shrugged and said, "Yeah, you know you don't even need to ask me. I don't have anyone else, and she can have as much of me as she wants." No sooner were the words out of my mouth than I saw a look in Nikki's emerald eyes that read, "I'll remember that."

When Andy went into the bathroom after awhile, Nikki slid over to the edge of the couch and leaned forward, smiling. I'd been watching her breasts move freely under that T-shirt all night and I tried to steal a glance as she leaned toward me.

"I'm not going to have to spend as much time being lonely while he's gone as I'd thought," she smiled. She was talking quietly and she looked really excited.

"Great. Why's that?" How could a woman move so seductively as she did, just shifting position? I loved the way her sweat pants hugged her legs and hips, and clung to each ass cheek...and I spent the day trying to steal furtive glances at that special 'V' they framed between her legs.

"Well I'm thinking about hooking up with one of my girlfriends and modeling lingerie in peoples' homes. Doesn't that sound great? She said that a lot of guys pay super well—and that's all. Just modeling, nothing else. I'm getting really excited about it. I'm going to start after Andy's out to sea."

I sat back in my chair; I could feel my heart flutter as it beat faster at the thought of watching Nikki and ran cold at the thought of her betraying her husband, my buddy. "I don't think it's a good idea," I said quietly, almost whispering. "I don't think you'd make much money at it, and I don't think you'd have much fun, either."

She got defensive and glared at me. "Oh, yeah? I think you know better than that, Steve! Why would you even say that?"

"Well, it's true." I shrugged, my face cold. "And, I don't think you should prance around for a bunch of men you don't know, and never for money. Andy would never want you to, and it's wrong. You're not a hooker."

"Well, I've got to do something while he's gone or I'll go crazy. And, it's not prostitution!" Then she became defiant and stuck out that sexy tongue at me, but there was no seduction in it then. "I don't know why I'd have to listen to you, anyway. I'll do it if I want. And don't forget, friend, I know you. You'd watch me in a second!"

"It's not a good idea, Nikki." Now even my voice was cold.

"Yeah, just tell me why." Her eyes shot daggers at me. I'd seen and heard her when she and Andy had some arguments, and I'd always been glad that it hadn't been me!

When I smiled, Nikki visibly shivered and she shrank further back into the couch. I'll admit, it wasn't a nice smile, and my voice was too calm. "I've said some things to you and done some things I shouldn't have, that's true. Regardless, it'll be a real drag when I'm the escort to every one of those 'shows.' I'll sit right next to the guy, and I'll fold my arms and just look It won't be any fun, the guy won't want to pay you and he'll know I don't approve, and I'll be the last one out of the house as you get back in the car." Oddly, Nikki's eyes softened and her face grew a tentative smile. I pressed on. "But it's more than that. I mean, I'll see to it no one wants more than one show, and I'll do my best to 'encourage' that kind of referral. But past all that—" I leaned close toward her and caught both her hands in mine and drew her, firmly but not harshly, to the edge of the couch—"you're a gorgeous woman, Nikki. Andy is a lucky guy, and you've driven me crazy...until I figured something out." I smiled—normally, again—and winked at her. "You're far too beautiful and far too valuable to want to show yourself for any random guy willing to pay you, and then pay the next girl, too, and you're nothing but something to jerk off to that they won't remember. Don't put yourself down to that level, Nikki. Come out and ride with me, come out and watch the stars at night and listen to the crickets, let me take you to movies, and dinner, and whatever, and the time will go fast enough. It's true none of that will make you any money, but it'll be worth a lot more! You'll have more fun, and you won't have to be sorry for yourself."

She was very quiet, and left her hands in mine. Oh, it felt good. Her smile beamed at me and her eyes peered into mine until I blinked and looked away, and still she looked inside. She scooted forward so that one of my knees was between both of hers and she leaned forward some more. "Wow. That was really kind of...sweet, Steve." Her fingers worked up my arms a little bit, and then she squeezed both my legs above my knees and I jumped, making her laugh. "So...what I heard is that you wouldn't be able to get enough of me in sexy lingerie, so you're going to come—oops! Not till I tell you, remember!—to every one of my shows!" She clapped her hands over mine and squeezed again and her breasts jumped in her braless T-shirt when she wiggled. "You just know I love repeat performances, don't you?"

I slid back in my chair, my heart beating fast. I couldn't hold her gaze.

Her hands still on my thighs, she scooted still closer. My knee began pushing her legs apart, and she smiled at me and nodded. "I'm wondering, though. What is it that you 'figured out'?"

It took me a few moments to get my voice working. My hands were sweating; I'd stopped touching her precisely because I so badly wanted to, and now my hands trembled. "I've figured out that your Promise—" she cut me off sharply and reminded me that it was my promise –"fine, my Promise really isn't that big a deal, after all."

Our legs still clasped, she leaned back. She flipped a wisp of hair off her forehead and was so sexy that I knew I'd just lied. Leaning back against the couch, her ass near the edge and our legs locked together, Nikki's T-shirt was stretched almost taut over her amazing breasts and her nipples were more clearly imprinted than any time I'd ever noticed.

Yes. I had just lied.

The soft material of her sweats belied the treasure they hid at the juncture of her legs, and her very feminine abdomen peeked from beneath her thin shirt just above her sweats and my mouth watered and ran dry at the same time. "That's very interesting, Steve," she said, looking quickly around for Andy and then locking eyes with me. At least, when I would meet her gaze. "That's not what you sounded like on the phone. You made it sound like you were desperate to cum, Steve. I had to keep telling you to keep your Promise, remember?"

"Well," I stammered. I was caught, and knew it, but I tried to wiggle free of her clutches—but not physically. Oh, no! I thrilled at even the slightest contact of her body touching mine! "I've already admitted I've said some things that I shouldn't have." I was making it up as fast my tongue could ramble, and I felt positive that she would know...and gained confidence despite my fraud that I really could resist her. "I can handle it."

"That's just it, Sweetie," she stroked one leg and I shuddered. Wouldn't Andy hurry back? "You're not supposed to be 'handling it.'"

I groaned, and Nikki smiled. "I don't care if it's another..." I searched my fogged brain for some heroic length of time. How long could a man really last? "Fine—you tricked me into promising. And I'll keep my word. It's just a coincidence that you sucked me into—"

"I haven't sucked you in at all, Steve." Nikki was innocent, her face composed. "I'm sure it would be fun, but I haven't done that to you...yet."

"I don't care if it's another month!" I finally blurted. "So, however you tempt me, Nikki, it won't work. I'm in control of what I do—Baby¬¬--not you!" That was the first time I'd called her a pet name, like she had called me, but it didn't have the it.

Andy came back to join us; she slid back on the couch as she heard their bedroom door close, and I was thumbing through channels on the TV by the time he came into the living room. I didn't stay too much longer after that little chat with Nikki. I needed to get away from there.

And I wondered, on the drive home, how I could ever live up to my big boast.

It was five days before I saw them again, the day before Andy set sail. I focused on running and exercising, and worked as much as I could. Occasionally, I was able to concentrate, but thoughts of Nikki came unbidden to my mind and she was hard to shake out. It was painfully difficult to keep The Promise, but I forced myself to get used it and every day I was better able to live with the ache in my balls.

I found that exercising made it better for a little while, but then I needed her to let me cum even MORE. I became morose at work and noticed I felt more aggressive than assertive—given my work as a security agent at high risk sites that was both good and, potentially, bad. Guys at work noticed and kidded me, "Man, you need a girlfriend! You need to get laid—BAD!" I laughed on the outside, and thought of Nikki's voice and the woman I wanted but couldn't have...and my mood would grow darker. I met a couple girls— it's not really true that I "met" those girls, as much as I was just introduced to them. But I wasn't good at "friendly banter" and it quickly died down, and I did not know how to move a potential relationship along.

I just lived...frustrated.

The evening before Andy was to set sail I swallowed my pride and called to invite them to dinner. Nikki sounded depressed when she first picked up the phone, but she brightened at my invitation. Without even a hint of innuendoes she asked how I'd been doing and how my job was, and how that stallion on the ranch was coming along. We chose a restaurant, and picked a time.

We had fun that night; it was simple, clean...and fun. Having never had many close friends before, I knew I was fortunate when I'd met Andy. He put a good face on it, torn between being eager to set sail and do what Sailors do, and having to leave his wife for several months. He could be really personable when he pulled his nose out of tech manuals, and I'd miss him, too.

After that great evening we'd had and just as I'd dropped them off at home that night, Nikki had hugged me again and said, right out loud, "Are you still keeping your promise?" I mumbled that I was and she smiled warmly. I hoped she didn't feel my response as she pulled herself to me.

Andy was right there and heard it. Curious, he had asked what the promise was. With a completely normal expression, Nikki wrapped an arm around him and said, "Oh, you're going to laugh, Baby! I had Steve promise me he wouldn't jerk off anymore!" Andy laughed, alright, but asked, "Why do you care, anyway? What's that about?" His first wave of suspicion had finally hit the beach.

She had blushed, just a little, and waved it off. "Simple. I know you guys do it. And I know it's normal. But I also know that if a guy's masturbating all the time then he might not be looking for a girlfriend quite as hard—oops—as he really wants to. Steve and Wendy broke up—that's why I said maybe I could help him find a girl this summer—and I just felt like he should be focused."

Andy just shook his head at me, laughing while I turned ever color of red there is. That suspicious tide went right back out to sea. "Well, she's right, Buddy," he'd said, slapping me on the back. "Besides, you find a girl that's really into you and you've already blown it all on nothing." He had laughed uproariously. "If you don't get a girl quick your nuts will probably explode! Ha! Nikki knows lots of girls around town. She'll hook you up, I have no doubt!"

It was the end of May when Andy went to sea, and it was an unusually warm spring after a really mild winter. Because of my work schedule I didn't see or talk to Nikki for several days after our last dinner. My "promise" had actually stopped being as difficult to "keep" after the first week or so. Now there was just a dull ache in my balls that I was conscious of, but I'd turned it into a game to see just how long I could really go without masturbating. So far I was at about two weeks; my balls felt like soccer balls between my legs, but I knew I could survive it.

I'd met one girl, through a girl at work, and we'd talked once or twice but didn't really hit it off. It gave me hope, though, and I kept looking. And I had to admit, Andy and Nikki had been right—I was more focused!

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