tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNikki Comes to Life Ch. 03

Nikki Comes to Life Ch. 03


The moving truck was pulling out and the last box had barely hit the floor off the truck when I started to go through Nikki's clothes.

Ann and I's relationship had progressed to the next level and we had bought a house in another state with in an hour of a major city.

I had gone ahead to get the house setup while she closed up business back in our old town. I now had few days alone and was bound and determined to dress up and stay that way for entire weekend, something I had never done before. It was always over too soon.

I started my playtime with a long hot bath and removed all my body hair. I was smooth and silky by the time I got out.

I looked over my wardrobe and began to dress. I started with my trusty gaff to hide my male bits followed by black panty hose. These had some extra padding built into the hips and the butt to help with my transformation. Next I added my black corset which by the way is a pain in the ass to tighten when you are alone!

I slipped in my titties and was starting feel that special tingle.

I began to apply my make up, taking cues from some fashion magazines for a new look. Smokey eyes and dark lipstick. Perfect!

I glanced at my fetish wear but decided it was too early for that and went with a tight pair of beige leather pants followed by a white high necked sweater.

I found my favorite sexy white knee boots and slipped them on. Then I put on my auburn wig and teased it out a bit. I looked good!

I did my nails and put some perfume on.

I strutted around the house, all the while looking at myself in the mirror. My leather ass did look incredible.

"I would fuck me!" I exclaimed to the mirror.

I looked at the clock and realized I had spent 3 hours getting ready and it was getting late. And there was no food or drink at the house. When you live in a small town the sidewalks roll up early so I had to get moving. There was no time to change and make it to the store. It would be a long, hungry night unless Nikki went!

I swallowed hard, plucked up my courage and went out the door, purse in hand.

Our house was set back in the lot and we couldn't see the neighbors so I was fine that way.

I was shaking and my heart felt like it was going pop out of my chest by the time I got in the car.

"You can do this. Calm down." I told myself.

I decided to drive to the next town over just to be safe. I didn't want to be found out in the town where we would do our daily lives.

As I headed over to the store, I went through all the different things that could happen. I was so busy doing that I nearly drove past the store!

It was 5 minutes to 7 and the store was deserted. I went inside and looked for my dinner and a bottle of wine. I could feel my self sweating uncontrollably.

I quickly picked up a roasted chicken and two bottles of merlot and headed for the cashier. I placed my items on the conveyer and took out my girly wallet.

The girl ran my items through, and told me the total. She didn't even blink at me! I was passing as a woman.

She thanked me and the bag boy called me miss!

I walked out of the store towards the car, smiling! Not so hard!

A tall, older man was walking towards me. He looked me up and down and cracked smiled. "Good evening Miss." he said. I smiled back as I passed and said in my best Nikki voice "Good evening."

I looked over my shoulder as I walked away and he was checking me out! Ann was right! Men would stare.

The drive home was delightful!

That night, I must have came 4 times at the thought of being looked at by the man. I played by myself into the early hours of the morning, practicing sucking and fucking that stranger. I remained en femme the rest of the weekend and had a ball.

A few days later, Ann arrived to the new house. Of course she asked me what I had been doing.

"Not much." I replied. If I had admitted I had gone out as Nikki she would expect me to go out with her as Nikki.

Soon we got into the swing of things and started to get our new business open. We worked long hours and Nikki didn't really get to come out very often. Once in while Ann would request Nikki come out for drinks and I would oblige her.

As the days and weeks went by it became apparent that there was too much to do! We were splitting an 18 hour day between us and never seeing each other except at night and we were exhausted. It was putting a strain on us and I thought we should hire some extra help.

We knew we couldn't afford to hire someone so I suggested we bring my old friend Kurt to live and work with us. He lived in the city an hour away and was between jobs. I said he could stay in the extra bedroom. Ann agreed whole heartedly.

I called him up and proposed the offer. He agreed in a heart beat.

He had no car so I picked him up and brought him out to the new place. We caught up and Ann and Kurt hit it right off. They would spend hours talking after I had gone to bed. I thought was great that my friend and Ann were working out.

Kurt was a good looking guy and always had drop dead gorgeous women around him. At 5'10" and about 180 with chiseled features anybody could see why.

It was going great. Ann and I time to each other and Kurt was loving being out of the city.

I was working the morning, Ann the afternoon and Kurt was in the evening.

One Friday afternoon, Ann came to the house after trading off shifts with Kurt.

She hugged me tightly.

"I miss Nikki. Can she come over tonight?" Ann cooed in my ear.

"I don't see why not." said smiling " but what about Kurt?"

"He has a hot date tonight so we won't see him."

I kissed Ann and said "I'll get changed if you start dinner!"

She gently pushed me away and I went to get changed.

I was feeling kinky so it was going to be a latex night!

I put on my silky nylons with the seams. I was feeling extra horny so lubed up a small dildo with a base on it and slid it into my ass pussy. Wonderful!

I slipped into a pair of high waisted latex panties in black. They work as good as my gaff to hide my clit and held my dildo in place.

I pulled on my favorite black latex dress with the long sleeves and high neck. As I zipped it up, I felt Nikki coming to life. Next I chose a black heavy latex corset. It had buckles in the front so it was a little more user friendly. I finished up with my knee boots and my auburn wig. I quickly did my make up and nails.

When I came out from the bedroom, Ann gasped at my shiny tight outfit

"That's an interesting choice in dinner wear!"

"I'm feeling a little kinky tonight and thought this was perfect!"

I replied.

"Well, I guess I should keep up then! Make us some drinks and start to eat. I'll be back in flash."

Ann disappeared into the bedroom as I poured us glasses of wine. Soon I heard the click of stilettos on the hard wood floor. I turned to see Ann dress in a red latex skirt with a matching top. She had on long gloves and black latex stockings She towered over me in a pair of black 4" pumps with ankle buckles.

My mouth watered! She was stunning!

"Well, how do I look?" as she spun around for me.


We ate and drank and soon sat in the living room.

"Don't we make a pair of girlfriends! If people only knew!" Ann said, as she sipped her wine.

I smiled "But they don't and I'm happy with that."

"You look so hot, Nikki! You are absolutely a man trap!"

I blushed and giggled. Ann rose to get us more wine.

"Let me refill your glass" I handed her my glass as she waked away. I watched her ass wiggle under her latex skirt until she disappeared into the kitchen. Stunning.

She returned with two full glasses and sat next to me.

"Nikki, does the thought of a man still turn you on?"

I stopped mid sip. It did but did I want to admit it?

"I guess it does." I responded.

"With a stranger, right?" Ann asked me. "Don't you think it would kind of dangerous , meeting a stranger and you all dressed up?"

She did have a good point. " Well, that's why it just a fantasy." said in my Nikki voice.

"Didn't seem like a fantasy all those times we played."

"I was just getting into it." said calmly.

That's when I heard a car door close. A look of fear came over my face. "Somebody's here!" I exclaimed. I stood up but there was no where to go. I looked at the clock. It was 10:30 p.m.. The shop was still open so it couldn't be Kurt.

"Nikki, calm down." Ann said as she stood and walked toward the kitchen.

I heard the slider door open and Ann and heavy voice in muffled tones. Ann came around the corner from the kitchen.

Kurt was behind her! Oh no! Busted!

"Kurt, this is Nikki, my friend I told you about!"

I looked at the floor, trying to shrink down to nothing.

"Hi Nikki! You're right, she is hot!" Kurt said as he looked me over.

"Nikki, say something to your new friend." Ann said sternly.

I looked up and smiled and in my Nikki voice I peeped out "Hi."

Kurt stuck out his hand and I took it. His hands were huge compared to mine. "Pleased to meet you, Nikki. What a dress!"

"Nikki, turn around for Kurt. Show him your outfit." Ann said gleefully.

I did a turn and Kurt sighed as he patted my ass.

"Now get our guest a drink while go sit and chat."

I could hear them in the living room as I poured Kurt a whiskey and cola. I decided I needed one too as I was a little stressed.

I returned to the living room and sat on the far end of the couch.

"Nikki, Kurt won't bite you. You can move closer."

I slid down towards him, fixing my dress as I moved.

"You know Kurt, Nikki has never danced with a man before!" Ann stated. Kurt smiled at me. "Is that true? I would dance with you in a second!"

I stammered for an answer but nothing came out of my mouth.

Ann hit the remote and soft music came on.

Kurt stood, towering over me. He reached out his hand and pulled me to my feet. Even in 4" heels he was still taller than me.

"It's easy Nikki." Kurt said softly. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me close. It was strange but oh so exciting. I swayed to the music and Kurt's gently leads.

I could smell his cologne and a hint of liquor on his breath. I getting more turned on and forgetting about being found out.

I could feel his cock against me, pressed into my crotch. It was intoxicating. His rough 5 o'clock shadow brushed my cheek.

"You are one sexy bitch!" he whispered in my ear. He reached from my hips to my ass and pulled me in tighter. Kurt kissed my neck and I nearly melted.

"Nikki seems to like dancing with you Kurt!" Ann said from somewhere behind me.

The song ended and I sat down, flushed from dancing.

"Kurt, why don't you go get changed while we chat for a minute" Ann asked.

Kurt disappeared downstairs and I turned to Ann.

"You totally set me up! He knew! You told him! What if-" Ann cut me off.

"What if what? You met a stranger and got beat up or worse!"

Ann moved in and kissed me. "You need this, Nikki. Just go with it. Kurt is cool with it. He really wanted to see you made up."

"He's my friend!" I complained.

"And I will always be your friend."

I turned around and there was Kurt. He was dressed in a black latex jumpsuit. His crotch was covered by black latex sheath with snaps around the edge and that snapped on to his jump suit. My heart skipped a few beats.

"I got that for Kurt today when I ran into the city. What do you think Nikki?"

"Wow" was all I could muster.

Kurt was now standing front Ann and I, modeling his new outfit.

His cock was clearly defined under the straining rubber.

"Turn around Kurt. Let us see that fine ass of yours!" Ann squealed.

Ann reached out and ran her hands over his ass. "Mmm... feel it Nikki."

I reached for his shiny ass and nearly came right there!

He turned back around and sat in between Ann and I.

"Nikki loves latex and I thought you would look great in this and I was right!"

Ann leaned in and kissed Kurt. I was taken back. Ann opened one eye and looked at me. She pulled me in to their kiss. Ann and I wrapped our tongues around each other then she gently guided my tongue to Kurt's mouth. I was kissing a man. Oh god it felt so perfect!

"That's it Nikki. Kiss your boyfriend!" I let a little moan out and Kurt kissed me harder, exploring my mouth with his tongue.

Ann grabbed my hand and placed on his latex covered cock.

"How do you like it Nikki?" Ann whispered. I could feel the heat from his cock through the rubber.

I felt Ann pulling the sheath open on his latex suit. Ann moved my hand to his cock. It was rock hard.

Ann moved her head down to his cock. We broke our kissing off as Kurt started to breathe heavy. Ann pulled me down to her face.

She looked at me and kissed me. We moved closer to his cock until it was in between us. I licked his head and shaft.

"Go for it baby!" Ann said to me. I opened mouth and took Kurt's cock in my mouth. It was hot and warm. I glided up and down his shaft, licking his head. Ann held my head down as she kissed Kurt.

"Kurt, you like the way Nikki sucks cock?"

"Mmm, she's a natural!" he said between deep breaths.

I could feel his cock growing my mouth. He was going cum!

Ann pulled me off his cock.

"Not so fast."

Kurt had his eyes closed as he massaged my thigh with his hand.

"Nikki is still a virgin Kurt. Would you like to be her first?"

I was caught off guard by that.

"I told you I would! She is so hot. I bet she would love to fuck!"

Kurt pulled me towards him and kissed me again. "Would like me to fuck you, Nikki?"

In my cracked voice "Yes, more than anything."

Ann stood first pulling me up and then Kurt. She led us to the bedroom.

She pushed me gently down on the bed and climbed on top on of me, spreading my legs apart as she moved into postion.

"Nikki, you will love this. Trust me baby."

Ann reached down to my ass pussy and discovered the dildo I had in me. She pulled my panties aside and pulled out my toy.

Her tone changed slightly.

"You were pretty sure of yourself, weren't you? Little slut!"

Kurt stood beside the bed, stoking his cock.

"Come here, Kurt." Ann pulled him on to the bed, trading spots with her. I now had a man in between my legs, both of us dressed in shiny, tight latex. My wildest dream was about to come true. It was an electric moment.

Kurt put his weight on me as he kissed me. He was far heavier than Ann. I could feel his cock just touching my ass and it made me quiver. His breath was hot on my neck.

Ann put a condom on him and lubed me as we continued to kiss.

"Are you ready?" Kurt asked.

I nodded and he took his cock and aimed for my love hole. He was huge! He slipped in the head of his cock. I was trapped but it felt good.

"Is that ok, Nikki?" he asked me.

"Ye..Yes. It's good." I whispered. He was big but I thought I could take him in.

"Good...SLUT!" Kurt exclaimed. I opened my eyes wide.

He slammed his cock into at full force. I though I was going to die. I cried out but Ann covered my mouth as Kurt held me down by my hands.

"Be quite, bitch! Now you are getting what you want and deserve!"

"Ann told me what hungry cock slut you were and I see now see she was right" Kurt bellowed.

He continued to pound my ass. Ann smiled as he fucked me.

"Nikki likes it a little rough." Ann said.

The pain was starting to go away. I relaxed and let happen.

"I think she is getting into it." Kurt smiled. He let go of my hands

and I reached for his beautiful latex ass. I pulled him into me as I wrapped my legs around him.

"Oh god.. I love..." I gasped.

"Say it baby" Ann said stroking my face.

"I love his cock! I love getting fucked! I'm a slut!" I screamed.

I couldn't believe what I had just said!

Kurt slowed down and pulled out of me. He grabbed me and flipped me over in one move. God was he strong.

He pulled me backwards on to his tool. He gripped my hips as he drove into me. I moaned in delight.

I opened my eyes and Ann was in front of me. She hiked up her skirt and the same life like dildo was in her hand.

"A good slut likes two cocks at once!"

She moved forward and put the dildo in mouth. I slurped on it as Kurt fucked me. Ann began to moan as I stoked her pussy as I sucked off her "cock".

I felt Kurt begin to tense up. I pushed back into him as he gripped my hip. He pushed in as far as he could and let go. I could feel him shooting load after load. I cried out and dropped my face to the bed. He fell on me and slowly pulled out.

We were a tangled mess of latex and limbs.

Ann kissed my forehead. "Are you happy?"

I looked at her "Very much. Thank you."

"Don't thank me, thank your new boyfriend"

Kurt rolled up next to me and smiled. I kissed him and he returned it.

I felt his limp cock start to come back to life as we embraced.

"That was wonderful, Kurt!" I said.

"I loved it too Nikki!" he whispered.

Ann sat in chair next the bed, panting watching us.

Kurt rolled on his back and I climbed on top of him.

"I need more. I want you inside me!" I didn't even know who I was at this point. I just knew I needed his cock.

Started to grind against his ever growing cock. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down. I looked over at Ann. She was stroking her pussy as she watched us.

I dug my nails into his shiny chest and tossed my head back. I could feel he was ready again.

I rolled a new condom on him and greased his cock up. I lowered myself down onto his pole. He slid right in now that I was stretched open.

I began to move back and forth. He moaned in approval. I leaned down and licked his lips and our tongues met again. He started to thrust upwards in to me. I moaned and bit his lip. He bucked wildly with me on him. I ground down on his cock as it grew inside me.

"Oh fuck Nikki! I'm going to CUM!" he cried.

He pulled me down with all his strength and shot his load. I could feel wave after wave coming from him. I was so hot and turned on that I came in my latex panties. I collapsed on him and slowly slid off.

We were all exhausted by this time. Kurt went out of the bedroom to change as we also changed out of our latex and relaxed for a minute.

I was about to put on a pair of male pj bottoms when Ann handed me a black baby doll night gown.

"Kurt will like this." said.

"Kurt?" I said as I slipped on the lingerie.

No sooner were the words out of my mouth, did Kurt appear in the doorway, naked.

He climbed into our bed, pulling me in with him.

Ann slid into bed with us. Kurt spooned me as Ann looked on. I could fell his semi hard cock at my ass.

"A good girl never fucks then kicks her boyfriend out of bed." Ann said in her sleepy voice.

This is the way we all fell asleep.

Things were changing! More than I knew.

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