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Nikki Goes Camping


My name is Mark and I have a fetish. I love to watch my wife get fucked by other men. I also enjoy her having sex without me present as long as she tells me about and doesn't leave out the details. It wasn't always like this for us. Most people don't engage in this type of behavior but then again, we're not most people.

I met Nikki almost eight years ago when she was nineteen and I was thirty. We didn't get together then but we became fast friends. Despite the difference in age, we share a lot in common and I always enjoyed talking with and being around her. Not only is she intelligent and funny, Nikki is an incredibly beautiful woman. She is five foot ten with shoulder-length brown hair, perky 36C breasts, sexy legs, and amazing ass. We got involved romantically about two years ago and were married a year ago. The last eight years have done noting to diminish Nikki's looks. At twenty-seven she is every bit as beautiful as the day I met her. I'm a lucky guy.

I have always enjoyed reading erotic stories. My favorite stories have always revolved around the "loving wife" categories. As Nikki and I began to explore each other sexually, I was pleased to find she was very sexually adventurous. Not long after we were married, we were lounging around drinking one night and the conversation drifted to sex as it often does. At one point, she asked me what my top three fantasies are. The last fantasy I shared with her was watching her have sex with someone else. She sat silent for a minute then asked me if I was serious. I told her under the right circumstances that it would be a huge turn-on for me. I also shared that I would be turned on by her fooling around with someone else alone as long as she told me about immediately afterward.

Nikki looked at me, digesting what I just told her. I could see the wheels in her head turning.

"You really think you could handle watching me having sex or knowing that I was somewhere else having sex?" she asked.

"I'm going to be honest," I replied. "It would turn me on. I'm sorry if that wierds you out but I'm telling you the truth."

"It doesn't weird me out all," Nikki answered. "I was just surprised for a second. Hell, it's a fantasy right?" she asked rhetorically. We all have them. I don't think I could do that though, I guess I'm a little old-fashioned with whole monogamy thing. But I don't think you're weird, it's actually kind of sexy to imagine it. Making it a reality probably won't happen, sorry." she stated empathetically.

"Don't be sorry honey." I quickly responded. "I was just sharing my fantasy with you; I don't expect anything to come of it. Unless you're into it," I replied in low, teasing voice. She laughed and gave me a "we'll see." We talked for a while longer about separating sex from love and how I thought that with the right perspective, it could actually enhance our sex life. She wasn't convinced. I should mention that we had mind-blowing sex that night. I have no doubt that she was worked up due to our conversation, whether she wanted to admit it to herself or not.

About a month went by and one weekend night we up late having a few drinks, watching porn, and enjoying each other's company. One of these scenes involved a "married" couple where the husband was in the room watching his wife have sex with another man. I saw her raise an eyebrow and smirk. She looked over at me and asked me if I still though about my fantasy.

"Absolutely," I replied, "I think about it a lot."

"Well, if I ever find someone I think I might be interested in, I'll let you know," she said.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Yes, no, I don't know," she replied. "Forget it; I don't know why I said that. I still don't think I could do it." I knew she was thinking about it though or she wouldn't have said anything.

"All right," I stated, "but if you decide otherwise, let me know." I should mention again, that we had great sex that night.

Fast-forward another two months. It was July and hotter than usual for this time of year. We decided it would be fun to take a little camping trip to the mountains. We enjoy the outdoors and the mountains are always ten to fifteen degrees cooler so it would be nice to get away from the heat of the valley for a while. We packed up our RV, hitched up the trailer with our ATV's, and headed out.

We found a pretty spot right by a river in an isolated campground. We could see we had neighbors in the spot adjacent to ours and a few others in the spots farther away. We had a fun day riding our ATV's in the morning hiking up the river and doing a little fishing in the afternoon. We got back to our campsite as evening drew near. I cleaned the fish we caught, washed up, started a fire, and got the fish cooking as the sun went down.

We were sitting by the fire eating our catch when we noticed two men walking up the trail by the river. When they got near I offered a greeting. They responded politely we engaged in a brief conversation. It turns out they were in the spot directly next to ours. Their names were Steve and Brian and they were there for the weekend like us. They were both decent looking guys and looked to be in the late twenties, maybe early thirties (I was never that good at guessing people's age).

Nikki was dressed in shorts and a tank top that did her body justice. I could see the two men stealing glances at her occasionally. I could tell she noticed it too and the subtle attention they were paying her caused a slight flush to creep into her cheeks. They were on their way to wash up and eat but I invited them to come back over when they were done for a few beers. They accepted the invite and left saying they would be back in an hour or so. After they had left I looked over at Nikki and smiled.

"I think you have two admirers," I teased. "Did you see them looking at you?"

"They weren't looking at me," she stated unconvincingly.

"Of course they were," I playfully shot back. "You're a beautiful, sexy woman and there would something wrong if they didn't look. You know, you should give them a little something to remember you by," I half-joked. She stared at me with an interesting look that I couldn't quite place. I couldn't tell if she was angry, turned on, or both.

"You know how I feel about that," she said matter-of-factly.

"I do," I replied. I let the subject drop. Steve and Brian came over about an hour later. The four of us had a good time talking and drinking. Nikki was sitting between the two men and as the night progressed, we learned more about our neighbors. They were both unattached, Steve being recently divorced. Brian worked as a Physicians Assistant and Brian owned his own business. They had bee friends since they were young and went camping in this spot every year.

We were all getting a little buzzed and Nikki, being the only woman present, was enjoying all the attention she was getting. The conversation drifted toward relationships and the two men were complaining about how they couldn't find the right woman. Steve mentioned that Nikki seemed really cool and he wished he could find a woman that was fun and beautiful like she was. Nikki giggled and touched his arm telling him to "stop it" in a playful way.

I noticed her touching and laughing with the two more and more as the night wore on. To her credit, she made eye contact with me frequently and "talked me up" quite a bit. It was getting late and we were all getting tired. Steve and Brian mentioned that they knew the location of a great day hike and they invited us to go with them.

"We'd love to go, that sounds like fun," Nikki said before I could open my mouth.

"Yeah it does sound fun," I confirmed. "We'll see you in the morning then." I shook their hands and Nikki gave them both hugs goodnight. I noticed she held the hugs a little longer than she normally would. Whether it was due to the alcohol or something else I wasn't certain.

The second Nikki and I got into the RV, she pushed me up against the wall kissing me furiously and unbuttoning my shorts. She got on her knees, pulled my shorts down and took my cock in her mouth. She began moving her mouth up and down until I was rock hard. She stood up, pulled her shorts off, bent over the kitchen table, and pulled her panties aside so I could enter her. I fucked her from behind with matching each of my thrusts with her own.

She was pretty loud with the moans and dirty talking, I'm pretty sure Steve and Brian could her us through the wall of our RV. Finally she shuddered with pleasure as an orgasm took her over the edge. Three seconds later I was pumping her pussy full of my cum. I pulled out with a "pop" and cum ran down her leg. She turned around and kissed me.

"I love you," she said as she looked into my eyes.

"I love you too baby," I said in return. "You know, Steve and Brian were really into you tonight and from where I stood it looked like you were into them, Steve especially." She smiled sleepily at my comment.

"I bet you're wishing I was into them," she said.

"Maybe," I replied, "just maybe." I gave her ass a squeeze and we climbed into bed.

Next thing I knew it was morning. Nikki was already up cooking bacon and eggs.

"Good morning baby," she cheerfully said.

"Good morning yourself," I replied. The sun was shining through the windows and you could tell it was going to be a beautiful day. She poured me a cup of coffee and we enjoyed breakfast together. We got dressed and packed some food and water for the hike. We were outside the RV relaxing when Steve and Brian came walking over.

"Good morning fellas," I said. Nikki flashed them a smile. She was looking good as usual. She was wearing a pair short hiking shorts, a white tank top with an over shirt, her hair pulled back into a ponytail, and just enough makeup to accentuate her features.

"Hi Brian, Hi Steve," she exclaimed. "You guys sleep okay last night?"

They looked at each other and smiled for half a second before Steve said, "We slept great, except we had a little trouble falling asleep." They had heard Nikki and I having sex I thought to myself. She didn't seem to pick up on it though. We all talked for a few minutes then loaded our stuff up in Brian's truck. I hopped up front and Nikki climbed in back with Steve. I talked about sports and politics with Brian while Nikki and Steve talked about their jobs and hobbies in the back. Thirty minutes later we arrived at the trail head.

We had great time hiking with Steve and Brian. The entire hike took about six hours round trip and we all had trail time with each other. I noticed Nikki spending almost as much time with Brian as with Steve. At one point Steve and I had hiked up some rocks to get a better view of the scenery. When we came back, Nikki had her tank top up and Brian was rubbing sun block on her back. She was still covered in front but it made my cock move nonetheless.

I rode up front with Brian again on the way back and she rode in back with Steve. Along the way Nikki fell asleep leaning on Steve. The way she was positioned her breast was touching his arm. His hand was resting on the inside of her thigh. He was trying to be inconspicuous but I was pretty sure he was moving his fingers slightly, almost trailing the hem of her shorts. I was getting pretty excited as I thought to myself that his hand was only inches from her pussy. The way she would move and shift I wasn't so sure she was actually asleep.

We arrived at the campsite eventually and piled out after I woke Nikki up. She invited Steve and Brian to our campsite again for dinner and drinks. They readily accepted and we parted ways. Nikki and I hiked down the river until we found a deep spot. We both stripped down and washed the day's dirt off us. We returned to the campsite and put on some fresh clothes. I noticed Nikki putting a little makeup on and a small amount of perfume, unusual camping behavior.

"Trying to impress Steve and Brian?" I playfully asked. Nikki flashed a mischievous smile in response to my question.

"Maybe I am," she stated. "I want to look good in case something happens."

"Are you being serious?" I asked.

"Hey, you're the one that said it would be okay. So I was thinking that if something happens, well... it happens," she commented. There was only one thing I could think to say.

"You are so fucking sexy," I stated. I didn't know if she was being serious but either way I was turned on.

Steve and Brian arrived and we all settled down and had pleasant dinner. Afterwards we got a fire going and broke out the beers as the sun went down. We all talked and laughed for hours enjoying our time together. Nikki was going all out, leaning into both men and touching them frequently. Once again, she didn't fail to leave me out. She kept smiling at me and touching me as well. Steve and Brian both commented several times on how good Nikki looked and how lucky I was. They were polite though and apologized if it offended me. I assured them it was okay. I also knew how lucky I was.

It must have been about ten o'clock when the beer ran out. I had got into my whiskey and although I was a little tipsy I was pretending to be very drunk. Nikki didn't drink hard liquor and Brian, who was the least drunk, volunteered to drive to the nearest store (about 20 minutes away) and pick up some more. He hopped in his truck and left the three of us. I pretended to be falling asleep so I told Nikki and Steve that I was sorry for being so drunk but that I was done for the evening and going to bed. Nikki asked if I wanted her to come to bed to. I faked a drunken slur and assured her I could get to bed myself. I told Steve and her to stay up and enjoy the night. I "stumbled" over to her and kissed her goodnight.

"Have fun," I whispered to her. She smiled I walked into the RV. I had a perfect view of the two of them from one of the windows. They couldn't see me either so I waited hoping I would get to see something. I couldn't quite hear what they were saying but I could tell things were getting a bit heated. Later I learned he was asking if I was okay. Nikki told Steve that bomb being dropped wouldn't wake me when I was like this. With that Steve walked around behind her and started rubbing her shoulders. I opened the window so I could hear better.

"That feels so good Steve," Nikki purred. "You have magic hands."

"The pleasure is all mine Nikki," Steve said. "Touching you is its own reward."

"You're sweet," she replied. "You can rub me anytime."

"I just might do that," he said. With that I saw hi hands move over her shoulders close to her breasts. He was testing the waters. Nikki just moaned in pleasure and I watched him move his hands over her breasts and start fondling them.

"That feels even better," Nikki half-whispered. She turned her neck and grabbed Steve gently by the hair and brought his mouth to hers. They began kissing passionately. Steve moved his hand under Nikki's shirt and was caressing her naked breast. At this point I had my cock in my hands and was stroking my erection. My heart was racing a million miles a minute. I couldn't believe she was actually doing this. She broke the kiss and told him to hold that thought while she peed. She went off past the ATV and peed in the bushes.

When she got up and was walking back Steve met her at the ATV started kissing her again. He moved his hand over her ass and began squeezing. I watched as he unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down. She stepped out of them as was standing in her pink panties making out with guy she had just met yesterday. My cock was aching as I looked on. The Steve put hi thumbs inside her panties and pulled them down. She stepped out of those as well.

Steve backed Nikki up onto the ATV and leaned her back on the seat. He kissed down her body until his mouth got to her pussy. I could see by her expression that he was eating her pussy good. After a few minutes she threw her head back and grabbed the back of his. I could tell be the way she was bucking her hips that she was having an orgasm. She slid up the seat and took her tank top off so Steve could see her tits. She kissed him again, tasting her pussy juices on his lips.

Nikki stayed seated on the side of ATV and brought Steve in front of her in a standing position. She worked the button on his shorts lose and pulled them down. The she pulled his boxers down and his cock sprang free, almost hitting her in the face. I could see her smile and grab the piece of meat in front of her. Steve had a long, cut cock, maybe eight or nine inches although not quite a big around as me. She teased the head with her tongue while pumping him with her hand. She ran her tongue down the shaft before taking as much as she could in her mouth. Nikki started to suck his cock for all she was worth. She started to fondle his nicely sized balls as she was sliding her mouth up and down his meat.

After five minutes of this Steve positioned himself behind Nikki on the ATV and positioned his cock at the entrance to her dripping hole. He pushed his cock in and started to fuck her from behind. She was moaning in pleasure has he rammed his cock in and out of her cunt. After a few minutes of this he moved her against a tree and started fuck her standing up. I could hear the sound of cock sliding in and out of Nikki's pussy as he pounded her.

It was at this moment that Brian walked up to the couple. I saw them all laugh and move Nikki to position on all fours. Steve got behind her and started fucking her pussy again while Brian knelt in front of her. He removed his shorts and stuck his cock in her face. Brian was also cut and had a short cock at maybe five inches but it was as big around as beer can. Nikki started to stroke it then put it in her mouth. She could barely get her lips around it but she did. Here I am, in my RV jerking off, watching my wife being used by two almost strangers. I was in heaven.

Soon Nikki was having another orgasm as I heard Steve say he was cumming. He grunted and released his sperm deep in my wife's cunt. He pulled out and Brian moved in behind. I heard Nikki gasp as her pussy stretched to fit his cock. He started pumping while Steve moved around front. Nikki began sucking his cock and in a minute he was showing signs of life again. Soon Steve was pounding Nikki's face and she was working his cock like a pro. He motioned to Brian to switch places again he moved in behind her while Brian shoved his cock into Nikki's mouth again.

Steve began fucking her again. I saw him spit onto her asshole and it looked like he was working a finger or two in. Then Steve pulled back a little and lubed his cock with more spit. He was going to fuck her up the ass. I knew for sure when I saw Nikki reach back and help him. He went slow at first then started to fuck her a little harder. At this point she was using her mouth and hand to work Brian's cock and her other hand to work her clit while Steve pounded her ass.

I saw the tell-tell signs of another orgasm on Nikki's part and she took her mouth off Brian's cock long enough scream as she came again and again. A second later I heard Brian say he was coming. He shot his cum into her mouth and she swallowed as best she could. She pulled his cock out and jerked off another couple shots onto her face and tits. Steve came again a few seconds later, filling her ass with spunk.

They all caught their breath for a minute before Nikki thanked them, gathered her clothes, and walked toward the RV. I was so nervous when she walked in. She saw me standing there with my rock-hard dick in my hand. She looked beautiful with cum leaking out of all her holes and all over her face and breasts.

"You caught all that I take it?" she inquired. I nodded my head. "Did you like that? What is like you imagined it would be?" I could barely speak.

"That was the hottest thing I have ever seen," I stated. "Get over here so I can fuck you." I pulled her close and stuck my tongue into her mouth. I could taste Brian's cum. Then I licked the cum off her face and chest before laying her down on the bed. I ate her swollen, cum filled pussy and sucked the cum out of her well used ass. I couldn't take any more and rammed my cock into her pussy. It was warm and stretched out and felt so fucking good. In no time I unloaded what seemed like a gallon of sperm into her cunt, adding to what was left of Steve's. She had an orgasm of her own right along with me.

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