tagSci-Fi & FantasyNina and Renee Return Ch. 04

Nina and Renee Return Ch. 04


Welcome back! To newcomers, these stories attempt to expand upon and detail a cohesive science fiction universe. There is a theme however, involving dick girl sex, lesbians, and scant few male characters. I tend to think these stories are geared to hetero males, lesbians, and bisexuals. (Sorry, hetero ladies, I love ya and that's why I warned ya.)

Recap: Captain Chester won close to a year's worth of time with two Avashai, Leifa and Macy, through a streak of winning gambles with an old friend. Since then, they have accompanied him on his ship, the Amphitryon. The ship also carried several girls from Earth.

Nina was a Peurto Rican from the Bronx. She and her fiancee, Renee, met in college as roommates. She unsuspectingly bought an alien symbiont while looking for a strap on dildo in Chinatown. They had been through a lot since then. Now that she was leaving Earth forever, she was preparing to join with the symbiont, and Leifa had suggested a joining ceremony, with Macy and Renee in attendance.

Nina couldn't wait to have that symbiont attached to her. She lay down on the bed blindfolded like Leifa had instructed. She heard soft ambient music playing, which gave the room a palpably sensuous mood.

Macy and Leifa sat on the edges of the bed, close to Nina. She could envision their curvy feminine figures, their always graceful and deliberate movements. She could sense Renee as well, standing at the foot of the bed. They were all her lovers.

Nina felt lips brushing against her skin, moving over her shoulders and neck. When they reached her lips she kissed back eagerly, and she judged by the sweet taste and temperament the lips belonged to Macy. She felt Macy's heavy breasts resting on hers, and another set of lips kissing her hips and licking her thighs. Nina's heart began to speed up, and she spread her thighs wide.

Leifa's tongue flickered over Nina's sex, and Nina began to moan.

Nina was absorbing amari, a sensuous narcotic, through the saliva of the two Avashai. Her breathing grew faster and her nipples grew deliciously hard and sensitive. She began to slowly writhe, unable to keep still. Laying on her back, she could feel her heart throbbing in her chest. Her breasts and thighs pushed up against the heavy breasts of the Avashai.

She decided that it was Leifa's tongue tickling and teasing her labia, because the saliva was making her very hot. She arched her back and pressed her pussy up at Leifa's mouth.

Macy's tongue darted between Nina's lips, and Nina sucked on it passionately. Leifa extended the tip of her tongue into Nina's sex. Nina, already on fire with lust and anticipation, was beside herself with pleasure as the tongues stroked and teased her. She writhed, reaching out to caress Macy's head and shoulders, then Leifa's.

When the full effect of the amari hit, Nina she lost all track of where she was and what was going on. She even forgot that she was wearing a blindfold. All she knew was she felt something wet and pleasant filling her mouth and her pussy. She felt hands on her body, caressing her, holding her legs in position. She closed her eyes and floated on waves of pleasure, higher and higher.

"Very good," Macy said, pulling her tongue away from Nina's sparkling red lips. Leifa pulled back as well. They removed Nina's blindfold.

Nina continued to writhe on the bed. She arched her back and cupped her breasts unconsciously. Her firm, round melons were a pretty sight, and Renee was watching, smiling.

"More," Nina moaned.

Renee was holding the symbiont. It looked like a mere strap on dildo, but it had taken on a light brown skin tone that matched Nina's. As she held it, the others looked at Renee's smiling face. Renee's eyes were sparkling with delight and her smile was contagious. Renee had a way of making everyone feel closer, her charisma and beauty was that of an angel.

Nina lifted her heels, then her hips for Renee, as the blonde brought the narrow transparent straps around Nina's waist and fastened them. Nina was a little nervous, but she chose to smile instead.

"I feel so lucky," she told Renee.

Do I deserve this? Do I want this?

"Try it out, see how it feels," Renee said, remembering the night she joined to it. It had been entirely by accident. "If you change your mind," Renee trailed off, shrugging and smiling.

Part of the joining process was to stroke the symbiont like a real cock. Hoping that it would soon animate, Nina wrapped her hands tightly around the shaft of the strap-on and began stroking it. She moaned with pleasure as she pressed the base against her clit with each downward stroke of her fingertips.

In no time, the strap-on dildo turned from plastic to flesh. Tendrils extended from the base, joining seamlessly and painlessly with Nina's flesh, then the skin of the symbiont fused with Nina's to hide the tendrils.

Nina was unaware of any of this. She just kept stroking it because it felt so good to keep pumping it. She couldn't keep her hands off the long, veiny shaft. She put both hands on it, squeezing and twisting as she jerked it. She felt it come alive, throbbing in her hand, she felt the foreskin slide against the shaft and head. Strange new sensations flowed through her loins, and sweet bursts of pleasure followed her fingertips through each stroke.

Suddenly the cock pulsed and strained. Nina felt as though it was about to break.

"Aeeh!" she cried out. White ribbons of cum shot straight up into the air, falling to land on the bed in drips and drabs.

Leifa turned to Macy and they exchanged looks of amusement.

"It looks like she needs one more go. She came too quickly, the symbiont was still attaching," Leifa informed the other girls.

"One more time, Nina," Macy coaxed, her eyes fixated on Nina's dick, still dribbling precum from its tip.

"Oh it feels, oh god, nnh!" Nina shut her eyes tight as she resumed pumping her fist. She wrapped both hands around the massive erection, barely covering half of it, and jerked off again. Ten or so pumps of her fists and she orgasmed again, this time shooting a dozen or so white jets of cum all over the wall.

It felt so different cumming with a cock, most of her pleasure coiled inside of her loins like a spring. Then when it was about to hit, it felt like her cock would surely pull itself apart. There was a period of sweet tension, when her cock was pumping its load.

"I would say step one is complete," Leifa said, gently pulling Nina's hands away from the cock.

Renee just marveled with admiration.


As Nina and Renee were engaged in the joining ritual, their friends were in the dining room of the Amphitryon, getting to know their new guest, Kyle.

Kyle was from Earth, he had never been to space, and he only knew what his daughter, Kirsten, had told him so far. He was in awe of it all. He sat at the yellow table sandwiched between her and Bonnie, and Josie sat close by as well.

Bonnie was certainly leaning close to Kyle. Too close for Kirsten's comfort, but when she made a stern face at Bonnie the insouciant blonde ignored her. If there was one saving grace, it was that her humble, hard working dad was utterly clueless about what a slut Bonnie could be.

"So, my name is Bonnie. Nice to meet you sir."

"Hi, I'm Kirsten's dad, Kyle. I've heard a bit about you, and you too, um--"

"Josie. Nice to meet you." She reached past Kirsten to shake Kyle's hand.

"We know a little about you too," Bonnie said. "Mostly that you and Kirsten's mom split up a while back. She mentioned you're into construction?"

"Yeah, did some crane work in New York.."

Kirsten tried to keep calm, but she found her jaw clenching when she saw Bonnie's fingertips on top of Kyle's big hairy hand. She glared at her openly and she withdrew her hand. Didn't she know what her attention was doing to him already? Kirsten didn't even want to think about it.

Bonnie had a face that could have made her a model in any fashion catalog. She was no stick figure though. She had curvy hips and a natural set of breasts that, although not huge, many girls might envy. She seemed to be trying to brush his arms with them.

".. in Patchogue, where I used to drive bulldozer, and a backhoe, you know?"

"I see," said Bonnie, with a tone of awe and admiration. "That's great, you've done it all."

"Who wants pizza?" Kirsten broke in. "I'm starving!"

"You know Kyle, your construction skills might come in handy," Josie said. "We are going to need someone who can pilot heavy machinery."


"We're planning to do a little mining work. SG Juggernauts can collect resources that would otherwise be trapped on heavy worlds. You know, like Jupiter's gravity, but with more rock and metal."

"Oh, I love Heavy Metal!" said Bonnie, making direct eye contact with Kyle.

"Yeah, I like some too," he said. "Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zep too of course."

"Oh my god shut up!" Kirsten groaned, but Bonnie just blew her a fuck-you-too-bitch kiss.

"To get to the mineral rich core," Josie continued, "You need to fly a kind of tank-ship called an SG Juggernaut." She slapped her datapad on the table and waved her hand over it, and it began to project a hologram showing a powerful, massive looking machine floating through an intense lightning and wind storm. "It's gonna be insane. Can you imagine going down to the core of Jupiter-like worlds to collect rare elements by the ton?"

"Well, no--"

"Do you have a wife or girlfriend?" Bonnie broke in.

"Excuse me," Kirsten objected.

"It matters, I mean we're leaving Earth, I want to make sure he understands."

"I explained all of that to him!" Kirsten retorted, indignantly.

"Well? Single?" Bonnie pursued.

"Yes," Kyle said. He looked at Kirsten, whose expression belied a hint of distaste. He suspected that she felt he was to blame for the divorce. After all, money had been a major factor. "My boss told me he wanted me to stay, but he had to lay off almost everybody. The problem was the housing and construction market. Things were--"

"That's not what we are worried about," Bonnie said. "Housing? You can forget about those worries. We have lots of money, and we're trying to earn more," Bonnie said. "Enough to buy the Avashai their freedom."

"The Avashai," Kyle said. "Oh right, the black and white aliens? I ran into them before. Poor girls, they are lovely though aren't they?"

"You like them?" Josie asked.

"Of course," Kyle said. "I mean, I had no idea they would be so, so.."

"Fucking hot?" Bonnie suggested. "Why didn't Kirsten tell you? They're like, a little exotic looking but insanely gratifying. Their race is the best lay in the galaxy. You must really be looking forward to it."

Kyle suddenly had that deer in the headlights look. He didn't expect a girl like Bonnie to start speaking so brazen and openly about them, especially with his daughter present. What she had said sure pressed his buttons though.

Avashai would never be mistaken for natural humans. They were shaped like women, talked and acted much like women. But they were elaborate and exotic constructs with a radically different psysiology. They were designed to be sex objects incomparably superior to natural human women.

The Alhani had designed the Avashai, and only they knew the secrets involved. While they could have duplicated women, they departed from the natural design in radical ways, from their thinking to their physical forms. Avashai abhorred clothes, preferring to go naked, their full breasts always in view. They were utterly hairless, even their heads had but a small ponytail or other head ornament protuding from a bald scalp. Rather than imitate human pigmentation, Avashai had powder white skin with deep, dark stripes mainly along their arms, backs, and legs. These control stripes could be stroked to elicit certain sexual urges.

No one understood how these stripes precisely worked. The makers of Avashai used a manufacturing process that could not be reverse engineered, and Avashai glands could not be duplicated or understood, nor could the chemicals they produced be duplicated. Some scientists were convinced that a part of each Avashai was connected to another dimension, through a micro wormhole, and some kind of tachyon field cloaked their extended selves.

This was a possibility, considering the mysterious Alhani were millions of years ahead of the other known races. They were believed to have the ability to open and close wormholes at will, thereby transcending space. Alhani secrets were never lost because they vanished whenever they were compromised.

Even the Alhani themselves were vanishingly rare -- literally. They are believed to house their bodies in almond shell shaped ships about the size of a van. If anyone had seen what manner of being they contained, they probably had not lived to tell the tale. Stories were told of little green men, or octopus-like creatures, or just members of another galactic race. None of these stories turned out to be credible.

The Alhani designed the Avashai and other sentient entities specifically for humans, and not just men. Avashai had long tongues and retractable cocks and were just as fond of sex with females as they relished males. The Alhani asked for vast sums of raw materials in exchange for Avashai, symbionts, and other commodities. Somehow there were always humans who found a way to pay.

It was a rare and terrible thing for an Alhani symbiont to fall into an Earth girl's lap.

It was a rare and wonderful thing for a working Bearkin fleet officer to have not one but two Alhani, if only for 180 cycles. He didn't even have to share -- but he certainly noticed their appreciation when he left them a long leash. The Avashai were intimate with everyone on the ship, whenver time allowed for it.

Although Kirsten was firmly in denial, it was apparent to Josie and Bonnie that Kyle would soon be given a taste of their delightful company. Josie was happy for him.

"Let me spell it out for you," she said to Kyle. Kirsten tried to cover her mouth but she batted her arm away.

"No, that's okay," Kyle said, looking down at the table and shaking his head. "Like I said, I'm just an average guy, I've already done it all, you know, enough anyway. I don't need to go chasing after no alien girls." Even as he spoke, he could feel Bonnie's mouth close to his ear. She whispered.

"They will fulfill all of your sexual desires. Every last one."

His heart started to race.

"But if you'd rather see a human girl, I'll be waiting."

Bonnie moved back away from Kyle's ear, smiled, and looked around innocently. Kirsten was shooting daggers. Kyle blinked, unable to keep a calm expression on his face. Bonnie's naked limbs danced before his mind's eye, her inviting smile burned in his brain.

Glances and expressions went around the table then, each girl trying to figure out what Bonnie had just whispered.

"Macy and Leifa are our friends," Josie said. "But, you know, they're built for sex. That's their purpose. Put it this way, they will relate to you much better if you--"

"Hey! Come on, do you guys not see me here?" Kirsten protested. "Jeez! He's here to work!" Kirsten was about to lose it. "I mean, isn't that what we discussed--"

"You'd deny him the chance?" Bonnie asked, incredulously. "Kyle, whens the last time you had sex?"

"Deny him? I don't want to think about it!" Kirsten moaned, but she was completely ignored.

"Now hang on, Kirsten," said Josie, "Give your dad a chance to speak." The girls all quieted down.

Kyle decided to quickly change the subject. He was afraid his heart might not make it.

"Well, I-I-I did come here t-to work," he managed, wondering why the truth sometimes was so hard to say. "So like, I was wondering. Why are you girls interested in mining? Something about the, uh, Avashai?"

"Good question," said Josie. "We are trying to buy the Avashai their freedom -- Macy and Leifa anyway. Mining is the only way for us to make that kind of money. We don't have any advanced technical skills, and our ten minutes of fame are coming to an end."

"So, you were going to sell the minerals to the Alhani, right?"

"No, we are simply selling them for cash to the nearest broker, and using the cash to pay off the owner, Jink," Kirsten explained.

"Most of the minerals do tend to get purchased by the Alhani in the long run," Josie broke in.

"Really." Kyle remembered Kirsten trying to explain the Alhani to him, but it was all getting clearer now that he could believe his ears.

"So I'm curious," Kyle said, leaning on his elbows, "In exchange for one Alhani, roughly how much raw materials would you need to pay?"

"I don't know," Josie said. "What's the answer?" she intoned to her datapad.

Datapads were designed by default to always listen and parse the words that were spoken. It kept a transcript of the conversation in cache so that it could answer vague questions in the context of a conversation. In seconds the datapad projected a holographic chart. It was an example of what had been paid for one particular Avashai named "Klarissa."

"Wow, over 4,000 kilos of uranium, and 20,000 kilos of platinum?" Kyle marveled at the long list of other elements. Half of the periodic table seemed to be present.

"How big would seven times ten to the tenth power tons of iron be?" Bonnie asked.

"Seventy million tons," Josie said.

"I know but like, that seems like a lot!" Kirsten said.

"Yep, and look at all the other metals with millions of tons," Josie replied, not convinced that Kirsten had known how to read scientific notation.

"This is for a single Avashai?" Kyle asked. "What are they doing with all those raw materials?"

"I don't know," Josie said, looking at the other girls for a clue.

They shrugged and looked around. No one knew what the Alhani did with those massive amounts of raw materials.

"I don't know," Kirsten said. "Seems to me someone thinks they are worth it."

"Can a single person mine that in their entire lifetime?" Josie asked.

"Yes." said the datapad.

"How long in Earth years using an SG Juggernaut?"

"56.3 years, given the minerals are present at the site and mining activity is continuous."

"Continuous is impossible, you need sleep," Kyle murmured. "Unless they found a fix for that."

"I don't get it," Kyle said. "They're supposed to be so advanced, why don't they just go get it themselves with robots or something?"

"Well," Josie began, "There are problems with that if you really want to put that kind of plan into action. The galaxy is vast and lots of systems have complicated engineering challenges to overcome, such as variations in heat, radiation, gravity, solar storms. If you don't predict certain considerations beforehand, you would wind up with major setbacks."

"Right, but the Alhani were smart enough to make the Avashai, they're smart enough for that stuff. Uh, you know, artificial intelligence."

"Oh yes, but making predictions requires making observations and having patience -- "

Kyle was shaking his head.

"What?" Josie asked.

"Exploit them? Alhani could make limitless robots. Who needs humans?"

"I guess I never really thought about it," Josie said.

"You see, I know business," Kyle said. "Working in construction, you try to keep stuff in house when you can. You contract out jobs when you can't, but when that happens, you say to yourself something like next year, our guys are gonna get that construction job."

"Maybe it's just busywork," Kirsten said.

They all grew quiet.

"I don't know," Kyle said, as a chill seemed to blow into the room.

"All I care about is making that money," Josie said. "That's my plan, and if mining is the way, I'm gonna see that it gets done right."

"I guess so, I mean, fuggetaboutit!" Kyle exclaimed, and the girls chuckled.

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