Nina Ch. 5


[My apologies to you all for the delay... Real life work intruded for a considerable while. I really hope you think is has been worth the wait]

* * * * *

"Come with me," she said her in haughtiest, sexiest voice. "We have a busy morning in front of us." You don't know the half of it, I told myself.

I dabbed her body with the towel, which gave her skin a warm, pink glow. She then dabbed my body with her tongue, which caused me to change colour as well. My discarded shift landed with an alarming chink which Deepthroat didn't seem to notice, thank goodness. The towel then landed on the floor as well, as the Princess wrestled me to the bed.

"Let me make you come," she said generously. I must have looked surprised at this offer, since Deepthroat raised one eyebrow as she pondered my expression, and then added: "Don't look so surprised - I can give as well as take. Besides, I have plans for this morning. It's going to be a wonderful day!"

With that joyous cry, the Princess dived between my legs, and fastened her mouth on my pussy.

I should have been delighted to have made love with such a skillful and intense partner, but my heart just wasn't in it. The Princess would be bound to want me to reciprocate, and I was already only too aware how quickly the morning could pass while romping in her bed. I still had an urgent situation to deal with next door, and I was sorely distracted.

The best way to solve the immediate problem occurred to me at once. I rolled the Princess over so that she was on her back, and dipped my head between her pale-skinned thighs. Her clitoris was already peering out of its hiding place, and as I wriggled my tongue against it, it became even more perky. Deepthroat was still sucking at my pussy, but I felt her head fall back to the sheets as I aroused her. Realising that she was close to coming, I attacked her stalk even more intensely, and I was rewarded by the sounds of her breathing become more and more ragged, and by the closing of her thighs around my ears.

"By all the Gods, Nina... just a moment longer... YES! Just there!! YES!! YESSSSS!!" The Princess arched her back, pressing her cunt even more firmly to my mouth, then her whole body shuddered as she was finally overwhelmed by her orgasm.

I pressed little kisses on her legs and belly as her excitement slowly subsided. By the time I had turned round, and kissed her nipples, she was starting to recover. Her hands reached out for me, but I managed to slip from the bed. I gathered up the fallen towel and - carefully! - my tunic. Deepthroat watched me through her dark-lashed eyes.

"You are very adept at making me come, Nina..." she purred. "I was very lucky that Grope appointed you as my new servant." Little did she know...

"Come back to bed. Wouldn't you like to come as well?"

My body was sending me messages that left little room for doubt as to how it felt. It took a huge amount of will-power to resist her sexy invitation, but I knew I didn't have time.

That thought provided me with inspiration. "Do we have time, mistress? I thought you had plans for the morning."

She pouted, but then - having considered matters - she decided to agree with me. "Perhaps you are right. I do need some time to prepare. I want to look completely ravishing!"

Well, I thought, just spread yourself the bed the way you are doing. That was more than enough of a turn-on for me!

"Just what are you doing this morning, mistress?"

"My lover is coming to visit me..." she replied, in a conspiratorial, low voice, slithering her feet across the sheets. I was about to remark that this hardly served as an identifiable description, when I realised at once who she meant.

"Lord Bator, my lady?"

"Good heavens, Nina... you've been here long enough to know that Bator is no nobleman. He's as common as you!"

"But I thought..."

"He comes and goes in the palace as he chooses because he is the court painter, the best we've ever had. He's also my lover, which allows him certain other freedoms." She giggled at her own joke. I laughed nervously as well.

"I've been trying to persuade father to give him some kind of title so that we could be married, but daddy has it in mind to find some royal prince to be my husband. He's hoping to make a deal that would allow Mammari to reclaim some of its former glory, even if that means sacrificing me to the bed of some decrepit old fool or wet-nosed child. Cardinal Synne is supposed to be bringing some prime candidates from the kingdoms of the Pudenda for me to choose between. Daddy says he will arrive tomorrow."

"Does that mean you'll have to give up Bator, my lady?" My heart was skipping every other beat.

"Don't be silly!" snapped Deepthroat. "Give up the most beautiful penis on the entire continent? Never. When I leave, I shall take Bator with me. I shall install him as court painter and Master of the Royal Bed in whatever Gods-forsaken hole I end up in."

She caught sight of my expression, which must have been quite desperate. Those few, brief moments of hope had been quite exhilarating. Now, I just felt quite miserable.

"Don't look so sad, Nina. I'll try to arrange to take you along as well. I"m not finished with you yet..." With those words, the Princess reached for the small blue bottle beside her bed, and beckoned me over towards her once more.

As I believe I've established, Princess Deepthroat's preferred method of preparing herself for a session of mind-blowing, steamy sex with the love of her life was to have mind-blowing steamy sex with - well - just about anyone she could lay her hands on. I took the bottle of perfumed oil, and rubbed it into every inch of her sumptuous flesh, lingering longest on her superb tits, her provocative buttocks and her deep, sensuous crevice. Wherever my hands explored, my tongue had already been. While I anointed her body with the scent, adding more than a little of my own body's fluids to the cocktail, she wriggled her finger along the length of my labia, pressing the tip against my clit. I opened my legs, and we pressed our bodies together, humping our crotches against each other in sapphic abandon.

The Princess came, as noisily as always. I was too tense to let go, although she excited me into a frenzy of need. We fell back on the bed side-by-side; she on her belly, me on my back, trying to recover our breath.

"You are such a lovely little slut, Nina," she giggled. "I"m so glad you became my body-servant." She stretched her languorous body out, running her hand across her sleek, oiled flesh. "Now, finish getting me ready. A little more of the oil, I think..."

I bent across her body to apply the extra balsam to the backs of her calves and thighs. She wriggled appreciatively when I worked my way higher up her legs. "What do you wish to wear for your... appointment, majesty?" I asked.

Deepthroat giggled loudly. "You'll find everything in that small box over there," she replied, indicating a small, intricate filigree box that sat on a table across the room. I slid from the bed, and padded across the floor to fetch it. When I lifted the lid, I discovered it contained nothing more than a small square of white silk, and four short, silken cords. I lifted them from the box. Deepthroat's ideas were glistening mischievously.

"Change the bed linen, quickly," she ordered, slipping from the rumpled sheets. She stood to one side while I lay knew silk sheets of the purest white on the bed, smoothing them out as she instructed until they were as flat as - well, until they were very flat. Living in Mamarri, I didn't have a frame of reference to compare them with.

Deepthroat sprinkled a little more of the oil onto the new sheets and pillows, and dabbed some more on her throat and nipples. After a moment's thought, she took a palm-full, and smeared it liberally between her already sodden legs. My knees felt quite shaky.

"By the way" she said, licking her luscious lips, "I haven't forgotten what I promised you." I looked up from my duties, curious.

"I promised I would find you a man who would introduce you to the delights of sex a derriere..." The reminder made me jump. Deepthroat was smiling, her mouth at once cruel and compelling generous. "The Duke of Tadgeri. He has a most splendid prick, quite a monster in length but not too thick. He spends a great deal of time here at the palace. I thought you and I might pay him a visit later..." She watched my face carefully, but I was too stunned to reply. My head became full of confused and dangerous fantasies. Deepthroat's smile widened.

"Now," she said. "Tie me to the bed."

She lay flat, trying to disturb the sheets as little as possible. She draped her arms towards the gold railed headboard, and I wound cords about each of her dainty wrists, and tied them to the bars. I did the same with her legs, tying her ankles to the bed legs. The cords were short enough that she had to keep her legs very widely spread indeed, and as I rose up, I could see that she was most lewdly displayed, her open crotch facing the door to her sitting room.

"Now the mask..." she breathed huskily. I fastened the small square around her eyes, blinding her. She sighed, and shivered from her toes to her eyelashes. Her nipples were quite erect, and there was already a small, dark stain on the sheet under her buttocks.

"How do I look?" she asked, feeling as I stepped from the bed.

"Stunning," I confessed, my voice catching in my throat. "When will Bator be here?"

Deepthroat's body quivered again. "Soon," she purred. "He's never late, and he knows that I have promised him something... unusual... for this morning. I have never left myself like this for him before, so completely vulnerable. But I want Bator to find me like this, open and ready for his pleasure. Once he has drunk in the perfume, he will be like a stallion. I shalln't be able to resist, whatever he demands of me!" The inappropriate thought came to me that Deepthroat wasn't the type to offer a lot of resistance anyway, but I kept such an uncharitable thought to myself. She was laughing, clearly anticipating the carnal delights to come. "You may go, Nina! I suggest you have some rest. Once I get you and Tadgeri together, you'll need it!"

"Y-yes, majesty," I stammered, bobbing a very abbreviated curtsy and sweeping my tunic from the floor. My hand rested briefly on the stolen vial. The vague plan I had already sketched out in my mind developed a little further.

Out in the sitting room, I tore the satin sheets I had taken from the bed, removing two small squares of material, slightly larger than the blindfold I had tied around Deepthroat's face. Then I moved silently through the two rooms, pinching out all the candles save those round the bed. After a last glance to ensure that I had left nothing behind, I skipped from the suite, closing the door quietly behind me.

My two new friends offered me broad, expectant grins. Every weapon about their persons was standing to attention. They looked quite disappointed when I swept rapidly past, through the door to Prince Glans' suite. I had spent longer with the Princess than I had hoped, and it was with some trepidation that I ran towards the Prince's bedroom.


As I entered the open doorway, my heart sank. I suppose it was quite naive of me to leave Virginia in charge of arranging for Prince Glans to lose his cherry in Vulva's embrace, but I couldn't have anticipated the scene that greeted me as returned. Vulva was sitting cross-legged at the end of the bed nearest the door, still fully dressed, wearing a most tearful expression. At the other end, Glans was sprawled across the pillows, his face a mask of guilty terror. Between the two, quite naked, Virginia was busy with her mouth glued to his cock, bobbing her hollow-cheeked head up and down as she sucked him. That girl!!

I bustled into the room as energetically as I could, bearing in mind that I was already quite exhausted from my endeavours. Virginia at least ashamed enough of being caught that she lifted her head from Glans' massive erection, although I noticed that she kept her fingers folded around it. Somehow that only magnified the size of the royal dong in my eyes, since there was as much cock showing above her grip as most men manage to reveal in full view.

"It isn't how you think," the brazen hussy said quickly, wiping some drool and precum from her lips. I was about to scold her, but a look at Glans and Vulva convinced me that there was more to this than met the eyes (in any case, my eyes were still fixed firmly on Glans hard cock, and I was just wondering if Virginia wouldn't mind trading places).

Suddenly, Vulva started to wail, and Glans' erection suddenly disappeared back into Virginia's fist like a serpent into a hole. The shock of seeing his erection fade so quickly made me feel quite desperate for them all, and I determined to rectify whatever problem had arisen.

Virginia supplied the answer: "It appears that Frigina and Grope have been working on Vulva just as hard as they've been working on Glans. She feels that fucking Glans would be a sin; she is also completely ignorant of the - um - mechanics. I thought that a practical demonstration..."

"Yes, yes," I sighed. I couldn't be that angry with Virginia, in the circumstances,since I had wanked Glans to orgasm not that long ago. I realised that I had made too many assumptions about Vulva's sexual knowledge, based on the fact that everyone else in the palace seemed to be at it all the time, and that I couldn't imagine anyone staying innocent for very long with Virginia for company.

"I have tried to get the two of them fucking," Virginia went on, and a slight flush came to her features. "But she's very tight down there and he has, well, such a fucking huge -"

"I know!" I hissed, and I drew Virginia off the bed so that we could continue the conversation without the others hearing. No sense terrifying them.

"Every time they try, she gets nervous and shrinks, and then she starts crying when he can't get his cock in her, and when she starts crying, he shrinks! I was just trying to take the situation in hand."

And in mouth, I thought, although I wasn't petty enough to say this out loud. My mind was racing; how could we get these two young virgins to abandon themselves to pleasure? I knew I couldn't leave the planning to Virginia, who was clearly so desperate for fucking herself that she was playing with my pussy and her own breasts while we talked, and yet given my own inexperience, I wasn't at all certain what I could suggest. My ignorance felt like such an obstacle, worse now than when I had played with the boys out in the town...

That was when it struck me. Freeing my pussy from Virginia's fingers, I went back over to the bed, where Vulva and Glans watched me with wide eyes.

"Do you two feel like playing a game?"

Glans' face lit up in relief. "What did you have in mind?" he asked.

"Let's play Horsey?" I suggested.

Now Vulva looked a little happier as well. She pulled damp strands of hair back from her cheeks and looked up at me with a suggestion of a smile on her face. "Golly, yes! I love riding! What do we have to do?"

There weren't many preparations to make. Glans was naked already, and he reacted quite well to the suggestion that he was going to be the horse, and that he had to guess which rider was on him, and when he did, he had to try really hard to throw her off. Glans laughed, saying that he thought this would be easy. He jumped from the bed, pulled on his robe, and used the sash to make a blindfold for himself. Moments later, he was lying on his back on the bed. His cock was stiffening like a flagpole. It took me several moments to pull my eyes away from it.

"What do I do?" brayed Vulva, and I noticed her eyes glued to the same spot as mine.

"Come here for a moment," I whispered, and in the same breath I reached into my tunic for the stolen vial of Deepthroat's perfume. "Wear a little of this."

Vulva's nose wrinkled as I removed the stopper, and she took in the musky scent.

"Gosh, that's rather strong," she giggled. "Reminds me of.."

"Never mind," I hissed. I handed her the stopper and told her to dab it on her skin. The young girl sniffed the perfume once, again, twisted her mouth in a most unappealing way, then touched the stopper lightly behind her ear. Virginia stepped a little closer, and drew in a long breath. At once her eyes widened.

"Gods," she said, "that smells like puss-"

"Be quiet," I snapped, shutting her off before she said to much. Or at least endeavouring to do the same; Virginia was like a race horse in full flight.

"In fact, I know whose pussy! That's Dee-"

"Delightful! Yes!!" I shouted loudly. Virginia looked at me as if I'd gone mad. I winked at her, and hoped she'd have the sense to play along with the game. She grinned, and took the delicate bottle from my hands.

"That's not the way," she insisted, and she stepped over quickly to Vulva's side, The silly girl was actually looking for her clothes (evidently she wasn't one to go riding bare-back). I managed to concoct the excuse that she should remain naked, since Virginia and I only had coarse servant's tunics, and it would be too easy for Glans to tell who was who by dress alone. Just to reinforce this rather desperate argument, I threw mine off at the same moment, and joined the other two in a naked huddle by the door.

To my horror, Virginia had tipped most of the vial over Vulva's chest, and was massaging the contents into the girl's breasts, giggling raucously. She stole a kiss and then leaned down to suck Vulva's stiffening nipples. My mouth fell open at the same moment as Vulva's, though for somewhat different reasons. Virginia had emptied almost a quarter of Deepthroat's scent onto Vulva's chest - the concoction Deepthroat had told me would bind any man to her!

There was nothing I could except to retrieve the vial from Virginia and hope I might retrieve the situation. I had to continue with my ill-prepared plan as best I could, and just hope that nothing would go wrong. In truth, I was very keen to see the outcome of this experiment. In any case, the wafting scent from Vulva's cleavage made more creative thinking impossible.

"I'll go first," I whispered. "Watch what I do."

Now, you may feel I was showing a little self-interest by getting a turn on this particular horse, but Glans was lying there with nothing on, a goofy smile and that amazing piece of manhood lying in a small crescent on his thigh. If he was going to provide Vulva with a proper ride, something would need to be done.

I crawled over the bed, watching the expression on Glans' mouth move from a silly grin to a circle of amazement to a slack-jawed gasp as he felt my breasts brush his legs and my hot breath on his balls. I tried to loosen the muscles of my mouth as I approached, knowing that the Prince would be a close fit if I could get him properly stimulated.

I heard Vulva utter the word "Golly!" as I licked Glans' huge cock along its underside, feeling the muscles tense and the organ begin to uncurl from the first touch. I tried to concentrate on the "game", working my lips up and down his shaft, but then that braying voice sounded again.

"That's not anything I'd care to do with any horse!" she guffawed, although there was a slight catch in her throat which suggested that she was imagining a certain stallion somewhere. With her quick wits, Virginia passed off my movements as "grooming" for the steed, and then there was a suspicious silence, punctuated only by some soft sighs. Virginia might have only one interest, but I suspected her instincts were leading her to help Vulva prepare for the ride of her life.

It took no time at all to get Glans up to his full and impressive size, by which time I was struggling to breath. I was sure my jaw was going to dislocate. No matter how big it became, Glans' cock just grew and grew the more I licked and sucked. I felt my tongue driven down into the floor of my mouth... and a frightening amount of meat pressed to the back of my throat. In my previous life in the tavern, I had had to chew hard and swallow on a great deal of gristle, but none of it had ever been attached to the live bullock before.

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