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Nina Dresses me as a Girl


I cannot believe a whole year has passed but as I look at the calendar, I see Halloween is approaching and that is when it all started. The company my wife works for decided to have a costume party, well not the company, but my wife's boss decided. Nora was bugging me for costume ideas and I just told her I would wear any costume she decided on. You see that was just stupid on my part I should have seen it would piss my wife off and she would get something to embarrass me to get even.

On the day of the party, my wife handed me my costume and when I asked her who I was supposed to be, she said we were going as strippers.

"Strippers, how can I go as a stripper I weigh over two hundred and fifty pounds?"

'That's going to be the fun part; we're going as 'Little Eva' and 'Big Bertha', the sex goddess and the comedian."

I gave up arguing with my wife a long time ago because I never won, I knew no matter what, I was wearing that outfit tonight so all I said was she was had to help me get ready.

"Oh it'll be fun let's go take a shower so I can get you all shaved."

Shaved, was just the start of the embarrassment as I ended up with both painted toes and fingernails. She had for me a hot pink wig and some baby doll pajamas that must have been size 5X. Ok you can probably guess if I weigh around two fifty, I've some pretty big 'man boobs' and if you put them in a push up bra, and with cutouts for pasties, they look like girl tittys. I tried to put my foot down on wearing a thong but Judy vetoed my opposition although she did say she would stop singing the thong song if I behaved. I could see my wife was enjoying all the humiliation she was causing me but the biggest surprise was how turned on I was getting by her action.

"How am I going to be able to tape your little dickie between your legs if it all stiffy like this?"

She asked this as I was on my back with my legs spread and pressed back over my head. She said I looked like a girl ready to take it back door and then she starting sticking her finger in my butt. I told her she was hurting me, this made her giggle. She started to rub my cock, and then said,

"Oh baby, I'll be gentle, isn't that what you said to me when you were doing this to my butt? Here you rub your cock while I get you ready."

She opened the drawer in her nightstand and took a bottle of lube. She told me to relax so she could enjoy herself, then she poured some lube in my ass and slowly worked in a finger. As she did this, I saw a glazed look in her eyes and knew this was turning her on. I was jacking off as instructed and as she began to pump her finger in and out, I matched my strokes to her. It all felt so good that soon I was spurting cum on my belly. She called me a naughty boy, then took her finger out of my ass and took scoop of my spunk and inserted it back in my ass. When she pulled her finger back out, she told me I had a cream pie in my ass now. Nora informed me we had no more time for fun as we needed to put on our costumes. She then taped my now soft penis between my thighs and when I put my thong on, I had a huge camel toe showing.

I guess you can imagine how stupid I looked but I tell you I couldn't believe how sexy my wife looked. We were both wearing the same thing although in different sizes. Whereas I looked like a big fat woman, Nora looked like a sensual concubine. I told her it was a good thing my penis was taped down because I was already getting hard again.

As soon as we got to the party, Nora brought me some 'E' and some champagne. She said her boss had given the drugs to her so she would have a good time. I guess the E worked and as I lost my self-consciousness, I got into my role as the comedic relief for my stripper wife. I know I was high but not so high as to not notice all the attention Nora's boss was paying to her. Yet at the time when she gave him a private dance in his bedroom, I was too loopy to put two and two together.

When we got home, my wife insisted I sleep in my costume, saying she wanted to talk girlfriend to girlfriend. The first thing I found out was I could only listen because my mouth was full of her pussy. She told me how excited her boss became after her private dance for him and once she saw how big he was she just had to have him.

"Since we are now girlfriends, I just know you won't mind cleaning up his spunk for me."

I realize now I still must have been high because I didn't mind in fact it turned me on to be eating a cream pie fresh from my wife.

At first after that fateful night whenever the mood would strike my wife, she would simply lay out my costume on the bed, and when I saw it, I knew my duty and then meekly put it on. It is all such a turn on that now, I only wear women's underwear, I even have been wearing a sports bra to work. I know I was already submissive to my wife but since I'm in my bra and panties, the urge to yield to her is so powerful I can't resist. She purchased a strap on dildo and not only takes me with it but also verbally assaults me as she does it. She is always saying things such as,

"Feel my thick cock pushing its way inside you. Do you feel it invading your most inner parts making your manhood disappear as I make you my bitch? Don't you like becoming my sissy girlfriend? Yes I knew you did, I think I'll bring my boss over to watch me fuck you, he thinks you're just a sissy queer anyway."

The worst she treats me the more excited I become, even as I understand that she will never think of me as a husband again. I realize that the only relationship I can have with my wife now is as a girlfriend. Especially now since my wife has been fucking her boss, she is thinking about putting me on a hormone treatment, then changing my name to Nicky. How does this make me feel? Instead of enraged, as I should be I find it arousing.

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