This story is pure fantasy. All characters are, of course, of age.


Little Ning blinked her eyes open and lay perfectly still, completely puzzled. She had no idea where she was. She had a feeling she had blacked out for a long time now... and that she was somewhere completely strange. There were none of the familiar sounds around her - oxen grunting as they ploughed the family rice field, her Ma yelling for her brothers to get their meals, her Grandpa belching in the courtyard - nothing. Just an eerie silence.

She wondered if this was another of Grandpa's religious outings. He often took her to strange, beautiful new places to pray and perform rituals for the Gods. Just last week, he has taken her to the banks of the Yellow River and told her that if they didn't pray, it would flood their rice fields again this year, and so she'd prayed in the special way her Grandpa had taught her. In the nude, legs spread, her Grandpa's fingers rubbing her cunny while he licked her small breasts wet. She really liked praying. She liked it even better, when, after praying, Grandpa would let her sit on his face while he talked into her cunny.

Yes, this strange place must be another of Grandpa's outings. She wasn't surprised, today was her birthday, so he was probably going to give her a present. She didn't really know how old she was, but her Pa kept telling her she was growing very old indeed, because she'd started her period a long time ago. He wanted to find her a boy to marry, but Grandpa had very sweetly intervened and put a stop to that. She didn't want to be married. She wanted to stay with Grandpa.

She got up from the rickety cot she was lying on, and walked to the window of the small room, surprised that her butt felt very sore. She supposed she must have fallen on her fanny when she blacked out. She looked out of the window and was relieved to find it was a familiar scene. She was simply on the other bank of the Yellow River, amidst all those new hotels where white men often came to stay.

She shook her long, shiny raven hair back from her face as she walked to the door and tried to pull it open. It seemed to be locked from the outside. A pinprick of panic returned and she rattled the door harder. It wouldn't open. She sighed and went back to her cot and sat down on it to think.

She was in a strange room, strange, skimpy new clothes covered her petite, shapely body, and the door to her room was locked. What could she do? She sighed and fiddled with the dress she was wearing. It was of a style she'd never seen before, it left her smooth shoulders completely bare and reached high enough to just cover the nipples of her pert, budding breasts. The bottom was scandalously high, her white panties flashed into view every time she took a step. And the shoes on her feet! High heels made her stand far taller than the even 5 feet she was accustomed to.

She adjusted her hair to fall over both her shoulders so they covered a fair bit of her milky white skin, and rested neatly atop the slow rise and fall of her chest. Her fingers grazed the tops of her breasts as she tried to pull her dress up and she sighed again. Maybe she should pray for her own safety.. but she couldn't wriggle out of the tight clothes she was wearing so she decided she'd simply pray with her clothes on.

Deftly, she stepped out of her panties and spread her legs wide. She grabbed onto one of her breasts with one hand and started rubbing her cunny with the other. Her pink, young pussy glistened with moisture, and her fingers flew faster and faster across it. Her nipples grew hard and poked out of the top of her dress, and she moaned. She tossed her hair back, her lips parted, and rubbed herself with renewed vigour. Her thumb accidentally slipped into her wet hole at one point and she continued to move her fingers - in, out, in, out, in, out... and the prayer grew close to completion... she shuddered as juices flowed from her smooth pussy. And she sighed again.

She was glad her Grandpa had showed her how to remove the sparse, fine hair from her pussy. She didn't like them there. He had laid her across his crossed legs, rubbed her cunny with water and then with a special cream his foreign friend had given him. Her pussy had tingled as he'd gently run the cold steel blade along her labia over and over, till all the hair was gone. He had washed all traces of the cream away with his wrinkled, leathery fingers, inspected her pussy to see she was clean. She'd almost groaned aloud when he slipped his knobbly thumb and forefinger into her wet little cunny to check. He had caught her eye then, and left his fingers inside for a while longer so she could rock herself on them. The delicious friction made her wetness pour out on his fingers, and Grandpa had had to punish her for doing that. He'd turned her over and smacked her firm, round bottom very hard, letting his fingers slap her pussy, too, a few times. She had spurted her juices all over again, on her Grandpa's crotch, and this time he had made her lick it clean as a punishment. She still remembered Grandpa's cock poking into her face as she licked his thin pajamas clean.

"You're a little beauty, just ripe for the picking," he had told her.

He had played with her little breasts and her hair and her pussy for the longest time that day. His aged fingers had thrust into her cunny till she moaned. His stubbly face had rubbed against her pussy and her chest and her face as his tongue snaked into her mouth. She had liked it so much that she had made him squeeze her breasts harder, pich her clitty till it hurt and smack her bottom till it was on fire. The smacking had been different that day, too, she could feel his thumb sticking into her butt hole when his hand came down on her smooth globes.

"You're a little beauty, just ripe for the picking.”

Sitting on the musty old cot, the knots in it rubbing into her throbbing pink pussy flesh, she wondered if she was here in this room to be 'picked'.

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