tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNinth Street Stalker

Ninth Street Stalker


Paul really loved all the press he was getting even if it was making his job harder. The press was calling him the Ninth Street stalker and they had all the women on campus frightened to go out at night. Of course, he hardly ever went on Ninth Street, it was just that street bordered on the side of the university where most of the parking garages were located. It was all good to Paul he was glad it scared the girls, the ones he looked for never worried.

No one seemed to understand Paul; he was doing god's work and besides he never really hurt any of the girls. He would first stalk them and then when he had the chance grab them and pull them into a dark place. They all had that look of sheer panic on their faces as he glared at them. That look was so satisfying and to hear them beg as he tore their tawdry clothes. Not knowing if they would live, die, or some fate even worse made them think twice about their morals the next time they went out. Sure, he touched them but he never committed rape as the papers accused him. He just wanted to show the girls what could happen so they would learn. As soon as they learned their lesson, he would leave them alone with their nightmares.

Now he just had to be careful that no one saw him. So let the good girls stay in at night, he just wanted the sluts, the ones who deserved what he did to them. Even if nobody knew his name, Paul felt famous, he wished he could go on TV and announce to the world, that yes it was he, who was punishing these women with loose morals.

Paul wondered how he should dress for the night; he had so many looks that it confused the cops when each girl gave a different description of him. The papers said that it had to be the work of one man but the police were unable to get any composite drawings to match between victims. Tonight he decided to be a uni-cop; he liked that costume the best. The university police were a joke anyway and now they would be looking for one of their own. He put on his blond wig with the blue contacts. After adding the bushy mustache he looked in the mirror, 'Even my own mother wouldn't recognize me,' he thought. The shoulder pads in his jacket and the lifts in his shoes added both bulk and height to his slender frame. Once more, he looked in the mirror, perfect, he decided. He slipped out the back door of his little cottage on the campus and with caution started on his rounds. He had been so lucky to land the one teaching post that had included campus housing. His little cottage put him in the middle of all the action, and no one ever noticed him.

He knew the uni-cops had added patrols but they were so noisy and predictable they were easy to avoid. He entered the first campus-housing unit he came to through the laundry room. These units are always supposed to be locked put the silly girls were always unlocking the laundry rooms doors so they could sneak back in after they were out whoring around. What luck, there was his first slut of the night in the laundry room, and dressed only in a pair of skimpy panties. Paul looked at her taut little ass as she bent over to get her clothes for the washer, he could feel himself getting hard.

"Young lady what are you doing dressed like that? Don't you know we have a rapist lurking around on campus?"

"Oh officer you gave me such a fright, I'm sorry for the way I'm dressed but I just wanted to get everything I own clean tonight."

"You must be pretty proud of your body to be prancing around half-naked like that."

"It's not that, in fact I'm such a skinny flat thing most of the time people don't even know I'm a girl."

"That may be, but just in case I better stick around until you get some clothes on."

When she bent back down, Paul went to grab her but she turned just before he got to her.

"Officer, you're so big and tall could you be a dear and reach that box of soap on the top shelf for me?"

Paul was now so close to her he could smell her, oh, this was going to be a good night, this bitch was going to pay and pay big. His cock already throbbing was pressed up against those flimsy panties. He felt a slight sting as if he backed into a nail or something and then everything went black.

He woke up feeling groggy in a dark room; he must be bound for he couldn't move. He lay there feeling helpless and confused wondering what had happened. He heard a door open somewhere and then the room was filled with light that made his eyes shut.

"Hello Paul, welcome to our little lab, I see here your ID says your name is Paul Dinkins, is that right?"

It was the girl from the laundry room, it was just he didn't remember her being so pretty. He must have looked at her panties more that her face. Paul started to tell her to go fuck herself but he found he couldn't talk.

"Oh yeah I forgot, we had to gag you so I guess you can't say much. Oh don't worry we will let you go, that is unless you piss me off and then I can make it a permanent way of life for you. OK let's try it this way; you blink once for yes and twice for no. Now is Paul Dinkins your real name?"

As the girl talked Paul began to realize she was telling the truth, he was restrained, he felt the wave of fear begin to take hold of his consciousness he now knew he was in big trouble and he better not upset this girl. This was not good, being restrained and at the mercy of this woman was something he had not figured on. He blinked once for yes.

"Let me tell you Paul I'm quite pissed with you. Do you know how many evenings I've wasted waiting in that stinking laundry room for you to show up? I knew you were the stalker as soon as you pressed that stiffy against me. Well that's all behind us now, let's talk about your future. Your days as the Ninth Street Stalker are over. I know now you don't believe me, but when we let you go, you won't be even stalking kitty cats.

While you were out we finger printed you and collected a sample of you DNA. I know you haven't raped anyone as of yet but we believe you're heading that way. If we hear of any more of your antics, we will turn this evidence over to the cops. I want you to lie here awhile longer just to give you time to think of what kind of future you'll have if you have a sex crime conviction on your record. After she finished talking, the girl left the room shutting off the light leaving Paul to ponder his future.

After a while, Paul calmed down, what would happen to him if he were arrested? What if he was fired, he just received his tenure, and now that would be gone. It just wasn't fair, what he had done was just and morally right. These girls with no morals deserved to be frightened, they had to be shown what could happen to them if they didn't change.

When the girl returned, she had a stun gun in her hand.

"You see what I have here; if you try anything I'm not afraid to use it on you."

She then blindfolded Paul, untied him, and walked him outside to a waiting van. Once in the back of a van she drove him back to campus where he was released. As he gingerly walked back to his cottage, he came to a girl lying on the lawn while she read a book. As he passed by, he noticed her dress had ridden up leaving her thighs and panties exposed. Without thinking he paused a moment to enjoy the view and then to begin a plan on stalking her. He quickly realized he would no longer be able do such a thing. He walked to his place, slamming the door behind him.

Paul quickly found how difficult it was living on campus, there were just too many wanton women, and he found himself in turmoil. He moved to the YMCA, which helped only if he stayed in his room. Eventually Paul realized the only place he would find relief was at a monastery and he moved in at once. The biggest difficulties he now incurred were certain bible passages that would bring the memories back until he turned the page. In a bizarre twist of fate, Paul had managed to keep his tenure but now was no longer able to teach at the university.

As for the girl, she was a part of a group that called itself 'The Committee to stop the stalking by stopping the stalkers'. They took their shop to the next college that had a problem with men attacking women. Therefore, to you stalkers out there if you see an easy target be forewarned, it might just be a CSSSS sting.

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