NKOTB Ch. 02


I fixed myself up from having sex with Jordan Knight and left his dressing room. I guess I was mixed up on where I was because instead of going out to the main area, I walked down the hallway. The next door was open and when I looked in, I saw Jonathan. I never really found him to be as cute and sexy as the others, but his smile made me blush.


Oh, my God he said "Hi" to me. I started breathing faster. I had totally forgotten what had just happened with Jordan. Right now, Jonathan Knight was talking to me. He looked puzzled and I realized I hadn't answered.

"I'm your biggest fan." I blurted out those words. I was staring at his crotch. What was wrong with me? I was thinking about having sex with him. There was no way he was going to have sex with me. I was short and petite and had brown hair. All the famous singers had blonde haired girlfriends.

"What's your favorite song sweetie?

I thought hard and long. I didn't want him singing Cover Girl.

"I'll be loving you forever." I blurted out the words and realized they had sung that song at the concert. He hadn't been the lead singer for that song, but I knew they knew all the words to all their songs.

"I love that song. Come here and I'll sing it to you."

I practically ran into his lap. I straddled his hips and knew that my jean skirt was sliding up my hips. I had worn a similar jean skirt when I had first started listened to their music and wanted to reminisce about when I was fourteen again. Had it really been fifteen years ago that they had put out their last album?

"I'm not the kind of guy who can take a broken heart." Jonathan started singing to me and I couldn't help but rock back and forth against his crotch. I felt his hardness and knew that I was making him hard. I grinned. The fact that I had just fucked another member of the band had made me hornier. I reached down and undid his pants. He was wearing tight black jeans and that turned me on so much. His cock was throbbing and I began to jerk it hard and fast.

"Fuck. That feels fucking amazing." Jonathan had stopped singing my song and was gripping the chair. His knuckles were white as he gritted his teeth. I had jerked off enough guys to know that he was barely in control of his orgasm.

"Do you want me to stop so you can continue singing?" I was teasing him and I knew it. I loved teasing guys and most times, it worked out for the best. Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block was squirming under me, trying to hold back his orgasm. I was in awe. I wanted him to keep singing the love song, but I also knew that he couldn't. His eyes were wide and I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I knelt down on the floor and wrapped my mouth around his cock. I relaxed my throat and slid his cock deep into my mouth. The tip of it entered my throat and I felt the pressure of it against my throat muscles. I continued to breath deeply and pushed harder. I hummed the starting of the song. I thought it was so sexy and erotic.

"Fuck!" He was cumming in my mouth. Jonathan Knight was unloading his hot fertile cum into my mouth. All I could do was swallow. I was in pure heaven. I was the biggest fan of this group and so far, I had had sex with one of the band members and had just sucked off another.

"Can I fuck you? Please? I've already fucked your brother." I knew I was whiny, but I was horny.

"Sure. I haven't had sex in a few days. You look like fun." I didn't even realize how arrogant he was. He slid my panties to the side and pushed his cock inside me. I was in pure heaven. Jonathan Knight from New Kids on the Block was fucking me.

I closed my eyes. He was rougher and faster than his brother. He bounced me so hard on his cock that I had to hold his arms for balance. I barely had time to recover as his cock slammed into the back of my pussy before he thrust again.

"Sing for me." I wanted him to sing as he fucked me. He shook his head no and continued to fuck me harder.

"Please? You can sing whatever you want."

He shook his head again. I realized that this was why I never liked him. He was arrogant and annoying. I let him finish and then slid off his cock.

"I never liked you. I prefer your brother." I fixed my skirt and then stormed out of his dressing room and into the main area.

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