No Choice


This is a brief exploration of the most sensual sex's mind.


I walk into your house. You give me a long stare and say, "strip." I do ask you ask, feeling somewhat self-conscious. You point to the wooden horse and tell me to bend over it, spreading my ass for your appraisal.

I stay there, unsure of what will happen next. I am acutely aware of the silence of the house, with the exception of your pacing. My pussy however betrays me, sopping wet with anticipation.

I hear the door open and you greet another. A man. I move to look and see the new guest. You immediately remand me. "Do not turn around. Keep looking straight forward." Of course, I do as directed. I wonder what it is you have in store for me. I am embarrassed that I am naked, my ass exposed, for someone other than yourself to see. Humiliation sets in. How did I end up here, I ask myself? But the throbbing in my pussy reminds me.

I hear the footsteps coming closer, you giving permission to your friend to get to know me with his hands. Suddenly I feel fingers at my pussy. I immediately tense, since I know they do not belong to you. The fingers probe my dripping pussy, accompanied by approving grunts.

Not knowing who is touching me so intimately is driving me crazy. The restraint I must exercise not to turn around is astounding.

I feel hands pushing my legs apart more and a head working its way between my legs. A warm tongue begins licking my slit. "Juicy" I hear him say. I wonder where you are and what you are thinking as you watch this. My pussy is throbbing with the attention it is receiving. He pulls back and I feel your hands probing me. "She's ready," you say. He sticks his fingers into me and agrees.

The fingers withdraw and I can see that the guest has lain down on the floor. I see bare legs, but that is all. You direct me to drop to my knees, straddling the set of legs and close my eyes. I become very nervous now, unsure of what is happening next.

You tell me to scoot slightly backwards. I feel the tip of his cock at my opening. This is insane! You want me to fuck a cock, a person that I have never even seen? I hesitate, unsure of what to do. I want this, the ultimate in sexual pleasure, fucking for the hell of it, but torn by a shred of remaining decency and safety concerns. You are strangely silent, confident I will know what to do.

I am overcome by desire and slowly I lower myself onto the anonymous cock. A low groan escapes its owner. My pussy spasms in desire. Slowly I begin to ride it, enjoying the thrusts in and out of my aching, sloppy pussy.

The unknown hips rise to match my thrusts and soon we are wildly fucking. Just as soon as it started, with one final aching thrust and a loud groan, my pussy is filled with gobs of hot, sticky cum. I rise back to my knees and bend forward, my eyes still closed. The legs disappear from under me and I feel your eager mouth and tongue lapping up the remains of the encounter.

As I begin to cum again, I hear the door close.....I breathe a sigh of relief knowing the faceless, nameless person has gone. My eyes close and I enjoy you eating my well used pussy. As I lay in the throes of contentment and another building rapture, I failed to realize there was another person in the house with us.

You turned me over and raised my ass, and I anticipated your cock sliding into my well used pussy. But I knew instantly the cock inside me was not yours. My eyes flew open and as I went to turn around to see what was happening, you grabbed my face with your hands and said, "enjoy." You shoved your cock into my protesting mouth and began to fuck my face, rocking in time with the new, yes new cock, as it pounded my pussy.

My already aching pussy was sloppy wet with the knowledge that you were seeing another man fuck me. "Do it, it's ok," I heard you say. I started to wonder what you meant, when I felt the unknown cock slide out of my cunt and start to force its way into my tight ass. I tried to protest, for I knew that it was too big, but you held my face onto your cock and kept feeding it down my throat.

My ass felt as though it was being ripped apart. I was torn by the pain of the actual event and the incredulous thoughts that you would actually share my ass with another man. You had made me promise that I would never give my ass to another man.

The ass and face ravaging went on for an eternity when he blew his load into me filling my ass full. He then pulled out, zipped up and left as you continued to fuck my throat and face deep. "Oh baby that was the best fuck ever," you shouted as you blew your load deep into my mouth and throat.

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