tagNovels and NovellasNo Controlling Legal Authority Ch. 25

No Controlling Legal Authority Ch. 25


"Archie, for the love of Pete, would you please turn down that damn music so I can hear Nadeen," Nancy screamed at the boy, while covering the cell phone receiver with the palm of her hand. She was sitting in the middle of a king-sized bed with a couple of pillows behind her back. A loose housecoat gaped open revealing most of her bosom and belly. Her bare legs were crossed on top of the covers, and she was moving her bare foot impatiently, like she was tapping something.

Archie was outside, sitting in a chair on the narrow balcony and was reading. On the decking beside him a CD player was blaring out "Viva Las Vegas," loudly enough that the empty glasses in the bathroom were dancing on the countertop. Nancy grimaced as though the noise was painful and jabbed the cell phone antennae toward the offending source.

"Thank you," she nodded toward the boy as he lowered the volume a notch, and she returned the phone to her cheek.

"Were in the hell have you been, girl? I been worried sick about you," she snapped peevishly into the phone. The genuineness of her concern was obvious.

She listened to the response, frowning steadily, and her face began to darken.

"Where are you?" she asked, shouting into the phone as though the connection was poor.

"St Louis? Have you got her?" she queried expectantly.

"No! Why not, dammit?" she yelled, and her face reddened.

There was a pause as she listened to the explanation. She ran her fingers through her hair and massaged the back of her neck as though she was trying to think while she listened. She turned her face away from the phone briefly and took a sip of scotch, and then, returned the glass to the nightstand beside the bed.

"They sound like a couple of cops to me," she said, and her face clouded with concern.

"What? The hell you say; in my house?" she screamed incredulously as though the information terrified her, and she covered the receiver with her hand again and called to Archie.

"Archie, Archie, get in here," she yelled at the boy. "Somebody's helping that little bitch, and they broke into our house last night."

"Huh?" he mumbled in reply, but he stood and ambled toward the bed.

"When did you find out about that, Nadeen?" Nancy asked, returning to the phone.

Archie sat on the foot of the bed and watched with faint interest as his mother interrogated the caller.

"You're sure there was only the one?" she asked into the phone.

"How'd you know he was there?"

Archie could tell his mother was becoming agitated. Her voice was becoming shrill and sharp, and she was screaming at Nadeen like he had never heard before, not even that time that kid spooked and knocked Nadeen upside the head with the lamp. Her tone drew his interest, and he dropped his reading material on the floor.

"You did what?" she shrieked into to the phone, and her mouth fell open.

"Archie," she whispered to the boy. "Pour me another scotch quick; these idiots killed the school janitor last night and left his body in the pool. Your daddy's gonna be soooooooo pissed."

"Yeah, right mom." Archie agreed, walking to the dresser and retrieving the bottle. "The old fucker's probably too big to go through the skimmer; somebody'll have to get in there and pull him out."

"Archie," his mother snapped, and she shot him a "why bother" look that would have withered anybody else. "He happens to be your father's favorite nigger in all the world. I don't know why he thinks so much of him, but he does, and he didn't fool me a minute pretendin' to fire him at the pallet factory."

Archie's attention was bent on pouring the scotch into his mother's glass without mishap, so Nancy was speaking largely to herself. She returned to the receiver and began peppering Nadeen with questions.

"He was inside the house when you got there?"

"Un-huh. Did you hit him?"

"How did you follow him?"

"Uh-huh. A homing device? You found his car before you went up to the house. That's good, Nadeen, real good, but you say you lost him in Jefferson City?"

Nancy took another sip of scotch, while she listened, and then she put the phone on her shoulder and tried to explain events to Archie.

"Some guy broke into the house and was looking at our videos. Cletus and Nadeen caught him, and they shot at him, but he got away. They followed him down to the Holiday Inn in Jefferson City, but they couldn't find him or the girl, so they went back to Sedalia to watch her car at that lawyer's U-haul office."

"Oh," Archie responded noncommittally because the plot had thickened beyond his ability to follow.

"Nadeen?" Nancy queried into the phone in a moment of inspired recollection. "Isn't the Holiday Inn pretty close to the Acock?"

"That's what I thought," she nodded, and she smiled triumphantly at her confused son.

Archie was losing interest in the telephone conversation, especially since he was only hearing half of it, and his eyes wandered to his mother's legs. His reading material, a trashy novel named "Daddy Crosses the Rubicon," that he had downloaded from Literotica.com, was getting him pretty worked up just as Nadeen had promised in her e-mail telling him about it. The story was about a real foxy girl who seduced her father while the two of them were staying together on a houseboat on a remote lake. Archie began reading as soon as he downloaded it. He felt a vague connection with the heroine, since he found himself at that moment alone with his mom in a place that was special to them both. He reached out and traced the arch of Nancy's foot with his fingers.

"What did you say, Nadeen?" Nancy screamed incredulously. "You mean you drove by the Acock and didn't check it out just because the marquee said 'closed for repairs?' You Goddam idiot, what in the Hell were you thinking? You've been to the Acock with me, what, thirty, forty times, girl? You know damn well they don't repair anything there, never have, never will. There wasn't any repairing going on in there; that's where that bitch and her friends were holed up, I'd bet your life on it."

Archie ran his hand up Nancy's leg to the knee, letting his fingers caress the smoothly shaved skin of her calf on the way and inched toward her on the bed while she blessed out poor old Nadeen.

"That feels good, honey," she whispered to Archie, interrupting her tirade long enough to encourage him.

"OK, so you didn't catch them at the Acock, but you're still following her car, right?"

"Oh! Who got it?" Her voice sounded disappointed, and she took another sip of scotch to calm her nerves.

"Are you sure Cletus recognized him?" she questioned, firing another sharp interrogatory into the phone, and she motioned for Archie to scoot closer.

"Where are they now? All you got to do is keep following them, and they'll lead you right to her."

She uncrossed her legs and moved her feet apart a little. Her wrapper fell open, exposing the low slope of her belly and her mons with its little, vertical stripe of hair. She lifted Archie's hand from her knee and placed it on her thigh, smiling approvingly at him when he began stroking the soft flesh inside her leg.

"Goddam it, Nadeen, what do you mean you lost them in St. Louis? You were supposed to find the bitch and call me."

She squirmed her buttocks into the bed covers and opened her thighs for the boy. "Mmmm, sweetie," she sighed when his fingers climbed toward her exposed sex.

"I can't believe you, Nadeen," she snarled into the phone with the sound of ice cracking. "First, you miss them at the Acock, and now, you're telling me, that you lost them in traffic in St. Louis, so you and your dimwitted husband are sitting at a gas station waiting for me to tell you what to do next."

She was scowling and looking through Archie like he was completely absent, which he nearly was, but, when his fingers stroked her pussy lips, her legs popped apart like a Jack-in-the-box opening when the trigger is tripped. He let his fingers browse through her sparse, closely cropped hair, teasing her like she had taught him to do and did his best to follow the conversation. He knew she was angry and getting angrier by the minute, and he resorted to the defense which suited him best in such situations.

Nancy took a gulp of scotch and hissed into the phone darkly, "I ought to let your stupid asses sit there and rot, Goddammit. You've bungled this job at every turn and I've about run out of patience with the both of you. You didn't even know the bitch kept a journal with names and enough stuff in it to send us all to the gas chamber ten or fifteen times over. I never would have known about that, if it hadn't been for Rufus Justice mentioning it to my lawyer the other night when we heard the Postal Inspectors were coming. Hell, Nadeen, we had her right there; Archie could have done her in the pool the night before she left and nobody would have been the wiser. But, no, you said just scare the shit out of her and make her run so far they couldn't find her, because she didn't have anything on you to help them, so that's what I did, but now, I have to wonder if those really were Postal Inspectors and if they weren't looking for a lot more than a couple of incompetent kiddy porn peddlers."

Archie's fingers probed his mother's damp slot, digging gently to find her opening, and she reacted by swinging a leg around him and using it to topple him onto the center of the bed. He fell with a quick snicker, and his head flopped on the bed between her legs about midway up her thighs. He reached one hand above his head and pressed his fingertips into her moisture, and then rolled, grinning, onto his belly and raised himself on his elbows to look at her.

"Don't give me excuses, Nadeen, I deserve better. What have I paid you and Cletus over the years for them kids you brought up to the house, two hundred thousand, three hundred? That ought to buy me some loyalty and some competence, don't you think?"

"Oh, baby, do that," she moaned softly as Archie entered her with two fingers. She had laid the phone on the bed, while she used her fingers, spreading her lips to facilitate his entry, and they could hear Nadeen's terrified voice babbling unintelligibly into the bedspread.

"That's bullshit, Nadeen," Nancy spat, picking up the phone as though she had been listening. "She's not that damn smart; she ran off and left her kid, didn't she?"

"Oooo, Archie," she whispered with her hand over the phone. "That's right, do that."

The boy had inserted three fingers into her pussy and was sawing them in and out, feeling her moisture accumulating on his fingers and spreading to her thickening lips. She slid down in the bed lowering her head to the pillow behind her and pushed her hips toward his face and plunging fingers. Her knees lifted and separated; her heels hovered expectantly in the air over his hunched shoulders.

"I know you don't know where the kid is right now, damnit, but you can find her. It shouldn't be all that hard since you know who she's living with. All you got to do is find out where they moved to and wait for the bitch to contact the kid and you've got her." Nancy's words were clipped and breathless, like she was eager to conclude the conversation but couldn't stop talking because there were other issues to discuss.

"Damn, Nadeen, use your head for once. He's a teacher, and his wife is, too; they've got certificates and licenses, or whatever; call around and find out where they're teaching now. Don't make me do everything, or you'll be sorry, I promise."

Nancy's hand shook as she brought her glass to her lips for another gulp because, while she was reaching for it, Archie found her clit and began stroking it between his thumb and finger with little circular motions.

"Jesus, Archie," she gasped breathlessly after swallowing the scotch. "Where'd you pick up that trick?"

"It's in the book Nadeen told me about," he grinned proudly, and he gave the slippery little appendage a gentle tug.

"Ooooh," Nancy grunted into the phone, when the boy's caress lit up her nerve endings like the lights along a carnival midway.

"Nothing, Nadeen, I was just talking to Archie," she explained with diminished irritation.

"Yeah, he's right here."

"He's been reading that book you told him about, and it's got him all horny."

"Hmmmm, I don't know; hang on a minute, and I'll ask him."

She laid the phone in the crook of her neck, covering the mouthpiece so she could not be overheard, and addressed her son with the same tone she used on her customers when she was trying to entice them into buying a table dance.

"Archie, baby, you're getting me so wet and hot. Nadeen wants to know if you're going to fuck mommy tonight. She's askin' if you're going to stick that big cock in mommy and make her cum. What should I tell her, son?"

Archie grinned, that drooling little smile that crossed his face like he was thinking about cheeseburgers, and he nodded his head eagerly, saying, "Can I, mom?"

Nancy reached for him, and her fingers slipped through his hair. She pulled him, urging his face toward her loins and lifted her hips to meet his descending lips. Her voice was thick with desire, and her words nearly hung in her throat as she spoke them, "Lick me first, Archie; lick mommy's pussy, and then you can fuck me."

"Mmmmm, baby," she moaned as she lifted the receiver to her cheek, and his tongue swept lavishly through the slippery folds of her dripping lips.

"He says to tell you that he's going to eat my pussy first, and then, he's going to fuck hell out of me."

"Hmmmmm, baby, yes, suck my pussy like you're doing," she crooned into the phone for the benefit of both Archie and Nadeen, and then, she continued talking to Nadeen, while Archie labored between her legs like an anteater attacking an anthill. "No, you can't fuck him, too, honey, cause you messed up, and, now, you've got to fix it, or I ain't ever gonna let you even look at his sweet cock again." She paused for a second or two, trying without success to catch her breath before continuing. "Besides, we're in Memphis, and we're likely to be here for a while; at least till things cool down back home."

She lifted her hips off the covers, and pulled her son's face into her crotch with her hand twisting his hair. Her thigh muscles tensed as her pussy sought the pleasure of his tongue, and she gurgled the sensual sounds of sexual ecstasy into the phone. She liked to share, when it suited her purposes, and it heightened her enjoyment when she could make someone else throb with frustrated desire. She had shared Archie with Nadeen before; that was a part of the bargain she made that summer when Cletus and Nadeen brought the boy to her home and left with twenty-five thousand of Jerry's money and her promise that Nadeen could visit him now and again. She had kept that promise, but she had parceled out his favors frugally, like a dealer cutting heroin, and she was always careful to leave Nadeen a little hungry for another taste of Archie's amazing cock.

Archie drove his tongue into her wet tissue, and she groaned in delight. Distantly, in the phone, she heard Nadeen bitching at Cletus in the background, working out her frustration on the poor, ignorant dolt, and she smiled in satisfaction. She could still see, in her mind, the skinny little kid sitting on the barstool in her kitchen while she watched Cletus and Nadeen pulling away. When they were gone, she led the lad to her bathroom, explaining that all guests had to bathe before they could eat dinner, and he was so famished that he helped her undress him. When he was naked, he just stood there with his arms at his sides and let her inspect the goods, as it were, and she turned him around two or three times, looking him over, before she would let him get into the shower. His cock had amazed her, more then than now, because, while the rest of his body had grown impressively in the years since that first meeting, his cock had remained about the same. He stood still and, without flinching or objection, let her lift his dick and fondle it with her hands while the water ran in the enclosure behind him. Later, in a moment of uncharacteristic candor, she admitted to Nadeen that she had never seen anything like it, and that was saying something cause she had seen just about every kind and size of cock there was on the earth. She tried to be cool and just let him shower, but her curiosity got the better of her, and, before she knew it, she stepped into the shower with him and began soaping his back. That paled pretty quickly, and so, she leaned over him, cradling his head between her breasts and ran her slippery hands down his chest toward his belly. She lathered his nipples and then dipped her finger into his navel, tickling his belly and making him jerk back against her reflexively. Suddenly, she was kneeling and turning him around, and her hands were working the soap into foamy peaks along the length of him, and he was holding on to her shoulders with his little hands and shaking while the earth opened under his feet. She jacked him off to make him cum, so she could see what he could do, and when he shot, he shocked her with a prodigious flood of cum that coated her neck and breasts, while he squeaked and squealed and shivered under the cascading water like a dog shitting peach pits.

"Yeah, that's what I said, Memphis, you horny little slut," Nancy mouthed into the phone. "At the Heartbreak Hotel, right across the street from fucking Graceland."

"Hell, yes, we're looking right at it"

Archie's tongue was meandering with some purpose, seeking erogenous zones he recalled from previous experiences, and he let the tip slither down his mom's lips to the bulging crease between her cheeks. He slid his hands under her hips, palms up so he could cup her butt, and he lifted her to his mouth. His tongue pierced her crevice, probing blindly between the clenching muscles of her ass.

"Oh God, yes, Archie, lick me there," she wailed at him before gasping, "Nadeen, honey, I've got to go, NOW. Huh? What?"

She chewed her lip and stared at the ceiling, while Archie stroked her sensitive flesh. She propped the phone on her shoulder with the antennae resting on the pillow behind her for support, to free her hands, and she talked while she directed the boy's efforts with her fingertips.

"No, honey, we had to get out of town for a while. Jerry would have freaked out when they searched the house, if he had been there; he's working on a really big deal that something like this could totally fuck up. We were just lucky he was in Canada looking for a new wood supplier when they came."

"Mmmm, Archie, baby, stick your tongue in me deeper," she groaned for Nadeen's benefit, pulling his ears feverishly to encourage compliance.

"No special reason, Archie just likes it here. He won't hardly go anywhere else. He loves to stay here, where he can see Graceland from the room and dress up like Elvis. He has a wig that makes him look just like Elvis, when he puts it on. He gets done up and takes out his cock and pretends to strum it, like it's a guitar, while he sorta sings 'Don't you Cum on my Blue Suede Shoes,' and does Elvis impersonations."

"Good God, son, what else did you learn from that book?" she gushed when the boy's hot tongue seared her openings and distracted her momentarily.

"Hell if I know why he loves Elvis so much, Nadeen, he just picked it up someplace, MTV, probably; I try to keep him away from that shit, but it don't do no good. On the other hand, maybe you taught him, since he sings so bad."

"I learned about this," the boy said, lifting his head to answer, and he slid a finger between her cheeks and into her throbbing asshole. Simultaneously, he nibbled her lips apart and began licking her clitoris with heavy, wet strokes.

"Oh, Jesus, yes," she moaned, and she shut her eyes and tried to remain focused enough to respond to Nadeen's questions."

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