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Author's note: This story contains futanari and mpreg.

I've tried to write this twice already in clinical terms, but there's just no way to do it. So, fuck it. If you're offended, well, it's your fault I'm writing this.

I was at Lucky's. It was maybe 10:30, getting on 11. I spotted her in there right away sitting at the bar, because she was dressed, well, kind of slutty. Brown hair, about shoulder length, maybe a little bit chubby, but great face and terrific tits. She was wearing this black dress which looked more like she was going to a cocktail party, but it was ridiculously low-cut. Silver necklace, silver bracelets. I remember thinking that she looked kind of out of place – not like you're not going to see a slutty-looking girl in a bar, I mean, but the clothes and all just didn't seem to add up. She had a glass of wine, for one thing, and it wasn't that kind of place.

Anyway, seeing a rack like that, I didn't really care if it added up. She obviously hadn't been there long when I arrived – she hadn't really touched her wine. I watched her for a minute to see if her boyfriend had just gone off to the bathroom or something, and noticed that she kept glancing at the clock. Maybe she was waiting for somebody? Though she kept looking around the room at people like she was sizing them up. Worth a shot, I thought, and started towards her. Then I realized that when she was checking out people and watching the door, she was only looking at girls. Ah. Shit.

The girl had been looking at the clock again, but just then she caught sight of me watching. Her gaze moved on kind of automatically, like I wasn't the person she was looking for, but then she did a kind of quiet double take and glanced back at me. She smiled at me slightly, and then her smile widened a lot and it was obvious she wanted me to come on over. Well, I'm not stupid. I didn't waste any time.

"Hi, I'm Ryan," I said. She looked great up close. Had a little bit of a pot belly maybe, but not like you would notice if her dress hadn't been skin-tight. I kept my eyes away from her tits, which wasn't easy.

"Hi. I'm Jen," she said. "Want to get out of here?" She put down her wine and started to stand up.

Well, son of a bitch. I quickly waved goodbye to my friends, figuring that maybe she'd be willing to grab dinner or something. Jen looked at the clock again. No, she wanted to go straight to my place.

You know, come to think of it, I don't know why it didn't occur to me at the time that she might be a hooker or something. I was kind of in shock, I guess. Would have been better if she had been. Anyway.

I wouldn't say she was all over me on the way back to my apartment, but it was pretty clear that she wanted it. She put one hand on my leg as I drove, and, I remember, rubbed at her stomach a bit. I tried to make some small talk, but she wasn't much for conversation. Jen seemed really amused about something, though.

Once we got to my place I was glad to find out that my roommate was gone for the evening. I made the usual excuses about the place being a mess, but Jen didn't pay any attention – she actually started taking off her jewelry and shoes the moment we got in the door. Since this seemed a lot more like a porno movie than the kind of date I was used to, for a minute I actually wasn't, you know, sure what to do exactly. But Jen settled the issue by coming after me hard – suddenly she was all over me like a nympho, kissing me hard, trying to get my shirt off, you name it. I managed to get Jen's dress off her shoulders and started kissing her tits, and she kind of laughed for a second and then had her clothes off in no time. Holy shit, was she hot – stacked, shaved, totally shameless. I remember noticing the little pot belly again now that her dress was off. It was like a second bulge above her mound. Not as big, and I don't mean like a hernia or something, just a kind of curve. Considering the rest of her, I sure as hell wasn't complaining.

So Jen dragged me, or I dragged her, to the bedroom, and she had my pants off and sucked my cock for a little bit. It was actually kind of odd, because Jen really wasn't all that good, like she had never done it before. But the look in her eyes was intense. I don't know how to describe it. Like she wanted to laugh hysterically but was too horny.

I was surprised that she had handcuffs in her purse. But she wasn't the first girl I'd met who was into that, and I wasn't going to say no to anything and risk pissing her off. I let her cuff my hands to the bedframe – she did them so they were crossed over each other. Jen's grin was looking less horny and more crazy by now, and I guess I was starting to get a little nervous. I'd never been with a real psycho, but, you know, you hear stories.

Jen leaned down and sucked my cock for a minute again, and then stood up. I remember her wincing a bit as she stood up, like she'd pulled a muscle. Then she smiled. "Roll over, sugar," she said.


"C'mon," Jen said. "I want to try something." She started pushing at my side until I got the idea that she wanted me to sit up on all fours. Come to think of it, I guess that's why she cuffed my hands reversed. I wasn't really that excited about crouching on the bed in a weird position, but when a horny naked chick asks you to do something, you say "Yes." So I did, and then I looked back at her over my shoulder, waiting for her to start massaging my back or whatever.

That's when it happened.

She let out a big sigh of relief and kind of relaxed her shoulders, and then – I am not kidding – a cock head started poking out of her pussy! Jen smiled, and shimmied her hips a bit like she was trying to shake off a pair of panties. There was kind of a moist sliding sound, and I could see her abdominal muscles working, and then she kind of grunted and the whole thing popped out. It looked like an ordinary cock, I guess – kind of slick and shiny looking, already hard. However, it was sticking out from between her pussy lips, which isn't exactly what you would fucking call ordinary.

I didn't say anything for a second, then screamed, "What the fuck is that?"

Jen looked like she had been expecting this reaction, and kind of laughed. She put her hands on her hips and looked down at her cock. "It's a -" I forget the word she used. I think it was "depositer".

I started kicking then – thrashing around and hoping to get her in the teeth or knock the freak out or break loose of the cuffs or something. No luck, though. Jen backed up out of the way of my legs, and I was moving around too much to really see what she was doing, but she came at me from the side and had a lotion or cream or something from a bottle. A handful of this went on my lower back before I could get out of the way, and after a minute I started feeling kind of numb from the waist down. Not like anesthetic, exactly, but like my legs were just too tired to move.

Then I began to panic. "Get away from me, you fucking bitch!" I was trying to get my arms free, but between my legs not moving and the handcuffs, no way. She didn't say anything, but I could feel her getting into my ass crack (or whatever the medical term is) with her fingers and spreading some more of that lotion around. I tried to clench up, but my muscles were too numb by then.

"Sorry, sugar," Jen said, putting the bottle away in her purse. "You're my ticket off this shithole planet." That's what it sounded like, anyway.

"What?" I said.

"Almost thought I wasn't going to make it by midnight," she said, looking at the clock. She picked up her cock in one hand, and rubbed gently at that bulge in her lower belly. It looked firm – didn't move like fat. A smirk crossed her face, and she ran a finger down my back. "C'mon, baby, open up. I've been carrying this load around for three days now." Jen shimmied again. "I bet you can probably sympathize, huh? You've got to have had blue balls sometime. So, now you're going to do me a real big favor." She hefted her cock again, like it felt really heavy. It looked really heavy. Her smirk widened into a big grin... not a crazy grin, but just a there's-not-a-fucking-thing-you-can-do-about-it kind of grin.

"What?" I said again, kind of in shock. At that point I honestly didn't have any idea what she was talking about.

She leaned forward, and I could feel her soft hands grabbing my ass cheeks. "Haven't you ever been all backed up and full of cream?" Her cock head bumped up against me, and I kind of froze in shock. "'Cause I am. I need to spunk you real bad, sugar," Jen purred. "Now hold still and be a good boy for me."

Now I understood. I tried scooting away again, but my legs were so numb it was hopeless; her grip on my ass was enough to hold me still. She let out a weird kind of groan as she pushed against me – it sounded like relief – and I could feel her slick cock starting to slide up inside me, stretching me open. I was looking back over my shoulder the best I could, and her face was just covered in that big ecstatic grin. The cock was, well, it felt really warm and thick inside me – a lot hotter than I would have thought. I could actually feel her pulse in it, beating really fast, it seemed.

"This is a lot different with a man," Jen said, and then laughed. "You're tight."

I told her to fuck off and rattled the handcuff chains around, trying to break the bedframe. It wasn't budging. She leaned in further, and I could feel her cock sinking really deep, slipping and wiggling up into me. It felt like she was stretching me wide, but I guess it didn't hurt, exactly. Just felt really full. Finally Jen was leaning all the way over, and I could feel her heavy tits resting on my back. Her nipples were like hard little spikes jabbing into me, and her hips were really soft pressed up against my ass. I groaned, and then mumbled "Shit."

"There you go, sugar... not so bad, was it?" she said again. I really can't tell you if she was trying to be sarcastic or not. I yelled at her again, but Jen just laughed and ground her hips against me. I could feel her warm cock head rolling around inside me.

"And this'll make ten," she said, though I don't know what she meant by that. Then she started really fucking – pumping in and out, slow strokes at first, but getting faster and faster. Jen started moaning almost right away. "Yes... yes... yes..." she kept mumbling. She was leaned over me all the way, most of her weight on my back, her belly and tits pressing down on me. Just her hips humping frantically, fucking away like she was desperate to get off fast. Her face was all clenched up, and she was biting on her lip.

I was... at first I was fighting to try to shake her off me. Then I was kind of too stunned to do anything. I admit that, after a bit, it started to feel good – it didn't hurt as much as you'd think, having her cock buried inside me. Between her moaning, and feeling her naked against me, and her frantically trying to get off, it started to get me hot too.

It didn't take long – I don't know, maybe a minute – and I could feel her cock getting thicker. Right about then her moaning stopped, and her grip on me got tighter. Jen laughed again, and she started driving her cock slower and harder. "Yeah... yeah, there it is," she hissed, and started to grin again. "Fuck, this is gonna be good. I've been brewing this load all day. You're good, sugar... your ass feels so good... so good! Just hold still, baby... need it, need it, need it..." She was starting to babble, slamming into me so hard that it was shaking me around. Then she laughed, kind of choking. "Yes, baby! Momma's got a big load for you... here it comes, here it comes..."

Then she came.

Some people talk about shooting off like a fire hose. Well, I don't know about that, but this was more like when you turn on the faucet and there's air in the line. I could feel a rush of hot foamy spray way up inside, and then a bunch of high pressure jets of cum stabbing into me. Then a bunch of hot, thick syrup, with what felt like little pebbles in it, then like a spurt of air, and it went on like this for like thirty seconds, while she had a death grip on me and screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Fuck, yes!" she shouted. She pressed harder, and then I could feel her pumping out a load of really thick, gooey cum, like whipped cream. "That's it, sugar," Jen hissed. "Come on and take it all. Gonna knock you up." She wriggled her hips back and forth, her fingers clenching on my shoulders. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," she mumbled. This went on and on – I could feel her blasting out more and more of her stuff, thick pulses of goo squirting up through her cock and deep into me – until I started feeling bloated. Then I looked under me and realized that I could actually see my belly slowly swelling up. I tried to struggle again then, but it felt like she had already squirted so much spunk into me that it was weighing me down – a hot, thick mass in my guts. She laughed again, then moaned, giving a little shudder and spurting again, another jet of cream uncoiling into me. My belly grew a little bigger. "Come on, baby, get it all out of me," Jen moaned. "Gotta... gotta empty this stuff out..."

Finally, she clenched up and gave a kind of gasp, and I felt a thick, hard bulge squeezing slowly up the length of her cock. What the hell? Jen started straining and wiggling, rocking back and forth a bit, like she was trying hard to push it out. "Fuck... fuck..." she muttered, hissing through her teeth with the strain. "Get in there..." She finally forced it out deep up my ass with a pop and a groan – it felt huge, like a giant gelcap, stuck in place in all the girlcum. Finally Jen relaxed with another big groan.

The bitch actually leaned down and kissed me on my back. Then she started pulling her cock out. Under the circumstances, I was expecting a flood, but, no, nothing happened. It felt like I was plugged solid. Jen sat down on the bed next to me for a minute, to catch her breath, I guess. Her attitude had changed a lot suddenly – she looked really tired, and not so psycho now. I was still too stunned to say much of anything, still crouched there on the bed with my belly swelled out.

"Thanks, sugar," Jen said, smiling almost apologetically. She looked at the clock again. "That was getting to be a close one. I felt like I was gonna burst if I held that load any longer!" Jen patted her belly again; the little bulge was gone.

That did it. I started screaming and cursing at her, trying to get loose again, though all I did was rock my belly back and forth and pull hard at the handcuffs. I guess I probably looked pretty stupid with my big gut jiggling around. It sure felt weird. For the first time it sank in what had just happened. Jen had mounted me and shot her stuff into me... but she'd also put something inside me. I could feel it now, inside the hot gooey cream that was slowly sloshing back and forth. It felt like a warm lump.

"What the fuck did you do?" I screamed.

Jen actually pretended to pout. "Come on, sugar, don't be like that," she said, starting to pick up her clothes. She had her back turned when her cock disappeared, but I saw her wiggling around again just like when it came out. "You made me feel so good, honey." Blowing a kiss, Jen stepped into her dress and started pulling it up. "Sorry to love you and leave you, but after getting my rocks off I just don't feel like sticking around... You know how it is." She giggled, gathering her things together.

I started to panic a bit, and shook at the handcuffs.

"Oh, right, almost forgot," Jen said. She walked over and carefully placed the handcuff keys within reach on the bedrail; I started trying to get a grip on them with my fingers. Jen smiled, leaned on the bed, and rubbed at my hanging belly. "Good boy," she said, pushing in very gently. I winced at the pressure, feeling the thick goo shifting around. "You'll be okay in a few months," Jen said, her shit-eating grin returning. "Things will take care of themselves then." I didn't know what she was talking about then, and I don't now. Then she left.

There's not a lot else to tell. I got loose and started to stand up, when two things happened. First, I discovered that with a belly swelled out with girlcum, my balance was off. Second, I got a headrush. My roommate found me on the floor when he got home and called the EMS. I haven't seen Jen since.

So that's the story. The x-rays, which you already have, say that I have a huge soft gumdrop jelly thing growing in my lower GI tract. I don't know how big it's going to grow. I never feel it move, but it's warm, and it's definitely alive. I already look ridiculous after two months with a big pregnant belly sticking out, and it's getting pretty damn heavy. I'm having to wear sweat pants and t-shirts all the time. And drink a hell of a lot of Gatorade. Between the pregnancy hormones and this thing putting pressure on my prostate, I'm needing to jerk off like five times a day to avoid going crazy. I feel like a bull having to get milked.

So. For the above reasons, I wish to appeal the denial of my claim number JQ1-9902991. My Consolidated Western Mutual HealthPlus+ insurance plan clearly includes maternity coverage (see section D, subsections 1-3). It doesn't say anything about having to be female.

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