tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNo Good Deed Goes Unpunished

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


With her passionate curiosity as a guide, a dear friend coaxed from my inelegant story the sensual imagery in which you are about to partake.

Please enjoy.


* * *

Rob Barton arrived home from work to find a letter stuffed beneath his door. After reading what was in it, he was in a mild state of disbelief. The thirty eight year old 'Resident Manager' of the small, two building apartment complex was thirty days away from losing his two favorite tenants. The prospect of which had left him feeling more than a little depressed. He went to his filing cabinet and pulled out the packet of forms that he would have to present to the pair of them. Rob looked through the papers, making certain that the girls would be able to move out with as little trouble as possible.

"This company sure worships its papers," he said aloud, sliding the file drawer closed with more force than was necessary. The resounding metal 'clunk' of the drawer broke into his temporary sullen mood. Rob flipped the forms on top of the letter lying idly on his coffee table and went to the fridge to retrieve a beer. It didn't deliver the refreshing taste that he had been anticipating since leaving work less than an hour ago.

Staring out of the window from his second floor apartment he just stood there, absent-mindedly sipping from the dark brown bottle. Rob looked over across the courtyard at the girls' third floor window, hoping to catch a glimpse of them both. A movement below caught his attention and he saw Casey leaving the building. Whenever he saw either of them, his heart always quickened, as it was doing now.

As she walked towards her car, Rob could never really decide which of the two was the sexiest as they both had their own good qualities. Casey was the more voluptuous and always fascinated him. Her dark brown hair cascaded down her back in spiraling curls just stopping at the waist. He loved watching her full hips sway whenever she moved across the sidewalk. The tantalizing short cut-offs that Casey wore served to accentuate the firmness beneath the taut denim, and Rob could do nothing other than speculate what he might find there. Her beautifully rounded breasts were evident through the thin cotton T-shirt, fueling his imagination. It was at that moment that he knew how much he was going to miss the girls once they were gone. Rob thought back to the first day he met the unlikely pair as Casey drove away…

He remembered it well, it was a late summer evening, about 8.30 p.m., and Rob was happily wiping one of the smudged front windows. His new job as building manager kept him busy most nights and this was the last item on his checklist. Just recently divorced, Rob's finances were a mess; the free rent along with the small stipend he received each month would help him towards 'becoming healthy,' as he liked to put it. The company that owned the buildings agreed that he could keep the job as well as working full-time.

Rob had just finished with one last final swipe when a battered blue Toyota pulled into the parking lot and rolled into the first available parking stall. Watching intently, he hoped that there wouldn't be any problems to deal with at this late hour. It was Rob's least favorite part of the new responsibilities that seemed to go with the job. When two very young and attractive women stepped from the car, he was surprised and pleased. They proceeded up the sidewalk, racing each other to the doorway.

The two girls arrived at about the same time and playfully pushed each other from the small stoop. Both of the young women managed to thoroughly smear the freshly cleaned door. Rob watched their antics with an indulgent grin. Realizing that they had an audience, the giggling pair stopped their horseplay and smiled at the man on the other side of the glass.

With an impish grin on his face, Rob opened the door and asked, "May I help you ladies?"

The petite blonde before him was the shorter of the two and spoke up, "We saw the sign out front this afternoon, and were hoping that the apartment is still available."

Rob checked his watch, noting the late hour. He considered refusing but then decided that it would look good to show the management company that he was dedicated to the job. Dropping the rag on top of his cleaning kit, he motioned them to follow to the adjacent building. The third floor unit was a small two-bedroom apartment with wonderful oak woodwork and cabinetry. Unfortunately, the amenities were few, but the rent was cheap.

Once they were inside the apartment, the small blonde did most of the talking. Rob was impressed with her directness. She was about 5'3' and he inwardly assessed that she weighed less than one hundred pounds. Her eyes were incredible, particularly the long lashes. Rob marveled at the warm beauty in the deep blue eyes. It took him several moments to figure it out, but finally spotted the key; the lashes were blue too! Rob's ex worked in the cosmetic industry. (When she had decided to work at all) He had no idea that colored mascara existed before then, but he did find it incredibly alluring.

Her friend was one very sultry looking brunette, and was looking around the apartment thoroughly. She was pointing things out to her friend as she made small discoveries throughout the place. As she moved from room to room, Rob marveled at her compact curves, she was no small girl, but everything about her was in near perfect proportion. He let them explore every room and stood silently between them, noting the contrasts between the two. The blonde was at no disadvantage when it came to curves!

Rob listened as the two girls discussed the various aspects of the apartment. Though small in stature, the shorter of the two had a distinctly authoritative tone, not unpleasant at all, but very confident. The brunette had a very decidedly sexy, husky voice, one that Rob had heard described as a 'whiskey voice.' He privately mused to himself that he could get used to this pair running around the building.

After much talking, they glanced at Rob and said, "We'll take it."

Grinning, Rob said, "Great, let's go and fill out the paper work!"

Rob learned that the blonde (Kim) was twenty three years old and the brunette (Casey) was just one year older. Apparently, they were both recent graduates from the local community college and were starting their very first jobs. With the required paperwork out of the way, Rob welcomed the girls to their new 'home…'

That had been a mere two years ago. Snapping back to the present, Rob glanced up at the third floor window. He detected a movement behind the curtains and surmised that Kim was home.

His enthusiasm to get started on his evening chores had abandoned him completely and he decided to finish his beer first. Rob pulled out a Marlboro, and released a cloud of smoke as his thoughts reverted back to a frigid day two winters ago…

Casey's car had been stuck in the snow and he had gallantly gone to her aid. During the night, the temperature had plummeted to -24 degrees. She had been trying to get to work and was having trouble in her attempt to climb the small hill in the middle of the parking lot.

Rob had heard the roar of the engine and the squeal of the tires. He quickly donned his coat and boots and rushed out to help. After several attempts and a half bag of 'kitty litter,' he managed to push her car up the hill onto the flatter part of the lot. It was with a mixture of dismay and amazement when Casey stopped the car. He was taken unawares when she ran to him, hugged him firmly and planted a kiss firmly on his frozen cheek. When he returned to the confines of his own apartment to finish getting ready for work, Rob could see a perfect set of Casey's lip prints in vivid red on his cheek in the mirror and smiled…

Stubbing out his cigarette, Rob stuffed the forms into his cleaning kit and headed out the door. He needed to get things done before going to see Kim. Almost finished with what he was doing, Rob noticed the hallway light was out again just outside their apartment. He pulled a small step stool from a storage closet and climbed it to change the bulb. Rob hadn't heard her open the door and almost rode the wobbly step stool to the ground as he felt warm hands slide up the inside of his thighs. "Kim, don't start anything unless you intend to finish it!" he chided from his unsteady perch. Her throaty laugh indicated that she was in a playful mood. Rob quickly finished the task and set foot on solid ground. He found himself staring into the beautiful blue eyes that had so entranced him the evening they first met. Kim flashed her caretaker a wicked grin and nodded towards the door, indicating that he should follow. Not needing to be asked a second time, Rob put his cleaning supplies to the side and dutifully followed her. He loved watching Kim's tight ass as she preceded him into the room. She offered him a beer which he accepted since he was finished for the day. Discussing the forms with Kim made him realize how infatuated he had become with the two young women. Rob downed the last of the beer and stood up to leave. On the way out, he looked back at the saucy-looking blonde and said, "I sure am going to miss the both of you." She rose from the couch, rested a delicate hand on his forearm and kissed him on the cheek.

Not one to keep his sense of humor from emerging Rob smiled and quipped, "If you move that around a little more then we'll have something to talk about!"

The young woman folded her arms across her pert breasts. Cocking one eyebrow she winked and fired back, "We still have thirty days. A lot can happen in a month you know!"

He was enjoying the banter immensely and replied, "It's never nice to tease a man on his way out the door." Kim teased him with a knowing look and Rob roared with laughter. She pushed him out the door laughing as he joked, "Does cruelty like this come naturally or do you have to work at it?"

The next four weeks dragged by agonizingly. Rob hadn't seen either Kim or Casey for an entire month. Neither of them had been at home whenever he had to show a prospective client around their apartment, and the depression that he felt was beginning to get to him. Rob had always held with the thought that it would be unethical to pursue any of the residents. The possibility of legal entanglement was a major inhibitor, but he often chided himself for not putting the moves on the girls before they left.

On the twenty-ninth, a big moving van pulled up and he thought that he spied Casey directing the men upstairs to begin hauling away their furniture. Rob sat down at his desk to finish off some paperwork and mumbled to himself, "There they go!"

The next evening, he was fresh from the shower and sitting watching T.V. alone as usual. When the telephone rang he glanced at it, not wanting to bother answering, even though the sit-com was lame. The ringing was persistent and Rob swore under his breath as he picked up the receiver.

To his complete surprise, it was Casey! She spoke huskily into the 'phone, asking Rob to come over and take a look at their lights which had gone out again.

Rob was not overly alarmed as it had happened before. In a building of this age, he considered himself lucky that it wasn't a more frequent occurrence.

His lips curled at the corners and letting his glib tongue run riot he said, "You two just want a man to come over and light things up, don't you!"

Hearing Casey's laugh was like a tonic to his soul. "I'll be there in five, doll." he said, hanging up the 'phone. Rob looked around for something decent to wear.

He finally settled on a T-shirt and sweats. It was a warm spring night and he didn't think that he would be outdoors long. Rob looped his tool belt over his shoulder and padded out into the night.

When he arrived at their apartment, he found the door propped open. This wasn't unusual when they were expecting him. Still, he thought it right to knock, but after several moments without a response, Rob pushed on the door to find the apartment dimly lit with candles placed around the place. Gently closing the door behind him, he walked towards the hallway to where the circuit box was located.

As he walked further down, there was a small plant stand with candles lighting his way. He felt as though the candlelight was leading him deeper into the shadows, and peering around for the girls he saw that the bedroom door was slightly ajar. Rob thought that he heard a soft moan from that direction, but was unsure. When he pushed lightly to peek in, soft candlelight graced the room. Rob froze on the spot. His heart was racing as his brain tried to process what he was witnessing.

Just inside the dimly lit bedroom, Kim and Casey were dressed as Rob had only envisioned in his wildest of fantasies. Casey stood in Kim's embrace wearing nothing but a black leather studded collar. Kim was clad in black leather thongs and thigh high boots, the heels of which had her almost on a par with the buxom brunette. He noticed a leash attached to Casey's collar and Kim was pulling her closer to kiss the nape of her neck. Her free hand was encased in black leather to her elbow and caressed Casey's large breasts, pulling on the pierced nipples. A moan escaped her lips. It sounded to Rob like a mixture of pain and pleasure, and it was turning him on.

Rob was rooted to the spot, transfixed with his mouth agape. He lowered his arm and his tool belt slipped and hit the hardwood floor with a resounding thud, the tools clattering across the open space. Casey's eyes flew open and Kim wheeled around. Her fiery blue eyes locked on Rob's as she grabbed the front of his T-shirt and pulled him inside, slamming the door shut behind him.

Kim glared at Rob with a stern expression and declared, "You're late!" She glanced at the clock radio and continued in the same authoritative tone of voice," you said that you would be here in five minutes. It has been exactly twelve!" Kim let Casey's leash fall from her grasp and motioned her towards the bed. Her attention turned back to Rob and she growled, "Do you know what I do to people who make me wait?"

He stood there speechless for a moment before finally letting his humor rear its head. Rob blurted out, "I don't know, spank them?"

Without missing a beat Kim stated, "Exactly!" She grabbed Rob's arm roughly and shoved him towards the bed. He tried to stop himself from falling over the tall footboard to where Casey was waiting. She grabbed both of his arms and pulled forward. Aided by having her feet propped Casey doubled him over, leaving his feet on the ground allowing him no alternative but to stand as he was. Rob was helpless, nearly pulled off his feet only to be stopped by the mass of the bed. Casey's strength surprised him and he could not free himself from his exposed position.

Moving quietly behind Rob, Kim slipped her hands up inside his thighs, distracting him from the struggle to free his arms. She proceeded to let her hands roam seductively to the waistband of his sweats and jerked them down to his ankles without warning. Rob felt a wave of panic but could do nothing to escape from his vulnerable position. Kim produced a riding crop and began pacing alongside the bed, slapping it across the palm of her gloved hand. Each time she did that it produced a sharp, snapping sound.

Kim pointed the crop inches from Rob's face and in a menacing tone said, "I don't know which you deserve more, a spanking for being so late or your smart mouth, young man!" She continued her pacing and slapping the crop against her hand. Rob could do nothing and decided that for once in his adult life, this was the time to keep his mouth shut. He looked down at Casey lying on the bed, and less than a foot from his nose her dark furry mound was exposed before him. Her excitement was obvious, the pink folds of her sex were glistening with moisture and the aroma that wafted to Rob was pure ambrosia itself.

Rob hadn't noticed that Kim had stopped her pacing. He was brought back to reality real quick as he felt the crop contacting on his bare backside with a loud 'CRACK!' Letting out a loud yelp, he felt her slowly dragging the hard leather across the red welt she had just created. The second stroke surprised Rob as much as before, but in a strangely different way. With each successive stroke his cock became stiffer and throbbed with growing excitement. After the tenth stinging blow, it was so fully engorged that it ached for relief.

She bent just inches from his face and asked in a slightly softer tone, "Do I need to continue young man?"

Panting and astounded by how turned on he was from this unexpected ordeal Rob stammered, "Yes, Mam… er…a…no Ma'am."

He could hear the crop smack against her palm once more before moving out of sight somewhere behind him.

Kim ordered Casey to give him something to do with his smart mouth. Casey needed no further prompting and used Rob's outstretched arms to lever herself down the bed towards him. The leggy brunette didn't stop until her hot, steamy muff ground into his warm mouth. Rob's tongue probed as deeply as it could and only left the confines to hungrily seek out Casey's engorged clit. It thrilled him to latch onto its majestic proportions and the shiny head was almost as large as his little finger. She squealed in delight as Rob sucked and nibbled between her creamy thighs. Using her body weight to hold him in position, Casey wrapped her legs around his head and over his shoulders.

Rob began eagerly squeezing her firm, full breasts, finding that the more pressure he applied the more she wanted. Casey's nipples were next as he pinched and pulled on them without mercy. Her moans reached a fever pitch as she convulsed, spurting hot cream into his mouth. Casey was spent and released Rob's head, letting her legs simply slip down towards the mattress.

He had forgotten about Kim watching from behind until he felt the stinging 'CRACK' from the crop on his still exposed raw ass. Kim roared, "Don't you DARE stop young man!" Rob obeyed and clutched Casey's round hips to pull her up so that he could continue lapping on her musky folds. She chuckled deeply at poor Rob's predicament and slowly tipped her legs back further, forcing him to try and lean forward.

Not able to bear the strain on his legs much longer, he stopped licking for a moment. Rob was trying to figure out what Casey was doing until Kim's displeasure followed by the familiar sting of the crop compelled him to action. With the leggy brunette before him, Rob could only reach her puckered corona like anus. Even though he had never rimmed a woman before, it was either that or risk another lash across the deep red welts across his quivering buttocks. Rob tentatively licked her ass, tasting the sweet juices from her pussy that had collected in a pool there. Casey moaned continuously as he slowly probed the tight opening.

The young blonde was growing impatient with his timidity and her voice rang out, "You can do better than that!" 'SMACK!' The force of the blow made poor Rob lurch forward and his tongue pierced Casey, much to her delight. Still not satisfied with his efforts, Kim ordered him to 'stay busy,' and rewarded Rob with one last biting stroke. She then approached the bedside and knelt next to Casey.

Speaking to her in hushed tones Kim asked, "Does he make you feel good love?"

Casey could only respond with an unintelligible whimper. Kim leaned closer and kissed her lover hard on the mouth, all the while roughly squeezing her breasts. The brunette was cumming again, extending the orgasm she had experienced just a few moments earlier as Rob pulled his tongue from her quivering sphincter.

Rob was speechless by all this and as Casey's panting slowed Kim teased, "I think this young fellow liked his spanking. It's given him quite a boner!"

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