tagBDSMNo Holiday at the Beach Ch. 7

No Holiday at the Beach Ch. 7



"O.K., then," she said. "Now listen closely, slut. When I remove the gag, you're going to do as I say or you will really regret it. Really regret it. Believe me. We are not playing anymore. This is for real. I'm going to rape you hard, you whore, it's just what you deserve."

While she said this she had pinched his nose closed. She was speaking slowly, and her voice was as ice. He was already gasping for air.

She waited a while, as he shook his head wildly trying to free his nose and get some air. Her pinched grip held firm. Again he thought he might pass out. "Now, then," she finally said, "one last time. Do you understand?"

She released the hold on his nose. He badly needed air. At first all he could do was take short, stunted breaths. His mouth still gagged, his nose could not draw the oxygen he wanted. His breathing was wracked sniffing. Thinking only of getting air, he had not yet answered his Mistress's—his rapist's—question.

She slapped him and asked again, "Do you understand?" She pinched his nose again, and he did not wait a second before frantically nodding his head. Behind the gag he tried to say, "Yes. Yes. Yes. Dear god, yes. Please. Please."

"All right," she said. She released his nose. He was again doing his best to take deep breaths, as she circled his lips with her fingers. "O.K., you worthless slut. The first thing you're going to do is give me a blow job. And it better be good."

With that, she pulled the panties out of his mouth. She pulled her tight jeans just slightly down her hips to further free the large strap-on. She leaned back and said, "Come to daddy, slut."

He tried his best to rise to meet the dildo. As he did so, she leaned slowly back. His wrists bound to the headboard, he could not quite reach the dildo with his lips.

"Come on, now," she said, "You better do better than that." He pulled as hard he could against his restraints, and his head reached helplessly just short. She reached behind his head and pulled him slightly more forward, but still an inch short.

"I'm waiting," she said, "… but not much longer." He thrust his tongue out and tried to stretch even further. Once or twice he made a grazing contact on the head of the dildo. "Maybe you should beg, whore", she said.

Without hesitation, he murmured, "Please, let me suck your beautiful cock…" He paused. He wondered if he should say "Mistress" or "Master" or just leave it at that. She said, almost shouting, "I said I beg, whore."

"Let me suck that beautiful cock. Please. I need to. Please." He was babbling.

"All right, then," she said, and edged forward on his chest.

He tried to remember the best blow jobs he had ever received. This was hard, because it now seemed like they had occurred, if ever, in a previous life. He began by giving a few playful nips to the head. The dildo was quite realistic. It had a small dent, a hole as it were, at the end, and at the base was a mock scrotum. He did a quick lick around the head, and darted his tongue into the hole. Then he gave several long, slow licks along the full length of the underside of the dildo, occasionally giving a few more nips to the head, and nibbling—very gently— at the shaft..

"Yes," she said, almost in a moan, as if she could feel this. "More," she said, "more."

He continued in this fashion, sometimes also taking the dildo's scrotum in his mouth and sucking. He wanted—or rather he thought he should, given his mandate—lick at the base of the scrotum, too, but he was prevented from doing so by her jeans.

"That's enough foreplay, cunt," she said in a muted, hissing scream, "suck me. Suck me like your life depended on it. It might."

He pulled his head back and wrapped his lips around the dildo. It was not quite thick enough to stretch his lips, but as he moved forward he was surprised at how quickly it seemed to fill his mouth, pressing in the back and nearly gagging him before he even reached halfway up the shaft. He bobbed his head back and forth, sucking. As he did so, he sometimes flicked his tongue on the underside, and occasionally he would pull off and give the head or scrotum a suck or a rim.

She was moaning loudly now, sometimes saying "Yes. Yes. Yes. That's it." She would sometimes add, "More. More."

He tried to take more of her in, but he started to gag every time the dildo reached the opening of his throat. He had been so focused on trying to do as demanded that he had scarcely noticed the increasing shaking and thrusting of her hips.

Then she half-screamed, "Aahh, aahh…", and with the that she thrust forward, burying the dildo deep into his throat. Involuntarily he tried to pull away. His legs and wrists struggled against their bonds. She began slamming the dildo down his throat in rhythm. He backed off, but she followed. Soon his head was slamming hard against the headboard as she roughly, then almost viciously, rammed her hips forward and slammed the dildo down his throat again and again.

Eventually the violent slamming stopped, but she remained pressed hard and full against his face. The dildo filled his mouth and throat, as she now shivered her hips, pressing, pressing harder. He realized, with shock, that she was actually coming. Finally, after a long sigh, she withdrew and slumped back from his head.

He gulped again for precious air, scarcely realizing the incredible pain in his jaw, lips, gums and throat. He noted that for now, at least, Mistress Wendy seemed relaxed. But the dildo remained as firm and ready as ever.

IXX. Climax (Day One Ends)

She took his head in both hands and began to kiss him violently. He had long since forgotten how he once longed to be kissed by her. She was a monster, and the kisses—forced with an open mouth—hurt badly. He tried to pull away, but of course could not. She bit at his shoulder through the maid's uniform and said, "Kiss me, you slut, don't pull away from my kisses."

This was almost more revolting than giving the blow job. At least the dildo was inanimate, even if it was animated. This was the very real mouth of his rapist. Still, he knew resisting would be fruitless and dangerous, slowly he succumbed to the kisses. He rose to meet her and returned the kisses with the semblance of fervor. "Give me your tongue, slut." He feared she might bite it off, but he did so. He flicked his aching tongue against hers. Licked her teeth and gums. The roof of her mouth. She did, indeed, bite it. Not hard, but hard enough to hurt and frighten him.

"Now, the fun starts," she said, rising up from him and standing beside the bed to his side. He stared, frozen, straight at the ceiling. "Please no. Haven't you had enough? Please," he said desperately. "Not this."

"Yes, this," she said, pulling his head to stare at the menacing dildo right before his face. "I'm going to ram this straight up your ass, you whore."

"No. Please," he whimpered.

"I can't imagine you've not done this before," she said. "You're such a little slut."

This gave him some hope. "Never, Mistress, really, never," he said, "And I don't want to. Ever." Although his voice was still that of a man, the words were like those of a little girl.

"That's not what you said before," she replied, stroking the dildo before his eyes. "Come on, give it a big kiss."

He said, "Really, Mistress, I don't like this. This is not what I had in mind at all."

"Fuck what you like, whore," she hissed. "You've never done this? Hard to imagine, but great. So what? I've always wanted a virgin. The thought gets me off all the more. Such a tight little male cunt you must have. By the way, my little boy here is going straight in. No lube, no nothing."

Despite his hopeless situation he again struggled against the bonds. That, like his virginity, seemed only to excite his rapist. "I like a little fight in a slut," she said, "I said kiss it." She grabbed his head and he had no choice but to do as asked she demanded. He kissed the large, black dildo.

She again had the long straight edge blade in her hand, and she pressed dull end against his throat. "Get ready, baby," she said.

She took the blade and, first grabbing the hem of the front of his maid's dress she made a slit the length of the dress along his body. The sound of the fabric being cut sent a shiver up his spine. She pulled the dress open and gave his nipples hard, biting kisses. Next she cut the ropes that bound his ankles to the bedposts, and roughly flipped him over onto his stomach. Starting this time from the collar, she slowly slit the length of the back his maid's dress. Then she slid the knife under the fabric at each of his shoulders and cut those too. She took the now shredded outfit and tossed it aside. "Such a waste," she said. "We'll have to find a new one for you tomorrow. If you've liked today, you're going to love tomorrow," she added.

"O.K., now, up on your knees, slut. Wiggle that cute little ass of yours." Again, he had no choice. He slowly raised to his knees, head down on the pillow, wrists still bound to the headboard, and he wiggled his ass.

As he did this, she placed a rubber hospital glove on her right hand. "I really want to just stick my dick in you and fuck you hard, but I'm afraid that tight little virgin male cunt of yours wouldn't even open. We'd be here all night," she said. He thought how this day—and night—already felt like more than a lifetime in hell to him. He wondered what time it was. He had no idea, as if it mattered. Then he noticed the sounds of the first birds of the morning. It must be nearing dawn.

His mind was quickly brought back to his plight as she began probing his anus with her fingers. He could not tell what exactly was being done. Several times he felt stretched to the maximum, then something inside him, only to be followed by further stretching.

"I want to hear some chatter," she said. "Start talking."

"Please stop," he said, "god please stop."

"God?," she said. "I'm a goddess, or did you forget? I guess I might seem like a god now. Beg your god to fuck you," she said, "Beg!"

"Stop," he said, "Just stop it." She grabbed his throat with her left hand and pulled up hard. "I said beg," she said.

"Please fuck me," he immediately responded. "Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me." The tone was part begging, part a curse of himself and part total abandon.

"All right then," she said, "as you wish."

With one quick thrust she entered him. He felt like his insides had been torn apart. He let out a scream. She screamed, too, in apparent ecstasy. "Yes," she roared, "Yes."

He lurched violently, trying to pull off. She buried her nails into his shoulders, riding him and driving still further up his anus. His head was now again pressed against the headboard. He had no where to move. As she pushed forward he involuntarily pushed back. "Yes," she kept repeating. Soon the full length of the dildo was inside him. She continued pressing hard. Both of their bodies quivered, but for vastly different reasons.

After some time she withdrew. He could not help but note the incredibly pleasant sensation as she did. He was immensely relieved. At least it was over.

She turned him over on his back and draped his legs over her shoulders. His stockings were a mess, one of them completely down his leg and gathered at his ankle. The other was crumpled at his calf. Of course his shoes remained locked in place.

She slowly removed her tee-shirt. She licked her lips and darted her tongue at him, then said, "Take this," and thrust the dildo forward once again. His anus took almost the whole shaft on the first thrust. Again he screamed as he felt his insides torn apart. She leaned forward, stretching his legs painfully as the remainder of the dildo entered him.

As she rocked on top of him, she took the razor and held it to his throat. "Now. Listen good. I'm going to cut you wrists free. You will not—you had better not—try to push me away. Slut, I want you to hold and kiss me while I fuck you."

So she cut his wrists free. She helped him forward and up, and they were locked in an embrace, as she continued to rock inside him. He gave her some exhausted, indifferent kisses. She said, "Shower me with kisses, whore. You live for this."

She closed her eyes and settled into a soft rhythm inside him. He kissed her eyelids, her nose, her mouth. He licked her shoulders and armpits, then settled at her breasts. In spite of it all, he noted how perfect they were and he indulged in the breasts with relish.

The pace of her thrusts gradually quickened. She was sighing heavily, and apparently nearing another orgasm. She pulled his legs off her shoulders and lay heavily on top of him. The dildo held firm and she thrust wildly before finally collapsing. She lay for a long time with the dildo still inside him. He could feel her heart beat against him, in time the heartbeat slowed to what he presumed was normal. He feared his Mistress had fallen asleep. She eventually pushed herself up, slowly. The dildo slid out of his anus and as it did he again felt a wonderful sensation of immense relief. Not just relief. Release. It was close to an orgasm. She took the blade and removed the hospital gauze from his cock and scrotum.

"Kneel on the floor, bitch," she said. "We're not quite through. I know you loved that, you trampy slut. Look at you." He looked down and indeed to his own amazement he noted the beginning of an erection. "Well you're such a good fuck you deserve the chance to come, I suppose. It might even amuse me. I'll let you play with that pitiful little dick of yours if you give me another blow job."

She swung her legs down over the side of the bed. He knelt before her and took the dildo in his mouth. He concentrated on the incredible sensation of masturbating after this ordeal. He tried not to think about the bitter, salty taste of his own filth on the dildo. He sucked it hard as he beat off. She laughed, pointed to the mirror and said, "Just look at you, you little slut."

There he was, dressed in heels and stockings, masturbating wildly as he gave his Mistress a blow job. It was absurd. He could not believe it was his image in the mirror. Still, this did not stop his feverish masturbation and sucking. She laughed again, pointed to the camera, "Look into the camera with those lovely eyes of yours slut." And so he did, and it still did not faze him.

Finally his body shook as he approached orgasm. She warned him, "Catch it all." That was impossible, really, as the first few squirts of semen shot out as if from a pistol. But he did catch nearly all of it. She said, "Hold it out before you." He did. She lay the dildo in his cum, swirled it on his palm, and said, "Finish it off." And he did.

End of Day One

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