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I tend to think of myself as a fairly conservative person. I am thirty-five, single, and have a successful and stable career as an attorney. I am 5'6", 138 lbs, and have a nice, well-proportioned frame with firm breasts. While I do have my own collection of fantasies in which I enjoy indulging, they have generally remained just that--fantasies. That is, until last week, when I visited my friend Jane and her current boyfriend Marco.

Jane is a dear friend with whom I have worked for a year at a law firm. For some time, we had only related on a professional level, but gradually we began to share the personal details of our lives with each other. We have a lot in common, and not just that we are both attractive, single, professional women. We both love the arts, share similar political views, and, oh yes, we are both mildly bisexual, although we prefer men. In general, being bisexual is pretty difficult on relationships. It is hard to find the right dynamic. It has meant a lot to me to share my views and experiences with Jane, as she has had similar experiences. Knowing her on a personal level has made me feel much less alien. There has always been a certain amount of sexual tension between us, but we have been able to restrain ourselves and maintain a professional demeanor. Again, that is until last week.

Jane invited me to her quaint apartment for a dinner party with her boyfriend Marco. She had told me about him, but this was the first time I was going to meet him. I was dying to see if his Italian features were as lovely as she had described. Since I did not want to go alone, I took my friend Matthew. We had dated periodically over the last year, but our relationship was pretty casual and open. I like him very much, and physically he is quite attractive with his icy blue eyes and blond hair, but in terms of personality he is just not my type. Nevertheless, I was glad that he agreed to accompany me to dinner at Jane's place, simply because I always feel like such a loser when I have to attend gatherings alone.

Matthew and I arrived at Jane's apartment right before dinner was to be served. Jane looked lovely in casual attire: she wore blue jeans that fit snugly around her hips and a t-shirt that wrapped beautifully around her full, 36C tits. Her nipples protruded sensually through the fabric, advertising the fact that she was not wearing a bra. Marco also looked very attractive. He is 6'2", slim, and looked very fine in his tight, black t-shirt and black jeans. He obviously worked out regularly, as he had excellent muscle tone. Yes, Jane picked out a delicious boy, I must admit. Not knowing how formal the occasion would be, I opted for a black, knee-length skirt, thigh-high white stockings, and a white blouse. Matthew was dressed in black slacks, dress shoes, and a dark blue dress shirt. He did not look as sharp as Marco, but he still looked nice.

We had a lovely time getting to know each other better over dinner. Coincidentally, Marco and Matthew had a lot in common, since they both work as securities traders. It was nice to see them enjoying each other's company and discussing business matters. Jane and I found their discourse to be cute, actually. Once we finished dinner, and had a few cocktails to loosen the atmosphere, Marco asked if we would like to play a game of poker. Jane had told me that one of his hobbies was playing the game known as Texas Hold 'Em. I was marginally familiar with the game, from watching it on television (and found it pretty boring, in truth), but I was willing to participate in the spirit of goodwill.

For those not familiar with the game, each player is dealt two cards, after which there is a round of betting. Then there are three community cards shown face-up in what is called "the flop," after which is another round of betting. There are additional rounds of betting after the fourth and fifth community cards are dealt (in what is known as "the turn" and "the river"). The best five-card hand between the players' cards and the community cards wins the hand.

I soon learned that I am a fairly crappy poker player. I have a bad habit of betting too aggressively, as I soon discovered repeatedly. After going "all in" a few times too often, I found myself spending much more time watching the game than actually playing it.

"Don't worry, Tina," said Marco sympathetically, as he collected my chips from yet another loss. "It takes time to play this game well."

"With the way you play, hon," added Matthew, "I think you should probably stay away from the poker tables in Vegas."

As the game resumed, and the booze continued to flow, I could sense a certain amount of physical tension building among us. Although it was probably shameful, I could sense a mutual attraction between Marco and myself. Compounding matters was the knowledge that Matthew had told me a few hours earlier that he found Jane to be very attractive. So there was definitely a group chemistry evolving, although I wasn't sure where Jane fell in this mix. Anyway, I tried to be a good girl, even though naughty thoughts were starting to penetrate my consciousness. (But my mind can be quite filthy sometimes!) After an hour of gaming, and long after I had been eliminated, I decided to make a suggestion that I wasn't sure would be well-received.

"You know, in college when I played poker we bet clothes instead of chips," I said nonchalantly.

Marco quickly looked up from his current hand and peered into my eyes deeply. "Did you? That just doesn't seem like you, Tina," he laughed.

"Oh, you are not suggesting that we change the ground rules, now, are you?" inquired Jane with a wry smile.

"Well, maybe not--but I'm open for anything," I replied.

Matthew and Marco both looked at each other, as if to gauge whether a game of no-limit strip poker would be okay. I knew Matthew would be fine with it, but he seemed to be looking at Marco for his approval. Marco thought for a moment before nodding his head affirmatively.

"Yeah, I'm okay with it. What about you, Jane?" he said.

Jane shifted uncomfortably in her chair for a few seconds, knowing that she could likely veto the whole plan. I wasn't sure if she was willing to risk have us potentially see her and Marco nude. But after contemplating the stakes, she eventually acquiesced.

"You know this idea is fucking crazy," she added, "But I must admit that it sounds like fun. Okay, deal the cards."

To keep the game moving, and because there were only so many garments we were wearing, we used chips for the blinds (which translated into real money, we decided), but any further betting would require clothes. Also, jewelry didn't count; we were dealing strictly with clothes.

Marco dealt the first hand. I had a seven of clubs and a two of diamonds; statistically, the 7/2 combination was the worst hand I could be dealt, so I folded. Marco folded as well, leaving Jane and Matthew in the hand.

"I'll bet my shoes," said Matthew, and Jane soon called. After the flop, Jane was ready to bet.

"I'll bet my socks too," she said.

Both players checked after the turn and the river, and both players showed their cards. Matthew won with a pair of Kings.

"Pay up," chimed Matthew gleefully.

"Shit," replied Jane, thinking that her pair of Jacks were going to be enough to win. "I'm really not sure we should be doing this," she added, as she handed her shoes and socks over to Matthew.

The next several hands were played cautiously by everyone. Matthew and Marco lost their shoes and socks, and Jane lost her shirt, which let everyone at the table admire her beautiful, pert, 36C tits. Oh, how I wanted to take her beautiful nipples into my mouth. I could tell Matthew was a little distracted too, as he was clearly unable to refrain from fixating on her lovely breasts. I was holding my own, but I eventually lost my blouse, which left me clad in only my thigh-high stockings, skirt, panties, and bra.

The next hand was favorable for me. I was dealt an ace of spades and a ten of diamonds. I knew that my odds were going to be pretty good, so I decided to gamble.

"I'm all in," I stated confidently.

Matthew and Jane quickly folded. Marco decided to call. He turned up an ace and King off-suited, and I showed him my ace and ten.

"Damn, it looks like I need some luck here," I mumbled.

He laid out the flop: two of spades, five of hearts, and a ten of clubs. I had paired my tens. On the turn Marco was able to match his Kings, giving him the advantage, but now it was all down to the river.

"Come on ten," I whispered.

Marco turned over the last card and it was another ten. I won the hand with three of a kind tens!

"Woo-hoo!" I exclaimed.

Marco looked a little dejected at first, but he was a good sport and took his loss like a man. And oh, what a man, I thought, as he stood up, unbuttoned his jeans, and pushed them down his muscular thighs. He then hooked his thumbs into the top of the waistband of his black briefs and rolled them down his legs towards his ankles, fully exposing his thick, gorgeous cock that was about five inches flaccid. He was uncircumcised and totally beautiful. I wondered how long his cock would be if it were erect. The damn thing was as thick as my wrist.

"Oh yeah! That's what we wanted to see," I laughed.

Marco, in all of his glory, then became the dealer for the rest of us who were still in the game. We all played cautiously, with everyone being very sure of our cards when we opted to bet. Gradually, however, the clothes started to come off: Matthew lost his shirt and slacks; Jane lost her jeans, leaving her in her silk pink panties; and I lost my blouse, bra, and skirt. The game was heating up, and so were we, as we enjoyed the sight of one another's nakedness. Just seeing Marco and Jane across the table really had me worked up. My pussy ached for a cock and my nipples were erect, as everyone noticed.

"Tina, you aren't getting a little excited now, are you?" Marco asked boldly.

"No, it is just a little nippy in the room--and nipply, I should probably add--so it looks like I'm excited when actually I'm not." I have always been a shitty liar, and this answer was no different. My pussy was dripping through my panties and onto the seat of the chair. I was dying for a fuck.

During the next hand I had a "wired pair" of Jacks, diamonds and clubs. I was determined to wipe everyone out, but I wanted to slow play my hand to keep everyone in the game. The flop didn't help me, as I was unable to improve my hand: ace of clubs, three of diamonds, and eight of spades. Matthew checked, and then it was Jane's turn.

"I'm all in," she replied.

I wasn't sure if I should fold. I got the feeling that she was trying to bluff, based on her demeanor. "I call," I answered.

Matthew called as well. Whoever was going to lose the hand was going to lose it all. On the turn Marco dealt nine of diamonds, and on the river he dealt a seven of hearts. Matthew turned over his cards to reveal a pair of Queens; Jane turned over her hand to reveal a pocket pair of aces, which gave her three of a kind aces. She won the hand.

"Okay, you two," she stated enthusiastically, "Pay up."

Matthew and I stood up and began to undress. It was a brief process, as we were both wearing very little. I rolled down my moist panties, stepped out of them, and tossed them onto Jane's face, which gave her a clear indication of my arousal. Marco was clearly transfixed by the sight of my shaved pussy, with swollen labia that clearly ached for cock. Matthew stepped out of his boxer shorts, which revealed his long, thin rod.

"Well, I hope you're happy, girlfriend," I laughed. "The least you could have done was let us win, since we are the guests tonight."

"Should we get dressed and play again?" asked Marco.

I thought for a minute before replying. "No," I replied, "Let's play one more hand. I'll show you the new rules."

The others at the table didn't seem to know what I was talking about, but were happy to placate me. Marco dealt the cards again, and I ended up with a pair of eights. Matthew and Jane quickly folded, and Marco checked.

"Okay, Marco," I said, "I'll bet you thirty seconds of head."

"Oh my God, girl," Jane interjected. "I'm not sure if we should do this, hon."

Marco looked at his cards carefully. I could tell that he liked where this game was going. "I call."

On the flop we both received a pair of fours, which gave me two pair for the hand. I decided to check. After the turn, which didn't help me, Marco decided to gamble.

"I'll raise you two minutes in a sixty-nine," he stated firmly.

Frankly, this sounded lovely to me. "I call."

I had the feeling that there was going to be no loser in this particular hand. We both checked after the river. He also had two pairs, but his were higher, enabling him to claim me in victory.

"You don't have to pay up--or play up--Tina. I was just kidding," he said.

"No, I'm a good sport and will take the loss as a lady."

I got up from my chair and made my way around the table toward Marco. Oh, he looked lovely in the flesh. I so wanted his cock in my mouth. As a gesture of politeness, I thought I should clear this with Jane. "Are you okay with this?" I asked.

She looked a little tense, but I could tell that she was okay with it. "Go ahead, you two," she said. "Just don't be surprised if I join in."

I grabbed Marco's hand and led him over to the living room floor, on which I placed a couple pillows from the couch. I laid Marco on his back and, ever so carefully, positioned myself on top of him in a sixty-nine. His cock was already semi-erect in anticipation of my luscious, full lips that were anxious to devour it. Gently I lowered my pussy onto his mouth, where he greeted me with his skillful, moist tongue.

"Mmm, fuck, baby, that feels so fucking good," I purred, as he tongued me softly, taking my creamy pussy into his mouth. We were going to go longer than our two minutes, I decided. Oh, yes, this was too good to quit. As he fucked my pussy with his tongue, I wrapped my sensuous lips around his thick cock and quickly brought him to a state of full erection. His precum was so tasty, and I loved the thick veins that graced his shaft. What a beautiful tool.

As Marco and I were enjoying each other, Matthew and Jane were quietly masturbating to our lusty writhing. Matthew's cock lacked the girth of Marco's, but it certainly had greater length. It wasn't long before Jane walked over to him, knelt between his thighs, and took his rigid member into her luscious mouth, completing a full swap of partners. Hearing their moans pushed me to the brink as I ground my pussy onto Marco's mouth. When he started to hum gently on my clit, I completely lost it, and was propelled toward a thunderous orgasm.

"Oh, God, that's it, Ooooh . . . .," I exclaimed, as my ivory skin flushed a deep red. I had not come like that in a long time. "Oh, you fucking naughty boy, that is sooo goood," I added.

After a few seconds of recovery, I was able to resume sucking Marco's cock, but I did not want him to come. Giving him head was lovely, but I decided I wanted to fuck him. Hard. Really hard. He was nice and ready, so I decided that now was the time. I moved out of our sixty-nine and forward onto his body, assuming a reverse cowgirl position. Carefully I lowered my drenched pussy onto his thick, slick member, until my feminine sex had consumed all of his maleness. I was determined to ride him until he "popped."

"Oh, fuck, Marco, that feels so fucking good, honey. Fuck my pussy, baby," I moaned, as I rocked back and forth on his cock. He was very excited, as I could feel his cock expand and contract ever so slightly in my depths.

"Nice and slow," he urged, clearly on the brink of orgasm with each rocking motion I made. "Not so fast, let's make it last."

Although I did try to slow our pace, he was clearly too excited. "Oh, your pussy is too fucking good," he huffed, clearly ready to pop. "Oh yes, Oh, yes," he said, before clutching my hips with his immensely strong hands and forcing me up and down on his swelling cock. "Oh, fuck yes, here it comes, oh yes, oh fuck yes."

I could feel the warm seed from his large balls emptying deeply into my womb. Oh, that felt so good. "Fucking give it to me, bad boy," I pleaded, as I tightened my pussy onto his shaft to milk every drop of the creamy seed it offered. I continued to drive his stick until he was completely spent. As I lifted myself off his cock, a thick gob of his seed trickled from my pussy and rolled down my left leg. I tried to keep as much of his cum in me as possible, because I had a treat in store for him.

I quickly grabbed an empty shot glass from a nearby table and, opening my pussy with my fingers, let Marco's cum run from my pussy into the container. Once I had emptied my pussy into the glass, I walked over to Marco and forced him to drink it. He went along with it, although I'm not sure how much he enjoyed it!

"You fucking nasty girl," said Marco, as cum dripped down his chin. Because he drank most of it like a good boy, I rewarded him by giving him a long, hot, lusty kiss.

As Marco and I rested on the living room floor, we watched Jane and Matthew, both of whom were coupled on the poker table. Jane was lying on her back, with her gorgeous, thick legs spread apart, while Matthew was in between them, driving her pussy skillfully. He delivered long, deep strokes into her as she worked her clit with her right hand. In contrast to Marco and I, they were fairly quiet as they fucked, emitting soft, steady moans. They looked beautiful together. I so enjoyed watching them!

"Oh, fuck that pussy, Matthew," I encouraged, which caused him to increase the pace with which he fucked her. "Fill her with fuck cream, honey, you know she wants it."

Jane indeed wanted it. After a few minutes of intense fucking, she was on the brink of orgasm, and started to moan loudly as she inched towards ecstasy.

Matthew was also ready to come, but he suddenly uttered a request that caught me by surprise. "Come here, Tina, come here," he demanded. I got up off the floor and walked toward him. Once I was beside him, kneeling by his thrusting hips, he pulled his cock out of Jane's pussy, grabbed me tightly by the back of my head, and forced his creamy, spurting load onto my face. "Fuck yes," he yelled, "Fucking take that load."

Matthew's cock sprayed my glasses, cheeks, and lips. I was able to catch a few spurts directly with my mouth, but it was not easy. With my mouth partially filled, I soon walked around the table toward Jane. Positioning myself directly above her mouth, I let Matthew's delicious snowball cascade into her willing mouth. (It was rightfully hers, after all!) Once I had made the transfer, I bent down and gave her a deep, creamy French kiss. It was my way of thanking her for our friendship, our gathering on that evening, and for letting us share one another's flesh. I will always fondly recall our initial, uninhibited encounter. It certainly has made me a fan of poker!

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