tagSci-Fi & FantasyNo Limits Ch. 01

No Limits Ch. 01


My dreams have always been fucked up, but for the last year, they've been getting worse. So much so, to the point that I'm not really sure whether or not I like them anymore. They've become darker, almost disturbing. I've always been in control of my dreams. At times I have even had limited control of my dreams, but not this morning.

I woke in a panic, breathing heavily. I was drenched in sweat and my own sticky fluid, still leaking from my pussy. I was burning up and had to kick the covers off. I couldn't take it any longer. I felt the wind of the blanket moving rush past my sweat covered body. Even my juices helped cool my thighs, making chills sweep across me entirely.

I reached down to see how bad the damage was. My pussy and thighs were drenched, as were my sheets and mattress. I lay in bed, lightly brushing my fingertips along my outer lips occasionally dipping a finger inside my pussy, thinking about what took place in my dream and the fact that I couldn't control myself like I usually could. I also thought about the fact that... well, I kind of liked it. In fact it was actually quite intoxicating.

The rush of power I felt, nearly squeezing the life out of that unknown girl. It should have frightened me, but it didn't. It felt good and I wanted to do it in real life.

It was in the beginning of summer in my hometown In Virginia. School had unofficially ended and the streets were filled with students going to and from the university finishing the last few projects and finals they had before leaving to go home.

It was a beautiful day, sunny, warm and guys in shorts and T shirts. Some of them playing catch in the quad even took their shirts off while they played. The girls in tanks and shorts so short and tight you can see the outer lips of their pussy's move from side to side as they walked. I've never felt such a desire to be with a woman, but that day was different; there was something in the air and it was all I could do not to get caught starring. All my life, while I'm awake that is, I've never been attracted to a woman and my cock has never done anything more than piss and just lay there all floppy and useless as shit. In my dreams however, it's completely opposite. In my dreams my penis not only works, but I actually like using it. This is why I've tried so many times to see if it will get hard while I'm awake. It feels good when I use it in my dreams. Also, I'm attracted to girls when I'm asleep. I notice their beauty in all they do (when I'm awake, I notice these things in boys). The way they walk, the clothes certain girls choose to wear, the way they do their hair when a different mood strikes them. Or the way Carrie Masterson, in this particular dream, was dressing noticeably slutty after a fight with her boyfriend revealed that he had been cheating on her with her roommate the whole time they had been dating.

Disgusted, that her boyfriend could have cheated on her with her roommate, whom Carrie described as "Uglier than me". She needed to prove that she was not only prettier, but that she could do to Jeremy what he did to her. In her "Hottest" outfit of a black bra, almost see through white tank, black ultra-tight leggings and leather moon boots, Carrie pulled her hair up into a messy half bun and finished the last five weeks of school wearing nothing but variations of pretty much the same outfit. It worked. She brought a different guy home each night and on occasion her promiscuous roommate, Penny, would join in. None of the guys were opposed to this of course and it just further evidenced, in her mind that she was better than the man who'd cheat on her. Alas this wasn't enough, Carrie needed more as she continued, her quest went from revenge to trying to rid herself of the feelings and anger she felt.

The hate and the anger blinded her, bringing her debauchery to new heights. Taking home two guys at a time turning her playful sexual encounters for revenge into something darker; the anger sharks were out in full force and she needed to keep up. It started with light slaps on the ass and face, but the darkness inside persisted and would not ease up. Chocking and back handing, and faster thrusts of the guys cocks helped but that too subsided and soon, she wasn't happy till two or more men were filling up each hole she had to offer. She wouldn't call it a good day until the men she was with chocked her out at least two times in a day. Thankfully for Carrie College guys are mostly fucked up and had no problem to oblige. By the time finals week came around Carrie stopped going to class in order to fulfill her need. Her grades plummeted as did her rapport with her professors. She was running her own life into the ground and couldn't be happier.

Each morning by the time she was done with breakfast she would have her first lover on the doorstep, ready to go. She would have sex three to four times by the days end, all with different partners. On the day I came into the picture, Carrie had just missed her fourth and last final due to meeting a guy named Chet. I'm not really sure how I knew everything about her, but I guess dreams are like that. I first met her walking from her house through the quad, after fucking Chet, on her way to score her next partner. The way her leggings held everything tight and in place, seeing the lips of her pussy move with her long elegant stride was just too much.

'Why even wear pants?' I thought to myself, noticing every curve of her body, her tight athletic legs, her sculpted, smooth, round ass and her flat stomach running from her mound above her pussy the length up to her perfect , almost gravity defying breasts, which were barely covered by a tight white t shirt.

'I can't wait any longer', I told myself, I need her around me now. From her recent sexual activity I knew she wasn't into girls but I didn't care, I had all the self-confidence I could want. Somehow I knew she wouldn't... no, couldn't refuse me.

I walked up to her as happy and smiley as she was, trying to match her enthusiasm. "Hey, you're Carrie right?"

"Yeah, do I know you?" Carrie answered. The puzzled look on her face soon changed to a smirk of interest and then she stepped closer to me before I had a chance to speak; as though there was something about me she could not get enough of.

This threw me off guard and before I could say anything else she reached her hand around my small frame and took a firm hold of my round, tight ass. "I'm sorry," she said bringing her other hand up to caress my cheek, pushing my golden blond hair behind my ear. "I... there's just something about you, I just have to..." she interrupted herself as she leaned into kiss me. I let her, it's what I wanted. Her hand felt amazing on my body and her tongue felt even better in my mouth. Without saying a word we walked back to her place still kissing and playing grab ass. I've used my cock to fuck in dreams before, but not like this.

I stripped down in front of her, revealing my cock hanging between my thighs and what I think are my beautiful, full, large C cup breasts (I am a lot more confident in my dreams). But she was okay with it. She just stared at it, wanting it, needing it. When we started she went straight to my cock, but instead of sensually stroking and sucking my length as I slide it down her throat, Carrie took control and forced herself upon my hard throbbing shaft. She would pull off of me occasionally to comment on how big I was and gasp for air but then quickly went back to work.

She grabbed my ass with both hands and forced myself in her mouth, past her tongue till I reached the back of her throat. Just when I thought she'd gone far enough, she gripped my ass fiercely, pulling my body toward hers. The muscles in her neck straining from the force of my body pushing against hers.

Stuck at the back of her throat with only half of my length in her, Carrie pulled away to catch her breath as she gasped "I want to take it all, push my head on and don't let me off."

With a deep breath she gripped me with both hands again and slammed me inside her mouth making gagging, squirting, and slapping noises as she grunted and gurgled. Her neck muscles strained and her face turned red as she struggled. I ran my fingers through her long, dark brown hair till my hands were full then curled my fingers and gripped, almost ripping some out of her head, and push with all my might. My shaft bent just enough to bend and find its way past the opening of her throat and the rest of my cock slid in to the hilt. I let pressure off her head just enough to give her the chance to pull off for air but she just shook her head and grunted in disapproval.

Her behavior began to scare me and I started to freak out, trying to push her off me. That's when I awoke, panicked and breathing heavily. This dream disturbed me because I could never do those things to anyone in real life, even if they wanted me to. But I kind of liked it.

As I stroked the lips of my cunt, thinking about my dream, my hand would occasionally graze the base of my cock that was still flaccid. Draped over my leg with its head resting on the mattress beside me, 'Nothing? Still soft.' I thought to myself as I looked down at my floppy dick with hope that one day I could use it like I've wanted to my entire life.

I rolled onto my back, still stroking myself, and with my other hand took hold of my soft cock that was extending from my mound connected to my cunt. It ran seamlessly into my outer lips, the base of which connecting just above my clit. I lifted him high as I could, above my body. I wanted to stroke it but when I tried, and loosen my grip I could clearly see that there was no structure to hold it up straight. So, I just let go and it flopped on my mound and slapped as it hit my skin. I smiled at the thought of how funny it must have looked from another's point of view, had they been watching. I played with both my dick and pussy hoping that one would stimulate the other.

After fifteen or so minutes of no success, I thought I'd try and finish what my dream had started before I get ready for the day. I was interrupted my sister Alexis busted through the door as she ran for me, not realizing what I was doing. After three steps, she was at full speed. Just one more step to launch herself above me. As she was flying through the air my hands, and what I was doing with them, came into view. But it was too late.

Alexis screamed as she landed, "AHH!" She started hitting me playfully, "Alexa? Are you seriously fucking yourself?"

She would never mean it though. Alexis didn't care about things like that. In fact she encouraged it. She's on my side when it comes to my flaccid member.

"You masturbating with your cock now or just your pussy still?"

I rolled over toward her "No, just my pussy. This dam thing just won't work, I've tried everything."

She reached over and picked it up off my stomach, "I've handled many a cock in my day but never any like this." She dropped it, like I was doing earlier, it slapped my stomach and we both giggled.

She did it a few more times, then grew quiet and leaned over to give me a hug. She whispered in my ear, "Don't worry, if it's going to happen, it'll happen." She lifted herself off me and kissed my cheek.

Alexis was always like that. She was my sister, she loved me, and I loved her. Through it all she was the only person I could talk to about this. I had words with my parent, but you can hardly call that talking. She was my guiding light and my only true friend.

Unless you've been in my shoes you really can never know what it's like. To be the only girl in school who can't use the locker room showers, who has to get a note from the doctor the precludes me from joining in a PE class or any extracurricular activity including sports and cheerleading. All because it may put me in a position of exposing my secret. All I want to do is make new friends and experience new things with new people. But it's difficult when your parents and doctors all tell you the same thing. "They won't understand," and "We're your family, we know how to help you. If anyone finds out they'll treat you different and make fun of you."

The problem is I don't really believe them. Don't get me wrong, I don't think people will understand me either, but I think my parents are more afraid of what people will think of them. As if one of their snobby acquaintances would find out their daughter has a cock larger than themselves and disown them, banning them from the country club. To be fair, I don't even know how I would tell anyone about my... well, extra appendage.

It is difficult to live with something like this. I always have to dress in layers to hide it. A tight pair of panties, black leggings, and a pair of tight biker shorts. Typically, I would finish off the ensemble with a skirt that was long enough to cover everything. I could never wear pants; they were always too tight and would show my bulge. I do not have balls, so it was easy enough to tuck most of my shaft between my legs so it was resting on my lips, but it was still to large that even tucking it would not fully hide it from tight pants.

I've never had sex before, for obvious reasons, so I didn't know too much about my spare part. I've researched it best I could on the internet, but there's only so much I can look for without the parents or staff members at the school looking into the history and catching me. I don't know how these things are supposed to work, I know they're supposed to be hard and they're what boys use to have sex with. Sadly the only things I can do with mine are pee and watch it hang there. It's never been hard before, even though I've tried everything I could to get it working. Even the things my sister and her friends talk about, never even helped. I stopped trying about two years ago. It's just... there and when it's not tucked tight against my body it just hangs there.

I get confused at times because I still like boys. I love talking with them, touching them (friendly of course) and even just being around them. But after so many times of telling boys who like you that you can't get too serious. Word gets around and you suddenly become a snob, labeled by all the other boys as someone to stay away from.

I have kissed boys before, but even that's too risky. All boys now days, once they've locked lips with you, assume they can finger you, grab your tits and anything else they want to do. They expect you to just take it, and if you don't, they get all butt hurt and spread rumors about you. After a while I just remained close to the few friends I have and tried to stay to myself.

I am curious though, I have always been a curious girl. Just because I am different, don't think for a second that I haven not thought about sex and what it might feel like. I learned a long time ago that boys were not the only ones who could masturbate; that girls can girls can do it too. I've tried it before. It actually feels pretty good. I've been asked by my friends if I have orgasmed but I don't really know what that is. So I tell them yes regardless. My sister's explained it to me a few times, but it didn't really help. I blush out of embarrassment that I don't even know how my body works, but they take it as blushing from admitting that I make myself cum. I've even lied at times, embellishing the experience. But I don't care, all I want is to fit in. That is all I've ever wanted.

"Look, tomorrow is your eighteenth birthday and I want to do something special for you," Ali said with a big grin, bouncing on my bed. "I've been talking to one of my professors about genetics and weird things happening to the human body... you know, like girls growing dicks."

I sat up in shock, "My God Ali! What did you do?" I asked, slapping her playfully on the chest.

She looked at me laughing and hitting me back, "What? You know me better than that. I just mean that I think I've found someone who might now how to help you. I think he can get your cock working... or totally gone which ever you chose."

"Well that's the thing... I used to think that I wanted it gone so I could be a normal girl, but now I feel like it's not only a part of me, but it's who I am."

"Yeah well, you'd better decide soon. I heard mom and dad talking more about... you know, having you snipped."

I slapped her again and laughed, "Don't say that, it actually makes me cringe." Still naked, I laid my head in her lap, "You think this guy can really get things working down there?"

Alexis pulled her fingers gently through my hair, "Well, yeah, I mean, I don't know for sure. I'm not a scientist, but he is. They've been doing a study on new drugs and stuff. He says anything's possible."

I wrapped my hands around her tiny waist, "You think a guy could ever love me Al? Someone as fucked up as me?"

With just one finger, she slapped me on the forehead, "hey, that's enough of that. Of course there's someone out there for you."

Thinking about everything I must have been going through, Ali put herself in my shoes. She reached down and picked up my flaccid tool, tossing it back and forth on my tummy. "I want him to be able to help you," she said quietly. "I hate not being able to help you, I hate thinking about what you might be missing out on, you know?"

We've always been close. I've never been afraid to be myself around her. Walking around naked in front of her, even touching each other didn't bother me. Don't worry, it was nothing sexual. There was no attraction, she's my sister and I had to completely trust at least one person in my life, it might as well be her.

It was our first semester in college and since our parents were out of town for a few days and since the house was empty, we thought it would be nice to return home and get away for a weekend. Just the two of us.

"Well, when do you think I can meet with him?"

"He said you could come by anytime," she said still running her fingers through my hair with one hand and gently tossing my member with the other.

I hugged her waist, "Will you come with me?"

"Of course sweaty, anything for you. We'll get it working," she whispered, "I love you."

The next day we returned to our apartment and resumed our schedule as usual, except I couldn't stop thinking about the man Alexis told me about. Thoughts ran constantly through my head of what it might be like to have all the parts of my body work the way they're supposed too. By the time my last class rolled around, having zoned out through the three before, I couldn't take it anymore. If I had a chance to fix my problem, I had to take it.

I pulled out my phone and called her, "Ali what are you doing?"

"Nothing, just got out of class. What's up?"

"I want to go see him".

"Oh my God yes, I'm just a few minutes away, I'll meet you there, K?"

I'd be lost without her. I smiled at the thoughts racing through my head about not having a limp noodle swinging from my hips. My smile quickly turned to a giggle then a full blown laugh as I quickly walked to the "BioTech" department.

We talked for hours and the man knew what his stuff. Even though I hadn't told him I was the person we were asking about, he told us about a series of genetic experiments that took place during the Second World War on a large group of subjects that numbered in the hundreds of thousands. He went on to say that while most of them died from the experiments there were a few who were unresponsive to the treatments and even fewer still who responded positively. To the governments delight though, the exact number is unknown. Those who did not respond to the treatments were let go and sent home not knowing the full effect of the drugs used in the experiments.

He told us of number of those sent home experienced some of the unknown side effects and their female children and grandchildren, a small percent of them, were being born with penises. He continued for hours more, describing me perfectly.

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