tagSci-Fi & FantasyNo Limits Ch. 03

No Limits Ch. 03


Missing one day's worth of classes was not going to kill our GPA, so we thought we would use the time to adjust to the new addition to our family. Plus, I was exhausted and I could tell Alexis needed something to eat as well.

"You wanna clean up then make some lunch?" I asked, kissing all over her breasts.

She moaned and whispered back, "Yeah, I just don't wanna spend too much time away from your big 'ol hog." Her hand still gently stroking me with the precum flowing from my tip.

Between her sweat and my juices, the stagnant air in the room was enough to cool our skin causing goose bumps to form. "Come on, let's get cleaned up so we don't freeze to death." I said, jumping to my feet. "There will be time to use the thing later, but if we don't take care of this now, this bed is going to be fucking ruined." Alexis pouted so adorably in discontent but she knew I was right.

We took , what was supposed to be, a quick shower but turned into me exploding one more time inside her. Not bothering to get dressed, we then spent the better part of an hour cleaning up. Washing walls and surfaces, using towels to soak up my cum from the carpet, and gathering up dirty laundry. Our bodies remained naked as we moved about the room. I enjoyed the feeling of not being judged or worrying about what others might be thinking. But if someone did have a problem with my cock, I didn't care, at least not right now. I was enjoying myself way too much.

I was so relaxed knowing I was safe here. I smiled now and then at Ali when I would catch her checking out my cock. I felt so good after what we did, being able to use my member like that. So good in fact, that I was still weak in the knees. I felt a satisfaction of letting my cock swing freely between my legs, lightly grazing my inner thighs as I moved. But If I wasn't careful I'd be turning myself on soon. Of course that would not be a problem for me.

"Is it just me or does it look bigger now that it works?" Ali pointed out

I stepped to the corner of the room and looked in the mirror. Sure enough, she was right. "So that's why I keep feeling it on my thighs." I giggled as I looked in the mirror, checking myself out. "Damn I look good... we both do."

Ali stood behind me, wrapped her hands around my waist, and began to kiss my neck. "You're damn right you do." She said, letting a hand wander down to my cock. "I just wish you would have noticed it before."

She was right. I don't know why I can see it now, but I should never have been ashamed of myself. Not ever.

As I look at my reflection I found that I liked what I saw, but not as I normally do. It was different. It was as though both the male and female influences inside of me were being aroused at the same time. It was invigorating. I never thought I'd be turned on by myself, but I was looking good today. My small slender frame, held up by my shapely legs and my cock hanging between them.

Ali pulled her lips away from my neck to speak, "You thinking about your cock? Nothing bad I hope." I enjoyed her lips on my skin. It was a letdown when she pulled away from me. I was left wanting, but she soon returned her lips to their rightful place and all was well.

"It's not just that, I..." I placed my hands on her thighs, taking notice of her body touching mine. It felt good, her skin was warm, comforting, inviting. "I'm not just looking at my dick, I'm looking at you, at me. We're beautiful." I looked her reflection in the eye, "You're beautiful."

She smiled and held me tight as she began to nibble my ear. "Is there something bothering you?" she asked.

"No, it's just weird. I'm a girl so it's kind of off putting when I look at my dick and I like what I see. So I'm still a girl, right? But then something inside me, I think my dick, has me looking at myself in a different way, at you, at all girls in a different way. I've never been attracted to women before but I think I am now. I think my dick is making me attracted to women." I took a moment to gauge her reaction, but not surprising, it hadn't changed. "I'm looking at our naked bodies pressed into each other and... it's beautiful. It feels amazing, it feels right."

She rested her chin on my shoulder and examined my body in full, then broke into my self-conversation, "Is that a bad thing?" She gently ran her fingers across my tummy, "Maybe now that this part of your body has started working, it could be bringing other changes with it. You know, since it was broken before? And one of those changes could be an attraction to women."

She was right, a light went on and soon my new and improved brain was making sense of it all. "Oh my God, you're right!" I exclaimed with a smile, turning in to face her. "I would be so lost without you." I reached my arms around her neck, resting them on her shoulders. I stared into those large, green, beautiful eyes and kissed her. Again and again I kissed her.

My cock twitched and quivered with pleasure that was brought on by not only kissing her but the way her silky skin felt on mine with our tits pressed into each other. It was so nice just to hold her and be held.

Without knowing it, an epiphany hit Ali. She spoke, breathing into my mouth, "If you can change your genetic code, can you change your cum so that there is no chance of getting a disease?"

I pulled away from her lips and exclaimed, "Holy shit... Alexis! You're a Goddam genius." Before she could say anything, my brain went to work, using most my energy. I found it difficult to stand as my brain processed everything.

Ali caught my limp body before it hit the floor, gasping, not knowing what had happened. "My God Alex, are you okay?" I made no attempt to respond, so she laid me on the bed. Not knowing what else to do, she sat beside me and held my hand.

In just a few minutes my mind processed everything and had finished changing my cum. I looked up at her, breathing heavily, "Well... I'm officially STD proof. Plus I made it so there's no way to get you or anyone pregnant."

"Holy shit, is that what you were doing? Changing your cells or something?"

"Yeah, but I don't really know how I did it. My mind just opened and suddenly I understood everything and then my brain went to work changing things."

Ali stared at me with a blank look on her face, "Oh man, I wish I could have a brain that could do that... it would make class a little easier, ya know?"

A smile slowly grew on my lips as ideas and thoughts flooded my mind. I looked straight at her, "Fuck, you really are a genius."

She didn't know what I was referring to yet. "Uh, okay." She said, puzzled. "What are you talking about?"

I jumped up from where I was lying and screamed, "Oh my God I love this fucking girl." I pulled her up with me a planted one on her lips. She still looked confused, so I thought I'd throw her a bone, "It's my genetic code. I can change anything I want, well to a certain extent anyway. You know how I just changed my cum so I'm disease free? It's my cum, the cum is the key." I took a breath, realizing she was still lost and thought I'd try again. "Sorry, okay, so... All these things that happened to me, whether in the trials last year or what was genetically given to me from the experiments that were done to grandma, I am able to do them not only to myself but to other people, including you."

I gasped to catch my breath and Ali chimed in, "What? Wait?... what are you saying." I just looked at her, not saying anything, giving her the chance to figure it out on her own. A light went on and her eyes opened wide, "Holy shit, so wait, can you do that mind thing on me?"

I clapped in excitement knowing we were on the same page, "Yes, yes. Isn't this fucking amazing?" I hugged her tight and we both jumped in excitement. "Yeah, basically my cum will act as a medium allowing me to transfer certain genetic changing elements to whomever I choose. In this case I'll change my fluid to not only keep you from getting an STD, but I'll make it so your brain will function as well as mine does now."

Something hit me again and my brain began processing. "Holy shit, my Pheromones." I stared into her eyes, completely ecstatic. "Your body's already being affected." She looked confused but I continued anyway. "Your pussy, you thought it was wetter? Well, that's because it was. My pheromones are causing that, I guess to help with accommodating my cock or something." She still looked confused so I just blurted it out. "This means I can effect girls before I even fuck them. Their bodies will start producing more cum and their insides will become more elastic-like so they can take more of my cock." It finally clicked in her mind and she jumped with excitement.

I fell away from her grasp with fatigue almost stumbling from weakness, "Oh, man I think I need to eat something." I looked at her sarcastically, "I guess that's what happens when you cum three times in your sister's pussy." Ali giggled and gently kissed my lips.

We made a simple lunch of sandwich and soup as we continued our discussion. I couldn't believe everything we had discovered. It was great though. I actually had a working penis. For the rest of the day we talked, we fucked and we tried to make sense of it all. And then we fuck a little more.

After dinner we turned on Roman Holliday and curled up on the couch. Our limbs were intertwined and she gently tickled my cock as I nibbled on her neck.

"So what ya wanna do tomorrow?" She asked with a smile.

"I don't care, just as long as I'm inside you."

Ali smiled and tilted her head into mine, "I don't care if we do anything else."

This made me happy, but I had to add, "But we do have to eat something more, I'm about to pass out as it is."

We played and laughed as we explored each other's body's for the rest of the evening. The night was winding down and we cuddled together as we tried to fall asleep. But Ali's mind wouldn't stop.

Ali rolled over and looked me in the eye, "Sorry for keeping you up, but, I can't stop thinking about it. I want your cock inside me again."

I couldn't say anything, I was just so happy that she was as okay with my extra part as I was. With one hand I played with her hair and with the other, I cupped her cheek and turned her face into mine until our lips connected. Without having to do anything, my cock became hard almost instantly. I just propped myself above her and lined up for entry.

With my crown, I spread her lips and pressed against her opening till I slowly slid inside. She moaned and opened her mouth wide. I kissed her with a purpose, biting her lip, causing her to let out a whimper that turned me on. My cock spasmed inside of her, releasing precum that began to fill her up. She gasped and wrapped her hands around me, digging her nails into my ass, forcing me into her faster and faster. Together, our bodies tightened and collapsed into one another, making it difficult to breath. The walls of her pussy clinched and quivered, holding me inside. The pleasure was too much that she screamed.

It had only been a few hours since I made the changes inside me, but the production of my cum had increased dramatically. I felt release as my fluids shot out of me. She was already full from all of my precum, leaving nowhere for my cum to go. Like a wave crashing on a sandy beach, my product gushed out of her, running down my shaft and onto my pussy. We were both breathing heavily and eventually our gasps for air synced up and we moaned together. My orgasm calmed and I was able to kiss her gently on the lips.

Ali smile as she kissed me back, panting heavily. "That was worth staying up a few more minutes for, right?"

I smiled and giggled in agreement, "Fuck yeah it was," as I slowly pulled out of her.

Make sure this flows well with the story

I let the rest of my cum shoot out onto her tits and tummy, which she scooped up almost instantly and brought it to her mouth. The rest she spread all over her body with her hands. I smirked, not knowing what she was doing, but joined in anyway. With one hand propping me up, I used the other to lead my cum to the dry parts of her body. She just liked the feel of my cum on her skin. We both did. So much that we didn't bother cleaning up. We just fell asleep, wrapped up in each other's arms, face to face.

We must have been exhausted, because we didn't wake up till noon. I blinked my eye's to find we were in the same position as when we fell asleep. Her face was just millimeters from my own, as I perched my lips to wake her with a kiss.

Her eye's fluttered until they opened and then she smiled at me. "God, I've never slept so good in all my life." I could only kiss her in response.

For our late lunch, we chose spaghetti due to its ease of preparation, but we barely pulled the ingredients out of the pantry before I noticed how hot she really was. I was already on the verge of collapse when I saw her bent over looking in the fridge, but all I could think about was her curves and the way they connected every part of her body together so perfectly. We were both naked since there was no need for clothes in the house, which meant I had a clear view to her cunt. I stood behind her taking in the view. My cock twitched with pleasure just from watching her.

"Ali." I spoke softly, with one hand on my cock.

She turned around and smiled when she saw me. I just stared at her, stroking my cock, not able to speak. But she wasn't freaked out about it. She stepped closer and took hold of my shaft, placing her hands over mine and we stroked my cock together. Ali leaned in and kissed me, immediately thrusting her tongue into my mouth. It felt so good, my cock twitched in response and slathered our hands in precum. I removed my hands, letting her work my cock alone and wrapped my arms around her body, pulling her in close.

We moaned into each other's mouths as she stroked my throbbing mass from root to tip. It was like a shock of electricity with each stroke. I wanted to tell her how I felt but I couldn't. I could only take in the moment and return her sexual gifts in kind.

I walked forward, pushing her body into the oven, smashing my cock between us. I forced my tongue into her mouth while my hands touched as much of her body as possible.

But shortly after we began I couldn't take it anymore. I fell back from fatigue, almost hitting my head on the sink behind me. Before ali could ask if I was okay, I ran for the fridge. I swung the door open, almost ripping it off its hinges, and started eating anything that didn't need to be cooked. Ali looked at me and laughed at the sight of her sister gorging herself like a heathen who hadn't eaten in over a month.

I smiled back and laughed with her, but couldn't stop stuffing my gullet with anything I could grab, and soon my attention was back on the food. Vegetables, lunch meat, a block of cheese, milk and everything else. My body needed energy and I needed it now. Being in a weakened state, I nearly passed out when my mind started working again figuring out why I was so hungry. The cum I had been releasing out of me had to come from somewhere. After four times of cumming like that, my body was scrounging to produce and replace the fluids, pulling needed materials from the cells of my body, leaving me weak.

With the fridge practically empty, I bolted for the pantry. Ali's eyes were on me the entire time. She laughed so hard she fell to the floor trying not to piss all over the kitchen. But this was no time to waste on laughing and joking around. The pantry door swung open and I reached for the nearest can of beef stew, ripping the top off and drinking down its contents with ease.

Can after can I stuffed it down and grabbed the next. It didn't matter what it was, corn, peas, corned beef hash, or chef Boyardee. I didn't know how I was stuffing all this food inside me. Where was it going? My body must have already made the corrections inside me, allowing me to fit all this inside.

When there were no more cans I grabbed a bag of dry pasta. Ripping it open, I chomped on the dry noodles, mashing them to their smallest size with my teeth before swallowing. I finished the five remaining bags of pasta and then moved on to the two bags of potatoes sitting on the floor

I finished the last bag of potatoes and effectively the last of our food before I realized what had happened. It was like I was in a trance, a food coma. I awoke from my stupor to find Ali laughing hysterically with a puddle of yellow liquid on the floor beneath her. The contents of the pot above her had nearly completely burned and was about to burst into flames.

"What the fuck?" I asked with a smile. I sat down beside her and joined in the laughing, "Don't judge me, I was hungry and I had to eat. If you were this hungry you would have done the exact same thing I did."

Between the sobbing laugher, Ali found the strength to gasp for breath and in a high pitched, mostly breathy tone, "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! I can't believe you just did that." She gasped for another breath and continued, "I almost pooped."

We talked and laughed like this for a while, till the bottom of the pot melted through spilling the contents onto the red hot burner, bursting the already blackened food into flames.

After a quick blast of the nearby fire extinguisher and opening all the windows to air it out a bit, we decided to go out and grab some food since the house was now officially empty. Alexis had not yet eaten today, and I was feeling a little hungry again myself.

Ali showered again and dressed herself for going out. "Ready to go bitch?" she spoke emphatically, bouncing through the door of my room. She saw me and grew concerned. "Ali, are you okay?" I wasn't sad and there wasn't anything particularly wrong, I was just contemplating everything. Still not able to believe what had taken place in the last 48 hours.

"Yeah," I said half laughing, half crying. "I am. I've never been happier. I can't believe what's happened." I took a deep breath with tears forming at the corner of my eyes. "And you, God, I don't think I'd be here if not for you. Dad woulda chopped my dick off years ago if you didn't say anything, and now I'm scared you're going to be mad, and hate me after what I'm about to tell you."

Ali looked shocked, "I'm actually kinda mad because you think I would be mad at you for anything you could ever say." She sat next to me pulling me close to her. "What's up, tell me, and no I won't be mad."

I placed my head on her shoulder, "You say that now." We both giggled and I continued, "Well... I just... I mean... Today was fucking amazing but I want to use my new cock on more than just one person."

Ali jumped to her feet, "What the fuck? You know what? I am mad." She playfully slapped me on the cheek. "You should know better than to think I could ever be mad at you. And this, I told you years ago that if you ever get this thing working that I was going to be the one to find guys for you to fuck, but I guess that would be girls now. Plus, remember when we were fifteen, you said you'd let me try it if it ever started working?"

She knelt down between my naked legs, spread them wide and used my arms to pull me in till our foreheads were touching. "Alex, look at me." She spoke slowly and emphatically, "I fucking love the shit out of you. That will never change. And as far as us fucking and shit, I don't care. I mean don't get me wrong, it literally was the best sex I've ever had." We both let out a small giggle, "But I don't need it. You do whatever you need for yourself. I will always be here, nothing will ever change between us." She pulled me in for a hug and kissed me on the cheek, "Don't worry, we'll never fuck again."

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, don't think to drastically here, I wasn't talking about us not fucking, I know that will never change things between us. I just thought you might be mad that I wanted to fuck other girls besides you. I guess I didn't want you to get jealous or anything."

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