tagIncest/TabooNo Longer My Son... Ch. 02

No Longer My Son... Ch. 02


When the baby came – a beautiful, healthy boy – Pauline and Todd felt that their lives were complete. Their new neighbours were pleasant and friendly, taking their age difference for granted and none of them even imagined that Pauline and Todd were really mother and son.

Soon after Pauline came home with baby Joe, the couple renewed their sex life with a vigour and excitement that sometimes made Pauline weep with sheer delight. Todd's cock seemed to be bigger than ever and her worries that she would be too loose to keep him happy after giving birth were soon dispelled during their first post-natal fuck.

She had looked into Todd's eyes as his knob end nudged gently into her soaked opening. His pupils dilated slightly as he slid into her, his mouth opened as he let out a soft gasp of pleasure and within moments he was thrusting in and out of her willing cunt. It took a few strokes for her to gather her momentum, but her relief was complete when she felt her cunt walls flexing round him in the way she knew he enjoyed.

As he fucked her, she manoeuvred her right hand under his left thigh so that the tips of her fingers brushed his balls while they slapped against her. She heard him moan as she did so, and then she too was caught up in the growing sensation that made her tits feel as though they were on fire and her ass ache to be filled too. She knew he wouldn't be long in cumming and she arched her neck up so that she could kiss him as he did. His lips brushed hers, but suddenly he was like a wild animal, his mouth pressing hard against her neck and his teeth biting into her.

That pushed her way over the top, her tummy tightening as the first waves of cum spread through her. She felt his semen begin to explode inside her with huge pumping sensations coming from his cock, now as deeply inside her as she had ever known it. As she felt him fill her with the hot, steady stream of cum, and his mouth bite firmly on her as if to brand her as his alone, she felt her body contort and pulsate as she came once, twice and even a third time. As she did, she screamed loud and long with sheer lust and passion.

They fucked four times more that night, between baby feeds and nappy changes, until they lay quite exhausted asleep in each other's arms.

At work the next day, Todd struggled to stay awake and was teased by his workmates as a consequence. Aware of what was going on, Todd's line manager Louise McKay asked to see him in her office.

"Please sit down Todd," she said, "before you fall down. Baby keep you awake?"

"Huh," Todd stifled a laugh, "something like that."

"Ah yes – I expect you and Pauline have been catching up too?"

"Yes", Todd felt himself blush slightly, "Yes – we have."

"No need to be embarrassed Todd. I understand that you have a very passionate relationship. That's often the way when a younger man takes an older woman as his lover."

Todd said nothing, but began to wonder where all this was leading. Louise McKay was a very attractive woman. Some seven or eight years older than Todd, though obviously younger than Pauline. She wore her jet-black hair cut in a tight crop, and most days favoured a white v-neck top with a black mini-skirt suit. In her office, she usually removed the suit jacket, as had now, to allow her 36c breasts to be enjoyed through the tight top by all concerned, her nipples protruding pert and erect. She wore black patent leather stilettos with what Todd reckoned must have been a 5" chrome spike heel.

Todd felt his cock harden slightly by the sight of her as she swung her seat from behind her desk to face him, crossing her legs slowly as she did so.

"I am always intrigued by personal relationships," she went on, "particularly when there is an age gap. How do you stop it being like mother and son – because there must be times when it could be like that, mustn't there?"

As she posed the question she raised her right eyebrow slightly and looked straight into his eyes.

"I – er – it's...,"Todd stammered, not at all sure how to handle the situation.

"It's alright Todd," she whispered softly, reaching forward and taking his hand in hers. "I know. You and Pauline have been excellent in keeping your secret, but I know that you really are mother and son."

Now Todd knew that he looked completely panic-stricken.

"Don't worry," she continued, "I am not going to tell a soul – as long as..."

Todd looked back in total bewilderment. 'What now?' he thought.

"As long as," said Louise, "I get a little of what Pauline's getting."

"W-what?" stuttered Todd. "What do you mean?"

"I want some of that lovely cock you've got tucked away in those pants," she said, looking seductively under her eyes.

"No", said Todd, "I love Pauline and I wouldn't do anything..."

"...anything that would let your secret out?" said Louise, continuing the sentence for him. "Precisely Todd. If you don't want anyone to find out about you and your Mum, you will do just what I say. Don't forget there's the baby to think about now, too."

Todd's mind raced. She was right, of course. Even if he and Pauline could live with the rest of the world knowing that they were committing incest, there was no way that he could saddle his beautiful newborn son with such stigma. There was nothing he could do but go along with her.

"Alright," he said, "but Pauline must never find out."

"Well," said Louise mischievously, "as long as you behave yourself, she won't find out from me."

She reached for handbag, took out a single key and tossed it to Todd.

"Here," she said, "that's the key to my apartment. Apartment 5, second floor, 61 Tower Street. I'll see you there in an hour. Don't worry about work, I'll tell everyone you're doing a job for me – which you are!"

An hour later, Todd was asking himself what on earth he was doing as he unlocked the door to Louise's apartment and walked in. Jazz played softly from a room to his left and he followed the noise of the music.

Louise sat in a chair facing the door as he entered it. Dressed now in a black basque with quarter cups so that her tits were exposed but supported, she wore black stockings, suspenders and stiletto-heeled boots which ran to her knee. She also wore a black choker round her neck but no panties. Her crotch glistened with the wetness she already felt.

His cock stiffened at the sight of her. She commanded him to strip, which he did, and then to kneel in front of her as she now stood with her legs slightly apart.

She pulled his head towards her until his face pressed against her pussy. Instinctively his tongue darted in and out of her wet, musky slit and his lips engulfed her cunt lips.

He sucked, licked, teased at her, amazed at how her clitoris, once uncovered, began to swell almost like a small penis.

The sensation ripped through her and she bucked and yelled for more as he made her cum. Pulling him to his feet, she kissed him roughly and felt his cock jutting at her. Still standing she turned away from him and leant against the wall of the room. He needed no second bidding, he drove into her cunt from behind, reaching round her to cup her breasts as he did so. He fucked her hard with long, fierce thrusts of his bursting cock until he, too, came, filling her until he felt his cum trickling down the length of his shaft as it remained buried inside her, and then flowing slowly done her legs and onto her stockings.

Neither spoke as they dressed, but Todd knew that he was in for an amazing time with two incredible women in his life.

Louise knew that this was just the beginning of her plan...

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