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No! Please! No!


Caitlyn was one of those rare women. She was amazingly beautiful, yet completely without any idea how pretty she really was. She came in at just below average at 5'4" tall; her thick lustrous red curls flowed down her back to the slim line of her waist. To be honest if she were a different person she would be a thick girl. Her constant on the go lifestyle, ensured that she never gained much excess weight.

What extra pounds she did carry were distributed in the best of places. Her breast were very large, at 38EE she was only a couple of sizes away from having to get them custom made. Her waist was a trim 24 inches around, but her hips came in at a curvaceous 40 inches, most of that taken up by a tight, round bubble butt. Her thighs, and calves were strong, and toned, just a little thicker than Caitlyn probably would have preferred if she were able to reconstruct herself.

Her alabaster skin bruised easily, but other wise was blemish free. Individually her facial features were too much; her nose too sharp, her lips too full, too pouty. Her cheekbones too high, her chin too stubborn. Her eyes too large, the green too vibrant. Yet they came together to form a wonderfully symmetrical face that was gorgeously attractive.

Unfortunately Caitlyn could only see the individual features, not how they came together. She had no confidence, and constantly gave off the air of a victim. For every victim, there is always a predator waiting to pounce.

The predator that entered Caitlyn's life was named Neil. Neil was all that Caitlyn was not; he was tall, 6'9", he was very big, it was all muscle, not an ounce of fat but he was a huge guy, broad of shoulder with massive biceps and tree trunks for legs. His hair was dark as the blackest midnights. His skin darkly tanned. Individually his features were perfect. Yet together they didn't balance out. Even beyond that, his smile was quite feral, as if he were always hunting.

Neil met Caitlyn one night in their neighborhood's grocery store. Everything about her called out to him. To Neil she was like a gazelle to a lion. He struck up a conversation with her, asking her help in picking out a steak. He managed to parlay that into an invitation to join her for dinner. Though in all honesty, Caitlyn never actually asked, though Neil made sure that she believed that it was her idea.

Once in Caitlyn's apartment, Neil reverted to form. He stalked her into the kitchen, and as soon as she had finished putting away all of her perishables, he struck. He stalked forward, pushing Caitlyn back as he did so, stopping only when her back hit the refrigerator door. With hands around her chest, under he large breasts, he picked her up and kissed her deeply, fiercely. He nipped at her pouty lower lip before trailing kisses over to her ear. Neil bit down on Caitlyn's ear lobe before whispering ominously, "big tittied slut like you. I just know you are gonna give me one hell of a ride. Shit baby I think I'm in love with your sexy ass."

"No! Please! No! I'm not...I've never. Please I'm not a slut. God please stop." Caitlyn really had no clue how this had ended up so very wrong. She'd thought she had finally met someone nice. Just looking at him had made her feel special. Yet now as his hands were groping her ass and his lips once more covered hers in a harsh kiss, she was quailing in fear. She just hoped that her first response to his calling her a slut had not been noticed, or if he had noticed, maybe just maybe it could get her out of this mess.

"You've never what? Never been fucked like you really need? Or wait never been fucked at all?" Neil wanted to know for himself. So he bunched her long skirt up and under one of his huge hands, with his other he ripped off her sun dotted white panties. He used his legs to force hers apart; his large hand trailed up her thigh, savoring her silky skin. Neil's fingers found the thick lips of her vagina, and Caitlyn's one secret vanity. She waxed her nether regions, legs, and underarms obsessively. "That's really fucking sexy. Most women I know have so much bush, I can't see the forest for the trees. But not you. Shit honey I may actually have to eat your pussy." But Neil brought himself back to his purpose. He shoved one thick finger into the tight, semi wet heat of Caitlyn's cunt. When his finger butted against her maidenhead, Neil smiled voraciously. "Fuck baby, you really are a virgin. I haven't had a virgin in years. Oh but shit I'm not only gonna fuck you. I'm gonna keep you. You are perfect for me. Little, cute as hell...lips that should remain wrapped round my dick, an ass that's begging to get fucked, plus you're a virgin. Yeah you are mine."

Caitlyn resumed her struggles. But her wriggling only served to make Neil just that much more aroused. In her attempts to get away, Caitlyn was pressing her big breasts into his chest. Her nipples pulled tight in fear, mimicked arousal. Her hips were grinding forward, heaving, and bucking. Trying to dislodge herself from the fridge door, so that she might run. All she succeeded in doing was stimulating Neil's already stiffening cock.

"The harder you fight, the more I want to fuck you. The harder I want to fuck you. Keep fighting, you're really turning me on." Neil warned her, his voice was low, dangerous, sexy.

Despite his warning, Caitlyn found herself unable to stop. She kept fighting, denying that her body was responding to his words and his kisses. As she fought, Neil managed to strip her completely. He stood back and let her feet slide to the floor. Despite her nudity Caitlyn tried to slip past Neil and make a run for the door.

Neil reached out a massive hand and grabbed her flying ponytail. He used it as a tether to drag her back into his arms. "On second thought I think I like you just as feisty as you are." Neil's mouth latched onto her neck, sucking, marking her. An act of possession. Neil forced Caitlyn to the floor of her kitchen. His hand moved back between her legs as his mouth focused on her big, fat breasts.

Neil roughly fingered her tight, only nominally moist pussy. He bit his way around the tops of her tits before he finally began to lick and suck and bite at Caitlyn, long pink nipples. Caitlyn lay trapped; she still squirmed and wiggled trying to get free. Each time Neil would thrust a lengthy, thick finger into her dampening cunt; she would squeal in a most exciting way. "Oh, oh eeee!"

Perversely Neil did not intend to allow her to get fully wet. He just wanted her moist enough to get his dick in. the thought of raping her dry, tight pussy and still making her cum...it made his cock get even harder. Moving his hand from the apex of her thighs, Neil raised up a bit, pulling cruelly on the nipple he still had clasped between his teeth, and unbuttoned his fly. He worked his 9x3 inch cock free. He once more forced Caitlyn's legs apart, leaving many finger shaped bruises. Kneeling between her pale thighs, Neil lined the head of his cock up with her tiny opening. Giving her a pitiless smile, he started to fuck his way into her body. Pushing forward, then retreating half a length, and again forward. Until finally he was balls deep in the tightest cunt his dick has ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Even as he realized he was out of dick, he noted that she was out of vagina as well. The tip of his cock brushed teasingly against her cervix. "See it's a perfect fit. You've got just enough cunt for my cock. And damn you pussy is fucking tight. Fuck. I'm definitely keeping your sexy little ass. Shit." Neil wanted to go slowly, work Caitlyn from victim to slut. But her body felt so good writhing under his; rippling around his cock with more and more lubrication.

Caitlyn was getting wetter and wetter as she was getting fucked. Her nipples were so hard that every time they pressed against his chest they sent a sharp thrill through her body, straight to her clit; an organ which was doing a fair amount of rubbing itself. He was pulling almost all the way out leaving only about half the head of his dick in side her. Then he was plunging back in and grinding his pelvis into hers stimulating her clit internally and externally. Suddenly something so surprising and yet amazing shook its way through Caitlyn's body. She screamed out as her first ever 'real' orgasm flew through her nervous system with such intensity it caused her whole body to seize and arch. Her torso twisted, dragging her nipples across Neil's chest that just drew out her orgasm even more.

"Shit yeah, come on you little slut. Cum on my cock. You are mine now. No one will ever make you feel like this again. Damn I'm gonna blow. Fuck I hope I knock you up. Shit if not we'll just have to do this again and again 'til I do. Then again we're gonna do this over and over anyway." Neil didn't try to stop his own orgasm from rocking though him. He had done what he set out accomplish. Caitlyn had come first and had a teeth rattling cum at that.

As soon as he finished cumming, Neil pulled out and forced Caitlyn to her knees. She was shaky and still riddled with aftershocks, when he commanded her to suck him back to hardness. The newly deflowered virgin had no experience, but Neil enjoyed that. Teaching her through his words and his hand wrapped in her ponytail directing her path and speed how to please him. Caitlyn pleasured him with her mouth for over half an hour, before he finally allowed her to pull away.

Once he had returned to full hardness, Neil reached up to the counter and grabbed the olive oil Caitlyn had pulled from the bags right before he began his assault. He opened it quickly and poured some over his dick. Grabbing Caitlyn by her hips he positioned her on all fours in front of him. "Now baby, now comes the hard part." Holding open her round, taunt ass cheeks, Neil managed to force himself to go slow and allow her to get used to each centimeter.

Soon enough Caitlyn's body started to regain the earlier pleasure. As Neil reamed out her tiny little asshole, Caitlyn could only able incoherently. It felt really good. She would never have imagined how good being taken, being fucked against her will, could feel. She enjoyed not having any responsibility. It was freeing. Though she knew she should keep fighting, when Neil's finger's found and began to tease and pinch her nipples, Caitlyn once more found herself adrift in a sea of all consuming pleasure.

Neil fucked Caitlyn though several more orgasms. Noting that she still tried to fight each and every one. That just made them all the more sweet for him. Finally it all became too much for him. The situation, and the stimulation combined to make him cum so hard the head of his dick actually hurt. Yet the intelligent bastard reached under his thigh and held himself so that he experienced the orgasm without the ejaculation. Pulling out he grabbed Caitlyn's ponytail and dragged her back around. Shoving himself deep into her throat, Neil used Caitlyn's mouth to clean his dick before shoving himself back into her tight little cunt.

Over and over she came 'til finally Caitlyn was beginning to come down when she felt the wash of his jism splashing against her sugarwalls. It was so hot and felt so good she lost her self once more to the waves of pleasure that her rapist so enjoyed bringing her. She screamed out his name, and they both knew she was now his.

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by wanderinggipsy06/03/17

so many back to back fucks of one girl by the same guy?!;))What are Neil and Caitlyn?!;))

what are Neil and Caitlyn?!;)) human?!so many back to back fucks of one girl by the same guy?!;)) would put rabbits to shame?! ;)) Could King Kong pull off such a feat?!;))guess we'll have to ask him!!more...

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by Anonymous06/03/17

Sexy stiry

Can we email each other...steviedrmckenziem@hotmail.com


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