tagLoving WivesNo Reason, Just Nasty

No Reason, Just Nasty


Nelson pushed his hard cock towards the juicy hole that was being held open for him. Kristy licked her dry lips as the bloated, extremely hot, purple head leaked a long silver string of pre-cum into her parted pussy lips. She was so wet that bubbles from her dripping cunt was forming and had raised enough for anyone to easily see. It had coated her inner lips and they were slippery and shiny. Yet she felt Nelson's air cooled pre-cum, as it made contact in her hole and snaked it's way slowly down to join with her juices.

It was a nasty sight, his erect cock barely 3 inches from Kristy's gooey, spread hole. A strand of silver going from his piss hole into her pussy. The string wiggled around and stuck to the edges of the gaping cavern, only to pop loose and wiggle again as Nelson stroked downward on his shaft to get more pre-cum to come out of his prick. Her 180 lb figure was laid out underneath him patiently waiting to be penetrated. Her red, shoulder length hair spread out over the pillow her head rested on.

Who knows why he had any pre-cum left, because Kristy gave him the most thorough head he had experienced in years. He had to hold back from cumming several times, as she corkscrewed his dick while sucking on the head. She tongued his piss hole quickly the entire time. Derek was a fool.

Nelson pressed forward, sinking the tip of his cock into Kristy's pussy. She exhaled a little and further spread her legs to accommodate him. Her wetness allowed him to slide into her to his balls in one stroke. She felt warm, wet, and snug. Kristy's knees were on either side of her breasts now, her breathing quickened. Eventually settling to the rhythm of Nelson's slow pressing hips. He was only three full strokes into now, yet he was coated with her cream.

He resisted the urge to pound into her. She felt airtight, unlike his wife's pussy, which queffed while he screwed her. Kristy felt entirely different. Soon however, his pace increased until he was literally hammering her. Their cream already had begun to foam on his shaft as he pistoned in and out. Kristy's pussy lips were stretched wet and tightly around him. Her mouth mimicked her stretched cunt as she accepted his barrage of thrusts.

She gasped in tune to his pounding. Her breasts were still damp from him sucking on them earlier. They were flat against her, and moved like gelatin on her chest as her body rocked. The air-conditioned room made certain the nipples were hard and pointing towards the ceiling.

Kristy was caught off guard when Nelson started jabbing forcefully in her pussy. Her gasping got louder as his pace slowed and the power of his thrusts increased. Slapping noises reverberated throughout the motel room. Kristy felt a warm rush inside of her and knew he was cumming. She gripped her pussy as tight as she could and tweaked Nelson's nipples as he came inside of her.

She was rewarded with him moaning loudly as his load shot out of him. His cum shots hit her cervix in repeated high-pressure spurts. With her natural tightness topped with her pussy muscles clinching, she knew he was being drained fully. Nelson's thrusts finally stopped as his orgasm faded. He lay pressed against her breathing heavily.

Kristy wasn't done yet however. The feel of him shooting off into her had gotten her hornier. She was pressing up against Nelson as if her body was begging him to continue to stroke her. Tired but resilient, Nelson started moving his semi-hard cock again. She was so well lubricated with cum, some leaked out on Nelson's backstrokes. A puddle had formed and Nelson increased his speed and depth. His pubic bone was angled to mash her clit while she was fucked and an orgasm approached.

Nelson felt her spasming around his dick as he fucked into her. If felt so good his erection returned by the time Kristy's cum subsided. She looked into his face and rubbed on his nipples again. This time pinching them gently and then held them firmly. Nelson fucked as hard as he could, recognizing the signal for him to cum again.

Being Hispanic, this was the first time he had been in a Caucasian woman's pussy. It was as good as his friend had said it was. Although she remained snug, their cum made for near frictionless fucking. He lit her up for another furious 7 minutes before he came again. This time holding his body pressed against hers, with her legs in the air on both sides of him. He ground the remnants of his now tender balls, into her pussy. He started kissing her as they both calmed down. At last, her rolled off of her, cum ran out of her soggy cunt like it spilled from a cup. His cock, coated in froth, slapped against his belly.

Sitting in a chair in a corner, was me, hold my softening black dick. My own nut juice covering my fingers, as I still couldn't believe I had arranged this entire evening. I walked over to the bed they both still lay and offered my cock to Kristy. My slutty wife licked the cum off my dick and fingers, rolled over and did the same for Nelson as he winced. With her back turned, I lifted one of Kristy's legs from behind while she was still licking cream off Nelson's dick. My dick was half-hard, but she had two loads shot into her pussy, so I slid my cock into her pussy easily from behind. I dropped her leg back down and pumped slowly. Her third load for the day was well on it's way.

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