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No Regret


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I copied the number from the wall

wasn't sure I could make the call

Another drink, gave some thought

forgetting what I'd been taught

Should I call, should I wait

Is 11:00 pm way to late

Mother would be totally appalled

calling a number from a bathroom wall

Is she pretty, is she mean

is she dirty, is she clean

is she whoring, is she free

will she laugh at my fantasy

I'm so tired, I've looked so long

I don't care if might be wrong

another girl is what I want

no more dicks, I want a cunt

Living in such a small, small town

this type of woman is not around

if they are it's just not known

so much prejudice readily shown

Convincing my husband I needed space

has brought me to this time and place

a weeks vacation, the city alone

not once have I thought of home

My second day, I'm wasting time

I need to experience this fantasy of mine

my mind now made, I make the call

dialing the number from the bathroom stall

I like her voice, sultry and low

my pussy gushes with her hello

ever cautious, I explain my plight

"Is it to late to see you tonight"

My first experience, I'm on my way

soon I'll be officially gay

strange to think my husband's wife

about to change her lying life

Nice apartment, everything's fine

she offers me a glass of wine

we sit and talk, I soak her in

as sexually excited as ever I'd been

She kisses me gently, moving slow

how far was I prepared to go

long, slim fingers caress my thigh

giving her permission with my sigh

Tongue in mouth, tongue in ear

wanting to tongue her everywhere

fingers caressing my swollen mound

heart beat now a constant pound

Hand withdrawn, I watch her undress

exposing to me her beautiful breast

removing her skirt from a body so lean

might be the finest I've ever seen

My dream coming true, I stare in awe

sexual emotions now primitive and raw

my fantasy dream I've carried for years

was now a reality, absent the fears

Her breast, my cheek, so sweetly wet

those wasted years I now regret

at last, with a woman, so soft and warm

defying the perverse perception alarm

A baby like fervor I suckle her breast

showing my regard as a satisfied guest

was this what she wanted, I being so new

suddenly affirmed by her felicitous mew.

A moment of panic, she shifts around

fingering my hair, forcing me down

thighs wide open. she offers her cunt

softly whispering "this what you want?"

Faltering a moment, I sniff at her scent

hissing to "do it," I knew what she meant

I'd waited so long, no reason for haste

my tongue flicking out to capture a taste

Sucking her clitoris, she emits a moan

still apprehensive, my skills so un-honed

the heat of the moment,ineptness disguised

she mumbles about her "virginal prize."

Continuing to lick her, fingers inserted

wondering why this was perverted

it certainly didn't seem any more crass

than my loutish husband fucking my ass.

Suddenly I hear a familiar scream

followed by her gushing of cream

Her body so quivering it triggers my own

filling the room with a harmonious moan

God, such great pleasure, absent the guilt

that over a life time I'd managed to build

our sweating bodies together adhered

relieving me of all that I feared.

I fully accept I can never go back

addiction completed, from penis to crack

I've tasted the apple, my Eden defined

finding such pleasure with my own kind.

author, little miss blair
©copyright 2002

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