No Touching


I'll post the naughty fic I was working on based on this situation. Don't know if I'll finish or not. I may, just because. Not out of wishful-thinking, though. Just as a story finishing thing. (Unfinished tales annoy me.)

* * * * *

It all started with a game of High-Low.

Kathleen lay quietly beneath the covers, eyes open in the dark, readying herself for the surreptitious touching she knew would come. It had the past few times she'd stayed with her cousin, Marie.

This time, it was going to be different.


The first time began with the two surrounded by a case of shooters and eight bottles of green apple Schmirnoff. Kathleen and Marie were flipping through a deck of cards, trying to guess whether the next card would be higher or lower in value. If wrong, a shot of booze was the price. They laughed themselves drunker and sillier as the night went on.

Nineteen shooters apiece of some quasi-Sex on the Beach later, the two were quite drunk. Marie headed to take a shower, and Kathleen followed. They'd often done this — one would shower while the other sat on the floor or the toilet and talked. Then they'd swap.

Marie stripped, jokingly shaking her double-D breasts at Kathleen. Kathleen waved the curvy dark-skinned brunette into the shower. Marie sang loudly as she washed her hair.

Then she invited Kathleen into the shower, joking, "We did this enough when we were little. And it's not like I haven't seen it before."

The booze made that statement seem quite logical, so Kathleen climbed in. She stretched as she washed her short red hair, and Marie stood on the other end of the shower.

"Ah'm dwunk," Marie announced solemnly. "And dizzy."

Kathleen laughed.

"Me toooooo."

"I can't stand up."

Kathleen began to snicker uncontrollably as Marie slipped to the bottom of the tub, her dark skin in contrast to the ivory bathtub.

"Get up," she said. "You're silly."

"I caaaan't," Marie wailed.

"Yes you can. You told me earlier you can act drunker than you are. Now get out."

Marie rolled over, flailing an arm over the side of the tub, then tried to get up on her knees. She promptly sank back down.

"I can't get out," she said, half-crying.

Kathleen snickered again, groping for Marie's arm so she could pull.

"Just roll over the side. Come onnnn."

Marie tried once more, and flopped over onto the rug next to the tub.

"Yaaaaaaaay!" Kathleen cheered drunkenly.

The two of them stumbled to Marie's bedroom and fell into bed, both still nude.

Kathleen drifted to sleep relatively quickly.


As before, the touch came on her breast, first. Slight caress in the dark, seemingly waiting to see if Kathleen would protest. Kathleen scowled in the dark, angry that her nipples hardened in response. Then a harder squeeze.

Kathleen breathed harder, aroused in spite of herself, but with an undercurrent of disgust. Disgust at herself that she responded that way to her cousin, and disgust at being reminded of the feelings from the sexual abuse they'd both suffered when they were younger.

Marie's hand drifted up beneath the gray tanktop Kathleen wore, dragging soft fingers across her stomach and up to her breasts. Quick hands pulled the front of Kathleen's shirt behind her head, leaving her ivory-skinned C-cup breasts bare. Marie's mouth latched onto Kathleen's nipple, then sucked hard.

The wetness gathered between Kathleen's legs. She held tight to the items in her hands as she willed herself not to respond. A whimper of need escaped her when Marie bit her nipple.

But the need stopped when Kathleen felt Marie's fingers slide up her thigh inside her shorts and find her wet center. Then the anger came back.

"Not again," she thought.


Kathleen awoke with a start to feel Marie's hand resting on her breast.

She didn't particularly react, as Marie had jokingly "honked" her breast before.

But this time was different.

Marie's hand slowly began to squeeze and caress Kathleen's breast.

Newly responsive, thanks to having made love with her boyfriend for the first time earlier that year, Kathleen found herself getting wet. When Marie tweaked Kathleen's nipple between her fingers, she moaned.

Kathleen felt Marie lean over, then, and take her breast in her mouth.

"Oooooh," Kathleen moaned.

Silently, Marie reached across and began caressing Kathleen's other breast while continuing to suckle the other. Kathleen began writhing in need, feeling herself get hotter and wetter, and Marie soon answered that need.

Her fingers plunged into Kathleen's core and began pumping.

Kathleen's mind split, torn between the raging hunger and the tabboo of doing this with her cousin. Marie's mouth moving up to Kathleen's silenced her guilt.

She kissed back hungrily. Kathleen felt Marie catch her tongue and suck on it.

Violently turned on, Kathleen fumbled to find Marie's pussy with her fingers. She slid her fingers in, wondering at the feel of another girl's wetness on her fingers.


When Marie straddled her, Kathleen jumped into action. With a quick push on Marie's shoulders and a shove with her strong legs, she rolled Marie over onto her back. With a quick move, Kathleen wrapped the scarf she held in one hand around one of Marie's hand and tied it to the bedpost. Then she tied the other hand.

She reached out and flicked on Marie's bedside lamp. Once Kathleen knew Marie was tightly secured, Kathleen got up and turned on the overhead light.

"No," Kathleen said, her green eyes glinting in anger as she stared down at Marie.

Climbing off, Kathleen went to her suitcase and grabbed the riding crop she'd hidden in there. Pacing nude around the bed, she looked down at Marie. A quick movement and the crop slapped down on the pillow next to Marie's head.

Marie flinched.

"What are you doing?" she whimpered.

"Oh, NOW you can talk?" Kathleen said. "Where were your words when you were groping me in the dark?"

"You always joked back with me about being lesbian lovers, and you're the one with a crush on Catherine Zeta-Jones," Marie said. "And I seem to remember your pussy being awfully wet when I was touching ..."

Her voice choked off as the crop smacked across her stomach. Kathleen's hand then trailed across the rising welt.

"That may be," she said softly. "But did that give you the right to touch me like that?"

Marie's body jerked.

Kathleen knelt between Marie's legs and slowly licked across the welt, then stared down at it.

"Mmm. Pretty," she said.

Getting up, she traced Marie's breasts with her crop. She took another item from the suitcase and hid it from Marie's view.

Reaching over, she caressed Marie's bountiful dark breasts, smiling wickedly as the nipples hardened like little raisins.

"Look at you, you little slut," she said. "Tied up, being whipped by your cousin, and your nipples getting hard when I touch you."


Marie seemed to be getting wetter the more Kathleen touched her. Kathleen had fantasized about girlsex before, but never really thought about actually doing it. And here she was — inhibitions down, drunk, fucking her cousin.

"Lick me," Marie whispered. It was the first words she'd said since she began touching Kathleen.

In a frenzy of lust, Kathleen did that. Marie spread her legs in the dark, and Kathleen knelt at the end of the bed, sliding her fingers up into Marie's dripping core again. Then she dipped her head toward the moist smelling wetness and tentatively licked Marie's slit.

It was tangy. Salty. Earthy. Not the poetic phrasings in erotica she'd read, but solidly woman-taste. Kathleen licked again, a little deeper, the furry bush tickling her tongue. Then reservations drifted through the haze of alcohol, and she climbed up and began fingering Marie's pussy and rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Marie said nothing, only gasping now and then. Kathleen suckled Marie's breasts, then Marie's legs closed on her hand. Surprised, Kathleen stopped and removed her hand.

Turning her head toward the end of the bed and laying on her back, Marie then intertwined her nude body with Kathleen's. Marie's hand slid up again to find the wet resting place and began fucking Kathleen. Kathleen reciprocated, again feeling Marie's wetness on her hand.

After that, Marie pulled them closer together so their pussies were touching and they ground their furred honey boxes together. They continued to finger-fuck each other, until Marie closed her legs on Kathleen's hand.

Taking the hint, Kathleen removed her hand. Marie turned around, then, laid on her pillow and went to sleep. Perplexed but still horny, Kathleen waited until she was fairly sure Marie was asleep before finishing herself off.

Neither said anything about what happened the next morning. Confused, but ready to chalk it up to booze, Kathleen didn't argue the point.


Kathleen knew Marie had tried nipple clamps before but had taken them off because of the pain. So she had an idea. Kathleen alternated between pinching Marie's nipples and rubbing her fingers just over the sensitive tips. Soon the nubbins were hard and erect.

Straddling Marie's hips once more, Kathleen reached forward, spreading one clamp and fastening it to Marie's left nipple.

"Ow!" Marie cried. "Take it off!"

Kathleen shook her head as she placed the other clamp on the other nipple, leaving the silver chain to dangle between the breasts. She sat back and admired her handiwork. Then she leaned forward once more, tonguing the swollen tips of the nipples that poked between the sides of the clamp. She smiled inwardly as she heard Marie's cries of pain begin to echo with pangs of need.

She stood.

"I don't relish doing this, and perhaps, 'Pot, kettle, black.' But you need to learn a lesson. Nobody fucks with me without my permission," Kathleen said. "Nobody."

Reaching over, she pulled gently on the chain near the right nipple. Marie whimpered.

"You got that?" Kathleen asked as she leaned up and suckled Marie's aching nipples. Marie began writhing beneath her, both in pain and need. Kathleen could smell the wet.

"Kathleen, please. I'm sorry. I'm sorry," Marie wailed. "It won't happen again."


Then came the next visit a month or so later. Kathleen and Marie had talked to Kathleen's boyfriend on the phone and Marie had joked that the three of them could maybe live together sometime. She'd proceeded to stand close to Kathleen, and generally made her wonder.

Back at the house that night, things happened again, only this time with no booze. Sneaky hands, stolen touches, and kisses in the dark. Once again, Kathleen found herself responding to Marie's skilled touch and her fingers in Marie's pussy. Once again, Marie stopped part way, turned over, then whispered, "Did you get enough?"

Angry and feeling like nothing more than a sex toy, Kathleen didn't respond, pretending she was asleep. Morning once again saw no discussion, no confrontation.

The next night was like before, only this time Kathleen had been entirely asleep before Marie touched her. She woke to the feel of her shirt tucked up to her chin and Marie's mouth on her breast. Kathleen could quickly tell she was wet. Marie pulled Kathleen's shirt behind her head and began suckling hard. Her fingers went south and insistently plunged Kathleen. Her body responding, Kathleen reached over and began plunging Marie with her fingers, her palm full of cousin-wetness.

Then guilt hit, and she turned to her left side, away from Marie, and pretended to sleep.


Kathleen reached into the suitcase once more and took out one more hidden object.

"I'll be right back, OK?" she said to Marie. "Not that it'll matter. You'll still be there."

She smiled as Marie began writhing in her bonds.

After a few moments, Kathleen came back in with a black harness around her waist and a large pastel pink cock seated in the harness. Marie's eyes got big as she shook her head.

"Oh yes," Kathleen said. "You know right where this is going. You wanted a cock so bad, you're gonna get one. Now suck it. Suck it and get it nice and wet, because it's gonna go right in that spot that decides it needs a cock so bad it has to get its rocks off with her cousin. Oh yes, cousin can help with that."

Kathleen reached over and pulled Marie's mouth to the cock, forcing it in, and began fucking her mouth. She watched pitilessly as it moved in and out of the dark lips and Marie gagged as the pink cock struck her gag reflex.

"Good," Kathleen said, as she reached down and yanked off the nipple clamps. Marie squealed as the blood rushed in and the feeling began to come back.

Kathleen moved to the end of the bed, kneeling between Marie's legs. She grabbed one calf in each hand and pushed them toward Marie's chest, spreading her pussy to Kathleen's cock's reach.

As she stuck the cock home, balancing herself on her elbows, Kathleen leaned down and tongued Marie's nipple. She laved it, then flicked it with her tongue.

"You like your cousin in you, don't you?" Kathleen asked.


Marie's hands moved. Taking, taking. They slipped up Kathleen's right thigh, sneaking beneath the waistband, touching, rubbing over the moist fabric of Kathleen's panties. Her touch grew more insistent, and Kathleen more determinedly ignored it.

Finally she swapped sides to lay on her right side, and pretended once more to sleep. But Marie's hand once more unerringly found Kathleen's pussy in the dark. When Marie's foot came up and began caressing Kathleen's breast, Kathleen also remembered Marie had switched directions in bed.

Marie's foot then drifted up to place a toe in Kathleen's mouth. Kathleen determinedly kept her lips limp to simulate sleep. She stared at the clock. 12:23 a.m.

Marie's hands continued touching Kathleen, still rubbing her pussy outside her panties, hand trailing over a leg. Kathleen left one hand free in bed, and Marie began rubbing her wet pussy on Kathleen's hand. It was warm and wet and slimy, and Kathleen was squicked out more than anything.

Then she heard Marie begin to move.

"Good," Kathleen thought. "She's going to bed."

But within a few moments, Kathleen heard the buzz of Marie's vibrator and then felt it hit her pussy.

"What the fuck? Doesn't she get the idea?" Kathleen said, staring miserably at the clock, praying someone would call. The incident was bringing back too many memories of bad things that happened in childhood, and Kathleen once more didn't know how to say "No."

Finally, Kathleen felt Marie give up and frantically rub her own pussy to orgasm. They turned over and each stared into the darkness, lost in her own thoughts. No words came the next morning, either.


"Tell me," Kathleen demanded. "What am I doing to you?"

"Fucking me," Marie said with a whimper.


"My pussy."

"What's in that cunt?"

"A cock."

"That's right. A cock. Whose cock?"

"Yours, Kathleen. Yours," Marie wailed.

"Good girl," Kathleen said, reaching up to caress Marie's bountiful breasts, which were bouncing with each hard thrust Kathleen made.

"Oooooh," Marie wailed. "Ooh!"

"Look at the little fuckslut who needs a cock so bad," said Kathleen. "Look at you fucking up at me. Does it make you hot to know I'm fucking you?"

"Yessssssss...." Marie hissed, her eyes closed.

Kathleen drove harder, reaching a hand in front of her to rub Marie's engorged clit. Marie gave a little scream.

"Oh God, Kathleen, don't stop," she whimpered. "Please."

"Please what?"


"What do you need?" Kathleen asked. "What do you want me to do?"

"Fuck me, please," Marie said. "I need it. I need to cum. You've made me so hot, and I can't stand it. Please."

"Well," Kathleen said. "I have one thing to say, first."

She began timing her speech with her thrusts. "Is THIS -" she rolled her head, encompassing the both of them - "EVer GOING to HAPpen aGAIN?"

"No," Marie whimpered. "I'm sorry."

"Are you GOING to COME on your COUSins's COCK, her BOOBS bouncing OVER you?"

"Ooooooooooh, please!" Marie wailed, her body arching up against the ties. "Kathleen, please!"

"WHO is IN conTROL?"

"You are!!!"

"Now come," Kathleen hissed. "Come hard, knowing your cousin just made you come like the little slut you are."

Marie screamed as she arched her body up, her pelvis meeting Kathleen's hard, sinking the cock immensely deep. Her body spasmed and shook in a mighty orgasm. She looked up with tears in her eyes.

Kathleen untied her, and said, "One more command. Fucking you made me horny, and now you're going to make me come. I'm going to lay here and you're going to lick my ivory pussy until my come is drenching your face."

Marie nodded and assumed the position. She delved into Kathleen's pussy and swiftly drove her to orgasm.

"Mmmmm," Kathleen moaned as she came down. "Now, did we both learn our lesson?"

Marie nodded. "Thank you."

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