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No Way ___ Sue



Read the sign over the door.

It wasn't where I worked myself, but I had an excellent excuse to go in, as I regularly sold them my own products, being in the cleaning trade.

That wasn't my real reason for being there that day though, and I had other thoughts on my mind, and every one of them involved a young lady called Sue.

Sue was indeed a lovely young lady of some twenty-eight years, married for sure, but since when did that worry me?

Not when she was as slender and beautiful as she undoubtedly was, and certainly not when she had responded to my previous overtures in the way that she had.

My specialty was married ladies, and I found that the prettier they were, then the easier they fell.

Fell for my charms that is, as I practiced my skill as a seducer.

"Hello my lovely ___ how are you this fine day?"

That's how I greeted her, and was rewarded with a huge beam of a smile.

"Hi Fred," the lovely replied, her voice already taking on a husky tone. "Is it lunch time already?"

I simply nodded at her, and twinkled my eyes. Took her arm and led her quickly out of the office and down to the local pub.


A couple of drinks, beer for me and gin and tonic for her, and things were going well. Sue rang up her office and told them that she would be back later than expected as something had come up.

Another round of drinks and we were already discussing where to go, back to my place or to find a hotel.

The hotel won, and the expense would be worth it. Sue though slender had the most beautiful breasts, and long, long legs. She was my ideal conquest, and I would enjoy licking the former, and sliding between the latter.

As she slid into my Porsche 911, her short skirt slid up further. But she made no attempt to cover up, just sat there ____ enjoying me, enjoying her.

A quick flit through the lunch time traffic and I pulled into the car park of the hotel.


We went through the formalities and were soon making our way up to our room, Sue giggling like a young schoolgirl at the adventure she was embarking upon. And me just looking forward to screwing the young lady, the wife of an old friend.

Her dress was soon off, and I helped her with her bra. Then her panties were slipped slowly down, and she stood there before me ____ absolutely splendid.

Perfection personified.

So slender yet curvy, so soft yet so firm. Her waist tapered in deliciously, before flaring out over her hips, and the twin peaks of her fine breasts jutted out daring me, challenging me to take them. But her face said it all. The fire in her eyes as she stared unflinchingly up at me, and the tip of her tongue that peeked cheekily out between her slightly parted full lips.

I slowly undressed and pushed up against her. She moved delicately back till her calves made contact with the edge of the bed, and then slowly leant backwards as I supported her, till she lay there before spread out before me.

Our first time, and there'd be no messing.

She wanted me inside her, and that is where I wanted to be.

Her legs slid slowly apart, and I stepped into the gap.

Knock, Knock!

Oh what bloody timing! ____ go away.

Knock Knock _____ Knock Knock!

Dammit ____ go away!

Knock Knock ____ Knock Knock ____ Knock Knock!

Oh bloody hell ____ I'd have to answer it. Grabbing a convenient towel, I went to the door and opened it.

"Bastards! _____ Call yourself a friend? ___ Call yourself a wife?"

Oh shit! ___ Sue's husband, my friend.

He burst in and rushed at me, threatening me, throwing punches.

I ducked under his flailing arms and punched him. Punched him hard, just the once, right on the chin.

He went down, so I grabbed him and dragged him back over to the still open door, and with one great heave, through him back out into the corridor.

I listened at the door, and heard him getting up, then skulking away.

A cuckold ____ Beaten by the better man, and gone away to lick his wounds.

"What should we do now?" Asked Sue, and I turned back round, my scowl changing to a grin as I saw her on the bed, still naked, still beautiful, a startled look on her face.

"Carry on of course," I informed her, and her look changed from startled to expectant, lying back down on her back, and re-opening her thighs.

"Oh ___ he'll be OK I suppose," she said as I approached her, my erection never having diminished. "I'll chat to him about it this evening. I might even have to let him have his way with me."

"No need to be too charitable," I told her. "Wait and see what mood he is in."

Then we were at it again, Sue sighing with delight as I at last slid deep inside her. Groaning with pleasure, as I slowly but surely worked my way back and forward.

Oh what sweet delights. A married woman, a beautiful young one, a friend's wife, wimp though he was.

It didn't get much better than that.


The hotel room door flew open, and the stupid fool leapt back inside the room.

I slowly pulled out of Sue, and turned to face him, this time determined to teach him a real lesson, one that he wouldn't forget.

Oh dear ____ Oh dearie me.

Was that gun he had real?

Did he even know how to use it?

I decided that the chances that one of the other would be in the negative, so reached out my hand to wrestle the gun from him.

A bang ____ a flash of light ____ the merest hint of a pain in my head.

Red mist, then coolness _____ clouds seemed to come over.


Where was I?

Everything seemed vague and cloudy ______ Funny _____ wonder why?

I could see a white van of some sort, and I seemed to be getting into it.


Was this really an ambulance? What was I doing in it?

Sirens, tyres squealing, there was somebody alongside me.

Rushing, braking, accelerating, cornering ____ stopping.

They're carrying me out ______ How can I see that?


They're putting me on a bed _____ It's stainless steel ____ why are there no sheets?

Everything is going dull. The lights are going out.


Christ, where am I now?

Looks a nice place they've bought me to anyway. Maybe some sort of nursing home.

What's that ahead ____ A set of huge shiny gates.

There's a bell to push. I push it ____ I want to get in, but there's no response.

I see the sign _____ and at last I begin to understand.


I ring and ring the bell, and at last relief as I see someone coming. A vision of loveliness ___ a tall slim blonde, with two wings behind her back, clad in tiny panties and bra, and balancing on four inch high heels.

I can't believe it ___ It's not possible _____ Victoria's secrets got it right!

"Let me in," I demanded.

"Let me at her," I actually thought.

"Where's your papers?" She demanded sternly.

"I haven't got any bloody papers," I told her.

"Sorry," she said, shaking her head. "No way honey ____ I can't let you in here."

The vision turned on her heels and walked back the way she'd come, her ass swaying seductively, making my loss even harder to accept.

Then it got cold.

Very cold, and I started to shiver as the freezing temperature started to get right through to my bones.

A blast of warm air at last, and for the first time I noticed the archway from where it was coming. I rushed over and felt the warmth run over me as I passed through. Then down the stairs, down and down, flight after flight of steps, the temperature rising dramatically the lower I got.

The end ___ another gate, but this time open wide.

PROP. Lucifer de Ville

Oh bloody hell no!

I entered nervously; sweat dripping off me as I cautiously made my way in. There were other creatures there, hardly human, which scuttled away at my approach.

"Hi, is that really you?" A voice said at my side. "You've ended up here too."

It was Sue, who'd arrived a few moments before me, except that she'd grown a moustache, one boob had shrunk and her legs had lost half their length. She'd become incredibly ugly.

"Ugh!," she said looking at me in absolute disgust. "What the hell has happened to you?"


Just a bit of silly fun really, but be warned.

This could be what happens to all adulterers

So think twice before you jump in.

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by ErotFan02/16/18

I wondered when I would finally come a story of this nature.

Actually, pretty well done; an as they will be... well done.

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