tagBDSMNo Way At All I'm Sending Pictures

No Way At All I'm Sending Pictures


Saturday June 11, 2005 (about 3 in the afternoon)

i've been looking for subbie girls in chat rooms. Met only one or two. i want to share my love for Marie. i want to learn. i think many of these people are just play acting or downright lying. Then of course, i get hit on by dozens of creepy guys.

One guy kept my attention a little while. i think he called himself BootyHunter69 or something like that. What kept me chatting is that he said he was trying to get a Domme to see him and was not succeeding. i could sympathize with his desire. There's at least one reason he might be a creepy fake however. He said he wanted pictures of my bare feet in a certain pose as a present for the Domme.

Now i can understand that he wanted a particular pose. He wanted to see if i was real. i don't mind that. But a Domme with male slaves who wants pics of a girl's feet? That doesn't make sense. Who am i to judge? Everyone's turn-on looks goofy to someone else. i must not be negative. i would not want people putting me down. So... i'll consider it.

The pose is not even reveling. Just lay on my tummy smiling at the camera. Breasts hidden behind folded arms. The focus of the pic is supposed to be my feet. i'm supposed to bend my knees so my bare feet stick up in the air. Seems harmless. i guess someone likes the soles of feet.

i'll ask Marie if it's ok when She come home.

Saturday June 11, 2005 (about midnight)

i had no idea that my Marie was so possessive!! She did not like the bare feet picture idea at all. No. Not even one little bit!

Saturday evening while we're eating i casually mentioned that i had been chatting online. Marie doesn't mind that. She knows i want to have some kinky girl talk with other subs. She approves and thinks i might have fun. But when i continued that i had been chatting with a guy, She went silent. Not realizing the significance, i blathered on and on how he wanted pictures of my bare feet and a specific pose.

Marie quietly put down Her knife and fork. "Come with me," She said as She slid back Her chair and stood up. i had no idea what was going on, but of course i followed. She led me upstairs and went into our bedroom closet. i just stood there meekly. She came out with my thigh-high boots. "Put these on now," She ordered sternly. i still did not know why, but Her voice sent a chill up my spine. Something was wrong and i didn't know what! i don't wear these boots much. They're tight. They're hot and sticky inside. They only have a four inch heel, but they hurt a little. The toes are too pointy for one thing and they should be at least a half size larger for another.

As i was pulling them on and lacing them. MISTRESS was digging around in our toy drawer. i could hear the clatter and jingle of chains. i usually like that sound very much, but this time i felt uneasy. When i had finished, She had returned with legirons, my dog collar and padlocks in Her hands. She wrapped my collar around my neck and locked it on. OK, slave rules apply. i know what this means. She inspected my lacing.

"Pull them tighter now," was all She said. So, of course i pulled all the laces tighter with my fingers and re-tied the bows. She bent over and stuffed the bows down inside the boot tops. She slid a little padlock through the top lace hole on my boots! She'd never done that before! She pulled the hole over to the other side and LOCKED it. i thought, "That's too tight!" but i could never say anything like that to Her, especially in my collar, so i kept my mouth shut. She did the same to the other boot. There is no no way in hell i could take them off. She lifted my chin with Her hand and sternly looked me in the eye. "You put the irons on now, Do it!" She barked. This was scary. What's going on? Of course, i bent over in front of Her and clicked the irons around my ankles.

"Tighter! NOW!" She ordered! They were already tight! i repositioned them to the smallest part of my ankles and clicked them both two notches tighter. The leather of the boots was now compressed by the steel. She grabbed my hair and stared into my eyes again, not saying a thing. She lifted her foot and pressed it against the legirons, clicking it closed one more notch on each of my ankles.

"Now stand up and come with me," She said as She turned and walked back downstairs. She did not stop at our unfinished dinner, but continued to my basement computer room. She ordered me to sit at my computer and said, "I don't know or care how you do it slut, but you send this message to that fucker who wants pictures of your feet, 'FUCK OFF! janet belongs to ME! If you come near my slave, I'll cut your fucking balls off!' exactly like that! Send it!" Then She left.

So that's what's going on! There is certainly no way at all i'm taking pictures of my bare feet now! i found BootyHunter69's little icon thingie in my archive and sent the message. Now what am i supposed to do i wondered? i went back to our dinner. She wanted me to refill Her wine glass and just continued eating. We finished dinner in silence. i had no idea what to say.

i cleared the dishes and cleaned-up the kitchen. She read the newspaper. The boots were a little uncomfortable, but not too bad. i tried to wiggle my toes, but it was too tight in there. If i stepped the wrong way, the cuffs hurt my ankles. i worked in silence. She tossed the papers on the floor, turned off the TV, and headed upstairs. i straighten the room as usual, turned off the lights and followed.

She was relaxing in the middle of our bed. "Massage my feet slave," She ordered. i got some lotion from the dresser and went to work silently. She just watched me, then laid back and closed Her eyes. "Keep at it, but also work your way up," She instructed. At least this was normal. i started to relax and enjoy myself. M has such lovely legs. For a while everything was nice and normal. i worked my way up Her body. She rolled over and i started at Her feet again and worked my way up Her back. She rolled over again and i knew She expected me to service Her. i love this! As usual, i eagerly stroked Her fine breasts, gently massaging in the lotion. i switched over to kissing Her. She permitted me. i lavished my love on Her neck, Her nipples, Her thighs, kissing with real passion. i lovingly gave Her head until She was satisfied.

Now this is when She would usually do me. Instead She just rolls on Her side and tells me to turn out the light. i was.... disappointed doesn't quite do it justice. i'm dripping wet. i can feel my cunt pulsing. My nipples are so hard they hurt. i WANT!! i think i just knelt there on the bed for minutes with my mouth opening and closing. Not knowing if or what or how i could say anything!

i decided i HAD to chance it. "Mistress? Please Mistress. Could we be together a while longer please?" i cooed softly. She rolled over and sprung into an upright sitting position. "NO!" She glared at me, "You have been very bad. You're lucky I did not whip you!" i was so surprised that i said something more back to Her! "But Mistress, he just wanted some goofy pictures, It would have been harmless." i should NEVER have said that! in fact, being in my studded dog collar, i just earned... let me count... nineteen lashes. "Mistress" and "please" are on the list of words i am permitted. the other nineteen words are not. Luckily, i did not accidentally say "no" or "don't" or i would have gotten the lashes for sure.

"If you say one more word, I'm going to lock a gag on you as well as those boots. I haven't decided when I might take those boots off, or even if I ever will! Maybe a gag is a good idea," She stared at me like She was really considering it. i swallowed and kept my mouth shut. Gags are fun, but only for a few minutes. She rolled back on Her side and said sleepily, "I think you look fine in those boots. That will do for tonight. We will see how good you are tomorrow and see about the gag."

i thought, "tonight? tomorrow? ever take them off? oh no! what am i supposed to do?" The padlocks at the boot tops were really digging into my thighs now. There was no longer any way to hold my feet so that the cuffs did not hurt my ankles. This was not good. At least She forgot about the lashes. i hope She did. Did She? Please please please don't gag me too i thought. Funny... i'm almost praying to Her in my mind.

i didn't have any choice. i made my way quietly down to this computer. i'm sitting here writing this when we should be loving. We should be writhing on the bed arms wrapped around each other's torso. Drinking each other's juices. Sigh... i guess i'll masturbate. i guess i'll get tired enough to sleep in these boots later. i still have to get up at 4 am to prepare Her breakfast. Please please please just be joking or something. Maybe She'll take these off tomorrow.

Sunday Jun 12, 2005

i'm going crazy! i'm still locked in these boots & my dog collar! The boots mean i could not go out today. i was hoping Marie (the loving girl friend) & i could go out or something. The collar means i MUST be a 100% pure sex slave period. i am only allowed to say nine words in any combination i like: "yes Mistress i love you please fuck me harder" There's only so much you can communicate like that!

i could not run this morning. i'll get fat if this keeps up! i could not take a shower. Had to sponge bathe. Had to wash my hair in the sink. i like to shave my legs & "suzie" in the shower, but couldn't. Tried an old electric razor. It pulls and doesn't cut cleanly.

Marie is being MISTRESS with all capital letters. Since i am allowed to answer questions freely, She's not asking any. She just barks orders.

my feet hurt! my ankles hurt! my thigh hurts where the locks are! i'm afraid there's not enough blood getting in my feet. i try to wiggle and exercise. i think it helps.

At least She forgot about whipping me for talking back to Her last night. i think She forgot. i hope She forgot

Aw this is shitty! Sundays are the only day She's off all day and we can be together! We usually have a wonderful time. Come on MISTRESS! Have a heart! i love you! i miss you. i can't say anything! i tried just sitting at Her feet. i said "Mistress please, i love you" over and over. She said "Yes, I know." But that's all She said! i tried stroking Her leg. She did pat my head. She did spread Her legs and let me lick Her. But when She was satisfied, She kicked me away!!! What am i going to do?

Monday June 13, 2005 (about 11:30 at night)

Hooray! all is forgiven! Maybe we'll even take pics of my feet for that pervert guy online. When She came home She ASKED me if i'd be a good girl! So, i FINALLY could explain!!!

All day today was like Sunday. Yes, i love bondage and discipline, but this wasn't fair. i could not go shopping. It was difficult to do normal stuff around the house that needs to be done on Mondays. i could not work in my garden in the afternoon. No shower again! i'm going to stink real soon!

But when Marie came home, i professed my love and obedience when She permitted me. i got down on my knees (which by the way is one of the few more comfortable positions for my feet) and FINALLY explained that the creepy man told me he was a slave or i would not have chatted with him. FINALLY got to explain that the stupid pics were supposed to be an order from his Domme. Of course my Mistress relented. No matter how odd it sounds, we would both help a slave serve his/her Dominant. Well... She would permit it, i would help if i could.

So off came the legirons. Off came the boots. Off came my collar and they were all put away. MARIE massaged my feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh heaven!!!!!! She finally "did" me... good too!!!! Luckily dinner didn't burn. We ate rather late after this big turn of events.

We had lovely, warm, passionate sex again after dinner. She would never say this, but i think She missed me as Her lover.

i just had to write this. Don't know why i'm still up. She's sleeping. She's so beautiful sleeping. i'm going to bed now.

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