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Nobody Could Compare...


Especially for you my baby... [hiproller88]

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

She never did have to try hard to turn him on. Her very scent would make him tingle with sexual energy. As he lay there on the bed, wearing only his skin tight boxer shorts, he caught a glimpse of her moist leopard print briefs on the floor beside him. Unable to resist, he pressed them hard against his face, as he inhaled the juices he so badly craved. Fuck her sex tasted good. His cock began to throb uncontrollably as pre-cum seeped into the fabric. He began to inhale deeper and deeper as he slowly became swept into her sea of pleasure. Hardly able to keep his head above the water he tensed his hardening cock to numb his frustration.

The bathroom door clicked open. A solitary shiver shot up his spine before exploding like a firework creating a sexual buzz throughout his entire body. She walked into the bedroom wearing only a thong - her natural brown hair cascading down over the shoulders of her stunning hourglass body.

"Hey Monkey, is somebody a little excitable?" she smirked as she glanced down at his juicy cock which had forced its way out of the top of his boxers. She perched on the edge of the bed as she flirtatiously rolled her tongue across her sparkling lips.

"Me? Nope..." he replied with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. She flicked her hair and playfully raised her eyebrows. He should know by now that foreplay is a game which she is always going to win. He would melt like chocolate in her hands.

"That's a shame," she grinned as she teasingly caressed his upper thigh, working her way higher and higher. "I wanted to say good night properly." Her silky soft hands began to caress the bottom of his scrotum making his cock tingle with ecstasy. Hypnotized in her gaze he stared into her deep blue eyes as he had so many times before. She began stroking his cock sending shudders of ecstasy throughout his entire body.

"Good night honey," he whispered as he positioned himself behind her - kissing her neck as he ran his hands over her shapely breasts. She rolled her head back over his shoulder as he began to kiss further and further down her neck. The smell of the 'Dark Night' perfume she was wearing reminded him of the night of their very first kiss in the Middlesbrough Empire. She turned to face him, brushing his cock as she did so, and slowly leaned towards him. He went to kiss her left nipple. Teasingly she pulled away at the very last second.

"I thought weren't excitable baby?" she smirked as she rubbed her hand down the side of his sculpted torso whilst cupping her left breast towards her face.

He gently pressed his tongue against her ear-lobe and softly whispered "I'm going to fuck you until you beg me to stop." She giggled as she turned to face him. There was momentary silence as they shared an intimate gaze. Right on cue they cast themselves upon each other like porn stars. Inseparable and oblivious to the Universe they kissed as if they were the last two people on earth. Hands all over one another's bodies they began to sweat in the cold Edinburgh night.

As she removed his moist wet boxer shorts his cock sprung free somewhat spectacularly, visibly pulsing, pre-cum dripping from the head. She slowly licked the side of his shaft from the base to the tip before closing her lips around his girth as she massaged his shaft using her tongue. His member still deep in the back of her throat she glanced up at him with those angelic eyes. As she pulled out she pressed her moist lips tight around his cock before wiping the creamy nectar from her lips with one clean sweep of the tongue. Her lips crashed straight back onto his as they shared the taste of his pre-cum.

She straddled him and gently brushed her moistening pussy over his pulsing cock. He ran his fingers through her hair as she rolled her hips such that her hairs just grazed the very end of his shaft. Every now and again when the very head of his shaft would slip into her pussy - she would giggle at the excruciated look on his face. The sound of her giggling made him harder still.

Shit he was frustrated. Unable to stand the soul destroying frustration a second longer he began to massage her dripping wet pussy firmly in his palm. She rolled her head back and clenched her eyes closed as she began to breathe deeper and deeper. As he pressed his lower thigh softly against her pussy she let out a soft moan before beginning to thrust towards it rhythmically with increasing intensity. He kissed every inch of her precious body as he worked his way down towards her pussy - which was glistening with the juices he relished so badly. How he loved tasting her, living her. He pressed his nose into the blazing hot slit between her moist lips and took a deep breath as he pressed upwards towards the labia. Using the tip of his tongue he circled the perimeter of her opening before pressing it assertively against her G-spot. Her hips elevated slightly as her juices began to drip down onto the bed sheets. He reached beneath her pert bum before rubbing his palm back over her slippery pussy. Using his index finger he massaged her inner walls before sensually caressing her G-spot. As he began to finger fuck her faster her face became slightly flushed as her breathing became more rugged. She became louder and more energetic. As he inserted a second finger her moaning became almost continuous and she began to gently thrust her hips up into his wrist which was resting on her clitoral hood. Using the tip of his tongue he stroked over her labia – savouring the taste of every last drop of her sex. As he increased the pressure on her G-spot her steaming hot pussy began to close in on his fingers. Circling his tongue around her swelling clit - her hips flexed powerfully. As he began to spiral in towards her epicentre she gripped his arm tightly as she screamed in ecstasy. As his tongue pressed against her clit her entire body shook uncontrollably with orgasm. As he held the pressure on her G-spot her entire body continued to tremble with wave upon wave of pleasure. His relentless fingers driving her higher and higher. As she threw her head back against the duvet her perfectly formed breasts jiggled something beautiful as orgasm ravaged through her body.

"Please fuck me!" she cried. He straddled her and gently rubbed his member over her tingling pussy. Determined to frustrate her every bit as much as she had frustrated him he teasingly pushed the very head of his pulsing cock in and out of her quivering opening. Catching him off guard she pressed her pussy upon his cock. As her pussy engulfed his cock inch by tantalising inch his eyes never left hers. Whilst he loves the feeling of his bare dick against her wet pussy nothing compares to the satisfaction of looking deep into her eyes as it slides in inch by inch. As his cock slipped into her pussy there was a thick fluid resistance which prevented free thrusting – however this melted away as they began to fuck. Tensing her PC muscles her pussy took a hungry and lustful grip on his cock as he began to thrust. This created a pleasurable resistance but one which was difficult to maintain due to their combined wetness. Her pussy still tingling from her previous climax he fucked her oh-so-gently. She wrapped her legs around his hips as he thrusted with delicious rhythm.

He reached around beneath her legs and gently stroked her slippery taint. He continued thrusting her deep as he looked deep into her eyes. "Harder!" she cried as she held his sweating body tight against hers. She began to squirm with pleasure as she dug her nails deep into his back. At that moment it was as if the solar system was orbiting around them and nothing else in the world was more important. Angling his dick up toward her G-spot he fucked her with all of the energy he had. "Come on my cock," he whispered softly. The intensity of the thrusting caused her tits to bounce against his chest. "Fuck yes!" she cried, "Oh my god, oh my god, YES!" Totally lost in one another's bodies he began to fuck her harder still as he held her naked body tight against his. "Come on me baby," he whispered as he clenched her bum cheeks hard, digging in his nails. She screamed with ecstasy as waves of orgasm pulsed through her body. Her pussy closed hard on his thrusting cock milking it dry as they shared an indescribably intense orgasm. Holding each other closely they plummeted into orgasmic oblivion. The warmth of his cum filled her pussy as she trembled with ecstasy. Her trembling was so intense it was almost as if 240 volts were passing through her body. He continued to ride her bucking body hard through the pastures of orgasmic glory and on into the realms of peaceful tranquillity.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Nobody could compare.

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