tagNonHumanNocturnal Emissions

Nocturnal Emissions


She was beautiful in every detail. I didn't know her name. I don't even recall how we met. And I had no idea how it was that we were naked on a silk bed sheet. And although our naked bodies were well illuminated on a mist-covered bed, the surrounding room was completely dark. We could have just as easily been outside for all I knew. I had no idea where we were or who I was with.

I did know her skin was soft. Softer than any woman I had ever touched; softer than lambs wool and smooth as velvet. Her face was angelic; round with soft angles. Her eyes were closed and enjoying my touch as I positioned myself effortlessly between her legs.

No words passed between us. Her ivory legs spread gracefully as I floated between them. She had full, nearly perfect breasts. Her abdomen was firm and toned. My dick was the hardest I had ever known. It felt like steel and was almost painful as it strained to reach its goal; her lovely pussy.

Like rose petals her labia was plush and elegant in every detail. And like a flower in bloom each labial skin fold rolled back slowly under a clean-shaven pubis to reveal a pink entrance to her pussy.

Slowly I floated closer and closer. My dick strained as it neared her glistening opening. My heart began to race. I could almost feel my dick entering her lovely orifice.

She smiled and her eyes opened. Her pupils were large deep pools and I felt myself being drawn to her gaze. Though her body was one of submission, her eyes were quite the opposite. Her stare was one of control and commanding. And although my dick ached for her pussy; my mind suddenly paused at the contrast and I realized it was a dream. Quickly looking down through the bright light, my dick was just entering her pussy.

I awoke to a pumping sensation. My dick was pulsating. I tried to will it to stop but it was too late. It was followed by warm, wet cum spraying inside my underwear. I had no control of it, felt no orgasm and just waited for the pulsation to subside.

Reaching up, I switched the light on the nightstand and pulled back the covers. My white underwear was soaked with sticky cum. It had happened again.

I had gone to a doctor and told him I was cumming in my sleep several times a week. He called it nocturnal emissions and said it was normal. He did admit several times a week was quite much and pretty much said I needed to get laid more or jack off to try and prevent it.

I was in between girlfriends but passed off the advice. It wasn't that I couldn't get girlfriends. I was a successful business consultant and had once been a male model in college but my travels pretty much limited the girlfriend scenario as I career climbed.

It wasn't the nocturnal emissions that really bothered me. It was the dreams that preceded them. I had come close to fucking an assortment of beauties, which was understandable knowing my sexual preferences. But I had even cum in my sleep just as I was about to fuck a misty haze or as I was spreading my legs for some unseen dick to enter my ass. How was I going to tell the doctor about those dreams?

A mist wasn't sexy but something beckoned me to fuck it, so I did. I never had a desire for a man to fuck me; but my dick sprayed cum at the prospect. And even the women, which a guy would expect in a wet dream; they always were of great beauty but something would awaken me that alerted me to their inhuman nature.

My best friend was one of those new age psychic authorities. I sought his advice. The friend in him told me to enjoy it. I told him I never got to enjoy anything. Once I was about to fuck the vision, I awakened to a stream of painful cum. No orgasm.

He then got serious and asked for details. They all involved me about to enter a vision or a vision about to enter me. I was always being beckoned for more but I'd awake to my dick exploding. Then the occultist in him kicked in. He went and did research for days then got back to me.

"Do you want the visions to go away or do you want to consummate the vision?" He asked.

At first, I wanted to just make them go away and told him so. He seemed to relax and handed me some Latin words written on a piece of paper.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Just read it before you go to bed. After eight nights, the visions will stop." He said.

Seemed easy enough. But I was curious. I looked at the paper as my friend tried to change the subject.

"What do you mean by; did I want to consummate the vision?" I interrupted. There was a long pause. My friends face grew serious.

"Listen. Whether you believe it or not; Spiritual creatures are trying to have sex with you." He said.

"Oh, come on." I smiled.

"No. You've been chosen. I looked it up. All the elements are there; the vision, the frequency, the emissions. To the creatures, your nocturnal emissions are just foreplay."

"This is a joke. This is your occult fantasy stuff."

"I'm serious. For centuries, beings in other dimensions desire to have sex with humans in this dimension. I guess it's kinky to them." He said.

"Okay. So what does it mean to consummate the vision?" I said.

"Well. If you consent to union with these beings; they'll...well, they'll have sex with you. "

"So what's the problem with that?"

"Right now they're just teasing you. You don't understand but sex has more of a spiritual dimension than a physical dimension. That's what the spirits are after. They want the physical experience but it translates into a more powerful spiritual union. It can have unknown consequences." He said.

"So what do I do?" I asked.

My friend was reluctant. But after some encouragement he pulled out another piece of paper with more Latin. I only had to read it three nights. So I did.

Oddly the nocturnal emissions stopped that week. I hadn't had an emission in a couple of nights so I just knew the visions would reoccur within a night or two and happen again right on schedule; but they didn't.

It was the last night to read the Latin. I read it, turned off the light and went to bed. I kept thinking that at least the emissions had stopped.

After midnight I was awakened from a deep sleep. It wasn't a dream because I opened my eyes and looked around the room trying to figure out what had awakened me. And I knew it was after midnight because I looked at the clock.

I also knew it wasn't a dream because my dick wasn't hard and I wasn't floating. I felt the bed; I could see the room in the dim light that filtered through the window. It was real. So I shrugged and decided to go back to sleep.

Before I closed my eyes however, a warm feeling came over me. The cover was too much, I figured; so I pulled them off. I sleep in white jockey shorts but I had this strange urge to sleep naked. Even though I live alone in my apartment, I never sleep naked but figured why not, so I stripped them off.

I wasn't sleepy either so I just stared at the ceiling. Soon I felt, well...I felt a presence. But I wasn't afraid. I kept looking around the dim room. The moonlight drifted through the curtains and the room took on a smoky haze. Nothing supernatural or anything, it was just the full moon outside. I had seen it illuminate the room before. It made everything look like a black and white movie late at night.

A warm breeze lightly drifted over me. I raised my head briefly to see if I had closed the window before bedtime but noticed I was aroused by the sensation. I figured I was not accustomed to my genitals being exposed in the bed at night and should just enjoy my newfound freedom.

The breeze drifted over my genitals again. It was soft; barely perceptible. But my dick responded. Slowly in the subdued light I watched as it gradually engorged. First my dick was lying limp on my hip. But as it filled with blood, it slowly slid all by itself up my hip and to my abdomen.

When it reached my abdomen, it began to rise into the air. It was slow and gradual. As it neared its full erection it began to pulsate to the beat of my heart. It felt nice and I thought it odd that I would get hard with no stimulation. So I watched in fascination.

But I quickly had this feeling come over me. You know the feeling. It was a lustful feeling. A desire. Like if you were about to masturbate or had been watching a porn movie. It's the same feeling people describe when they say they're horny. I wanted to fuck and it was so strong I would have fucked nearly anything and not cared.

At first, I thought I'd just jack off and go back to bed. But I had the urge to move my hips; so I did. I was lying on my back. My dick was pointed toward the ceiling. So I started raising my hips then lowering them. It felt good.

I did it again and my dick warmed. The next time I raised my hips higher and settled my buttocks deeper into the bed before raising them again. My dick felt as if it was being softly gripped as I did. Soon I was thrusting into the air. Each time my body tingled and I felt warmer and warmer.

I gripped the bed with both hands on either side of my body and continued to fuck the empty air above me. My dick felt as if it was being pulled and squeezed with each thrust. After several minutes I realized this felt better than masturbation. It felt better than any woman I had fucked. It was simply indescribable.

It was like I had no control over my pelvis. The desire to fuck was overwhelming and intuitively I knew I was building toward an orgasm. But I didn't care and it was all the more exciting that I was not touching my dick or fucking a woman to do it.

The silence of the room was broken by my moans. I balled the sheets in my hands and arched my back toward the ceiling. My dick rose as high in the air as my back and buttocks could push it as I jerked my genitals skyward.

Then it happened. My body tingled. The room began to spin. My ass twitched and I no longer felt the bed beneath me. There seemed to be no support to my back and time suddenly slowed.

I felt as if my body was about to explode with ecstatic sensations as sparks filled my vision and the room darkened. Then I felt it. The feeling was familiar yet more intense. My balls contracted tightly against my body and a surge of electricity rolled up my dick only to explode from the tip.

I was cumming. Pulsation after pulsation sprayed from the tip. As it did, my dick felt as if a vacuum had been placed over it and every drop was being sucked from my shaft.

I then collapsed on the bed. The bed bounced. It was as if I had been dropped from several feet onto it. I wanted to feel for the wet cum which I knew had landed on the bed but my arms wouldn't move. I was drenched in sweat and exhausted. I thought I'd just rest a bit before I cleaned up but drifted off to sleep instead.

The next morning the sun gleamed through the window. I awoke and had not moved form my position the night before. I was on my back and felt fully refreshed. Then I remembered my ejaculatory joys the night before and dreaded cleaning the sheets.

However, as I felt around the bed; no dry cum. Was it a dream? No, I concluded. It clearly wasn't a dream. But where was the evidence of it?

"Ok, what's up." I asked my friend later in the day.

"You're kidding. It happened?" He said.

"You tell me. What did happen?"

"Well. According to legend. If the spirits tease you and you evoke them by the Latin I gave you; then they will visit to give you a taste of what they offer. You don't get to see them unless you.....well, anyway...how was it?" He said.

"It was great. The best orgasm I ever had. What is it I have to do to see them? Or do I want to see them? Are they ugly or something? Is that why you're evasive?"

"Oh no. Supposedly they are the most beautiful beings ever, like your dreams. It's just. Well, the legend says you have to be willing to submit then partake of your own seed before you can fully enjoy what they have to offer."

"What does submit and partake of your own seed mean?"

"Don't know. I'm just telling you what the ancient text says. I do know that last night you accepted them; now you have to accept them somehow. You know, submit to them. It's said the spirits will make it clear to you. But you have to say the Latin backward three nights now." He said. "Are you leaving anything out this time?" I asked.

"Oh, no. I just didn't think it would happen. Just be careful what you wish for. It's hard for a macho guy like you to submit to anything when it comes to sex. I don't know why the spirits chased you down."

Deep down I knew. My friend heard about my female conquests. What he didn't know was I was a sensitive, caring guy too. In fact, I liked being dominated by a woman rather than being so macho all the time. I even liked my women fucking me on top. I could be a submissive kind of guy in private. It was a big turn on for women.

So I said the Latin backward. On the third night, I found it hard to sleep. I kept watching the clock so I knew I never fell asleep. Just after midnight, I had to urinate. I went to the bathroom and relieved myself. After flushing the toilet, I stood in front of the large mirror. It was a large bathroom for an apartment and even had two sinks side by side.

I washed my hands in the dark. I could barely see but there was a nightlight plugged into an electric receptacle and it provided enough illumination to keep you from breaking a toe on a corner late at night.

I looked at my naked body in the mirror. I had slept in the nude every night since the spiritual orgasm occurred. I could see myself from the genitals up in the dim yellow light, which was so low you had to squint to really see much. It was really an outline of my body and long shadows.

My dick dangled in front. My chest muscles were tight from lifting weights. My abdomen was flat and toned. It was then that the atmosphere seemed to change. My ears popped and the dim nightlight flickered.

"Place your hands and phallus on the marble"

For a moment I wondered if I were imagining a voice or was it real. I looked around and my eyes met only darkness. My heart pounded but it was not fear as much as it was the unknown. Was I hearing things with my ears or my mind?

"Lean over the marble. Display your phallus there. Submit yourself."

The marble? Phallus? I looked down. The counter was cool and shiny. It was also marble. My dick hung at the level of it. Oh, yes. My dick.

Now my heart pounded from excitement. I had seen the beauties. I had tasted an orgasm by them unseen. There was nothing I wouldn't submit to in order to experience that world.

I lifted my dick and placed it on the cool counter in front of me. I looked around and insured I was in the bathroom alone. I then placed both hands on the counter top between the sinks. I then looked at my reflection in the mirror.

At first nothing happened. The floor was cool to my bare feet. The counter cooled my dick; which lay upon it. My hands melded to the marble top as they perspired slightly. But soon warmth filled the room. I sensed movement but saw nothing.

In the reflection, I could sense a wavy haze behind me and a warm breeze brushed my back. Suddenly, my ass warmed and a breeze drifted over the mounds of my buttocks and onto my lower back and thighs.

There was no voice to guide me. But I suddenly felt my nakedness. I became aware of my dick on the counter and my bare chest. I felt vulnerable.

I stood there motionless for the longest time. My mind reviewed my sexual encounters. The times I was kind and sensitive but even the times I was inexperienced and selfish as well.

In the mirror I seemed to see visions of male and female but the sexual differences strangely morphed and I could no longer tell which was male or female, yet they both were beautiful.

It was as if I was taking an account of my thoughts and sexual being. I was getting a glimpse into real beauty and it didn't involve being attracted to the feminine side of sexuality and repulsed by the masculine. There was a balance in their world. There was a give and a take; a yin and a yang; a masculine and a feminine. There was a time to dominate and a time to submit.

And although there was no voice; something spoke to me and I knew what they meant. It's why I stood there so long.

Finally, I made my decision. I placed my hands further forward and leaned over the counter a bit more. My dick still rested on the cool marble. My ass was even more exposed but I realized it provided an entrance to my body. And although it was merely physical; it was a physical access to my physical and spiritual submission.

Warmth radiated off the backs of my legs. It rose to my buttocks and up my back. A slight breeze drifted over the back of my neck as if the breath of unseen forces.

Slowly I felt what I somehow expected. The cheeks of my ass loosened and I felt an invisible probing of my ass. I braced myself for the worst but surprisingly my fears were unfounded.

Something entered me. I do not know what; but the sphincter of my ass relaxed involuntarily and I gradually felt a fullness growing in my bowels that began with my ass.

Rather than painful as I imagined, it was pleasant. So pleasant that my dick began to engorge. It warmed the cool marble counter and began to rise. It was then that a slow pulsation began in my ass. In and out; a rising and a falling sensation as my ass hole opened and closed; opened and closed.

It was involuntary. But there was no question that although there was no man behind me nor a woman wearing a strap on dildo; I was nevertheless being fucked by unseen forces. And despite my masculinity, I couldn't have enjoyed it more.

The fucking motion continued for the longest time. My ass opened and closed hundreds of times and I was filled from within over and over. My erection bobbed in front of me and I began to moan with each rhythm of motion.

As my erection soon reached a peak, to the point that it ached; this rhythm increased. My ass opened and closed as if something invisible was fucking me in and out faster and faster.

My breathing quickened. My heart pounded. Soon my body was no longer my own once again. My ass hole started to twitch. I had the desire to push back against the fucking rhythm in my ass but wanted to thrust my dick forward at the same time.

My thighs then suddenly seized. I rose to my tiptoes. My breath stopped in my throat. Every muscle in my body was gripped in spasm and I felt a sudden burning in my dick.

On my tiptoes, I was only able to keep my fingertips on the countertop to steady myself. But as I looked down I saw gushes of cum stream from my dick. The first stream hit the mirror but successive streams arced line after thin line of pearly fluid on the marble counter before me.

My ass continued to twitch for some time and my dick involuntarily pulsated as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure swept over me. The last few eruptions from the tip of my pulsating dick spurted thick globs and deposited the white cum on the counter as an exclamation point to my orgasm. Then it was over.

I kept my hands on the counter and rested for a moment. Beads of sweat filled my brow. My breathing leveled. What do I do now? Can I let go of the counter? What happens next?

Below me my dick was slowly relaxing. My ass felt warm but no longer twitched. All that was left of the moment was the cum filled counter. Line after line of white fluid lay sparkling on the marble counter top. Submit and partake. Now I got it.

I had this overwhelming desire for my own semen. And it fit perfectly with what my friend told me. I lowered my head to the counter. The counter was cool but the cum was still warm.

I licked a small line. A salty sensation met my tongue. I licked more and more, filling my mouth with the slimy milky fluid until the mirror and whole counter was clean with no evidence of my midnight orgasm.

The next day there was a knock on my door. I had slept well all night and wondered what the next few days would bring. I expected something mystical, something wondrous. So I answered the door a little miffed because I wanted to wait in the apartment alone all day or better yet I couldn't wait until nightfall. I planned to go to bed early to see what awaited me. Besides, spirits don't knock so the door was an interruption.

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