tagErotic CouplingsNocturnal Emissions: Daniel & Clara

Nocturnal Emissions: Daniel & Clara


Daniel came home after a late and long day. The 'all american' had been cramming for his final exams, working part time at a restaurant and attending every practice for his swim-team. He had been pushed past the point of exhaustion. He glanced at his watch 1am it read. He walked into his parents house.

"Danny make sure you lock the door!" he heard his mother call.

He rolled his blue eyes and locked up as he entered the house. The 18 year old slowly climbs the stairs leading to his bedroom. Daniel entered his room without bothering to turn his lights on. He knew where his bed was with his eyes closed, he collapsed onto his bed, and drifted off to dreamland.

He found himself in the school locker room there was no doubt in his mind that he was dreaming especially since the locker didn't smell like feet as it usually does. He walked around the locker room and into the showers. He could hear the water running and footsteps as if someone was taking a shower. In the distance is saw a female figure standing under a shower head. Daniel moved closer he watched as the girl turned around in slow motion. He smiled at the girl in his dream. It was Clara, a schoolmate who had recently moved from Brooklyn, New York to Daniel's small hometown of Corcoran, Minnnesota. She was a petite 18 year old with almond shaped eyes the color of sable, her skin a rich burnt umber and a smile that lit up a room as well as warm it. Although she was as friendly as a puppy she hadn't made any friends. She had accepted the fact that not only was it cause she was the new kid, in a new school she was fairly certain some may have had a problem with her race even though her schoolmates were nice enough they still never tried to build a friendship with her. Daniel was amazed to see her in his dream. He had seen her in a bathing suit a few times his eyes would trace her curves and now his mind had used those images to create what he considered to be a beautiful body.

"Hello Daniel." She smiled as she walked towards him arms open, soaking wet and hugged him. Daniel could feel the her soft wet warm slippery body pressed against his. He looked down realizing he was naked as well he wrapped his arms around her smiling.

"Hey Clara." she pulled away from him.

"Danny, I've missed you. Can you fuck my ass please right after I suck that cock of yours?"

Daniel's mouth dropped open his cock went rock hard so fast he almost came on himself. Eyes wide he managed a nod in which Clara jumped up and down with glee clapping her hands and smiling. Daniel watched her wet perky breast bounce up and down. In the back of his mind continued to think "Don't wake up don't wake up." Clara quickly dropped to her knee her angelic face looked up at him and smiled before she wrapped her warm soft full lips wrapped around his cock. Daniel could feel her tongue massaging his cock while she bobbed back and forth taking his cock deep down her throat pulling away only to suck his balls. Whenever he looked down at her she'd be looking up into his arctic blue eyes. The sight of her sweet angelic face sucking his cock sent him over the edge he let out a cry as cum poured out of his cock and down Clara's throat. She continued to suck and swallow as he continued to cum.

She finally pulled him away and smiled "Are you going to fuck my ass?".

Daniel smiled and nodded. Clara turned around and got on all fours her butt raised in the air like a ripe tasty apple. Steam gathered around them as he kneeled behind her.

"I oiled it up real good Danny its all yours" she said shaking her ass back and forth. Daniel's mouth watered his cock harder than a diamond he inched closer to her and woke up.

Daniel looked around his room and screamed in agony. As in thrashed about the bed in misery he noticed his pants wet. Soaked in his on seed. "Shit!!" he said as he sucked his teeth and hopped out of bed. Daniel glanced at his watch 6am it read he didn't even have time to rush back to sleep he had to get ready for school. He sulked about as he removed his soiled clothing, jumped in the shower and changed for school. As he left his house flashes of his dream appeared in his head his cock would tingle as he walked, her round apple ass her ebony hair drenched her warm wet skin "She smelled so good" he thought "I wonder if I could actually taste her." His thoughts were only of his dream as he headed to school.

Clara stood outside her house. Besides the normal routine of going to school she had been in the library all afternoon well into the evening. Between studying for classes and helping the librarian catalog new arrivals she was beat. She didn't bother looking for her house keys she rang the door and was greeted by her Dad.

"Hey pumpkin, you look exhausted."

"I am. Let mom know that I'm gonna go straight to bed if I get hungry I'll get a midnight snack."

Clara's father looked at his watch It's only 8 o clock."

"I know Dad but I've had a long day." She climbed the stairs to her bedroom. Even though she was tired she went through her bedtime routine as always of showering the day away and deep cleaning her face. She stood under the shower letting the water drench her from head to toe. She thought about how the day went. How her classmate Daniel seemed to take more of an interest in her He asked her a million questions today every chance he could and even sat with her at lunchtime. Clara was skeptical in believing he liked her that much she took it as being friendly. 'Maybe he figured if he was friendlier to me everyone else would be too' she thought as she climbed out the shower. Clara's mind drifted to Daniel again as she finished getting ready for bed. Sure he was cute, blue eyed and athletic with the stereotypical 'all american boy' thing going for him. Girls talked about him but they seemed to talk about any cute boy in the school with a pulse. 'He can't possibly be interested in me there's so many better girls out there for him' she thought as she climbed into bed and drifted to sleep.

Clara found herself in a classroom. 'Oh great I'm dreaming about school' she thought. Her hair was styled in pigtails and she seemed to be wearing a typical catholic school girl uniform, plaid skirt white top, long white socks and saddle shoes with black horn rimmed glasses. She looked around and seemed to be the only one in the classroom, suddenly someone entered. It was Daniel but he looked a bit older and dressed like a teacher. He barely looked at her as he sat down at his desk.

"Ms. Clara, welcome to detention. Are you ready for you punishment?"

Clara was puzzled. "Detention for what?"

"Your mouth young lady is dirty too dirty for an 18 year old female such as yourself." Clara got up from her desk she looked down to see that her skirt was extremely short barely covering her ass cheeks still she walked over to Daniel.

"Fuck you." she said slowly and clearly.

Daniel raised his hand to her face and stroked her cheek softly. "If you say so." He smiled as he grabbed one of her pigtails and dragged her back over to her desk. He quickly bent her over. He rubbed her panty covered ass "I like your panties they're so white and lacy" he whispered. He continued to rub her, massaging her pussy through her panties causing them to become wet. He swiftly pulled her panties down and admired what was before him. Her round little onion ass and her moist puffy pussy lips there for the taking.

Clara couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth. "Fuck me Daniel, fuck my tight little ass, fuck my pussy make me scream. I've been so bad."

Daniel moved behind her cock in hand he stroked it as Clara wiggled her ass back in forth in front of him. Clara moved backwards so that her pussy bumped into his cock and woke up in a sheen of sweat. Her chest heaved as she caught her breath.

"Whoa." she whispered as she tried to calm herself down. Her nipples tightly beaded her clit stiff and swollen pressed up against her wet panties.

She glanced over at her alarm clock. 6am it said letting her know it was time to start a new day. She didn't know what to think about the dream she experienced, she didn't know what to think about Daniel. Rubbing her eyes and forehead she decided to push the whole thing out of her mind as she prepared for school.

Clara had been distracted all day thinking about the dream she woke up from. She also managed to avoid Daniel for most of the day. It bothered her as he had been so nice to her over the pass few days. She hurried through the school hallway, late, to her final class of the day. Most of her schoolmates were already in their own classrooms waiting for the day to end. She zipped around a corner crashing right into Daniel.

"Oh shit sorry Danny."

Daniel smiled "No harm. I haven't seen you all day. Where have you been hiding" Daniel asked as he looked over the girl. She wore a fitted short sleeved button down white shirt and a red plaid pleated skirt.

Clara felt flush. "Study hall and class. Well I'm off to class now. See ya later." She started to walk away but Daniel grabbed her hand.

"Why don't you cut class and hang with me."

Clara laughed "Let's not and say we did."

"I just want to get to know you better."

"Why so you can fuck me and tell the school you banged the black chick from brooklyn? Not interested."

Daniel frowned a bit. "I don't think of you like that. Just come with me. Please."

"Where are we gonna go?"

"To my house my parents aren't home and we'll be in the basement anyway."

"Great nothing like hanging in a musky basement."

Daniel rolled his eyes and led Clara out of the school and to his car. His eyes kept drifting from the road to her shapely legs which were accented with white knee socks. The pulled into his driveway. Clara nervously exited the car. Flashes of her dream played in her head sending shock waves through her body.

"We're gonna go through the basement entrance. Follow me."

Clara followed him to the back of the house to the basement entrance and into the basement. Daniel turned on the lights impressing Clara. The basement was finished, soft dark blue carpeting lined the floor with dark reddish brown pain on the walls. The basement was kept as a game room with a pool table and a big screen tv hooked up to gaming consoles. Clara watched Daniel walk over to his couch he patted the cushion next to him signaling her to come sit with him. As she joined him Daniel turned on the t.v.

"So what are we gonna do?" she asked.

Daniel moved in and kissed Clara. His tongue slid between her parted lips. Clara ran her fingers through his hair. She was delirious with lust as he probed her mouth. At times he would let her breathe and suck on her neck only to reclaim her mouth. They feverishly removed each others clothes. Fumbling with buttons while placing passionate kisses on whatever part of their body they could get to. Scenes from the dreams flashed through both teens heads. It wasn't long before they both realized they were almost naked laid out on the couch. Daniel paused and looked at Clara. Her brown eyes were filled with passion as she lay before him. Her chocolate skin was a beautiful contrast to the white lace matching bra and panty set a smile grew across her face as she reached up and stroked his face. She sat up and kissed him and guided his hands to her bra. Daniel removed her bra hands trembling he reached for her panty waistband. Clara helped him remove her panties and fished her hand into his boxers pulling out his hard dick. Her mouth engulfed his dick as her tongue ran up and down his shaft. Daniel kneeled on the couch and swayed his hips back and forth fucking her mouth as he ran his hands through her hair and tugged it a bit. Her cock hungry mouth sucked on his balls when she wasn't bobbing her mouth on his dick. He exploded in her mouth and she deep throated him swallowing his cum and taking him down her throat. She slid her mouth off his dick with a smile.

He cupped a breast in each hand massaging and kneading as her nipples hardened. Clara moaned as he took each of her dark chocolate nipples in his mouth flicking his tongue against them while massaging her breasts. Daniel moved to lay on top of her he pressed his thigh against her pussy teasing Clara. Her juices covered his thigh. her pussy was moist sticky and wet. Daniel glided his cock into her warmth. He filled her to the hilt as she moaned they moved slowly together pulling at each other nibbling on each other. Daniel sped up plunging himself into her harder and faster. Clara gripped Daniel's ass grinding herself up against him. Her chocolate legs wrapped around him tighter and tighter.

"Oh God!" she yelled cumming on his dick she felt the hot liquid squirt from her pussy wetness seemed to pour out of her. Daniel was overwhelmed her soaking wet warm pussy her body hot she seemed to pulsating with electricity as he came inside her. He released himself cum streaming from his cock into her pussy.

"Fuck!" he moaned as he pumped Clara full of his seed. He pulled himself off of her. "Shit I'm sorry I'm sorry."

Clara sat up and chuckled. "Calm down its cool I'm on birth control anyway. Are we done?"

"Well umm not exactly." Daniel paused as he looked into Clara's face. "I'd like to fuck your ass." He grinned.

"No! That's......Huh....Why?"

"Well your ass is just so delicious its plump, round not too big but not little. Plus you're hot. I won't tell anyone if that's what you're worried about."

Clara frowned at the whole idea. She pulled her knees to her chest and laid her chin on her knees. Daniel could see his cum trickle out her pussy on to the couch her hair thick, long, and messy. Her brown skin was covered in the sheen of their sweat and fluids. Daniel's cock stirred he walked over to Clara.

"Please let me fuck your ass." he placed kisses on her feet and worked his way up her legs his blue eyes pleading for anal. "Please let me fuck it, just this once." Their eyes met. Daniel made a boyish puppy face making Clara smile. Daniel reached under the couch pulling out a bottle. "I've got plenty of lube and I'll try my best not to hurt you." Clara didn't say a word, she rolled over on all fours and stuck her butt in the air. Daniel moved behind her and squeezed lube out on his dick, he then lubed up his finger and shoved it up Clara's ass.

"Fuck!! A little warning please." Daniel laughed. He put a little more lube on her ass and pulled her cheeks apart. He pressed the head of his cock at her tight tiny brown opening. Clara screamed through her clenched teeth. Her eyes welled up.

"Are you okay?" she heard Daniel's voice the pain dulled her senses making him sound distant. "

Mmmm hmm." she groaned He pushed harder stretching her anus open to accommodate his dick he grabbed her hips. She wiggled and squirmed trying to pull away. "Uhhhh wait wait wait I changed my mind." she managed to say.

"No I'm damn near in just relax." Daniel firmly held Clara and continued to push her dick into her ass.

"Daniel you said you weren't gonna hurt me."

"I wouldn't hurt you if you relax and just let me in." Clara relax a bit and her anus eased open a bit for Daniel he slowly rocked in and out of her as she whimpered. "Sshhh" Daniel whispered in her ear as he slowly fucked her ass. They both soon began grunting like animals with each pump. Daniel slid his hand from her hip to her pussy and fingered her clit. Clara lost control she bounced her ass off his cock as she moaned.

"Oh Danny I'm gonna cum. Keep fucking my ass." Daniel plunged in and out of her ass Clara came hard her ass clenched his cock as she moaned "Oh Daniel!"

Daniel couldn't hold on any longer he exploded groaning. "Damn Clara!" His balls emptied into her ass. He collapsed on top of her and under his weight she collapsed on the couch. Their breathing slowed as Daniel pulled his spent cock from her ass. Clara relaxed as Daniel placed kisses all over her salty sweet skin ad cuddled her.

"I dreamed about this Clara." He whispered as she fell asleep in his arms smiling.

"Me too Danny me too."

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