tagSci-Fi & FantasyNocturnal Presence

Nocturnal Presence


Beth’s been having too much trouble sleeping lately. Every night is the same. There’s a presence in her room - sometimes many. Invisible eyes devour her body.

At first it terrified her. She went through every day exhausted. Those eyes… She couldn’t see them, but she could feel them. She thought she had gone mad.

Finally, she decided to visit a friend of hers. Someone she knew wouldn’t think she was crazy. Her friend, Eldora, could be considered a bit on the “strange” side. She saw things.

They spent a few hours and chatted about the night watchers. Several cups of tea later, Eldora said that it didn’t seem to be anything to worry about. They were just watching her, because she fascinated them in some way. Eldora suggested that she speak with them and ask them what they want.

That night when Beth got home, she prepared for bed as usual. She drew a hot bath, slipped out of her clothing and soaked for an hour. The heat of the water eased most of the tension from the day and night before. She decided then and there, that while showers saved time, baths saved her soul.

The chill air that hardened her nipples, sent a shiver down her spine. It reminded her that she was not alone. She quickly tiptoed across the room and slipped under the covers. Strangely she felt a little safer under the weight of the comforter. It’s funny how childhood ideas carry on throughout your adult life. Eldora’s words entered her brain and she remembered, that in order to get over your fears, you must face them.

Slowly, she pushed the coverlet down and peered into the darkness. She couldn’t see anything, but that old feeling came back. Swallowing hard, she fought back the urge to cry. Taking a deep breath, she sat upright in bed, pressed against the headboard. Her voice shattered the silence, “Who are you? And why are you here?”

After what seemed an eternity, a whispered response floated into her left ear. ~Your questions are music to our ears. We had hoped you would notice us. We are your servants. We wish to please you.~ Another voice came to the right side of her head. ~Your beauty caught our attention. We see you for everything you are. We never meant to frighten you.~

“You aren’t going to hurt me? Or anything unnatural…” her voice trailed off into the inky black. The tinkling of soft laughter filled the room. ~Of course not. We want to keep you safe and happy and fulfilled.~ Beth didn’t know how to react. This was all too strange. “How do you plan on doing all these things for me?” ~Will you trust us?~

She chose her words carefully and stated, “You ask a lot of me. Trust you? I don’t know what you are. For all I know, I’ve completely cracked and you’re just the voices in my head.”

She feels something lie next to her on the bed and feels a breath of chilled air on her neck. ~We are definitely separate from your body and mind. Do you ever notice us during daylight hours? Or when the lights are on? No. The light is our barrier. If you become too frightened at any time or want it to stop… Just turn on your lamp. It will be as if we were never here. Now, may we pleasure you? It would be our pleasure. We have waited and watched so long.~

Beth allows herself to relax and think for a moment. Her body chimes in and tells her that pleasure is a good thing and that she really needs some. Masturbation is getting a bit old. She can always just turn on the light. It’s right next to the bed. “Okay, you may please me. I will allow it.”

Breathing heavily, she feels icy fingers teasing her soft skin. The blood pounds through her body and the pulse is deafening in her ears. She tries to count the digits, but loses track. Writhing on the silk sheets, she moans low and soft.

Fingers pinch her delicate nipples. Someone’s fingertips trace her lips. Several hands paw at her breasts, squeezing and rubbing them. Her body is explored by wandering hands.

Soon follows the soft lapping of hot tongues. Flicking over her hard nipples and soft neck. Lips trace her jugular and earlobes. Feeling warm breath over both her ears, she shivers uncontrollably. The gentle laughter comes again. ~Thank you.~

A cool breeze wafts over her waiting labia. Gentle tongues trace her nipples and spiral around her breasts. Next comes the soft licking at her quivering belly. Last, she moans at the gentle probing at her hot, already soaking wet pussy.

Fingers tenderly spread her lips and a long, impassioned tongue slides the length of her slit. The teasing seems to go on for an eternity before she is rewarded with a sudden deep stroke within. Senses are heightened and she nearly drowns in the overwhelming pleasure she is receiving from fingers, lips and tongues . . .

She feels a presence looming over her before the hair brushes her stomach. There is a tongue lapping at her clit while the other continues its deep-sea exploration. She gives it a few squeezes and hears a whispered moan of pleasant surprise before it curls up to massage her G-spot. Someone else hungrily flicks and sucks on her swollen clit.

She nearly blacks out as a tidal wave of passionate rapture rolls through her body and her screams nearly deafen her. Her body spasms and shudders uncontrollably. The tongues don't relent and she whimpers in tortured pleasure-pain. Moans spill forth from her lips like the juices from her pussy.

Swiftly and greedily, a single tongue strokes her clit and three tongues languidly explore the rest of her body. She climaxes again while a pair of hands spread her ass cheeks. Another tongue comes to lap up her sweet honey. A kiss is planted on her panting mouth. She tastes her nectar upon the tongue and moans approvingly.

The alarm startles her and she opens her eyes to see an empty room, filled with early morning sunlight. 7AM – time to start her day. She thinks back to the night before and wonders if it really happened. Then she notices the damp spot on the sheets…

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