tagErotic CouplingsNora Was Right!

Nora Was Right!


"What a night!" He said sitting back and stretching his legs out from her couch. Darlene looked over at him as he relaxed for a moment. She knew what was coming next and wasn't looking forward to the usual ending of an evening. She stifled her mild annoyance, knowing he wouldn't get it. He was just about to make some half-kidding innuendo, self-deprecating comment, hug her shoulder and then get up and head back to his apartment. "No!" She thought to herself, " . . . their apartment!" She didn't think about it in a nasty tone because she really liked his wife! But she was out of town and Mike was . . . just . . . so . . . Mike. The fact of the matter was that if Nora wasn't out of town she would have been right there on his other side, holding him close. It was so frustrating! Nora would have laughed at his comment, and given Darlene a hug of her own before the two of them headed off. It was so damn frustrating!

She sat on the couch next to him, curled her legs under her and leaned against him, her head on his shoulder. His arm came down across her shoulders in a friendly touch. She imagined a tiny tremble as his hands touched her bare shoulder. She also knew he was probably thinking of Nora. She knew if Nora was there his evening wouldn't be nearly over. She had once followed them home because he had left his keys and they had forgotten to close the front door all the way. She saw them on the stairs and . . . well let's just say it was sexy, hot and fed her personal fantasies for weeks. She had wondered if they ever realized how his keys ended up just inside the front door, but she dared not ask.

"It was a good night, especially beating the pants off of Dan and Nancy!"

"Oh they'll kill us like usually next time. But you're right, it was fun!" He answered.

Dan and Nancy, Mike and Nora, and Darlene and her ex were a very close group of friends. She was thankful their friendship survived her divorce because she's not sure what she would have done without them. She thought it helped that both Mike and Dan never were as close with her ex-husband as she was with Nora and Nancy. The past couple of years seemed to blur a little as she realized once again how lucky she was to have such friends.

The 5 of them were so different. Nancy was a full-bodied blond who carried it well. She had a deep laugh and a great sense of humor. The only negative was she was a bit of a gossip. No that's not true, it was just that she had no idea of how to keep a secret so anything told to her in secret had a half-life of about a day. It wasn't that she was malicious, but she just couldn't seem to keep it in her head that it wasn't for open conversation. Dan, Nancy's husband, suited Nancy real well. There was no way to deny it, he was a redneck, but with all the nicer characteristics of the breed. He could keep a secret from anyone but Nancy, which meant anything he knew, everyone knew shortly. He was tall, a little chunky, but it hid surprising muscle. He had a good smile and a very dirty sense of humor. Two things she liked about him. Nora was much easier to trust. She was the physical and emotional antithesis of Nancy. She could keep a secret forever! But of the other 4, Mike was her favorite. He was a Yankee, which would normally be a bad thing, but he didn't try and lord it over us dumb hicks. He had a ready sense of humor and loved puns. The English teacher in her loved to start punning with him -- much to the dismay of the rest of the group. He was almost as tall as Dan, but better looking, slimmer, with great shoulders. More than once she caught girls looking at him! He and Nora fit really well. As for keeping things private, he was incredible. He could keep a secret so long, that even after it was no longer needed, he would stuff it and put it up on the mantle and still keep it! He was incredibly trustworthy, as she found out during her less-than-pleasant divorce from her ex. The less said about him the better.

She did remember one positive thing about her ex; he was good in bed -- which is why she ended up with two kids, one conceived after her divorce in a weak and horny moment. To this day she didn't regret it, but she learned to be careful meeting him because the physical connection was still there, even though he was pretty much a shit when the blood wasn't in his dick. She squirmed slightly at the thought because she knew she would have to see him tomorrow. She knew it would be hard because her sex life consisted of wearing out batteries in a couple of toys lately. It just wasn't fair!

Darlene knew she looked good, even at 26 and two kids. She was in great shape. All the work to lose the baby weight was great, but it didn't seem to make a difference. There seemed to be a huge glut of single moms in the area. Most guys ran when they heard two kids and the ones who don't aren't looking for a relationship, just a one-nighter. She would rather go electric than a one-night stand! So meeting with her ex-husband was more than a little dangerous. If only . . . "No! Can't go there! I love Nora too much." She told herself yet again, and again, and again.

They sat there for a moment longer and she felt him just barely start to move. She knew exactly what he was going to do. She held him firmly and said "Not yet, Mike. Can we just sit here for a few more?"

He didn't say anything, but he settled back deeper in the couch. His arm stayed around her. The silence settled over them, a companionable silence. "If he was only aware what I was thinking. He might run for home!" She just sat there, inhaling the very male scent, feeling his chest rise and fall as he breathed, and listened to his heartbeat. She knew she needed to end things before she got carried away. But he had no idea how turned on she was getting. Or did he? At the angle her head was at she slowly saw him firm up. His cock was getting harder as they just sat there. His pants weren't tight, but they were tight enough. He was getting a little excited, and it has to be either her, or whatever he might be thinking about Nora. Darlene felt her own body respond as she hoped it was her. She knew she was in trouble. There had to be a way out that didn't involve batteries! But Nora! She was torn.

In the millisecond between him starting to move and his arm actually leaving her shoulders, Darlene thought this and a thousand other things. Then she made a decision. The 26 year old teacher of little kids, the mother of two of her own, quickly straddled the lap of her best friend and pressed down on him. Time stopped.

It felt like an out-of-body experience. From the side she imagined what they looked like. Her 5'5, slim frame straddling his 6' broad shouldered, narrow-waisted body. She knew they looked good together. But as she looked at him she saw the surprise, tinged with something else she didn't recognize.

"Dar . . ."

"Shhhh. Don't say anything."

His arms came down.

"And don't move, don't touch me!"

She started rolling her hips slowly and gently. She felt him stir under her. He felt even larger than he had looked through the material.

"Look Mike. I am a little drunk, but a lot turned on, and I know this can stay between us. You sure wouldn't tell Dan because not only would he tell Nancy, but everyone else we both know.

Mike reached down and grasped her upper arms.

She grabbed his forearms. "You can touch me there, but when Nora gets back I plan on being able to look her in the eye and swear on a stack of bibles that you never touched me in an inappropriate way!" As she said it, she pushed down and felt him pushing against her. The cloth of his slacks and her panties were all that separated them, it was enough; it had to be enough!

She pushed his arms down as his side. "Mike, I love you and Nora, I really do. But right now I need something that didn't come in a package with operating instructions. Trust me, no matter the package says, they aren't very realistic."

He laughed slightly, but didn't relax much. She hadn't thought things all the way through, but couldn't seem to stop.

"Mike, just sit there and let me do this. Don't move, don't touch me. I'm just going to masturbate on you until I cum. I know, it's wrong, but I need it so bad."

With that she started rolling her hips. The hem of her skirt covered her lap, but there was no mistaking what she was doing. In a strip club, it might be called charitably as a lap dance, but here in her living room it was less a dance and more a deliberate grind. She wasn't trying to tease him, she was after an orgasm and she was well beyond being subtle. She felt him move slightly beneath her. She could feel his hard cock pressed against the thin fabric of her panties. Her legs opened wide as she rotated around the pivot point of her hips to push herself against him. She felt herself warm up and get downright wet. She momentarily thought about his light slacks and how it might look, but then the idea of cumming on him and leaving a wet spot thrilled her. She also thought about his orgasming and leaving an even bigger spot and she felt that thrill to her core.

When he put his hands down, she closed her eyes and let the sensation take her. Nothing coherent went through her mind as she rapidly climbed towards a desperately needed relief. She closed her eyes and put her hands on his shoulders. She felt him moving with her as her body quaked. Without stopping she kept moving, pushing down with more force. The wetness made it feel like the material had disappeared, the friction felt incredible as she heard herself groan in pleasure. She tried to make it last, but there was no stopping it. The feeling she had been missing for so long crashed over her. Her hands dropped to his chest as she pushed her upper body away from him as she came in an explosion of noise and heat.

Sometime later she realized he was holding her to him, in an embrace that might require her to stretch the truth a little to Nora. Her brain re-engaged and she realized that she could still tell her that Mike never touched her in an inappropriate way, because the way he was holding her was entirely appropriate to the position they were still in. She nearly grinned if the second thought she had didn't make her worried about what damage she might have done with her friendship with Mike, not to mention Nora.

She started to lift herself up, willing to face the music and bear the brunt of the responsibility, but he held her tightly. She felt him still hard beneath her and while she was tempted to continue, she knew the friendship might survive her moment of insanity, but if they continued she was sure she would lose them and with them would probably go Nancy and Dan. She tried to lift up again, but his strong arms held her tight. When she started talking, he said "Shhhhh!"

One of his hands went to the small of her back. "OK, still not 'inappropriate', but if he touches my ass all bets are off!" She thought to herself. But the hand didn't go lower. Instead he swung her to her right and laid her down on the couch, his mid-section stayed glued to hers as her head went down to the couch and she looked at him. His eyes were open and he was looking directly at her with a look and an intensity she had never felt before, not just from Mike but from anyone. It thrilled and frightened her.

Mike stayed on his hands and rubbed against her in a way that told her that her evening wasn't over yet. He didn't say anything; he just did to her what she had done to him, just in a very different position. Her legs were spread wide, one pressed against the back of the couch, the other had her knee out over open air. He didn't come down with all his weight, just enough to keep a tight contact right across he soaked through panties. She felt his cock through his thin slacks. He rocked back and forth slowly, much slower than she had, and she felt every inch of him. She started making that climb once more, this time much more slowly, more deliberately. Her hands caught on his shoulders. She tried to pull him closer, but he was too strong and stayed above her. In minutes she was breathing as hard as if she was doing sprints, each exhalation was an explosive grunt of air. She felt herself pushing back toward him, trying to push the issue and make him go faster, but he was after his own pleasure now. She knew he was going to cum and that idea was more intoxicating than the wine she had drank earlier. She wanted . . . no, this time she managed to keep her head a little more together and removed those thoughts to a very private place for her next bout with her electrically charges toys. She tensed and came again and this time felt him get even harder. His own breathing told her he was getting closer. She felt herself release another warm wetness as she orgasmed for the 4th or 5th time, she had lost count.

As she came once more she heard herself and she thought she was making so much noise that she heard herself echoing in the room. She felt Mike stiffen and held onto him as he came in a big way. He fell down on her and rather than feeling crushed, she felt like she could hold him there forever! Dangerous thoughts like that percolated through her brain until she realized she was still hearing noises of an orgasm!

She tried to push Mike up, but he was a bit out of it. She listened closely and realized that it was a woman and she was cumming right next to her. For a moment Darlene feared Nancy had come back and caught them, but when she turned she didn't see anyone. There was no one there, just Mike's cell phone open on the coffee table.

Mike stirs and slides to his left, Dar ends up on her side facing away from him as he spoons up against her back. One of his arms held her against him as the two of them hear the last of a noisy orgasm coming from his phone. Darlene is too surprised to think, let alone say anything.

"My God, you guys were hot!"

"Nora?" Darlene said in a half surprised shout and half totally shocked.

"Hi Darlene!"


"Well what did you expect me to say, 'Was it good for you?'"

Mike started chuckling in her ear, a low sexy chuckle that yesterday would have excited her to no end. Today it was too weird to make sense.

"OK, too strange, but I will tell you that was the most fun I had in a hotel room by myself in years! You two were really hot! Dar, your voice gets this husky, sexy breathiness that went right down my spine."


"Dar, do you still have your panties on?"


"Yes, we are still dressed, just a bit mussed." Darlene hears Mike say as one more shock hits her.

"Well Darlene, don't let him off the hook until he goes down on you. That man knows how to treat a pussy!"


"Oh Darlene, I am sure you can think of something else to say. Just do me one favor. No fucking until I get back. I want to be there the first time he sinks his cock into you. In fact I want an up close and personal view!"


"Mike, love, after you go down on her, please set her mind at ease. I want to hear her say 'Nora' when I get home, but not in that surprised or fearful way. Darlene, honey, I love you and you will see just how much when I get home. In the meantime I am deputizing Mike to take good care of you. Kiss his cock for me! Bye guys!" And with that the phone went silent.

I tried to turn toward Mike, but he kept me against him as I felt his cock stirring again against my ass. I wasn't sure exactly what was going on, but Nora didn't hate me and I am pretty sure I was the one causing his hard-on this time.

"So, you know how to treat a woman?"

Mike kissed the side of my neck and I knew meeting my ex tomorrow was going to be a piece of cake! The thought of Nora coming home should have made me more than a little nervous because of the things she said, but I think I was looking forward to it more than Mike!

He pulled me back onto my back and slipped down between my spread legs. He laid a kiss on my wet panties that caused me to catch my breath and . . . OMG, Nora was right!

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