tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNora's Comeuppance

Nora's Comeuppance


Nora Hart looked at her watch, waiting impatiently for her accomplice to come to her office.

The 21-year old was a beautiful young woman. Her Mexican mother and American father were both very attractive stiff for their age and Nora had inherited the best qualities of both.

She had an exotic, very attractive face. Dark eyes and long, straight, black hair that hung midway down her slender back. She was naturally tan with a slender figure, smallish but firm breast and long sexy legs. Her perfectly shaped was hidden beneath her mid-thigh length skirt.

Nora was naturally attractive, but she was something of a diva. She hated living in this shit-hole town. She hated it so much that when she was 18 and fresh out of high school she rushed into a marriage with a Marine from the local base that she had met while still in school.

Nora did love the man. But her primary reason was twofold. One, she did love a man in uniform. But she also wanted him to take her away from here.

The marriage was short-lived. While waiting for her husband to be re-assigned to a more exciting location she grew board with married life and had an affair with two different men during the first year of her marriage. After being caught Nora found herself a 19-year old divorcee'.

Nora attended community college, using her good looks to work her way into the company of men who were doing well in class so that she could receive their help.

Nora had learned early on in high school that the opposite sex was very attracted to her. And she used that knowledge to her advantage whenever possible.

She completed her Associates Degree but this was the only job she had managed to obtain. She didn't get along with most of her co-workers. She felt that she was better than all of them and resented being stuck here. But she knew how to act around management. And with a little effort and the help of some short skirts and low cut tops and a well timed smile she did well. Even though she hated the job and wanted nothing more than to get out of this place. And now she had found something that would help.

Her company operated several stores in the area. Instead of having the store deposit the funds directly at the bank, the company sent two armored trucks around to the stores to collect their night deposits and return them here to the corporate office.

One of Nora's responsibilities was to open the safe and begin sorting the deposit bags into their proper carriers for the finance department.

Nora did not have the key to open the envelopes. Her job was to simply make sure that they were sorted correctly. But she knew that a lot of cash flowed through this office before being taken by armored truck to the bank later in the morning.

Usually there was someone else working with her. But her counter part was now on maternity leave.

It was Tuesday morning following a three-day holiday weekend. Nora was on site at 6:45 am as usual. No one else would arrive until 9:30, giving her two-plus hours to get the morning work done. She enjoyed working early as it gave her over two hours less time with her co-workers.

That is how it should be. But Nora had planned something different. She had come up with a way to steal the money. By her estimates there should easily be up to twenty thousand dollars following the weekend. With an extra day, and the holiday being a part of it, that amount would be higher.

But Nora would be unable to pull this off by herself. She wouldn't be able to remove it, let alone hide it for the following investigation. But she had planned for that too.

The office had a rear door in the alley. Actually it was two doors, one inside the other. The outer door was easily jimmied open. And the inner door had a defect that caused it to not close completely unless pushed. Since this was the way out to the trash dumpster Nora had often observed this. In fact, she had commented several times, both verbally and through e-mail, to her superiors that this needed to be repaired.

That's what gave her this idea. If she could find an accomplice she could very easily claim that someone entered this way and robbed her. If she could receive minor injuries or assaulted in any way then she could use this as grounds for a lawsuit against the company for putting her into danger. She knew that they would quickly settle by offering her a nice amount of money that would be greater than whatever she could steal. But she had to make it look good.

That's when Pete Simmons came to mind.

Pete was something of a nerd who Nora had known since her freshman year of high school. He was OK looking, with short brown hair, average looks with glasses. He had fallen in love with Nora and remained infatuated with her ever since.

Nora liked having Pete around. He would do anything for her, something that became obvious to the beautiful girl and she took advantage of him anytime she could. She often teased him innocently, making him think that he had a chance with her. But all Pete had ever received for his efforts were some semi-true thank-you's and a few kisses.

When Nora wanted to get rid of Pete after high school, especially when she was dating her soon-to-be first husband, she let him know that she was looking for someone with a military career to take her away from this place.

Pete fell for it and volunteered for the service the day after graduation. He was heart broken when he returned home following boot camp only to find Nora married.

He served two years and returned to find Nora single again. She began toying with him almost immediately. The one good thing about Pete was that he now had a decent job and was willing to give her money whenever she needed it.

Now she was in deep debt. Deeper than even Pete could assist with. But Nora was convinced that she could talk Pete into helping her with this, especially if she promised a little return to his emotions.

She shared her idea with Pete and he reluctantly agreed. But he added a way to throw the blame elsewhere. Pete knew of two lowlife criminals that hung out in a dive down the street. Pete knew of their reputation through a friend who worked in a local shelter and was with Pete one night in the same bar when the duo came in. Pete's friend had told him all about them. Including that they were borderline homeless and would do anything for a buck. Since they didn't know Pete from Adam he was certain that he could befriend them and talk them into helping without risk of being identified by them. Especially with the help of a fake beard and other means to alter his identity.

Pete made sure not to tell Charlie and George about the money when he met them. Instead he told them that he knew of a way to break into an office and steal some top-of-the-line computer equipment and some cash and asked if they knew of a way to fence it and if they would be willing to go in as partners.

From there the plan came together.

Nora had the safe open and withdrew the money. Pete made sure that the back door was propped open so that Charlie and George would get in when they came along. Then he put all but three of the bags into two large duffle bags and put them into the truck of his car and drove it down the street before returning for the next phase.

Nora was waiting for him nervously, knowing that the next part was going to be uncomfortable but necessary.

Pete returned, still wearing the baseball cap and rubber gloves that he had worn the entire time. Nora thought that he looked silly in the fake beard and mustache he was wearing. Pete had worn it each time he met with his two accomplices to help throw off his identity. This way it would be more difficult to give a description of him if it came down to that.

He motioned Nora to the desk nearest the safe. "Let me tie your hands together." He told her.

Pete tied each wrist separately then looped the rope around her wrist securing them together. Nora stood there with her hands secured and two long ends hanging in each direction.

"Bend over the desk." He told her.

"Why can't you tie me up in the chair?" She asked.

"Trust me, this will work better." He said.

Nora stepped up to the desk and bent over it. Pete took the two ropes under the desk, looping each around the legs of the desk then began tying each of Nora's ankles so that her legs were spread apart.

"This is not very fucking comfortable, Pete." She said.

"Maybe not, but imagine how it will look when they come in and find you like this next to the open safe."

"I'll be in agony by the time anyone arrives." She added.

"Here, let's make it look better." Pete said.

Nora felt her skirt being lifted up.

"What the fuck are you doing?" She demanded.

"I think it will look much better if your ass is showing. It will help the lawsuit."

Nora was impressed that Pete had figured out that part of the plan.

"Maybe I should remove your pantyhose and panties too."

"No, don't!" She cried out as Pete began ripping her nylon hose away then tearing her panties off. Now she was bound to the desk with her bare ass and clean shaved pussy exposed to whoever walked in. Not to mentioned Pete.

"I've always wanted to get a good look at that sweet pussy, Nora." Pete said, removing his gloves and gently running his fingers between her legs.

"For god's sake, stop it, Pete!"

Pete had no intention of stopping. "You know, Nora. You used me for several years now. And often promised to have sex with me but you never once did. I don't think I can pass this opportunity up."

"Pete, stop fooling around. Those two fucking men you hired will be here soon and I don't want them to see me like this."

"Too fucking bad, Nora. I've been planning this since you came to me with your idea."

"Wh-what?" She asked, realizing that Pete had been using her own idea against her.

"You think I'm stupid don't you?" He asked. "Well, maybe I am. I've let you get away with plenty over the years. And I'm sure you already have it covered so that I can take the fall for this if it goes bad. But I came prepared."

Pete pulled out a tape small pocket tape recorder and pressed play. Nora heard her own voice telling Pete all about her plan to steal the money.

"You see, if this comes back on me it also comes back on you."

"What do you want, Pete?" She pleaded.

"I want what you promised me so many times. Your hot body."

"Please don't Pete." Then she had an idea. "They'll do a rape test on me and find your sperm. That will lead them to you."

Pete smiled. "Not if you tell them that we've been dating and that I spent the night and we fucked last night and this morning. Then they won't suspect my sperm."

Nora heard Pete undoing his pants.

"Please don't fuck me!"

Pete came around the other side of the desk. "Maybe I can just settle for having you suck my cock."

Nora didn't want that either. But it was better than the alternative. "Sure, Pete. I'll suck you off if you promise to cover me before those guys get here and get the same idea."

Pete stepped up to her face. His hard, thick cock level with her mouth. Nora opened her mouth and let him push his cock into it.

"Now suck it." He ordered.

Nora bobbed her head up and down on Pete's shaft. Wanting nothing more than to get this over with as quickly as possible.

"Oh yes, that feels so fucking good." Pete complimented her. Seeing Nora's pretty face swallowing his cock was a dream come true.

Pete enjoyed Nora's mouth for a few minutes then abruptly pulled his cock out. "There, that got me nice a hard for your pussy." He said as he walked around the desk behind Nora.

"Pete, you fucking promised!"

"Just like you promised me and lied all those years." He returned.

Pete walked around the desk and began rubbing his cock between Nora's tanned thighs.

"No, Pete. Please don't fuck me." She begged.

"Just think of it as payback for all the times you made me jack off." He told her.

Pete began rubbing his cock along her slit. "Oh, you're wet already." He said.

Nora realized that her pussy had involuntarily begun to lube from the stimulation.

She gasped aloud as he began pushing his cock inside her.

"Please don't." She begged one last time before feeling his shaft invade her completely.

"Oh god this is fucking great." Pete said as he began fucking Nora's pussy. "It's almost worth the fucking wait."

Nora fought against the ropes that restrained her. But Pete had done a very good job of tying her up and there was nothing Nora could do but lay there and take it as he fucked her.

"Your pussy is so fucking good, Nora." Pete bellowed as he grabbed her by the hips and began thrusting into her with full force.

Nora grunted as he slammed his meat into her hole. She had never been treated this rough by any man and resented Pete's attitude more than the fucking itself.

She continued to plead with him to pull out. She promised to suck him off or do anything he wanted if he would stop fucking her. Or to at least put on a condom as she didn't like having unprotected sex. But Pete ignored her and continued ramming his hard cock home.

"Oh yes." He moaned, feeling his cum rising from his balls, filling the head of his cock as it neared the moment of truth.

"No, don't cum in me!" Nora pleaded, realizing that Pete was on the verge of climax.

"Too late!" He cried out as his orgasm began. Pete pounded harder and deeper than he thought possible as his hot cum shot out in delightful waves of orgasmic relief from his hard cock into Nora's wet pussy. He continued fucking her hole until every drop had been spent.

Nora lay still, more angry with Pete than anything else.

"That was fucking great, Nora." Pete complimented her.

"Fuck you." She whispered. Still unable to believe that Pete had done this to her.

"Yes you finally did." He replied with a slap to her ass. Then he walked around the desk again.

"Clean my cock." He ordered, sticking it in front of her face.

Nora opened her mouth, accepting his rod and began sucking on it. Tasting her own juice on his shaft.

Pete's cock began stiffening in her mouth.

"Perfect." He said, pulling away from her and walking around the desk again.

Nora felt him step up behind her. "Please, don't fuck me again."

"But Nora, there is one place that you have never let a man go before. I intend to be the first."

"No!" Nora shouted, knowing his intent. Nora had never permitted any man to fuck her ass. She had let a boyfriend try to finger her butt once and demanded that he stop immediately. This was the one thing Nora Hart had vowed never to do.

She had shared that with Pete one night while drinking. And now wished that she had kept her mouth shut.

"I can't have you as a virgin," Pete said. "But I can at least have your virgin asshole."

"Please don't, Pete. I can't take that."

"Just like I couldn't take the way you treated me all those years. Well now you're going to get a taste of your own medicine and know what it's like to be a pain in the ass."

Pete pressed his cockhead against her tiny virgin opening and began to push forward.

Nora cried out in protest. Her cries changing to please for mercy and cries of pain as his cock began breaking through her tight anal ring.

She felt that his thick cock was tearing her in two as he continued pushing inside her. Pete continued, inch by inch, until his belly rested snug against her ass cheeks. Then he began fucking her tight shaft.

"Nooooooo!" Nora continued to plead as Pete rammed her asshole, delighting in how tight and wonderful it felt taking Nora's only remaining cherry.

Pete slammed her ass with no mercy, enjoying every moment of this fuck.

Nora pulled as hard as she could on the ropes that held her but there was no escape.

Soon the pain gave way and Nora was able to take Pete's cock more comfortably. She didn't know how long he had fucked her ass. While the pain never completely subsided, the sensation of his cock filling her insides and his balls slapping her upturned pussy were beginning to make her aroused clit and freshly fucked pussy desire relief.

Pete relished the thought of being the first man to ever fuck Nora's pretty ass. To him it felt like a tight mouth sucking on his cock, bringing him ever so slowly closer and closer to his second climax.

Then Pete felt his balls growing tighter. "Here goes!" He moaned as his hips slammed forward more quickly and his balls began spewing his man juice into Nora's used ass.

Pete pulled free, and Nora thought she would shit from the pressure. Then he quickly rammed his still hard cock deep into her pussy. Nora lunged forward at the abruptness of the intrusion, but soon realized that her body was responding to Pete's cock with a will of its own.

She fought the growing burning desire between her legs. But was unable to resist for long as her pussy now welcomed Pete's cock.

Nora wanted him to stop. She did not want to be forced to orgasm and give Pete the satisfaction of knowing that he had brought her to climax. But there was no stopping it from happening.

Despite her best efforts at trying to remain silent, her body betrayed her with a loud moan as her orgasm began. Pete reached around and rubbed her swollen clit as his cock massaged her G-spot and Nora was forced to orgasm.

Her body shook and her legs quivered as she came on Pete's cock.

When her orgasm subsided and his cock went limp Pete finally withdrew from Nora's pussy. He walked around the desk to stand before her.

"Open your mouth." He ordered.

Nora opened and allowed Pete to slide his cock inside her mouth again. "Clean my cock."

She could taste her own juices mixed with his cum, and the feint taste of her own ass all on his cock. This was her final act of humiliation to be forced to service him like this after he took her anal virginity and fucked her to orgasm. Or at least so she thought.

She tasted something warm and wet in her mouth. Then realized with alarm that Pete was cumming again. Instead he was pissing in her mouth.

Pete held her head tight. "Swallow it all. We can't have any of it on the floor for some CSI to discover and trace back to me."

Nora was appalled at what Pete was making her do. The taste of his urine filling her mouth was disgusting. But she was too afraid not to swallow and began gulping it down as quickly as possible.

Fortunately Pete did not have much piss in his bladder to empty. But to Nora that was of no real comfort.

"Holy fucking shit!" Nora heard a strange voice. She turned her head to see two men standing in the doorway: She knew this must be Charlie and George. There eyes obviously staring at her bare pussy and ass.

"You didn't tell us there would be cunt in here, Bobby." The first man said, using the alias Pete had provided.

"Didn't expect it either, Charlie. But no use letting good pussy go to waste." Pete replied

Charlie was a rough looking man. Not ugly but not attractive either. He had dirty blond hair and beady eyes, a slight pot belly and short. George was homely looking with short brown hair and bad teeth but with a well developed, muscular body that showed years of hard physical labor.

Pete pointed to the safe. "I got her to open that, take the money bags and then go grab all the fucking computers and load them in your van."

George ran over to the safe and grabbed the three locked money bags that Pete had purposely left.

"What about the cunt." Charlie asked.

"Get the shit out of here first." Pete told them.

Both men left as instructed to begin stealing anything of value they could find. Pete left the room as well, leaving Nora bound and exposed all alone in the room.

When he returned he had a funnel, hose, bucket and a bottle. He stepped behind her and placed the bucket on the floor between her legs. Nora gasped as he put the hose into her pussy and poured room temperature water into a funnel on the other end. The water washed through her pussy and she heard it spill out into the bucket between her legs.

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