tagLesbian SexNosey Parker Ch. 02

Nosey Parker Ch. 02



The car jiggled slightly as two thumps resounded through the vehicle waking her groggily from a restive slumber. How long she had dozed Angela had no idea, shortly after though she heard the engine start, surely they were still winding her up, tormenting her for her indiscretions. Angela found it hard to believe they would dare take to the streets with a trussed up naked woman in the boot of their car.

It was incredibly hot and stuffy in here; she had been stripped, gagged, blindfolded, hooded for good measure, and then bound tight enough to prevent her escaping. Then she had been carried to the garage and secured to the luggage mounts on the boot floor of the sports car, they had covered her with a thick blanket, which made it even hotter in such a confined space. The hood and ball gag on top of all this made breathing quite difficult though not dangerously so she was glad of that at least!

The engine burst into life vibrating the floor beneath her, Angela cried out hopelessly muffled by her gag, hood and the car itself as her panic returned. Then even more terrifying for her she felt the car lurch around her as it pulled away. Even now she truly believed they were winding her up, they would drive to the end of the road and return wouldn't they? She moved to the left against her bonds as the car swung right out of the drive, soon she would by pushed right as the car turned to return up the street wouldn't she? Moments later she cried in shocked dismay as she felt the car turn left and accelerate up the main road. She screamed in disbelief, how could they be so foolhardy, if they got stopped or had an accident how could they explain this.

Within a few minutes she was very glad of the blanket they had thrown over her as the air around her began to cool rapidly. Her mind was in turmoil, fear and terror washed back and forth in a battling tide with excitement and arousal as her bonds bit into her with each bump or turn in the road. Despite the blanket she shivered and for a moment wondered where the draught was coming from, soon though her mind returned to more pressing matters.

Everything was her fault she found herself considering, if she had resisted temptation to pry and left them alone all this would never have happened. Of course Angela realised it had been a trap, she had been lured into it quite skilfully, if she hadn't been so nosey though she wouldn't be here now so it was her fault. She wondered how many times they had baited the trap, how many times they had hoped to catch her, how patient had they been?

With that her thoughts went back to what she had been witness to a short while ago as she had peeked through Laura's bedroom window. She saw it all so vividly and felt that delightful ache between her tightly trussed thighs, despite or because of her lack of control and fear about what was going to happen Angela found this all very exhilarating.

Time passed, a lot of it or at least it seemed a lot before the car finally stopped and the engine died. She lay shivering with cold beneath her blanket as she heard heavy doors slamming shut, some time later the boot was opened and her blanket removed. Overly warm air rushed in to waft over her as someone undid the ropes that bound her to the boot floor. Angela felt herself being lifted from the car and bodily carried for some distance by the pair to be laid on what felt like a concrete floor. Wondering where the hell they had taken her Angela sniffed the air that seeped into her hood, it smelt thick, oily or greasy definitely somewhere industrial. The rope securing her wrists to her ankles was undone and she was lifted and manoeuvred into a chair.

"Don't move Bitch," came Alicia's cold emotionless voice, "please don't make things any worse for yourself."

Surrounded by the inky blackness she nodded her hooded head to show she agreed, it would be pointless to try and make her voice understood around the ball gag. Trembling she sat perfectly still as her legs and arms were undone quite quickly, they both worked in unison and had her free in moments. The hood however stayed in place unfortunately and she couldn't stifle the moan that escaped her as her joints moved for the first time in what seemed ages, she wailed pitifully as pins and needles wracked her arms and legs as both circulation and warmth returned to them. Her arms were cuffed behind the chair back before they retreated. Sitting in silence she could hear them talking and laughing close by too quietly though for her to make out anything useful as they busied themselves doing god knows what. A good five minutes passed before they seemed to pay her any attention at all, three minutes for her to imagine what was about to happen.

"Stand!" barked Alicia authoratively, nervously Angela obeyed rising slowly to her feet.

A hand gripped her none too gently by the back of the neck forcing her to move, she stumbled blindly in the direction she was forced. The intensity of the dread that overwhelmed her was exquisite, Angela felt her pulse racing excitedly and her gagged mouth was incredibly dry as she was forcibly manoeuvred to stand exactly where they wanted her and her cuffs were removed.

"Right bitch, hold out your arms, don't try and do anything stupid!" came a barked order; compliantly she held her arms out before her.

"To the sides you stupid bitch!" it was Alicia who did all the talking.

Almost instantly Angela felt them wrapping heavy thick what felt like leather bands around her wrists and securing them tightly, she could hear the jingle of loose buckles as her wrists were bound. Angela was amazed how well they worked together, chains rattled over concrete and metal alarming her and she felt the heavy weight pull downwards upon her outspread arms as they fastened them to the wrist cuffs. She really hoped she did not have to stand like this for too long for the weight seemed to grow heavier with each passing moment. The heavy sensation did not last long at all however for with rattling clinks from both sides the chains were drawn tauter, utilising ratchets they were drawing Angela's arms out directly to each side of her. If she had wanted to flee at all, the thought of which had never entered her head as a viable option until now, it dawned on Angela that she was unable to.

Her mind span in turmoil, as Angela realised there was no escaping the inevitable, she must endure whatever they had planned for her. Confused by her emotions part of her wanted to scream, to flee in panic or withdraw in fearful denial but another darker side hungered expectantly for the unknown, it grew restlessly excited imagining sensations and emotions she had not yet savoured or endured. This side of her psyche grew stronger with each passing moment and ruled her misgivings at the moment without contest.

To her sides more chains rattled, Angela felt the chill of cold steel against her skin this time about her ankles as the chilly links of steel were wrapped around them twice about and secured. Shortly after as ratchets clanked and the chains pulled at her ankles forcing her feet relentlessly apart she began to tremble once more. Angela wobbled unsteadily as they forced her to adopt the position they wanted her in. Totally helpless stretched spread-eagled, gagged and hooded, enveloped in total blackness Angela realised her punishment was probably about to be delivered. Real fear gripped her, fear of what they were going to do, fear of the pain she was to endure and mostly fear of why it was stimulating her so much!

"Ohh Angela," laughed Alicia menacingly causing a ripple of wonderful fear to add to her tense state, "you look so vulnerable like that." "God, you don't know how much I'm going to enjoy this you bitch!" she hissed, terrifyingly enthusiasm sparkled in Alicia's voice.

Unexpectedly the hood was popped off Angela's head, free from the stuffy confines of the hood she relished the cooler on her face. She drew in several deep lungs full of the oily scented cool air before her blindfold was removed too. The light was quite subdued; the main overhead fluorescent lights were out. What illumination there was came from small lamps set here and there upon some of the high workbenches but to her newly exposed retinas even those seemed really bright. No one was in sight both her abductors were behind her somewhere out of her field of vision, instinct told her it would be more smart to keep her head forwards and not turn to look around too much. Squinting around her without moving her head too much her captors allowed her a moment or two to take in her surroundings. To Angela it was quite obviously a car workshop, she had been secured stark naked between two of the upright posts of a four-post hydraulic car lift by heavy link chains.

From both sides at once they moved to stand directly before her, Angela stared wide eyed in shock, if she had been able her jaw would have dropped in astonishment. Before Angela her tormentors stood, both were naked apart from tight scarlet latex hoods that covered the top halves of their faces to just under their noses and spike-heeled boots. With heels of six inches or more both the women towered over her. Alicia's boots are exotic thigh length and match her mask perfectly in colour while Laura's boots are simpler, black and only calf high. As she had witnessed earlier Alicia wore her auburn hair hanging loose through a hole at the apex of her hood but Laura's blonde shorter tresses were crushed beneath her hood.

They made a very erotic vision stood side-by-side together holding each other loosely in a very sensuous manner, the sight of which thrilled Angela. Still quaking uncontrollably Angela's heart lurched as they began to move, the women parted to move to each side close to the car lifts posts and begin to adjust the ratchets on the chain drawing her arms quite some more tauter until she was stretched just enough to prevent her moving without hurting herself. Her stomach knotted in gloriously tense apprehension as Angela waited with bated breath, her current predicament is one of the most highly exciting experiences she has known. Angela's already fraught nerves go into overdrive as Alicia drew very very close to look deep into her eyes, something her tormentor saw there made her smile smugly, her green icy eyes mere inches from Angela's.

"Dirty bitch," whispers Alicia quietly so that only she hears, then louder and more aggressively "you dirty filthy bitch, I know you want this, you may think not but I see it in those filthy whore slut eyes!"

Shaking with absolute terror and extreme excitement Angela shook her head in an attempt to deny it. Stepping back Alicia laughed and nodded, she knew, she could see it so easily. Helpless to resist Angela had decided to enjoy what she could and endure what she had to in order to get this over with, at least that's what she had tried to convince herself and Alicia had seen straight through her. Laura meanwhile had wandered away behind Angela somewhere, though Angela paid the woman little attention as her eyes were drawn to her delectable red headed, green eyed tyrant and her verbal abuse as she drew closer again.

"You appreciate why you are to be disciplined don't you Angela?" she nodded once to show she understood, her throat constricted and she fought to hold back tears.

"I must ask you to be truthful now," Alicia's eyes sparked with malice, "do you deserve disciplining?"

Once again she nodded after a brief hesitation, so close to her Angela could have licked her face if she had not been so securely gagged. Alicia smiled pleased with her response. To Angela's surprise the woman cupped her breast making her shudder involuntarily as the fingers drew together to tease her already distended teat. She wanted to cry out, to ask the woman not to stop but could only garble unintelligibly past the gag. As if she knew Alicia took her other hand and slid it between Angela's legs to cup her aching pussy lightly. Throwing back her head she wailed incomprehensibly around her gag as Alicia's middle finger speared her oozing flesh very precisely. The delightful intruder sank as deep as possible into her sucking wetness and gyrated several times. Such was her excitement that within moments she was close to climaxing and shook uncontrollably this time solely through pleasure.

"Feels good, ehh," purred Alicia sexily as she fingered her to the brink.

Focusing on the woman's highly amused eyes Angela stared pleadingly at her, visually begging her to allow her to come. Of course disappointment was to be her reward as Alicia withdrew both hands at the critical moment, she held up the fingers that had been in Angela's sex close between them and sniffed the absolutely dripping middle finger.

"Dreamy," she purred holding it below Angela's nose; her own musky scent pervaded her nostrils, "here try it".

The woman smeared the thick copious secretions around her nose, every breath she now took would reek of her own pungent aroused pussy juices. Angela watched the woman lick her fingers clean with her long pointed tongue and moaned in frustration. All this time Laura had been busy behind her and Alicia slid away laughing to join the other woman out of Angela's sight. Taking deep breaths as best she could through only her nose Angela steadied herself only too aware of the whispering and laughing behind her.

Closing her eyes she calmed herself down as best she could, her pulse slowed considerably as she took full advantage of their apparent distraction. Something soft gently landed across her upper arm and shoulder startling her from her composure settling exercise. Looking down she squealed behind the gag for fanned out across her pale flesh was the soft scarlet leather tails of a flogger. In a wicked way Alicia played the flogger lightly over her as she ducked beneath Angela's arm and stood before her. Almost tenderly she flicked the flogger against Angela's belly, flinching each time Angela shrieked unnecessarily in fear expecting worse than Alicia gave her. Confusion reigned within, her eyes widened in horror but her body literally ripples with anticipatory excitement of the unknown that was to come as she watched the scarlet tails slap lightly against her. The sensations she felt were incredibly perverse she knew she was about to be hurt but in a sick way she longed eagerly for the torture Alicia had selected for her.

"You ready Angela?"

To her own amazement Angela felt a hint of defiance surface, she just stared back at her tormentor her face a mask of expressionless calm. Alicia refused to be phased by her pitiful show; almost an anti-climax Angela had expected to be struck but Alicia made no move immediately instead she winked goading her prey. With a flourish of the wrist she set the floggers fronds whirling in a circular motion and smiled nastily at Angela. Confidence evaporated, the shakes had returned she could not control them whether through excitement or terror Angela could not tell she was so confused. Time marched on and she was kept in suspended anticipation for so long she cared not what happened as long as something did.

"Show me you want it Bitch!" hissed Alicia coldly, "show me or by my word you'll be so sorry!"

Her brief defiance confidence dissolved before the threat, and nervously Angela nodded to show she accepted.

"Excellent we got that on camera!" smiled Alicia pointing behind her with her free hand, the flogger still span lazily in her other.

In disbelief at first Angela stared where Alicia is indicating and true enough there is a security camera with a blinking red light pointed straight at her from a top corner of the workshop. How could she be so stupid she cursed to herself, the bitches were filming this, fuck they'll probably blackmail her. Visions of her oh so comfortable world evaporating clouded her mind but only for a moment.

Before her Alicia stood beyond striking range, she was smiling evilly flourishing the flogger in a lazy figure of eight captivating Angela's focus. Almost day dreaming Angela was caught unaware watching Alicia playing with the flogger, behind her Laura made the first move swinging her flogger in a gentle arc to strike Angela across the buttocks. Alicia laughs wickedly at her as the unexpected blow landed, the blow was fairly light but it still hurt her unsuspecting flesh like hell. In shock Angela reacted instinctively attempting throwing herself forwards away from the attack. As she lurches forwards in the chains crying out in pain and shock to no avail Alicia strikes her across her belly, she lurches back only to be struck again from behind. To her the level of pain is intense she bursts into tears wailing ineffectively around the ball gag as they abuse her. All this time both the evil bitches laugh as they flog her thankfully not too hard for ten strokes each then stop.

As the pain faded to a bearable ache she realised how good it felt perversely and how exhilarated she felt as her buttocks and belly burn in afterglow. Before her Alicia stood hands on hips breathing heavily from her exertions, a light sheen of perspiration on her top lip. Foolishly Angela believed it was over up to the point when she was suddenly plunged into darkness again. The fear she feels as her sight is taken from her is extremely arousing her wait to find out what comes next was very short this time.

A flogger blow struck her hip from the front it is copied straight away by a blow around her other hip from behind. She can sense this by the way the tassels strike home. The next blow came from the front, it hit across her lower leg to be similarly copied from behind. Blows then struck her upper arm, lower arm and so on. Blow after blow were landed all up her sides and on both top and bottom of her arms, her nerve endings cry out, her body feels on fire as her senses were battered for what seemed an age.

"Halt, change over you lead now," Alicia called out, she sounded almost breathless.

If they were tiring though they did not show it from behind Laura struck her inner thigh above the knee, Alicia did likewise from the front. To Angela's dismay the next blow was a double sideswipe and return across her waist, Alicia copied across her the tender taut exposed expanse of her belly. The agony was incredible but more was to come. The next was harder back and forth across her upper back, Angela steeled herself, understanding the pattern she knew instinctively where the next double blow would land. Even though she was gagged she screamed anticipating the pain long before it occurred. Of course Alicia followed suit whipping the flogger quite hard across her jiggling tits as she writhed in her bonds futilely attempting to avoid the blows.

The pain was intense but she was given no respite she screamed on almost panicking, choking on her own spittle as from behind the flogger hit upwards between her thighs its ends lashing her exposed pussy agonisingly. Alicia followed suit with a similar blow from the front Angela wailed in anguish at the lashing only to be rewarded evilly. On both strokes several tassels hit her tenderest flesh causing searing flashes of pain to burst through her. The ache left behind was exquisitely unbearable. Blows began to rain upon her at random she lurched pathetically as she was struck with varying force from any angle on any part of her body or limbs. Such was her inability to control her body that she pissed herself; the urine stung the many weals on her legs as it gushed from her in an unmanaged spurt. Her torturers laughed but showed mercy or no sign of halting at her distress. To further her discomfort her feet slipped in her own mess as she lurched about under the beating causing her to swing helplessly in her chains until she regained her footing.

Truth be known that last assault only lasted less than a minute but she was close to collapse when they finished with her. Sweat poured from her, her body burnt in exquisite agony as sweat and piss soaked into her whipped skin. Quite exhausted she hung limply in her chains as the hood was removed and Alicia stood before her smiling victoriously at her. Once more she could breathe a little freer and after several painful breaths with her eyes closed and head hung low a little energy returned. Looking herself over as best she could Angela saw there was no part of her body or limbs left unmarked by the floggers.

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