tagErotic HorrorNosferatu Ch. 03

Nosferatu Ch. 03


Nosferatu 3: The Turning

You get dressed and begin to head outside. You and Roxanne are going to get some coffee and do some shopping. You begin to head outdoors and you notice the sun, though hidden by clouds, is burning your eyes. You squeeze them shut, as you retrieve our sunglasses from your purse.

"What are you going for the Audrey Hepburn look now?' Roxanne asks.

No...just a little hung over...something i ate last night"

You notice your thirsty...you drink your coffee and it doesn't help. You have a water and it curbs the pangs only slightly.

You two walk in and out of the boutiques, picking out an item here, an item there. You finish a few hours later. Your walking back to the dorm when a voice from with in you beckons you..."tonight its time"

You smile. Your surprised at yourself...at just how adjusted you have become to the changes in your life.

You lay your new items on the bed, looking for something to wear tonight. You realize that every thing purchased is of the same shade....black.

You select a black lace thong and climb into a tight black cat suit. Some thing you never, in your dreams would have worn out in public.

"Damn girl" Roxanne says, "Halloween was last night."

"I know" you giggle, "i have--plans."

You hear the voice inside your head again. "its time" You throw a jacket over the tanked top of your cat suit and walk out. "By Roxy"

You take a cab to the house the party was in. Its a stark contrast to the other night. It is dark, gloomy.....almost rickety.

You walk in the creaky door. "Up here Shannan"

You are greeted by a large, naked man, offering you a glass of red wine. You drink it slowly as you climb the stairs. it is thick and for the first time, you feel your thirst fade.

You open the door to the room you instinctively know to go in and are taken aback at what you see.

In a large chair...almost like a thrown, is your lover. Buried in his lap is a head of blond hair, bobbing up and down. Your lover is sucking on the nipple of a waifish Asian girl.

he breaks away. "come...sit" he motions to a chair near his, and goes back to his nipple sucking.

You get a good view of the blond. She has huge tits and is sliding his slick, huge cock out of her mouth, following with her hand. she buries her face in his pubic hair. Its obvious he is loving it. You see his face distort and he starts fucking her mouth.

he groans loudly, shooting his cum into her mouth. You lick your lips, wanting a taste.

The blond frees him and leans toward the Asian..they kiss. As they break slowly, you see a long stream of cum connecting two pairs of fangs protruding from these sexy vamps. As they pull away, the cum drops to his limp dick.

"come, clean me" You are in his trance now. You walk over to him...crouch between his legs and begin cleaning his dick. It tastes salty, sweet.

After he is clean, he stands up, slipping on a white robe.

"Let me show you around" With that, several torches lighten the huge chamber...its flickering glow casting shadows all around. You look around the room and see a dozen or so, beautiful people, all engaged in one sex act or another....it takes your breath away.

"Come my love" He leads you toward a bed. "I want you to be one of us....to live a life of pleasure for an eternity."

"I will" Your surprised when you hear yourself saying it.

"You have let me in. I have fed off of you. But that is not enough. You are to be queen of our brood. You must become one of them. There is a ritual."

The two girls from before come to you, and remove your jacket. the others gather around. A short red head comes in front of you and kisses your gently. "Phoenix is my name" you hear as your tongues intertwine. You have never kissed another woman before and it is wonderful. so gentle and slow. The two girls slowly unzip the back of your cat suit, pulling it down slowly. Phoenix leads you out of it.

You are now standing in only a thong in front of 5 guys and 7 girls you have never seen....and you are not shy..you are brazen...u own them.

Phoenix drops the silk robe she was wearing. she has pale, soft skin. Pert breasts. Your eyes cannot help but follow down he lithe body to the small clump of fire covering her vagina.

She steps into you,,,,your nipples touch, sending a psychic jolt through your bodies. You now know everything bout her.

You kiss again as she leads you to a king size bed, satin sheets...blood red, covering it.

she lays your back and begins licking your pussy. MM..she knows just where to hit it, rolling you clit in her mouth, sucking it in. You open your mouth to moan and feel a hot member thrust in it. You open your eyes and see one of the men, thrusting his cock into you..the others are gathering around. You notice your love, in a chair drinking a glass of wine, stroking his cock with one hand.

You bring your attention back to Phoenix, the top of her head eating you...pushing you closer and closer into orgasm. You feel the cock in your mouth begin to jump. The dick springs free, letting his seed spring forth..you notice the think cream shooting from him is red...its blood. Your dive your head closer...drinking every drop..being quenched You cum as your suck him into you.

Phoenix rolls off of you. You see a man lying next to you and you instinctively roll onto him....impaling your self like a stake, onto his hard cock. You slid in easy, lubricated thanks to Phoenix' tongue. he is so big...not as big as the masters, but he is stretching you. You look at the master...his dick being sucked by one of his young, male vampires. Its so taboo, it turns you on...lubricating your pussy.

You feel a breath on your ass. You look back, you see an older Vamp...brunette, maybe thirty five licking your ass.....you have never felt anything like it.

her tongue dives deep into you, as she help you fucking the man beneath you. She fucks you faster and faster, causing you to cum again. the man beneath you does the same. his red seed seeps from your quim, caught expertly by the woman behind you.

She slides from under you, and the man formerly sucking off the master replaces her. He slowly lubes your ass and you grimace as you feel the Head of his penis puncture your rectum.

he buries himself to the hilt...you feel the burning rising up in you. Once buried he rolls over, you on his stomach, your cunt exposed to the air.

you see another of the vampire coming to you, stroking his cock. before you can protest

he enters you. the feeling is ungodly...like you are bing slip in to. You bite your lip...causing a trickle of blood to ooze...the vamp on front of u expertly licks up.

The alternate thrusts....in and out in and out...you feel your whole body coming alive in the passion. You feel an orgasm rip through you. You are vaguely aware of the two men kissing as they come to. You pass out.

You awaken with the master between your legs, licking you gently tenderly, sucking your clit into his mouth. The others are around you, fondling each other. They are bleeding, and they offer the blood to you, which u lap up hungrily.

You feel the orgasm building and your are gently touched, nurtured..it builds inside of you. as you come close, you feel your teeth begin to sharper...the closer it gets you feel blood seeping from your nipple, your mouth. it is consumed. Your rip in half, the orgasm that has building in you for 20 years,

You lay panting, your master's mouth covered in your blood as he has fed off your femoral artery. "you are one of us now."

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