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This is the edited version thanks to Umm, I really don't know his User name here so Phi-san thank you. You know who you are.


Hundreds of years in solitude, personally I didn't hate it nor loved it either. I'm a predator in the darkness of the night, a vampire. I walked amongst them. They seem not to mind my presence until I hunted for my food that is.

Pressing my back against the wall of a tall building it was my usual spot. I search around through the busy streets for my prey. I was a picky eater I only chose young healthy, beautiful woman for this, they held their veins the sweetest and purest blood there was. Every sound in this city was so loud; it made my ears throb hurting my head. Just as night fell I moved to another spot were hopefully I would get my prey tonight. I hadn't fed in days any more and I would surely die.

Just as I was giving up on my search I saw her. Her bright blond hair sparked on that sea of black and brown heads. The sway of her hips from side to side and her sweet scent drew me in. I followed her from a distance, I noticed that I wasn't the only one following her, two shady looking humans were also tailing her.

She stepped up her pace and headed towards an alleyway. The two human males followed; I stepped up my pace and went in the same alleyway. What I saw made me angry they were molesting my pray. I punched the closest to her sending him flying into the trash a few feet back. I looked that the other, I could smell his fear as he looked at me. He dropped to the ground backing away I let him be.

I turned to the woman she was indeed beautiful her fair soft looking white skin glimmered in the dark, her expose neck made my stomach rumble in hunger. She looked at me with her deep blue eyes shocked. Had I done something wrong? Was she still shaken by the event that just happened? Did I scare her? So many questions ran through my head. Then she opened her beautiful mouth and screamed. "Watch out!"

I quickly turned around the man that I let be, he had grabbed a metal bar. He smashed it in my head. Normally I would not even flinch but I hadn't fed in a few days rendering me weak. I held my head dropping into one knee.

"You bastard!" I hissed through my teeth.

I grabbed his face and smashed it against the wall. I was flaring with anger.

"Hey are you alright?" she asked her voice ringed beautifully in my ears.

"Um yes I'm alright are you?" I asked her. A stream of blood trailed down my head to my face. "Oh" She said surprised by it and she reached down to her bag and pulled out a cloth. She wiped the blood off my face and said with a smile on her beautiful face.

"Thank you for saving me. My apartment is near by let me take care of your wound it's the least I can do to repay you"

What was wrong with me? I came to here to kill her and drink her blood. Why was I acting this way? I quietly followed her to her home. It was a nice looking apartment, as soon as she opened the door her scent hit my face again making my stomach rumble and this time my fangs tingled. She made me sit on the table while she looked for the first aid kit. I sat quietly concentrating on the wound preventing it from closing. She came back holding a white box with a red cross on it.

"Ok let me see" She said placing the box on the table. She slowly moved her small fingers through my straight hair. I could feel her hands shaking a little as she cleaned the wound.

When she was done she slowly slid her hands down my face holding her gaze for a moment and let go apologizing.

"Thank you Miss.?" I said to her reaching for her hand.

"Elisabeth my name is Elisabeth and I should be thanking you umm" she said with a questioning look on her face.

"Michael. My name is Michael nice to meet you Elisabeth" I said in a seductive voice kissing her hand. I could feel her heart racing faster.

Strangely I didn't want to drink her just yet, as it has been a long time since I had a conversation so I took this chance to talk to her. We conversed for an hour or so; she revealed a lot of things about herself as she spoke I was strangely drawn to her.

She yawned. I asked her if she was tired and recommended that she should sleep. I excused myself walking towards the door.

"Wait don't go" She said in a small voice, I turned a looked at her she was shyly biting her index finger nail. "I mean…you can stay here if you like"

"Really? To tell you the truth I have no place to stay the night is it really ok for me to stay?" I asked her. I really did wish to stay.

"Yes it's fine" her face lit up with excitement she was really beautiful.

She made a bed for me in the living room and we bid our good nights. I pretended to be asleep until I was sure she was asleep soundly. I thought the best I could give this fair maiden was a nice sleeping death. I silently crept into her room and stood beside her bed. She turned face up her skin shimmering with the moon lit glow. A strand of her golden hair trailed down her sleeping face down to her well rounded breast. My manhood came to life pressing against my pants. I never felt such a thing before in more than a hundred years. She excited me like no other. I slowly reach down to touch her face indeed it was as soft as silk.

Slowly and gently I trailed my hand down her fair neck she moved and smiled pleased, I froze. After a while I trailed towards her breasts touching them trough the light fabric that cover them. She let out a small moan but she continued to sleep, she aroused me even more.

I did not noticed but I was now on top of her feeling, moving my hand deeper tracing her body. I could not help my self I gently lifted her shirt and place my lips on her fired skin.

Softly I began to cares her breasts they looked so tempting. I did not realize that she had awakened. I looked at her surprised she simply smiled and said in a sweet loving voice:

"You may continue I don't mind" She spread her legs widely giving herself to me.

"Why do you do such things young lady?" I asked her pulling myself to her face looking deeply into her eyes.

"Because…I'm -" Before she could finish I pressed my lips into hers. She gave in; slowly I inserted my tongue in her mouth being careful I would not hurt hers with my fangs. I rubbed my cock over her lower stomach and she moaned with pleasure in my mouth.

Slowly making my way down her soft skin reaching her wet pussy; I smelled her overpowering juices. Through the fabric I gently touched her, instantly she lifted her hips with a moan. Not being able to hold myself any longer I stripped her down and began to lick her. I inserted my tongue inside her and she began to thrust herself in my face.

"Mm… please I can't take it any more I want you inside me now please" She plead.

I, more than willing, began to strip my clothes off and moved above her. "So beautiful please put it inside" she pleaded once more. Without hesitation I slowly began to insert myself in her. Her wall griped my shaft tightly, it was so wonderful. I began to thrust myself deep inside her she wrapped her legs around my hips. Her lust filled eyes were locked on me as I drove myself deep inside of her.

A strange sensation over took me I grabbed her in my arms and pulled her close to me as I drove myself faster and faster and she moaned with pleasure equally.

"Elisabeth…I need you…I need your blood" I told her holding her close in fear that she will reject my request.

"Ah…my blood why?" she said gripping me tighter.

"To live, please let me have some"

"Oh god! Michael… I'm coming …take it drink! " She panted in her sexually aroused voice.

I bit down on the nape of her neck and her sweet tasting blood filled my hungry mouth. I feel both her blood and her cum, it was so beautiful, so exhilarating it made me cum inside of her. Her body fell in my arms and for the first time I felt fear.

"Elisabeth! Elisabeth speak to me please" I frantically said to her. She did not respond.

No what have I done! Grief fell heavily upon me and utter sadness filled me. Then out of a sheer miracle she spoke, so quietly that only my sensitive ears could pick up. "Amazing" she said.

She was alive but slowly slipping away from life. No not anymore I wont be alone in this world I thought to myself, I bit down on my wrist and squeezed some of my blood into her mouth. The small amount of blood that entered her system will multiply and eat off all of her human boundaries that made her mortal.

Her heart slowly began to beat faster and faster which gave sign that her transformation was on its way.

"We will be together forever now my dear Elisabeth…I love you" I whispered in her ear laying her body on the bed.

"I love you too ever since I first saw you…standing…on…the same…spot…every day" She whispered slowly falling into a deep sleep. Finally after centuries of solitude I was not alone.

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