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Not as Smart as I Thought


Willie Beckman was not the smartest guy I ever met and I admit we were drinking when we came up with the plan to rob the Kingman Savings and Loan in downtown Medfield Alabama. In our whiskey induced euphoria, we figured it out where nothing could go wrong and nobody could get hurt. The problem was when we sobered up; it still seemed like a good plan.

Willie and I had grown up next door to each other on Crews Road in Medford. Our two houses had looked exactly like, white frame with sagging porches and rusted gutters. The front yards were nothing but crab grass and weeds, although Willie's mother kept putting out azaleas near the front porch. They kept dying every year but Willie's mother never gave up. I guess everybody has to have a dream.

Willie stole his first car when he was thirteen and went away to the reformatory near Huntsville for a while. I stumbled through my last few years of high school and went into the Army. I missed all the action, ending up as a clerk typist in a little supply depot in Ohio. Willie got out of the reformatory and worked for a while at a service station, and then got caught again as he tried to hold up a convenience store. He was old enough for jail and spent the next couple of years at a work camp. I got out of the military and got married. It only lasted a few months. It didn't seem like the marriage was going anywhere. She only liked missionary style.

I went to work for Medford Mills and hated it. Willie got out of the work camp and came to stay with off and own. I lived in an old cabin on Lake Powers, with the back door just a few steps from the water. It was secluded enough and still close enough for me have an easy drive to work. Willie did odd jobs but mostly he drank.

If we weren't working weekends, we were out in the woods hunting or fishing or drinking. I guess you could say we were the perfect example of rednecks. We drank too much, cursed too much, and avoided culture like the plague. If they were going to do a remake of the movie Deliverance, we would have been cast as the banjo players.

It all changed in just one drunken evening. After our all night drinking bout, we had breakfast at Clyde's Café in Medford, heaping plates of fried eggs, grits, toast and bacon, and even Laura, the waitress in the short, tight white uniform, commented that we were awfully quiet for a change, and I think she was disappointed one of us didn't make a show of trying to grab her ass.

"It could work," Willie said, as he sipped his coffee and shoveled a spoonful of grits into his mouth.

"We could both go to jail," I said.

Willie shrugged. "Jail's not so bad."

"I don't want to go to jail," I said. "I'm tall, skinny and blond, and I'm not as good with my fists as you are. I don't want to end up as cellmate to some guy named Bubba who thinks I'm cute."

"There's risk in everything," Willie pointed out. "You could get killed crossing the street."

"But I'd still be a virgin," I said.

"You're a virgin," Willie said, surprised.

"I'm a virgin there," I said. "And I plan on staying that way."

Willie nodded in comprehension. "Still, it's a good plan."

"Damn good plan," I said.

We went to work still thinking about the plan. I had a bad day. My supervisor was a guy named Clark Kent. I am not lying. People called him superman behind his back. He looked like he was still in high school, but he thought he was General Patton directing his tanks through North Africa. Why it is a little authority makes some people mean and small?

The other issue he had with me was that he was married Laura, the cute little waitress at Clyde's Café and he knew I had been trying to get into her panties for some time. I think he was afraid I would eventually succeed.

Anyway, he spent the day getting on my last nerve.

I needed a drink when I got home. In fact, I needed a drink before I got home. I stopped at the Coyote Club and watched one of the two strippers take her clothes off while I nursed a large straight whiskey and started thinking about our plan again.

Mary, the stripper, put her top and sequined panties back on and came down off the stage to sit with me. Mary is in her late forties and a little chubby with brown eyes and stringy hair. She used to be the cashier at the Medford Grocery Store but the owner of the Coyote Club offered her a larger salary plus tips to take her clothes off. Mary needed the money. She had a kid she was trying to raise by herself and times were hard.

"Hello Kyle," Mary said, and put her hand on my thigh. I turned on my seat to smile at her. I actually liked Mary and at three in the morning, when I had enough whiskey, she started to look hot. I had taken her home a few times. Of course, the other stripper was a skinny, almost emaciated blond who was married to the owner of the Coyote Club and most of the time looked like she was sucking lemons while she stripped, and nobody wanted to take her home. Willie claimed he had fucked her once in the back seat of his car in the parking lot and she had chewed gum and talked about her favorite movie stars the entire time. Willie doesn't always tell the truth, but this time I think he was.

"You don't have a lot of business today," I commented, looking around at the almost empty club.

"It's been kind of slow for a couple of weeks," Mary said, shrugging. "If it keeps up like this, I'm going to have to go back to working at the grocery store."

"It's that bad?" I asked.

"There's a new club out on the expressway and it's taking a lot of our business, and I guess men get tired of looking at the same bodies all the time.' She giggled. "Hell, we're like wives to some of the guys around here, they've seen us so much."

Her hand moved higher on my leg and tightened. "Look, Kyle, you don't have fifty bucks on you, do you? I'm kind of behind in the rent and I thought you might lend me a little."

"I've got about enough to pay for the drinks," I said. "I'd give it to you if I did."

She squeezed again. "I know you would. You want to go in the back for a little while."

"For your specialty," I said.

"For anything you like," Mary said, grinning.

For a moment I had a little regret. Mary is not pretty and she has been knocked around and abused and used by men most of her life. What she needed was a man to tell her that she was valuable and special and she didn't need to do some guy just to get his approval.

Okay, so I am a sorry bastard but a free blowjob offer doesn't come along every day.

I settled into the chair in the small dressing room while Mary put a pillow down on the floor and got down on her knees. She had already taken off her top again and hung it on the dressing rack near the door. She kept her panties on and put on a short, terrycloth robe open down the front. She said it was a little chilly in the dressing room but that her tits were unencumbered if I wished to grab. She actually said unencumbered.

Her chubby fingers unzipped my pants and I lifted up as she pulled down to my knees. My boxer shorts were next and my already hard cock popped up and slapped her in the face. She grinned at me and ran her pink tongue over the tip, making a low humming sound and then a sound of joy as she opened her mouth and took just the head inside.

Mary believed her worth was in her blowjobs. It was her specialty. Her lips closed over my prick and her rough tongue licked at the tiny hole. She released me. She wrapped her fingers around the base and started licking the head furiously for a moment. She jerked me for a few times up and down until the first spot of cum appeared at the tip. She licked it away.

"Good," she said. "You taste good."

I knew it was a lie. She had admitted to me, in a moment of weakness that she really did not like to swallow. She did it because it pleased the men she was with. At the moment I didn't care. She was certainly pleasing me.

She released me again and then lifted up so that her tits were hanging over my cock. She took careful hold of my cock and rubbed the prick against the fleshy globes on the inside of her tits until I was leaking again. Then she put my cock into the heated cocoon of her tits until just head appeared and she started licking the tip again.

Damn, she was good at this.

She dropped back down on the pillows and at the same time let my cock slide into her mouth all the way to my balls. Her deep throat was the best I'd ever felt and she held me there for a few moments, without gagging, before she drew her head back.

I had enough. My balls were burning. I needed release. I stood up and grabbed her by the back of her head and I began to fuck her face in long, deep strokes. I was getting deeper in her throat but she still didn't gag and she didn't resist. She let me use her and I didn't hold anything back. I faced fucked her as hard as I could and she took everything I gave her.

I groaned as I felt the first spurt shoot into her mouth and then I was flooding her mouth until some of it started leaking out of her lips. I heard her gag a little then as I pulled back and I heard her swallowing. I drew back more but she followed me with her lips, and took me inside her mouth deep again as she got the rest of my spurting juice and started cleaning me up with her tongue.

"Oh yes, you sweet bitch," I moaned.

She kept her mouth on me until she knew I was sated and then she asked softly, "Was it good. Was it really good?"

"Oh hell yeah," I said.

Her soft brown eyes were filled with gratitude at my crude compliments and I had another moment of regret. Mary was worth a lot more than to find herself constantly on her knees in the back room of a seedy strip club, trying to trade her oral talents for a man's approval. But hell, she was good at it and people should not waste their natural talents.

Willie was at home by the time I got there and he had emptied out the last of her whiskey. I made myself some soup and poured it into the last clean mug I could find and went and sat with him on the couch. The television was on but neither of us was really watching it.

"Hell," Willie said. "I'm tired of living this way."

"Me too," I said.

"We would need a driver. Both of us would have to go inside. We'd need a good car and a driver."

"You know somebody?" I asked.

"I talked to a friend of mine. He knows of someone."

"It wouldn't hurt to talk," I said.

Willie shrugged and pulled out his wallet. "I'll make the call. You run up to Hay's Market and get us a couple of bottles. It'll help the discussion along."

"Okay, I agreed.

I wasn't sure I wanted to do this, but things seemed to be moving along faster than I could control. I hated my job, my life, and the money from Kingman would give me a new start; if I didn't end up jail. I clenched my buttocks as I thought of going to prison. The thought terrified me.

I got the whiskey but I had just about changed my mind by the time I got back to the house. Willie had made his phone call but the friend was back in jail and we were back to square one. The problem with our plan was time. If we did it, it had to be done on the following Thursday. There was going to be a state wide law convention in Birmingham on Thursday and the police force in Medford was going to on consist of two cars. There would also be a shortage of state patrol cars on the highway.

It was a simple plan. We weren't going to try and hide. We would rob the loan office, and then drive like hell for the highway, but then we would turn around and slip onto one of the dirt roads going into the backwoods. The cops would think we were miles away but we would hide at my cabin until the heat was off. Then we would split the money and start our new lives.

What could possibly go wrong?

Except we didn't have a driver and by Tuesday of the following week, we still didn't have one. Willie suggested putting an advertisement for a get-away driver in the Medford Tribune. I didn't think he was serious. I hoped he wasn't.

I was surprised when I came home on Wednesday to find my chubby friend Mary from the strip club sitting on our couch sipping whiskey and laughing with Willie.

"Mary is going to be our driver," Willie said.

"Have you lost your fucking mind?" I snarled at Willie.

Willie looked hurt. "No, really, it's a good idea. Mary's brother used to drive stock cars."

"Mary's brother used to drive stock cars," I said incredulously.

"Yeah, it makes her perfect. She knows about cars. Look, the plan will work. At 10:15, we make the call that a terrible fire is at the old warehouse on Pine Street. And maybe we'll throw in some screaming and guns being fired or something. Both police cars will go that way. At 10:30 we'll pull up in front of Kingman, run inside and get the money while Mary waits and then she drives us away. Simple."

"You're out of your fucking mind," I said.

"I need to do this, Kyle," Mary said softly. "I want to get away from this place too."

I looked at Willie and back to Mary and to Willie again and I shook my head. I knew it was stupid. I could almost feel Bubba breathing on the back of my neck, but it was my last chance to escape Medford.

"We're all going to jail," I said.

In celebration we finished off a bottle and Mary gave us both her specialty although I really didn't enjoy it as much as I could have as I worried about jail. It didn't seem to trouble Willie but then I was starting to think my friend Willie didn't have all his oars in the water.

The next day found us all sitting in a car Willie had stolen and hotwired. We were in the middle of the parking lot of Medford Market. In the floor we had our ski masks and a couple of shotguns and we were ready.

"What's jail like?" I asked Willie.

"Hey, don't worry about it," Willie said. "It's going to be fine."

I nodded glumly. "I guess it might not be so bad. We might not end up in jail. We might get killed instead."

"Now that's a positive attitude," Willie said.

I made the call. In a few moments we heard the sirens. We were actually watching the street when both of Medford's police cars went rushing by with lights flashing. Medford was kind of a boring town most of the time, and I suppose the police officers were itchy with excitement as they rushed toward the other side of town where there was supposed to be a fire, shooting, and a terrible traffic accident involving a school bus. I had added the school bus at the last moment. I really wanted the police to be far away.

"Okay," Willie said. "This is it. It's going to be perfect."

The Kingman Savings and Loan faced Main Street but we had decided to go in the side door. Mary eased the car into the fire lane at the front of the door and we jumped out with our stocking masks and shotguns. Willie's masks had slipped over in front of his eyes and as he tried to pull it back, he tripped on the curb and fell. His finger was on the trigger of the shotgun and it blew a big hole in the glass in the side door of Kingman Savings. At the sound the shot Mary took off, tires screeching on the pavement. She lost control the stolen ford and it careered across Main Street crashing into an old truck parked in front of the hardware store.

She backed out and took off again, this time disappearing in the direction of the highway and leaving us staring after her in frustration. Panic set in. We ran through the alley between the hardware store and an antique store and out into a small parking area behind. Willie had dropped his shotgun but I was still holding mine and it was pointed at the man who was standing near an open door of a dark blue Lexus. His hands went up immediately and he turned almost completely white.

"Don't shoot," he said, "don't shoot. Oh, please don't shoot me."

"Shut up," I said. "Nobody's going to shoot you."

I didn't recognize the man but I damn sure recognized the woman who was at the passenger side of the car. She was tall and lushly formed, with thick red hair and bright green eyes. She wore a yellow blouse and a dark skirt and heels and hose. I knew her name was Alexis Kingman, and I had admired her from afar for many years. Hell, I had lusted after her from afar. Her husband owned Kingman Savings and the Medford Mills where I worked, and pretty much everything around for hundreds of miles. She was the kind of classy woman men like me dreamed about.

"He won't shoot you if you do what he says, Paul," Alexis Kingman said. "I can tell these are dangerous men. I suppose you're kidnapping me."

"Kidnapping," I said stupidly. "Nobody's kidnapping..."

"We're taking the car," Willie said.

I was still confused about what Alexis said about kidnapping when Willie grabbed the keys from Paul and pushed him away. I rushed around to the passenger side and Alexis Kingman got into the car and into the back seat. I looked at the man named Paul, who was still whimpering and holding his hands up, and I shrugged. I got in the passenger side and Willie took off. Willie's mask had gotten crooked again and he pulled it with his hands.

"You might as well take it off, Willie," Alexis said. "You can't see to drive and it's going to be pretty obvious if a cop sees you driving my friend's Lexus in a stocking mask."

Willie peeled his mask off. I didn't bother trying to hide my face. I already figured out if she had recognized Willie then she had also recognized me. I pulled the mask off and dropped it into the floor.

"Nothing can go wrong, huh," I said to Willie. "We had the perfect plan. I wish you'd shot me when you tripped."

"It can't be that bad," Alexis said.

"Oh no. We got no money, our driver is running around town in a stolen car, and they are soon going to be looking for us for kidnapping. Things couldn't be worse."

"You two aren't very good crooks, are you?" Alexis pointed out.

"Hell, I didn't want to kidnap you," I said.

"I know," she said. "It was just a lucky break for all of us."

I turned and looked at the woman in the back seat. She was smiling. I caught the faint scent of expensive perfume and I saw her tug at the hem of her skirt and I was immediately hard. It was embarrassing and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. I think she was aware of the effect she had on me and the smile went to her eyes.

I realized what she had said and said, in confusion, "how can it be a lucky break for all of us?"

She shrugged. "You wanted money. I'm worth a lot of money."

"You mean you want us to hold you for ransom," I said.

"We'll discuss that later. Let's get the immediate problem worked out. You said you had a driver running around town in a stolen car."

"Mary," I said.

"Let's find her quickly," Alexis said. "She knows who the two of you are and we have to stop her from saying anything to the police."

"The crazy bitch would have probably driven up to the cabin," Willie said. "We were going to hide out there until everything calmed down."

And that was exactly where she was. She had not followed our plan by driving to the highway and then turning on one of the dirt roads and back tracking. Instead she had driven straight to the cabin. She was still sitting in the car, her hands gripping the steering wheel, her face pale. We had to pry her fingers off the steering wheel and we had to hold her up to get her inside the cabin. She sank down on the couch, still trembling with fear and I poured her a whiskey. Alexis took a tour of the cabin and returned, her pretty nose wrinkling in disgust.

"Okay, the first thing is getting this cabin cleaned up. I want it spic and span. I will not live in a pig sty."

"Now wait a fucking minute," Willie said. "Nobody died and put you in charge. Now maybe we'll have a little whiskey and a little fun and then we'll talk about you cleaning up."

I never saw her move. I never even saw where the gun came from. I only caught a glimpse of silver and then the crash of the pistol as she shot my friend Willie in the foot.

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