Not Lesbians


"Now, Mare, put both thumbs into Jane's butt and eat her pussy out just like I do yours. Jane, keep sucking Mare's clit and work that bottle neck deep and fast in and out of her cunt."

They complied without hesitation, obviously now enjoying this new and kinky sex action.

"Marilyn Frazier, I am now going to take my fingers out of your butt hole, replace them with my thick dick, and fuck your ass."

And so I did, carefully easing my dick head into her finger-primed bad place, letting her get adjusted to it for a few moments, before slowly inching it as far as it would go—about ¾ the way in—and then remaining perfectly still. Of course, this was all happening only a few inches from Jane's eyes, which conveyed a willing though distinct I-can't-believe-you-are-buttfucking-my-best-friend-while-she-double-thumbs-my-ass-and-we-eat-each-other-out look.

Carefully, I began to move my dick in and out of Mare's tight ass, very slowly at first but gradually picking up to a medium speed. Commensurate with my pace, Mare thumb-fucked Jane's ass, which I could see in the reflection of the full-length mirror on the door.

After a short while, I asked, "Jane, do you know why I am having Mare thumb your virgin ass hole?"

Pausing momentarily from her clit-sucking but continuing the bottle action on Mare's engorged pussy, she answered, "Because, combined with Mare eating my pussy, it feels good?"

"You are partially correct, Jane, but there is another reason. You see, her thumbs are getting your ass primed for my dick. Here's what's going to happen: We're going to continue what we're doing now for a little while, then I'm going to come around to your bottom and fuck your pretty pussy while Mare continues to suck your clit for a bit while I further widen your ass with these three fingers, then I'm going to fuck you in your ass with the very dick your said earlier 'wasn't that big,' and I think you're going to like it, too, and I'm going to let Mare decide whether she wants you to fuck her with the bottle in her pussy or her ass as you eat her while I do so. Understand?"

"Jane," piped up Mare, "Although I've masturbated with a finger-tip in my anus plenty of times before, I've never had a dick in there until tonight, and let me tell you, it hurts so good!"

So, Mare had been finger-tipping her own butthole but had never even let me so much as touch it before? That kinda made me mad. And so we proceeded according to my plan. And may I report that, as soon as we resumed, the sounds emanating from the girls' mouths resembled those that might come from some exotic animals from the darkest depths of the African Congo.

Well, Mare decided she wanted the bottle in her pussy, but she still wanted something in her dick-stretched ass bigger than Jane's fingers or thumbs, so I plucked from its holder on the coffee table a tall wax candle to put in there before coming around to the Jane's butt/Mare's head end of this sexual equation. As promised, I first fucked Jane in her luscious, lippy pussy, bringing her to another orgasm (and damned if I almost didn't cum myself with Mare nibbling my balls when she wasn't attending to Jane's big clit).

Then, it came time to get my stuff into Jane's little virgin ass hole. Turns out, Mare's dainty little thumbs had not really opened up her sphincter much, so getting even two of my large fingers in there took some time, not to mention the requisite three which should almost always precede The Dick. So we smoked another jay, and I broke off for a moment to go pee and get from the bathroom some Coppertone suntan lotion, the plastic bottle head of which I inserted into Jane's anus to squeeze half the contents. Finally, all was ready to butt-fuck beautiful Jane—the ultimate prize for even the most picky man.

Gently, I eased myself into her super-tight poop shoot, pausing frequently to let her get used to me. It took supreme willpower to keep myself from coming right away, but, somehow, I managed to choke back.

When I was about 2/3 the way in, extremely competitive by nature, Jane whimpered, "I can take it. Get your big dick all the way in."

And so I did—all the way in and then all the way out. My dick had never been anywhere that tight, and Mare was sucking her clit with gusto and even took the schnapps bottle from her own pussy and put it in Jane's, working it in alternate time to my slow ass thrustings.

Every few strokes I would intentionally completely withdraw as the sight of my dick going back through her sphincter was irresistible—to both me and Mare, as she readily commented. Mare had to leave for a moment to go pee, leaving the bottle in Jane's pussy, and when she came back into the room, my eyes seized on her big bouncing boobs, which gave me an idea. You see, between the two of these excellent babes, they had numerous places that would be great to see as I spurted a big load of hot cum, so how could I combine them to maximum effect?

So here's what I came up with: I'd turn Jane around—still in the doggy-style position--so that she was facing the mirror, affording me a reflected view of her beautiful face, perfect medium-sized tits, and big nipples, and get Mare to lay atop Jane facing me with her pretty face, long, silky blonde hair, and big tits resting on the tops of Jane's firm, muscular buns framing her meaty pussy lips, big clit, and open ass hole. So we assumed this admittedly awkward position, and I resumed butt-fucking Jane. With an unbeatable view and Jane's tight little ass clenching on my dick, it was no time before I felt myself starting to cum.

Just as I did so, I pulled out of Jane's butt, tweaked her big nips with my oily fingers and Mare simultaneously squeezed her tits and Jane's buns together as I rubbed the underside of my dick up and down across Jane's clit, up through her huge pussy lips and atop her now gaping ass hole, multi-spurting a gargantuan load of cum up onto Mare's face and boobs and Jane's entire rear end—buns, ass hole, and pussy. Mare even was able to grasp my dick between her big boobs to milk out still more cum before I plunged back into Jane's ass to deposit a few more cum drops there.

As if this weren't enough, Jane twisted around to join Mare in a feat of dual fellatio by pursing their lips on each side of my dick and swirling their tongues on its sensitive underside while tickling my balls with their fingertips until I was totally cum-dry, though my dick refused to deflate.

As we made our way back to my bedroom to crash, the girls started to laugh hysterically, pointing at the afro wig on my head I'd completely forgotten about, and saying, "Are you really a pimp?"

Fetching a provocative answer, I responded, "I'm no more a pimp than you two are lesbians."

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