Not My Type: Adele Ch. 08


His mouth hovered just above my skin then closed over my lace-clad nipple. I forgot every argument in my head as I wailed aloud.

If I'd known before how good it would feel to have Nate's lips on me I never would have had the strength to wait as long as we had. I always wondered what it would feel like, always dreamt it would be amazing, but nothing had prepared me for the reality of being with him like this.

There were not words enough to describe the pleasure and I thought it was enough, until his fingers circled the nipple he wasn't kissing. Despite the weight of him above me, I arched my back off the desk, hungry for more.

His name fell from my lips like a litany while his mouth travelled back and forth over the lace.

"It does up in the front," I blurted out, suddenly desperate to have nothing between my flesh and his lips.

Nate chuckled against me, the deep tremor of his laughter echoing the throbbing between my legs. His fingers shook as he fumbled with the clasp.

"It's been a while," Nate said with a sheepish expression as he tried to work the fastening of my bra with one hand. "I've forgotten how these things work."

I was just about to offer to help when I heard the soft click of the clasp give way.

"Ah-ha," he murmured, his voice laced with satisfaction just as I felt the unmistakable sensation of elastic letting go.

Nate's slow, gentle hands peeled my bra cups of aside until I lay beneath him, revealed.

I watched as his jaw twitch.

"Oh, God," he uttered under his breath. From any other man it would have sounded like swearing, from Nate it sounded like a prayer.

His mouth met mine again and this time when his hand found my breast there was no barrier between his skin and mine. We both moaned into each other.

I felt him pressed against me, hard as steel near my inner thigh. My fingers itched to reach down and touch him, but I didn't want to rush ahead too quickly, so I plunged my hands into Nate's soft hair instead. It wasn't enough. My body ached for more of Nate. I angled my hips enough so the heat between my legs met the heat between his.

Nate froze mid-kiss. I watched him and waited, worried that we had crossed the proverbial line. His hand strayed down my waist and over my hip. He drew my leg up then pressed himself more intimately against me. His hand cupped my ass before travelling down my thigh to the hem of my skirt. Then Nate's fingers snuck beneath the fabric and made the reverse trip upwards to clutch at my bare hip. I lost all sense that there was anything in the world other than him and me. I'd never been more turned on in my life.

I vaguely heard Esther's nails tick as she came to her feet. A gasp followed by a muttered invective brought me to my senses.

"Reverend Fontaine!"

I'd forgotten to shut the front door.


I didn't have to look past Nate to see who had interrupted us. Again. I'd recognize that shrill, disapproving voice anywhere.


To be continued...

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