tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNot Quite as Planned

Not Quite as Planned


As she unlocked the door to the hotel room her lover was right behind her, one hand gripping her neck and the other yanking her tight skirt up and groping her arse. He forced two fingers into her little hole and jerked upwards, rough, to make her gasp.

"Get inside and don't make a sound."

She stumbled into the room and he kicked the door shut.

He grabbed her skirt and ripped it away, leaving her standing in blouse and stockings, with her panties pulled down around her thighs.

He looked her up and down: her mussed hair, skin-tight top, torn black lace panties and clean shaven mound.

"You really want this, don't you?" He looked her up and down again, then left his eyes on her bare cunt.

"You were gonna tease me and make me want my cock up inside that cunt, and then you planned to send me home to jerk off by myself; that was the idea, wasn't it? But now you want me." He smiled, "You're gonna get me, baby girl; you just don't know how bad you're gonna get me!"

He forced himself against her and grabbed her top, twisting it between her breasts, pushing her off balance so that she fell back across the bed. He was on her. He grabbed one leg to keep her from kicking him, and with the other hand he caught the gusset of her panties and yanked them down. Keeping hold of the leg trapped against his chest he grabbed her other ankle and slipped it free of the elastic, and then pulled her legs wide apart.

Both of them were breathing heavy; he above her, staring between her splayed legs, the girl below and unable to twist free of him. He bent a little to look more closely and she jerked her knee up, nearly clipping him in the chin.

"You little bitch!"

He wrenched her legs further apart and jerked them high. Her hips came off the bed and she flailed for balance, clutching at the blanket as she fell and hit the floor.

Her head reeled. She barely grasped what was happening as he fumbled at his belt and zip, and then oof! he dropped heavily onto her. His hand was between her legs, mauling her cunt, searching for the hole. His fingers were rough. He rubbed hard against her cunt lips and prodded them open, probing inside, frigging her. He pressed down on her clit painfully and when she yelped he pulled his fingers out and pressed his hand down over her mouth.

"Shut up!" he whispered.

He moved his cock into position to fuck her. She was dry and sore from his fingering, and he had to jerk his hips to force his way into her cunt. Then her hole dampened and opened for him, and she begin to cry. He forced his thick shaft inside and penetrated her.

He was raping her, and it wasn't anything like she'd planned. It hurt. She couldn't push him off, she couldn't breathe. His hand pressed her lips into her teeth and she could taste blood. His cock was reaming her cunt. She was barely wet and it wasn't nearly enough to protect her from his pounding.

"Fuck, you're so tight!" he whispered against her ear. "Such a sweet, tight snatch. I could fuck you all night."

He changed his rhythm from short, fast thrusts to long, reaming stabs. "Lift your legs, sweet cheeks, I want to fuck you til my cock comes out your arse."

At first she wouldn't. He moved his hand up to her naked tit begin to fondle it, teasing, lightly pinching the hardening nipple, and then suddenly he twisted it, viciously. "Lift your slut legs!"

She cried out, but then jerked her legs into the air and wrapped them around his hips as if she wanted to pull him deeper into her.

"That's how I like it, baby," he panted, "that's sweet. I'm so deep up your cunt."

He was fucking her so hard that they were jerking forward across the floor. She raised her arms to keep her head from hitting the wall, and he dug his knees into the carpet and pounded into her cunt like a rutting bull.

"I'm gonna fill you with cum! Tell me you want it, you whore! Tell me to fuck you!"

And she did want him; suddenly she knew she needed to feel him spurt inside her.

"I need your cum!" she gasped, "I need you to fuck me hard, so hard, give it to me, cum in me!"

And he shouted, and spasmed, and his balls were firm between her arse cheeks as he emptied them into her.

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