tagSci-Fi & FantasyNot So Sleeping Beauty Ch. 03

Not So Sleeping Beauty Ch. 03


The witch stood next to the scrying bowl. Her body was tall and far more long limbed than was natural. She had long strong legs encased in thigh high leather boots that were decorated with chains. Her upper thighs were bare and her hips and crotch encased in a soft wisp of silk. Her midriff was likewise naked to the level of her ribs, and then the rest of her body was encased in a tight black and red corset that showed more than it hid. She was small of breast but her cleavage was pushed up and together. Her upper arms were bare and covered in tattoos. Her lips were soft and full, deep red in color, and succulent as a fresh apple. From the lips downward she was a vision of every man's dream. From the lips up she looked like every deepest nightmare. She was old of face, grey of hair and eyes. Her face was long and bony with creases around her eyes and fabulous lips. Her nose was long, thin and sharp. Her gaze held a malevolent glint.

She leant over the silver bowl, leaning close to peer deep within. The young men chained to the wall were all given a view of her tight buttocks separated only by the thinnest string of a thong. They grew hard once more as they did with any sexual thought.

"Interesting... the Princess has taken both of the Westernmarch Princes into her pussy already. She is further along the Path than I had thought. You have done well!"

The figure that stood next to her was tall, graceful, with pointed ears. He was perfectly naked. No visitors to the Dark Tower were permitted to wear even a stitch of clothing within its walls. His body was totally hairless apart from the long silken strands that fell around his shoulders. He was slim but muscular and his skin glowed with a faint green shimmer that highlighted his perfect condition. His buttocks were high and firm and his nipples pierced and studded with black gems. His cock was long and thin and lay curled against his inner thigh. His testicles were so small that they were barely noticeable.

"I seek only to serve madame. The plan was entirely yours."

She laughed and enjoyed the show presented to her. "By the Gods themselves she is a thirsty one. She seeks to drain them of every drop of life that she can."

A cruel smile ticked at the corner of the males beautiful lips. "The Princess Joy is a nymphomaniac just like her mother. I am glad that you are finally gaining your revenge."

"Yes revenge it is and revenge is a very serious business. It does not mean that I cannot enjoy the show. Though it drains my resources greatly to keep the connection open for long periods of time." She waved a hand at the bowl showing her long black painted nails. "Will you look at that slut? She is Taking one of them in her mouth and another in her pussy again. It makes me quite wet." Her hand went to the soft material at her groin and she lewdly rubbed her pussy underneath. The male could hear her slick juices. "When is she due to leave for the Westernmarch?"

"Castle gossip says that it will be a year, possibly two."

"Until then you are going to have your work cut out for you. Her carnal lusts are going to be difficult to satisfy."

"I am sure that I can find ways to entertain her." He tossed his long hair pridefully.

"Certainly I know you can. It was a longer time than normal before I grew tired of you warming my bed." She favoured him with a full lipped smile. "Still, I will bring that time forward somewhat. The resources at my disposal are growing by the month. I will soon have enough power to reach into the Royal Palace with more than just my sight. I will have back that which was once mine."

The image in the bowl flickered and then went out. The witch cursed loudly. "I am going to have to get myself a new batch of suppliers. These are growing old and infertile. I cannot have my fun so prematurely ended." She had continued to rub herself and had felt a rush of power building within her. This surprised her. She was not easily moved to such levels of passion. Maybe the Princess Joy had some magic of her own. Certainly the old witch desired her more than she would care anyone to know.

"Before you go would you be a dear and help me refill the bowl?" She asked while batting her eyelashes at him.

"I would be charmed." He smiled warmly. Taking a terracotta jug from a shelf he moved over to one of the young men around the walls. The witch did likewise. The men were all human and entirely naked. They were staked out as though they were doing star jumps with their arms and legs akimbo. Their bodies were naked even down to the hair on their heads. Magic had been used to increase the size of their balls to obscene proportions. Both witch and Elf (for that was what he was, dear reader) knelt each began to fondle the sack of their chosen one. The male figure began to suck and lick at the shaft, while the witch poked out her red tongue and ran it over the flared cockhead of the man before her. She licked him until he was all slick and looked up at him with her evil eyes from her the fringe of her white hair. "Tanas, are you going to give me a nice big steaming load of cum this time? I was so disappointed last time when you did not even manage to fill one jar. There was a time when you could fill three for me!" She cackled. Her hand pulled on his cock lewdly as she used her free hand to release her breasts and rub them against his balls. Tanas shuddered and his chains clicked loudly. Opening her succulent lips she slid them over his highly erect shaft and gobbled his meat down while slurping all of the way.

Even tied to the wall as they were it was not long before the young men began to stir and their balls began to boil. Both the witch and the Elf were experts with their hands and mouths. Balls grew heavy in sacks and perfect young bodies began to shudder. Both witch and Elf pulled off their cocks at the same time and stood, wanking at the dick before them with all of their might. The cock heads flared open and shot stream after stream of sticky cum into the upheld terracotta jars. The men howled despite themselves and shuddered in their irons. The Elf felt some of the warm liquid run down the back of his thumb and, without thinking, lifted it to his lips and sucked off the tasty treat. The witch cackled at him. "Oh you do so love cum don't you?"

His perfect teeth glinted as he smiled. "Always."


Princess Joy was slipping back to her chambers that morning when she ran into her tutor, Master Woodsong. The Elf was standing in an alcove looking somewhat distracted. Despite her state of undress she slipped in with him and planted her lips onto his. Surprisingly he tasted warm, musky and somewhat familiar. His hands went to her fleshy young ass. "Now Wood... be good!" She breathed heavily. "We would not want to get caught here!" Without exchanging a further word the voluptuous young woman bounced out giggling.

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