tagSci-Fi & FantasyNot So Sleeping Beauty Ch. 06

Not So Sleeping Beauty Ch. 06


Joy was surprised as she was swept from the ground. Barely a perfumed breath had passed between the queen pronouncing her statement and the lift; her subjects were instantly and devoutly aware of each of her commands. Everything in this beautiful kingdom seemed to run with a tight ritual. Joy felt that since she had entered the border each moment had been strictly proscribed.

She had been placed upon the shoulders of two brawny male guards. Their shoulders felt warm almost to fever beneath her buttocks and she felt a strong tingle where their long fingered hands rested upon the insides of her thighs. Apart from that she was unsupported. As they took a step forward they swayed to balance her like the finest horse from her father's stables. Feeling uncomfortable she put one hand on each of their shoulders. Neither reacted but instead followed the Queen who was similarly mounted. They passed quickly through the curtains of vegetation behind the low platform and into the darkness beyond.

The men carried them up, and up, and further up. Higher and higher they went. Joy began to feel dizzy as the stairs grew narrower and the time passed on. The trees here in the forest were higher than she could ever imagine. They reached the tops of the canopy, bursting out into the night air as a swimmer appearing deep from the ocean depths. The stars were bright this night, dotting the heavens with an uncountable majesty. Hoy tilted her head back, feeling her long hair flow over her shoulders and back. The air was cool and she shivered and felt her nipples harden. The guards felt her move and shifted their hands upon her thighs. One of their wrists brushed lightly against her spread pussy and she shivered, an electric rainbow of colours darting behind her eyes. She admired the moon that lay fat and pregnant on the horizon.

So entranced with the stars was she that the princess did not note when they reahced the platform. Only when her manly steeds had stepped lightly to a halt did she begin to focus on the world around her again. They were on a small platform high above the surrounding landscape. It was perhaps ten paces from side to side and wreathed around the outside with a low wall of flowering vines. A different scent filled the air here, jasmine strong upon the clean soft night air. Joy watched as the Queen was placed lightly upon the wooden floor by her guards; and then followed her down with slightly less grace and poise. Her hand went to her mouth as one of the guards allowed a hand to lingeringly brush up the curve of her backside. She shot him a look from beneath her heavily lidded eyes that was part warning and part invitation. Despite her innocent youth she knew how to use men for her purposes; she had learned such craft with her father. High in the sky here she knew she would need as many allies as she could garner.

Two reclining chairs had been grown in the centre of the platform. The Queen flowed over to them her hand coming out to rest on a jug placed upon a high table. "Now we may talk alone." She smiled, her perfect lips opening with a warm and friendly nature. "You bring a lot of questions here Princess Joy."

"Yes. I must find my brother. He is to inherit the lands and if he vanishes so silently in the night the people will begin to talk." Her gaze fell to her feet. "Plus we miss him dearly."

"Your question troubles me as much as the answer. For me to answer you is to raise a danger so dark that we have not encountered it in many eons, and then place myself within it. The history between our peoples is not one of ancient friendship. You are new to the world as are all of your short lived ancestors but I remember. I remember when you were nothing more than savages and you sought to attack and kill us. I fought in those wars."

Joy heard a sigh and her eyes darted up to the face of the Queen. The woman's eyes had turned inward and she had a thoughtful look on her face. Time passed slowly as the Queen appeared to be deeply lost in memory. Joy had heard from her teacher that this could often happen to the Elven people, lost as they were in the length of their lives. The only polite thing to do was to wait. A gentle night breeze flicked a tendril of hair across the lovely features of the Queen, playing with it with a lover's fingers.

Joy began to grow uncomfortable. She shifted her feet on the boards and that simple movement seemed to break the reverie of the ancient elf. She began to speak one more in her sing-song voice. "But those times are past. Each day the world is made anew and we must create new decisions. Come... sit... have wine." The woman smiled. It seemed only natural to follow her command.

The Princess has been standing for hours. Thankful for the sudden offer of a seat she lowered herself onto one of the reclining chairs, enjoying the way that the petals of the flowers that made up the seat brushed and supported her broad buttocks and the curves of her legs. She shifted her weight and found that the chair flowed beneath her to provide complete comfort. The petals of a flower beneath her seemed to shift of their own accord, drifting up her thigh to rest lightly on the lips of her pussy. Joy felt a blush come to her cheeks and adjusted her weight. The flower again moved, finding the folds of her sex and trailing lightly across them as though swaying in an unfelt breeze. She could not help herself and moved her legs, opening them to allow it better access.

She realised that the Queen was speaking, and marked herself rude for losing her concentration. The sensations from her pussy should not distract her from these delicate negotiations. No matter how delicious they were. Joy thought of her brother and concentrated on his broad and honest face, using the image to settle her swollen libido.

"Your brother is held by a dark hearted creature, Princess Joy. The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. You must find what is lost before everything that we are is destroyed. Death stalks the land with long fingernails, hatred burning deep within Her heart. It would bring ruin down upon us all and then remake us in Her own image; draw us deep within her and then birth new species of death and horror. She hates all, Princess Joy, but your mother most of all. So she has begun her plot with your family and if we can stop her here we can suck the poison from the world before it is too late. To linger longer would be fool of us."

The Queen sipped her wine, drawing back the goblet so that the red liquid tinged her lips before the strong muscles of her throat pulled it down. Joy shivered, feeling the power of the world revolving around her and hating it with a passion. It was sexually attractive but spoke dark thoughts into her ears. She pushed it away.

"What is this... dark hearted creative of which you speak?" She asked.

"Ah, for that answer I must seek payment."

"What payment?" Asked Joy, drinking a little of her wine to cover her annoyance. This was drawing out far too long. She was becoming tired. Even the delightful sensation of the tickling petal was beginning to annoy her swollen and dewy pussy. She stood to get away from those agonisingly promising yet distracting touches.

"I must bind you to me, in a way. To give you this secret is to offer the whole of the Elven people up to sacrifice. I must..."

Joy snapped across her. "I will give you anything. I promise not to speak of the secrets to anyone. I just..." Tears sprang to her eyes. "Want my brother back."

The Queen stood now too, her long limbed movement sensuously delightful even to the annoyed Princess Joy. "Anything?"

"Yes." Said Joy.

"Kneel." The Elf Queen said.

Joy knelt. She placed the wine goblet on the ground next to her right hand, forgetting it instantly. The Elf stepped forward. Joy met her eyes with her own steady gaze. Amazed by the spark of fire that burned within she delighted and revelled in it's life, delighting that those large pupils lay upon her. The Queen seemed to be drinking Joy in to her very thoughts. "I would bind you to me and make you mine," whispered those delightful lips. "Such a fine specimen would make an interesting play companion for all time."

"Just tell me where he is." Joy promised, meaning it with all her heart. "Tell me and I will send the message to my people and stay here with you forever." At that moment she meant it. The events of the day had brought her sexual need deeply upon her. It broke now, a wave crashing hard upon a soft and yielding sandy shore.

"I do believe you mean it. You will grow old, and sad, and your breasts will become heavy and saggy. Your pussy become slack and foul. Your courses cease. Your fine firm buttocks will droop. You will become nothing to me." The Queen sighed, walking around Joy. As she disappeared from sight Joy almost cried out in pain. She needed her eyes upon the woman. She needed her like she had never needed anything before. Joy had heard tales of men who had become addicted to Fashar, a lowland herb that grew along the wet and fertile banks of the Purple Channel. This must be how they felt when they were deprived of it in the winter months.

The Queen continued speaking. "Yet for now you are a fine prize. I would taste you once, fleetingly, and remember you forever. If you bind yourself to me I will give you the answer you seek. You must then leave here immediately never to return. I would remember you always as you are, never tainted by the evil of age that vents itself upon your people. Do you agree?"

Knowing full well the pact she was making Joy nodded. She would bind herself to this woman and forever suffer the deprivation of not knowing her presence. She would do that for her brother, her family, her kingdom... and for one night of blazing passion.

A snap sounded behind her, so low and gentle that had the night not been so quiet she would not have heard it. Joy could feel the Queen move once more, sensing her silent and sensuously sexual presence as she walked the other half of the circle.

The Queen stepped back into Joy's eyesight and the young Princess could not help but allow her eyes to be drawn to that magnetic presence. The Queen had removed the short wrapping of leather that had bound her hips and now moved sensuously naked. Joy gasped, running her tongue along her suddenly dry lips. The shock of the sight dived through her very core like a shooting star flickering across the skies. It left behind a strange and burning desire that the teenager did not quite understand.

The Queen stepped close, placing her hand against the back of Joy's head. The young woman closed her eyes, breathing the scent of the Elf deeply. Everywhere their skin touched Joy felt the warmth and sensuality of the other being flow into her. It was as though every inch of skin was now a single softly giving organ of sensual pleasure.

"Please..." Whispered the Queen.

Joy leaned forward, a tear of love trickling down her cheek. She had made a bargain and she longed to keep it. She must keep it for her family and the sake of her people. Now she knew the truth that bargain would be painful to keep and would haunt her for the rest of her days. To know such beauty existed and to never again taste its greatness would savage her young soul daily, slicing it ragged like so many knives.

But a bargain must be kept.

Joy opened her eyes and ran her tongue lovingly along the Elven Queen's magnificent cock...

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