tagRomanceNot The Night She Had Planned

Not The Night She Had Planned


She sat on the couch, flipping through the channels. Of course nothing was on, but still she tried. All she wanted to do was kill time. Glancing at the clock she decided to go freshen up just a little. Her hair was still wet from the shower she had taken earlier in preparations. She didn't really expect much from him, sit down, watch a movie, and cuddle a bit. Horse play and a good night kiss. Strolling through the living room to her room, she stopped to glance at the clock again, maybe she had time for a quick self pleasure session. If he wasn't there by the time she was finished freshening up she just might do that. She went to the big mirror in her bathroom, studying her face, her eyes were brown today, her cheeks a little red but the rest of her face was pale, her lips didn't really match, the top one was finer than the bottom, the bottom always seemed to pout. She brushed her teeth, flossed, added just a squirt of perfume on her chest and was beginning to throw her shoulder length brow curls into a loose pony tail at the nape of her neck when she hear a knock at the door. Her heart jumped.

Wondering back through the house she grabbed the remote and turned the television off, throwing the remote back to he couch. Opening the door she saw him standing there, though it was cold out he had on a short sleeve shirt and a pair of ball shorts, an almost empty water bottle in one hand. He was ready for a relaxing night. Stepping aside she let him in, he walked past her and she smelled his cologne. It was her favorite kind, he always wore it, it smelled clean yet smelled of spices, though she didn't know what kind. She smiled at him as he flopped on the couch, grabbing the remote and turning the television on. He smiled back, his teeth were just amazing, his K9s were longer than the others, on both the top and bottom, and fit together perfectly. She had a thing for teeth and could watch him talk forever.

"So how was your day?" She asked going to the kitchen to retrieve a water for him, knowing he would want one soon. She plopped down beside him, leaning on him and looking up, waiting for his reply.

"Eh, It wasn't good, but it wasn't bad." He changed the channel again. "Class sucked nuts, as usual." A few minutes of silence and a swig from his water later. "I also cleaned my car out. It needed really bad." He laughed at the thought.

"That's cause your such a slob." She laughed and jumped up, his slap missing her. She laughed as she ran to the middle of the room, he jumped up to follow her.

"You are so mean to me." He slapped at her face, missing on purpose.

"I am not," She returned the slap, letting him black it with his arm.

"Yea... You are." He grabbed both her hands and spun her around, crossing them in front of her.

"This from the guy who has me in some kind of lock hold thing?" she laughed a little. He returned the laugh letting her go. She spun to grab his wrist, only catching one, he caught her other wrist. And pushed her back toward the couch, she tried to push back, but was fighting a losing battle. With a thud they both landed on the couch, him pinning her legs down with his pushing the wrist he had caught in his hand to the back of the couch, the hand that she had in hers wrestling for control of her hand. She let him win.

He laughed "Now, I know if I let go you're going to attack me again. Aren't you?" his lips curved into a smile. As she nodded, he leaned forward, catching her mouth with his. She melted into the kiss. Loosening her muscles and letting him have the control he had won. The night wasn't going how she had planned it, but she wasn't going to argue with him. The kisses were slow and sensual. He let go of the hand he had pinned to the back of the couch, bringing it to her jaw line, pushing her face upward, closer to his, pressing his lips against her harder. The hand left her face, moving down her body, he pinched her nipple, a small sound escaping her lips, quickly being devoured by his.

His hand went to the base of her sweat pants, playing with the bare skin there, his thumbs making small circles, then sliding under her white tank top, he trailed his fingertips up her stomach. His hand hit the spot; he grabbed her chest, squeezing it. Her breath quickened as he delve into her bra, rolling her nipple in his finger. He broke the kisses long enough for her to grab the bottom of the shirt and pull it over her head. He kissed her again, his mouth dominating hers. He shifted his position to be straddling her, one leg on the couch, the other foot on the floor, balancing himself with it, she tried to lean up and fight back, but he was in control and pushed her back down roughly. Her head hit the back of the couch, causing a dull ache to spread from the back of her head. She didn't care.

He pulled the bra down, pulling both breast out of the cups, he took first one nipple rolling it in his fingers, tugging at it, his eyes left her nipples only to meet hers, then back to watch what he was doing, he leaned down, taking the other nipple in his mouth. He began to suckle it, nibbling it occasionally; sounds began to escape her mouth with each breath. He eyes met hers as she was watching him, tender with is mouth, rough with his hand until her bit down on the nipple, bringing a pained moan from her lips. She felt as the heat between her legs began to grow.

He released both nipples, his mouth wasn't freed long. He took hers again, this time he probed her tough into her mouth, exploring it. She felt as he began to lift off her. He pulled her up with hand he still had in his, leading her through the living room toward her bedroom, he stopped short of the bed, pulling her between him and it he kissed her, with his mouth still on hers he pushed her back onto it. She fell onto the soft mattress, scooting back just a little before her landed on top of her, again straddling her. This time he crawled up her body till he was straddling her chest, she noticed the erection that wasn't well hid by the ball shorts. She brought her hand to it, grabbing it through the pants, he groaned and looked down at her hand, she released it and began to run her palm up the length of it, and then back down.

He kept his eyes on her hand. Watching as she stroked him. He grabbed her hand and placed it above her. He stood above her, pulling the ball shorts off, then took back his position. She reach up to take his erection into her hand, pulling it from its hiding place in his boxers. She moved her hand over it quickly, tightening her grip then loosening it. She watched his face, as he watched her hand; his hips began to buck, rocking into her hand. He placed his hands on the wall above her head, going from watching her face, to her hand, her eyes stayed on him. "Enough of that." he said taking her hand in his, he reach over and grabbed a pillow, placing it behind her head, raising it up. he then moved forward placing himself in her face, she wrapped her arms around his legs, resting on hand on his ass cheek, the other on the back of his thigh, as she took him into her mouth, slowly going from the tip to the base, then quickly. He rocked his hips to meet her mouth, again watching her. He held out as long as he could then finally "I'm about to cum." She quickened her pace, using her tongue to caress the soft tender skin. "Right...." She went down to the base again, and returned to the tip "Now..." He buried his hands in her hair, tangling it, pulling it from the ruined pony tail. She felt his legs shake then tasted the sweetness of him, it flooded her mouth, and she had to pull back from him to breathe. She felt warmth trickle down her chin, then another small bit land on her cheek. She swallowed what bit she had caught and looked up to him. He was looking down at her. "Nice catch." He chuckled and climbed off of her. She climbed off the bed and went to the bathroom to wipe the cum off of her face before it dried stiff to her face.

When she returned he was propped up on the headboard of the bed, he had gotten his shorts back on and was taking a drink of water from the bottle he had no doubt retrieved from beside the couch. She climbed on top of him, straddling him. She leaned down, pressing the line of her body to his, she felt him still hard on her crotch. Reminding her of how wet she was. She grinded her hips into his and felt as his erection replied. She leaned down to kiss him, taking his mouth, dominating now. She bit his lip as she pulled away and grinded her hips into his harder. He sat up and pushed her sideways, she landed on her side on the pillows. She rolled onto his side "No more teasing, give me some down time." He laughed a little, placing his hand on her chest, palming it. She let out a small sound then it was gone, the hand was traveling down her body until he reach the waist band of her pant, instead of going in he continued on the outside, she opened for him, he took the leg closest to him and trapped it between his. He pressed his palm to the warmth that was growing between her legs. "Someone is really wet." He said, moving his hand over her, bringing small sounds from her lips. He rubbed her through her pants, and she felt as they begin to stick to her, she really was soaked.

He released her leg, and took his hand, he moved to sit between her legs, his legs going up either side of her body, she lifter her hips off the bed, pulling the pants down, then off. She was commando and he sat there, looking at her, his finger slid up the slit, spreading the moisture, she moved her legs to either side of him, he slid his a finger into her, a stifled moan escaped her lips, her hands balling into the covers at her sides. He moved in and out of her, she watched his face, he was biting his lower lip, his eyes all for her. She moaned as he inserted another finger, his thumb stroking her clit as his fingers inside stroked something else, that had much the same effect, she moved her hips to meet his fingers. He quickened his pace, his thumb flicking at her clit, moving it just the right way, she wasn't going to last much longer. she moaned as he applied pressure to her clit, his fingers inside was stroking something that was making her go wild, her hips bucked wildly, she clenched the covers at her sides harder, as she rode the pleasure that tore at her body. After she calmed and her hips rested he removed his fingers, but flicked her clit once more, she jumped and made a small yelp, he smiled and looked between her legs, his finger roaming her. As he touched certain places she would jump and yelp, in return he would smile. He patted her thigh and moved to stand, she reach up, grabbing his arm to stop him, he turned to look at her. "What?" She kissed him mid word. His tongue met her lower lip and she opened for him. He broke the kiss. "I should be getting home."

She grimaced "Stay with me tonight?" she looked down "Please."

He caught her chin and brought her face up to his, kissing her gently. "I have to study for the exam next week. But I will stay with you one night soon, alright?"

She smiled up at him. "Alright" She stood up and found her pants that had been throw into the floor. She put them back on as he refreshed himself in the bathroom. The door opened and he stepped out of the bathroom. She smiled at him, and started for the living room. She went to the side of the couch to retrieve her shirt. "I am sure the neighbors would get a kick out of me going outside without a shirt on." She laughed and he joined her. They walked to the door, his arm around her shoulder. She opened it for him as he put his shoes on, "I will talk to you later tonight, Be online?"

He smiled and kissed her cheek. "I will talk to you tonight. I'll be online." He stepped past her and stood outside the door. A cold wind blew in and she shivered. He reach in and hugged her to him, pulling her further into the cold air. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders, she wrapped her around his chest. She pulled back and looked up at him. "Be careful alright?" He nodded, leaning in to kiss her, she met his lips the perfect good night kiss, wrapped in each others arms, with a nice slow parting kiss. She pulled back smiling. "I love you." She said as he pulled away.

He was half way to the end of the porch when he turned and replied. "I love you too."

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