tagRomanceNot What It Seems Ch. 04

Not What It Seems Ch. 04



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He braced his hands on both sides of her, trapping her in. Pushing the hard muscles of his chest, Alin turned to the side and cried, "Jared let me go...please!"

Lowering both his hands, he tilted her chin so that she was looking at him and stated harshly, "Alin, you know what makes me laugh? The fact that you think by marrying that son of a bitch Haltor can help you...well let me break it to you, it won't. Five million is nothing to me. I want more than money. I want something that belongs to me."

"Jared...please what do you want from me? Just let me go!"

He lowered his head and whispered in her ear, "you're a hypocritical bitch, but I still want you. I've wanted to fuck you the day I laid my eyes on you."

Alin was so shocked she lifted her hand to slap him but he caught her wrist, pushed her even harder against the door and crushed his mouth on hers. She immediately tried to push him away, using her fists and punching his hard chest. It was no use she was already starting to respond. She knew she was fighting a losing battle. It felt good, like the first time he had kissed her.

Jared felt the satisfaction of when Alin responded. He probed open her lips, entwining his tongue with hers. He was starting to get hard. When he heard Alin moan he couldn't take it anymore he had to have her.

He broke away from the kiss and heard Alin whimper in disappointment. He grinned and whispered, "Does Haltor not satisfy you enough?"

Alin was about to push him away for his comment when he started to lightly kiss her lips, traveling down the column on her neck and sucked on it gently. Alin was confused. It felt good. No it felt amazing. Tension was building in her lower belly. Closing her eyes and trying to contain her moan by biting down on her lip, she didn't realize Jared slowly unzipping her black dress from behind.

The dress slid down her body like silk until it pooled on the floor. Jared took a step back and looked at her. Her lips were swollen, her hair was starting to loosen from the clip, and to top it all off she was now currently clad in black lacy bra, panties and her heels.

Alin was breathing hard. It made her breast swell and her nipples harden. Jared started to fondle her breast, cupping them over her bra. She was a handful. He pressed himself against her, letting her feel how hard he was, while he nipped at her earlobe as a distraction to unclasp her bra. By the time Alin saw Jared tossing her bra she was already so aroused, her brain told her to say no, however her body was responding to his every touch.

He slowly trailed his mouth down the valley of her breast, licking the sides and around the areola of her nipple, until, after teasing Alin to the point of frustration, he finally latched his mouth on her aching nipple and sucked on it.


Hearing his name come out of her mouth so seductively made his cock twitch painfully. His hand which were tweaking her other nipple traveled down her toned stomach and finally her pussy. He could feel her wetness soaking onto her panties, which further fueled his arousal. Now sucking and licking on her other swollen nipple, he lifted her up and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Feeling reckless was not something Alin was used to. She was used to following rules her whole life. Listening to what was 'right'. She didn't want to change now. Being with Jared was wrong, when she was about to marry John. She had to stop this now.

Jared was walking towards his bed like a madman. He had never wanted a woman to the point of recklessness. He wanted to erase every single memory she had shared with Haltor. It made him jealous. He hated feeling jealous. He didn't even love her so why did he feel like this? By fucking her he could soon get her out of his system and once he got bored he could just get rid of her.

He gently sat her down on the bed, so that she was on the edge of the bed, and finally stopped sucking her deliciously inviting peaks to look at her in only her panties and heels. He took out the clip from her hair and let her long soft hair cascade over her breasts. He could now see her hesitation. He was fully dressed while she was half naked. He so badly wanted to tear of her panties and thrust into her.

Alin sat up while she saw the predatory flash in Jared eyes. If she didn't speak up now, it would be too late.

Panting she mumbled, "Jared - please I don't want this. I will repay you the money. Please I'm getting married! Do you not see how wrong this is-" Alin stopped talking when she noticed the change in his eyes. He was angry.

He knelt down and reached out for her. Tearing off her panties, he used his hand and stroked her pussy lips, feeling her wetness. Hearing her moan he moved his hand up to her clit and slowly traced it. Using his other hand he tilted her chin, so she was looking at him.

"You don't fucking want this? Jared said harshly, stroking her clit and tweaking on it with more pressure. Alin moaned. "So how come you're so wet? And don't fucking talk about Haltor. As I recall we were a week away from getting married and you didn't hesitate to fuck him."

Not wanting to even admit it to herself, Alin knew she wanted this, wanted him. At that moment, she didn't want to listen to logic. She wouldn't stop this, because it was what she wanted. Had she lost? No, she thought because sex didn't mean love and what he was provoking in her was lust. Even if it's for one night, she wanted it.

She started grinding herself on his fingers trying to get him to apply more pressure. Jared sensed her responding to his touches. He slowly eased one then two fingers inside her pussy, while his thumb simultaneously drew circles on her clit. She was so fucking tight and it was only her wetness that eased his fingers in so easily.

He was watching her. She had her lips slightly parted, eyes closed and pleasure marked all over her face.

Alin was so aroused she wanted something more. She was frustrated; she lightly grabbed her hair and gently pulled, easing the building tension in her lower belly. Her other hand was cupping her own breasts. Although she had no experience in sex, she knew she was about to orgasm- thanks to the magazines Hallie used to read.

Hearing the sweet cries of her moaning, Jared could sense that she was about to climax. He removed his hand and heard her whimper in frustration and disappointment. He was now at the point of no return he was so hard; his bulge was straining against his trousers.

It took Alin a few seconds to realize his fingers had left her. She couldn't help but whimper. She opened her eyes and was greeted with the sight of him tearing his clothes off frantically. He stood naked in front of her, watching her watch him.

Alin's gazed lingered on his toned chest and abdomen, drifting lower to his erected manhood. The sheer size of his cock made her nervous. It must hurt. She had to tell him of her relationship with John before anything.

Jared couldn't wait any longer he laid her on the bed and was on top of her. He poised his cock at her entrance, teasing it up and down her pussy, coating his cock with her wetness.

"Jared I have something to tell you, I have never-"

He placed his finger on her lips to silence her. He didn't want to hear anything concerning Haltor. Instead he whispered in her ear, "Your mine" and with that he thrust into her in one swift movement.

Everything happened really quickly. Alin screamed in pain, trying to push him away. Tears were sliding down her cheeks, as she tried to adjust to his size

At that point he had so many unanswered questions in his head. How can she be a virgin? He kept really still on top of her to let her adjust to his size. Jared nuzzled her neck while his hand drifted to her clit, tracing gentle touches.

After a few moments, the pain was still evident but Alin felt unfulfilled.

Jared felt her relaxing underneath him, and then her growing restlessness. Her pussy was so tight and was gripping his cock pleasurably. Removing his hand from her clit, he wrapped both his arms around her waist so he could lift her up.

Wanting to feel him deeper inside her, Alin arched upwards so she could meet his thrusts, which were slow and shallow. He was teasing her by pulling his cock all the way out and thrusting slowly back into her. He did this a few times until he heard her cry in frustration.


With that Jared held onto her tightly and thrust into her deeper and deeper. His mouth found its way to her hardening nipples and suckled hard on it. She was fast approaching her climax clenching and unclenching on his cock.

Jared could feel her orgasm nearing and thrust into her faster. He could feel the tension building. "Let it go" he whispered in her ear, finding her engorged clit and stroked it hard.

With that Alin screamed her release, climaxing hard and trembling, gripping Jared's cock tighter.

Feeling her climax, made Jared thrust into Alin harder and harder, until he too reached his climax, roaring his release and shooting his seed deep into her.

It seemed an eternity, with only their breathing and the smell of sex lingering in the air. After a couple more minutes Alin shifted underneath him indicating her uncomfortable position. He rolled off of her and onto his side bringing her closer to him.

"How can you act like a whore, yet still remain a virgin?"

Alin was tired and after the intimacy they had shared he still had to hurt her. She wanted to get out of this place and forget everything that has happened. Yes the sex was great but it was just sex, something he had done with plenty of beautiful women.

Tears were starting to form in her eyes. She started to get up when she felt his arm tighten around her. "Get off me! You got what you wanted! Since you think I'm some whore, I should go back to John and act like one!" Alin screamed trying to contain her anger. She still didn't know why he hated her so much. Yes she had left him a week before their wedding, humiliating him. However he had brought it on himself. Why was he treating her like this?

Jared's arm remained on her waist until he felt the last of her struggles. "Don't fight me any longer. Go to sleep. You're tired."

His grip remained tight on her. She didn't want to listen to him, but Alin was exhausted and she needed sleep before facing the trouble ahead of her. After a few more struggles it was evident Jared would not let her go. She drifted off to sleep almost instantly. Jared watched her innocent face when she was fast asleep. He shook his head, almost to wake himself up so that he wouldn't lose himself in her sweetness again.

Cleaning his cum and her blood off his cock, Jared let his mind wander while letting water fall over his body. He still couldn't believe she was untouched. Haltor must know that, so why would she jeopardize her wedding and sleep with him? Maybe she loved him? No, he thought. She was a lying bitch who would do anything for money.

That was ultimately why they had sex. She did it for money, and if someone else had paid the debt for her, she would have slept with them. She betrayed him once, he would never trust her again.

He remembered her face when he had entered her. She was so pure, innocent and sweet. He reminded himself that was the reason why he put so much trust into her. He came for revenge. He wanted to fuck up her life, use her and go. He kept reminding himself that before he dried himself off and joined her in bed.


The morning light was slowly shining in, waking Alin up. It had just gone 7:30am. She felt someone breathing next to her, and the event of last night reminded her who she was with, and the dilemma she was in. Sliding off the bed quietly as not to wake Jared up and face an unnecessary confrontation.

She felt the dull ache between her legs- a constant reminder as the way he made love to her last night. No she thought it wasn't making love. It was sex.

Alin sighed at the recklessness of giving up her virginity to someone without love. Something she always said she wouldn't do. She dressed quickly, making as little noise as possible, she let herself out of his hotel suite.


Stretching, Jared reached for the other side and found the bed empty. He was tired and his muscles ached everywhere. 'No working out as intense as sex' he thought. It had just gone 9am and Jared has never not got to the office by 8. Scratching his head, Jared wondered what she was doing to him. He would never sleep in the same bed with a woman after fucking her.

He looked around and realized her clothes were gone. She must have left not long ago. God thinking of her made him hard. Before going into the office, he'll find her and tell her what he wanted. She would be reluctant. But what Jared Valentine wants is what he gets.

Jared got up and kicked something. He bent down and picked it up. It was Alin's bag. He smiled.


Alin had the most hectic morning ever. After getting home from Jared's, Hallie had left fifteen messages on her answering machine, telling her to get her arse down the orphanage and pick up her cell phone. Alin immediately searched for her phone and groaned. She had left her bag at Jared's! Cursing her stupidity, and the realization that she had to see him again to pick up her bag, she called Hallie.

"Alin?! Where the hell have you been!? Did you forget that you were supposed to see Mrs Brown this morning? Where is your phone? I called you twenty times on your cell phone, and you switched it off! You never forget to meet Mrs Brown! Its 9:30 you were supposed to be here by 8:00!"

"Hallie, I'm really sorry I left my phone somewhere and I can't find it. I...erm...I overslept this morning." Alin hated lying but she couldn't tell Hallie where she was last night. Otherwise a lecture was going to be delivered.

'The pause', Hallie knew Alin was lying. She would confront her later but in the meantime, she would just let it slip.

"Just get yourself down here. Mrs Brown and the children are really excited to see you!"

After the call had ended, Alin quickly loaded her car with the gifts and head her way over to the orphanage.


Hallie had little Penny in her arms while Alex was sitting in the chair next to his mother quietly, Mrs Brown was in deep discussion with Hallie about the next project on improving the orphanage, When Alin knocked on the office door.

"Mrs Brown, I am so sorry. I had a hectic morning." Alin panted.

Mrs Brown was worried as Alin was never late.

"No worries Alin. Are you okay?"

"Yes I'm fine thanks. I've got the gifts ready; shall we go and give it to the children?"


"The children are so happy to receive these beautiful gifts from you. Alin, Hallie I don't know what to say. Over these past years, Christmas, birthdays and even in the summer, you've spent time with the children, re-designing this place so the children can finally have a real home, and donating money to us. I just... from behalf of the children and staff here, I just want to thank you for all your kindness!"

Alin and Hallie looked at each other and smiled. They have been helping out at the orphanage for a number of years, but Mrs Brown always got really emotional. Mrs Brown excused herself to clean her tear-stained face.

Hallie was feeding Penny and watching Alex play with the children, while Alin was chatting to the children listening to their stories, when one of the helpers at the orphanage came in.

"Hey Alin, nice to see you. How are you?"

"Mary, thanks I'm really well, you?"

"Not bad, anyway I came in to tell you that a gentleman is looking for you," indicating to the door where Jared was currently leaning on the door frame, Alin looked shocked and didn't know what to say.

Mary excused herself and went, while both Alin and Hallie looked shocked. Jared was holding her bag and strolling over to her.

"Jared, what the hell are you doing here?!" Alin hissed, trying to contain her anger.

She was trying to keep her voice down, knowing full well Hallie was both staring at them and listening intently.

"I came to give you your bag back. You left it at my place yesterday." Jared replied casually with a smirk on his face. He had said it loud enough for Hallie to hear.

Alin wanted to kill him. He had purposely done this. He lowered his head and whispered, "Last night...was great. Come to my place tonight at 9." Nibbling on her earlobe, he slowly lifted his head back up, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. Alin knew he was putting a show for Hallie indicating the extent of their relationship.

Turning his attention on to Hallie, Jared smiled, "Hallie, long time. How are you? Your daughter is beautiful can I hold her?"

Hallie genuinely really like Jared, when he and Alin dated. She was sad that they split up, and now that he was back in New York, she secretly wanted Alin to get back together with him, especially after what Ryan had told her the yesterday at the charity ball.

"Jared it's really nice to see you. Of course you can. She's called Penny. I also have a son. He's over there. His name is Alex."

"Hallie, it's great to see how happy you are," Jared smiled, cooing at the baby, while Hallie forced a bitter smile at the irony of his words.

Alin was still dumbfounded at Jared's action. She watched him holding the baby, and walked over to where both of them were standing. Handing the baby back to Hallie he was about to say something to Alin when Hallie said, "Jared your such a natural with babies. Look she's sleeping! Maybe it's time to end your bachelor lifestyle and start a family."

Cringing at Hallie words Alin wanted the ground to swallow her right now. She knew Hallie had said those words on purpose to see both her and Jared's reaction.

"Hallie, I wanted that a long time ago. I wanted to start a family, but you know things change, people change. It's not that easy. Trust is an issue. Anyway I have to get back to the office. Hallie it's nice to see you after so many years. We need to go out for lunch sometimes so we can catch up."

"Jared, seriously tell me when and I'll bring the kids along. I don't know if you remember but when I was pregnant you said you wanted to be their godfather. I hope you haven't backed out."

Smiling, Jared had always had a soft spot for Hallie. She was like a younger sister to him. He purposely stayed out of contact with her as she was so close to Alin. "Hallie, I'm so glad you said that. Of course I haven't forgotten. Yes I need to meet my god children. You can get my number off Alin and we'll catch up."

Just before Jared reached the door he turned around and said, "Alin I'll see you tonight at 9..." and with that he left.


The journey back to Alin's apartment was painful. Hallie didn't say a word and Alin kept quiet. However the tension was so clear inside the car. It was only when they reached the apartment, Hallie confronted her.

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