Mike and Michelle had already been married a year and they had finally saved enough money to purchase their first house. They were proud of themselves. The papers had been signed, and at long last they were moving in. They had dreamed and talked and shared. Then they dreamed and talked and shared some more. Their furniture had just been moved in and tonight was going to be their first night in their new home. They were excited.

Michelle was anxious to make love to her brawny, tanned, surfer looking husband for the first time in their new home. He was well over 6 foot tall, had broad shoulders, thick, dirty blond hair with a moustache and deep blue pools for eyes. Mike was also looking forward with excitement to their first night in bed. She was a 5 foot tall, long ebony-haired beauty with deep hazel eyes. She took care of herself and was fit and trim to perfection, and her short height looked so cute next to his surfer persona. At least one would think he was a surfer....until he opened his mouth. He was smart, well spoken and very warm to be around. His looks had caught her attention the first time she saw him, and when they met, it didn't take long for his intelligence to captivate her mind and his warmth to hopelessly tie up her heart with his own heart strings.

"Are you ready?" called Mike from the kitchen.

"I'm coming!" Michelle answered from the other end of the house, "Just let me grab my list of things that we need to look for."

They had endlessly discussed what they wanted to purchase in the way of small stuff to help make their new home more functional. Stuff to maintain the yard, stuff to make the kitchen user friendly, that sort of thing. They weren't like a few, who could buy just about anything their hearts desired; they were on a budget, like most couples when they start out, so on this shopping trip, as well as the next few to follow, the rule of thumb was functional, not expensive, and sometimes you have to get creative to get the job done.

They pulled up in the parking lot at Wally World and got out. Mike grabbed a shopping cart and followed Michelle to the house wares department. They stayed together as they shopped, conferring from time to time about which kitchen utensil would be best to buy. As they worked their way down their list, Michelle said, "OK, next is a large rubber spatula. Let's find one of those. I want one that is rounded out like a spoon, so I can mix, scoop and scrape with the same utensil. Honey, you look on this side of the aisle and I'll look on the other."


Mike watched as Michelle walked away toward the other end of the aisle. He adored her feminine curves as she walked. Her behind was absolutely perfect as far as he was concerned. Whenever she sat down, it looked like a perfect upside down heart. After watching her gait for a few moments, he turned his attention to the utensils hanging on his side of the aisle. He soon saw what he was looking for on the top row, a bit higher than Michelle could have reached. He took it and started to open his mouth to tell her that he had found one, when the rounded out spoon shape of the spatula reminded him of something—the perfect roundness of her pretty bottom. He thought to himself that it would make a nice popping sound if he smacked her butt with it just right. A mischievous grin spread across his face as the thought took hold. Why not walk up quietly behind her and give her a moderate smack, just enough to tingle and get her attention. He was always thinking of new ways to show her he loved her, and this idea seemed like a winner. They had always joked around with each other, so this would be another perfectly good way to have some fun.

He walked up quietly behind her, then looked over his shoulder to ensure that there were no witnesses, then, just as someone on the other sided of the store started to call for help at their register, he drew back and snapping his wrist just so, gave her a nice little smack right on the meatiest, roundest part of her left cheek.

"Owp!" she half squealed. She took a breath and turned around as she started to narrow her eyes at whomever had invaded her personal space in such a surprising fashion when she saw who it was. His mischievous smile coupled with those deep blue pools instantly melted away any irritation that she had felt. Her face softened as she realized it was her own playful, smart man, and she felt a major case of the warm fuzzies coming on, raising goose pimples all over her. He was such a dear. Silly, but still a dear. Her dear.

"My, aren't we rambunctious today?!" she exclaimed. "What was that for?"

"Because I felt like it, and because it was there!" he explained with playful sincerity, then spun her around and planted another one in exactly the same place on her other cheek.

"Hey!" she said as she felt her other cheek start to tingle.

"Now you have a matched set! Wouldn't want to be unfair and leave you feeling unbalanced, now, would we? Equal time and opportunity for such perfect twins!"

She gently rubbed her behind for a moment. "Mmmmm...." She murmured softly to herself as she felt the warm glow that the spatula had left.

Mike grinned to himself and she turned back to her shopping. He was delighted to have thought up such a nice new way to share his love with her.....and the way she rubbed her bottom afterwards warmed his heart.

The tingle from the two smacks didn't last but a few seconds, and the warmth that was left lasted for only a couple of minutes, but still long enough to start making more permanent connections in her brain for her to think about.

The next thing on their list was a spatula for their non-stick skillet. She found that and put it in the cart, next to the wooden utensil set for the kitchen, complete with wooden spoon, wooden salad fork and wooden stirring spatula with long slots cut in it and a package of 100% cotton flour sack dish towels for drying the dishes. This completed the shopping in that department.

As they continued walking down first one aisle and then another, for some reason Michelle quietly replayed the rubber spatula incident over and over in her mind, unconsciously memorizing every detail of the scene. As she was reviewing it for the umpteenth time, she became aware of another tingle, along with some wetness below the belt. She suddenly found herself wide awake, and amazed to find that she had become horny as she had pondered the scene in the house wares aisle. She wanted to go home and snuggle up with Mike to grab a little afternoon delight, but they weren't done shopping yet. "Honey, why don't we go home and do the rest of the shopping later....what do you think Baby?"

"Well, I thought you wanted to get everything you could find that was on the list before we went home..."

"Yeah, I know, but we've got enough for now, so what do you say we call it a day for shopping and do the rest later? .....can we?"

"I suppose so," Mike said, wondering what brought this about. She was usually one to finish a shopping trip before returning home, especially when she had everything written down. Thoroughness. That's one of the things he loved about her. Mike had long believed that it was usually good policy to make his wife happy whenever he had the chance, because a happy wife who felt loved made for a happier hubby, and she was a darling little woman.

As they headed for the checkout lanes, Michelle continued to think about the tingle she felt from the rubber spatula and how it made her feel uncomfortable for a moment but then the tingle turned into a nice warm glow that radiated all over her middle. It didn't take her long to decide that the nice warm feeling was well worth any immediate discomfort that the rubber spatula was able to impart.

She began to ponder whether any additional assaults with the spatula would also bring additional and deeper warmth...to more than just one part of her anatomy..... She bet that it would.

When they arrived home, they unloaded the car and put everything away, except for the kitchen utensils, which Michelle laid out in a sort of display on the counter. The rubber spatula was prominently in front of the others. Mike wondered by and noticed her little layout.

"When is 'Show and Tell'?" he queried.

"Excuse me?" she said, trying to be coy long enough to figure out how to smoothly bring up what was on her mind.

Mike was eyeing her display as she turned toward him.

"Oh, that! I think we got some really useful things for the kitchen, don't you?" she said, still trying to play up the coyness.


"Yes, Dear....?" she came back, doing her unconvincing best to sound sincerely innocent about the unusual display.

"There's something on your mind and you're not telling me......" He paused to let the question sink in. "Isn't there?"

She did want to talk about it, and her mind was racing to find the words, especially now that he had noticed, but just couldn't think of a good way to bring it up. She couldn't just up and say "Honey, the smacks you gave me in the store with the rubber spatula made me horny as I thought about it and I was just laying out the implements...so I could see them and fantasize about how they would feel.....if you used them......on my..........bottom..............." Could she???

Mike walked over to her, reaching out his arms to her, then taking her face gently in his hands . "Honey....." He gave her a long passionate kiss, and then said, "I love you so much, Baby. You can tell me anything that's on your mind and I won't shy away, OK? It doesn't have to be worded perfectly. I know you well enough to figure out what you want to say to me when it isn't delivered perfectly. Trust me." And he kissed her again, this time longer. And in French.

She felt herself relax, leaning into his demonstration of love for her, and reveled in his embrace. Such a man this was that she had found, then married! As he pulled away from the kiss, she said, "Those smacks you gave me in the store made me tingle back there."

He looked at her with love in his eyes.

"...but the tingle disappeared, and.........and.................I felt something else....." Her voice trailed off as she lowered her eyes to his chest.

"Oh? What was that?" She looked up at him to see both eyebrows raised.

"Oh, just a little something, that's all...."

"What little something?"

"well..........its just that....I.....I.............I felt all tingly down there....."

"I thought you said that the tingle disappeared.....?"

"It did. I mean the tingle in my bottom. That went away in only a few seconds, but there was another tingle that came after....."


She hesitated, then "I felt myself getting wet......in the store.....as I thought about what you did with that spatula."

"Did it feel good?"

"Yes.....it did. Like I said, it made me tingle down there....."

Mike's interest was piqued. "So you like what I did with the spatula?"

"Well, no.....I mean yes...........no..........oh, now I'm confused, Honey.....I mean, I didn't like the way it felt at first, but the after effect was nice........and.....and the way I figure it, the nice feelings it gave me, even though they were delayed, made the discomfort I felt at first worth it........I'm not making sense, am I?"

"Yes, you are making sense, Darling. I understand."

"Boy I sure wish I did.......understand, I mean."

"Well, Baby, here's my take on it: You felt the tingle from the smacks I gave you with the rubber spatula. When you feel pain, your body releases endorphins to help you to be able to cope with that pain. Endorphins are natural pain killers. You also felt a warmth in your bottom where the spatula landed. That warmth initially came from increased stimulation at the site of the smack's delivery."

"What do you mean, 'initially'?" she asked.

"What I mean by 'initially' is that first you felt the warmth of blood rushing to the site of the smack, then as the endorphins that your body produced kicked in, you felt a warmth that was sexual. Your body makes more than one kind of endorphin, and some endorphins are related to sex. They are what give you the happy, yummy feeling when you are sexually aroused. When you become sexually aroused, circulation in your whole pelvic region in increased, and you had a small area of increased circulation after the two smacks. That warmth stimulated your sexual appetite and that's what caused you to feel horny."

"That makes a lot of sense," she said softly into his chest. "You know...." she continued on, feeling a little bolder now, "if two smacks can get me aroused........maybe............maybe a few more would be.....even better.....What do you think, Honey?"

Mike raised one eyebrow as she looked into those deep blue pools, seeking answers, and chuckled, "Well.....perhaps.....I think what is happening is that you are asking for a spanking.....Young Lady." He paused to let the words "Young Lady" sink in properly.

He felt her straighten up a bit, suddenly more alert, her eyes a bit wider than before. "A spank.....ing.....I guess that's what you would call it.....but I've been good, and spankings are for when you've been bad. Besides, I'm a grown woman...."

"Yes, you are a grown woman, and a very beautiful one at that! I so love that about you.....but where is it written that spankings can only happen when you've been bad? We're adults, and we can pretty much do what we please now. We can make a game of this if you like, and see how we like it...or rather, how you like it." He paused, and for a moment, had a faraway look in his eyes, then back pedaled, "No, make that, how We like it. I'm interested in a little experiment to see if it will turn you on....and by the looks of your little display on the kitchen counter over there, you are too. Am I right?"

Her hazel eyes sparkled, and she grinned back at him.

"I thought so. And I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason you wanted to cut short our shopping trip was because you hoped you could find a graceful way to conduct your little experiment, and I'll bet you dollars to donuts that you were thinking you could drag me into this little scheme of yours, right?"

"How did you figure that out?" she asked with wonderment.

"Sweetie, I love you, and because I love you, I watch you every chance I get. Its my love for you that makes your mannerisms so interesting to me. For as long as I've known you I've watched every nuance of your behavior, and I've enjoyed every minute of it. By now, I've loved you long enough to pretty well read you like a book. Am I on target so far?"

"Geez, your pretty good, Mister!" she said with a mischievous grin, poking him in the chest with a finger.

"Sweetheart, you are so busted! .....Now I have another question.....are you wet now?"

She grinned, nodding vigorously as her eyes sparkled.

"Um-hmm. Just as I thought. You know, you remind me of a Dr Seuss book...."

"What do you mean?"

"You're so easy to read! And I love you sooooo much! I enjoy reading you over and over again!"

She giggled, squinting her eyes and blushed.

"......and.....you're awfully cute when you do that.....Now, come over here....." He gently led her over to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair. "Here," he said pushing her to bend over the back of the chair, "bend over and place your hands on the seat. I think its time to do a little 'research'."

He walked over to the kitchen counter and picked up the rubber spatula. "We'll start our little experiment with this..." He put one hand on the small of her back and held the spatula in his other hand, resting it on the fullness of her left bottom cheek. He tapped her behind softly a few times with it. Then he stopped for a few seconds and started again, tapping randomly, building anticipation in her mind.

She drew in a breath and held it, expecting the first stroke, then let it out again when it didn't happen.

He then tapped her right cheek in a similar fashion, but with a different rhythm, building more anticipation in her. He let her get accustomed to the random tapping, with his drawing back in pretense of a swing, only to begin gently tapping her right cheek again. Then without warning he drew back and delivered a medium smack squarely in the middle of her left cheek again.

"Aieep!" She let out, and drew in a quick breath and let it out again.

Mike let her feel the tingle build up and then dissipate into a tiny warm glow where the rubber had made contact with her lightweight pants and very brief bikini panties. Next he gave her a smack on her right cheek to match the other side, also letting her feel the tingle come and go just like the other side. He figured that it would be good to start this way so she could join this feeling with the already memorized one in her head that she had experienced at Wally World. He gave her a repeat of the first two again so she could feel it build up a bit more. Then a third round with two more tingles. "How does that feel, Baby?" he asked.

"Nice and tingly," she said.

Now it was time for something slightly different. Her breathing was a bit faster now. He drew back and gave her another stroke on the side of her left cheek, followed a few seconds later by another one on the side of her right one.


"Different?" he asked.


Next he delivered a matched pair just above where he had landed the first two spanks. "How's that feel?"

"My, that's nice....." she cooed.

Would you like to continue, Honey? or have you had enough for now?"

"I want to continue. I kinda like this 'research'," she said with a smirk.

"Shall I take it to the next level, Baby?"

"Sure. Do it."

He put the rubber spatula down on the table right under her nose, then reached around in front of her and unbuttoned her pants, then lowered the zipper. "I'll need to adjust your clothing for the next level," he said as he slipped two fingers of each hand under the waistband of her pants and gently tugged them down to her knees, leaving them there. Now she had no protection from the rubber spatula except for her thin silk panties.

He picked up the spatula. "Are you ready to take it to the next level?"

"Yes," she said, her breath quickening.

He drew back and planted one spank on each cheek on top of where the first two had descended when she still had her pants on. "Eek!" she squealed.

Mike couldn't resist asking, "How does it feel compared to having your pants pulled up?"

"How hard did you just swing?"

"Same as all the ones before, Love."

"In that case, I feel it almost twice as much as before," she said, "but its still nice. Its just a bit more intense."

"OK. Should we continue?"

"Yes, please."

"Here goes...." and he planted three in a row along each side of her bottom, each one covering a different spot. By the time he had given her the third stroke on one side, she was beginning to pull away a little. "What's the matter, Honey? Too much for you?" he teased.

"No, its just that that stung a little."

"So we've gone from tingle to sting, and you're still in.....not too bad, I'd say."

"Well, for a spanking, it doesn't really 'hurt', but it sure does tingle, and certain parts of my bottom even say it stings."

"Shall we take it up another notch?" he asked.

"Yes, please. Take it up another notch."

"OK then, another notch it is, and for this next one I'll have to..." He put two fingers of each hand under the waistband of her silk panties and began to gently tug them down.

"Hey! What're you doing? Why are you..."

He ignored her comments and continued pulling her panties down until they were bunched up around her knees where he had left her pants earlier. "OK Baby Doll, here's your next notch. Its bare bottom time." He picked up the spatula and drew back for a swing, once again landing two swats to the exact center of each cheek with a nice pop.

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