Nothing I Won't Do


I shook my head at the absurdity of it all but decided to give her exactly what she wanted. With barely any strain, I stood up (with her still impaled on me) and pushed the chair back with my legs. My daughter didn't miss a beat, pushed the bowl of cereal away from her and extended her stockinged feet so that they could touch the ground while I began to slowly fuck her from behind. "This is what you really wanted, isn't it, Babygirl?" I asked as I pushed just enough of my cock into her tight body that I could still knock on her cervix without entering it.

"Mmmmore," Beth groaned sensually. "Like always, Dad, I want all of it. Give me more." Her hands went to either side of the table so that she could get a better grip and hold herself still. "Please? Please put all of your big, long cock inside of me." She looked back at me with a look of such desire and need that I couldn't resist.

With a low growl I did exactly as she asked. I didn't just shove it in, of course, but with deliberate care I pushed the remainder of my hard cock into my daughter's juice-slicked pussy until, finally, I was completely seated inside of her. She'd even concentrated enough to open up her cervix so that I could have full entry. When I felt the back wall of her womb with the head of my cock I flexed my PC muscle, which caused my cock to twitch within her belly, and said, "Better now?"

"Yesssssss," Beth hissed. "Now fuck me, Dad. I want to go to school today feeling your cum slosh around inside me. I want to walk through the hallways of my school knowing that your sperm is being absorbed into my body while everyone around me doesn't know a thing. Please cum inside me, Dad."

"What a way to start the day," I said as I reached down to flip the back of her skirt over her lower back and grabbed on to her hips. Due to her short size I had to bend my knees slightly, but the fucking I started to give her was earnest and hard. I looked down with relish as I watched three inches of my cock emerge and dive back into her repeatedly for a few moments. Certain that I had a good rhythm down and Beth wasn't in any pain from my thrusts, I began to increase the pace of my fucking until my cock was nothing more than a white blur.

"Yes!" my daughter cried. "Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck your little schoolgirl daughter hard! Fuck me and cum inside me, Daddy! I need it!"

"First fuck of the morning, honey," I told her between panting gasps while my hips brutally hammered into her tiny teenaged body. My groin slapped into her ass cheeks noisily on each inward thrust and it was music to my ears each time she gasped when the head of my cock rammed into the deepest wall of her uterus. "I'm not gonna last long!"

"Good! Don't hold back!" Beth whimpered as her hips bucked involuntarily. "Just keep fucking me until you cum. That's what I want!"

"You really want to feel Daddy's seed trying to plant itself inside of you all day?" I asked her.


I pulled her forcefully onto my pole and swung her torso off the table using my hips as a pivot. Then I gently knelt down as she reached for the kitchen floor with her hands. "Lean down," I told her. "Lean down so that, when I cum, I can pull my cock out of you at an angle. That way it won't leak out and your cervix can close back up when I pull out. Understand?"

"Oh, fuck, yes!" my daughter exclaimed as I began to jack-hammer her from behind with rabbit-like thrusts. "Are you close yet, Dad? Are you ready to dump your hot milk into your little girl's womb, huh? You fuck me so good with that monster cock of yours, but I want you to cum, Dad. I want you to cum inside of me!"

"I'm almost there, Sweetheart," I told her as my frantic thrusts continued. I lifted one leg for support and forced my cock as deep into her small frame as I could, thrusting into her hard as her tits mashed into the kitchen floor and her hands squeaked across the linoleum. "Get ready, baby. Daddy's been saving this one up all night long and it'll be a big load!"

"DO IT!" Beth screamed at me. "Shoot that fucking cum directly into my womb!"

Our hips slapped together a few more times until my balls seized up and I felt my orgasm begin. I pushed into her one last time and felt myself bottom out inside her uterus and just held myself there as I growled, "I'm cumming, Beth! Fuck, I'm cumming!" I felt my testicles clench tightly as the first volley of semen went racing through my shaft and was ejected into Beth's warm chamber, the blast going off like a fire hose inside her body.

"Oooooh, YES! I feel it!" Beth cried. "Fucking cum! AH! OH! Fuck yes!"

My flesh cannon bucked and throbbed each time a new slug of cum was sent rocketing into my daughter's womb and I just held still while we waited for the orgasm to end. It seemed to go on for eternity, though, as seconds passed and I kept cumming and cumming inside of her. I was looking down and could see her ass cheeks pressed tightly against my groin while an untold amount of my sperm filled my daughter, hosing her insides with my thick seed. "NG! I can't fucking stop, honey! Holy shit, I can't stop cumming!"

"I don't ever want you to, Daddy!"

I held on for dear life as my cock continued to spray her insides with my jism until, mercifully, it stopped and bucked only a few more times until it was completely spent. I kept my hips still as I regained my breath, my daughter still hunched almost in half beneath me, her ass in the air and her torso bent at an awkward angle. Beth twisted her neck to look up at me from the kitchen floor, her cheek against the cool, smooth material, and smiled wickedly with satisfaction.

"That felt like a lot, Dad," she said. "Are you SURE none of it will spill out with me in this position?"

I tapped her naked ass cheeks playfully and said, "I guess there's just one way to find out, hmm?" I grabbed each side of her hips gently and held her in place while I very slowly withdrew my cock from her well-fucked hole. As I carefully pulled back I felt my bloated cock head catch at the mouth of her cervix and just froze there for a few seconds. Beth asked me why I'd stopped. "I'm waiting for my cock to soften up a little," I told her. "That'll give my cum more time to pool up at the opposite end of your uterus while your cervix tries to clamp shut and force my cockhead out. Your uterus, right now, is still tented and could end up squeezing out the cum before it's had a chance to settle in. Just give it a minute."

Beth snaked a hand to her tummy and gently patted it. "I think it's settling now, actually," she said. "I can feel the warmth of it right under my hand. Jesus, Dad, it felt like you poured a gallon inside of me!" She sighed. "God, it's gonna be so cool to walk around all day knowing that it's your sperm seeping into my body. Just sitting in those boring classes, dreaming of the next time you get to fill me up like this. Mmmmmm...."

I smiled warmly at her. I felt an intense pressure on the head of my cock and knew that her cervix was closing up on me then. I gently pulled back some more until I felt myself fully escape her womb and then slowly pulled out the rest of my cock from her stretched pussy. When I was completely clear of her entrance, I paid careful attention that none of my sperm had left her body. Hardly a drop of it had escaped her womb's hungry clutches and my daughter was glad to hear it. "You've taken your birth control pill this morning, right?" I asked her.

Beth didn't move as I retook my seat at the breakfast table, her ass still held high into the air while she let my cum work its way deeper into her body. "Mm-hmm," she murmured. "Right after I douched," she said. "There was still some of your sperm inside me when I woke up this morning. Can you believe it? It was so hot watching my father's seed come out of me like that. I guess I just needed a fresh batch."

"To keep you warm on a cold autumn day, right?" I joked as I grabbed my wilting cock, feeling my daughter's pussy juice that coated my cock with my hand. I squeezed my hand up the shaft and, when a few pearly drops of unspent cum appeared at the tip, Beth finally stirred. Without preamble, she turned around on her hands and knees, immediately fastened her lips to my cock head and sucked hard. It felt like she was trying to suck out my testicles as she fed on my softening tip, but when she realized that she'd gotten every last drop of cum out of me, she released it from her lips and smiled sweetly at me.

"It's a helluva lot better than fucking cereal in the morning," she said.

I smiled and replied, "Well, cereal certainly won't fuck you half as well I will, that's for sure."

She giggled as I helped her to stand and we both looked down at her thighs expectantly. We waited for several seconds, wondering if any of my cum would indeed start running down her inner thighs. When none did, she looked back up at me and smiled. "Thank you, Dad."

I leaned down to kiss her and our tongues danced softly for a few seconds. When we parted, I reached behind her and gave a soft swat on her ass. "Go get some panties on and get outta here. If you leave in a few minutes you'll still get to school on time."

"With my father's cum still inside me," she added as she started to walk towards her bedroom.

"With my cum inside you, yes, now scoot! You don't want to be late!"

My daughter's voice floated from the hallway with a giggle, "Oh, but I do! Don't worry, though, I won't be!"

I went back to the kitchen table, pulled the bowl of cereal close to me and resumed my breakfast. A moment later Beth reappeared at the kitchen's entrance, heels on, car keys in hand and backpack slung over her shoulder. With her free hand, she flipped up the front of her skirt to show me her white panties underneath. "See? Not even a wet spot!" she declared gleefully. She rushed up to me for a quick kiss and then started to leave, her dark, still-wet hair flashing over her shoulders. "Love you!" she called out as she yanked open the front door.

"Love you, too, Sweetheart!" I called back. "See you when you get home!" The door slammed and she was off.


The majority of that day was spent sitting in front of my computer, writing most of this story out. I hadn't written a good, hot incest story in ages, not since long before I deployed, and with the recent events fresh on my mind I wanted to get them down. I didn't know where this adventure would ultimately end, but I sure as hell wasn't about to let it go undocumented. No one would know the difference once I published it on Literotica and it was sure to get more than a few people off. That's one of the things that amazed me about that site: some of the stories published there HAD to be real accounts of experiences, but there was absolutely no way to tell which ones were real and which ones weren't. I could confess openly the fact that I was now engaged in an incestuous relationship with my own flesh-and-blood daughter, filling her with my cum every chance we got, and the worst that would happen is that the story could get a negative vote. When you confess to a priest, it's anonymous (or at least confidential); but confessing to millions of people under the guise and anonymity was so much more exciting! When people say that they want to shout something from the rooftops but never do because it might get them into trouble- well, there's Literotica, the biggest rooftop of them all and perfectly safe to tell the world anything without fear of reprisal. I wouldn't even have to change the names if I didn't want to! Naturally, I wouldn't publish the story without showing it to Beth first, but I had no doubt that she'd agree to putting it out there.

I stopped only a few times to take a leak and grab a quick lunch from the kitchen. I was so engrossed with the writing that I barely even noticed the time until I heard the front door upstairs open and close. "Dad!" Beth called out. "I'm home!"

"I'm down here, honey!" I called back to her. "How was school?"

"Great! I'll be down in a little bit," she answered. From above I heard her foot falls pad around until they stopped right about where her desk would be. I knew, at that point, that she'd probably taken the opportunity to watch the second half of that video. It was quiet for another hour or so until I heard a soft knock on my bedroom door (it was closed as a matter of habit rather than privacy). "Dad?"

"Yes, Sweetheart," I replied.

"Can I talk to you for a minute? I uhm... need your help with something."

I turned my chair to face the door, waves of concern already radiating. "Absolutely, honey. Come on in."

The door opened slowly to reveal my daughter. She was dressed in her old cheerleader uniform, the one she wore back when she was in junior high school. It was one of those two-piece numbers with the short, pleated skirt that barely came to mid-thigh, blue and white in color. I wasn't surprised that it still fit her (although her breasts were a bit "prouder" now than they were a few years back); I was surprised that she still had it. She walked in only a few paces, her hands behind her back, and looked a little bashful, which confused the hell out of me. "Oh, good, you're still naked. So, uh, it's kind of embarrassing, but I need your advice on something."

"Uhm. Okay. Shoot. And why are you-?"

She cut me off before I could finish the question. "At practice today some of the girls started talking about... y'know... sex. And stuff."

Suddenly the pieces fit together in my head and I realized that she was role-playing with me. My daughter wasn't doing cheerleading in high school and I knew it- after junior high she'd gotten tired of the bitchiness her fellow cheerleaders tended to exhibit. I nodded sagely and rolled with it. "It's a pretty big topic of discussion for people your age, honey," I told her. "So what's got you bothered?"

"Well," Beth started out, still looking like a shy, little girl, "Kathy was saying how she and her boyfriend were getting into all kinds of kinky stuff, like really kinky."

"Such as..." I prompted, wondering where she was going with this. And how did my still being naked play a part? Aside from the obvious, of course. With that thought, my cock started to show some signs of life and I didn't bother to hide it from her.

As though she had read my mind, Beth said, "Daaa-ad, I'm trying to, like, get some guidance from you and stuff and you go and get a hard on? I accept the fact that you're a nudist and stuff, but don't you have ANY control over that thing?" She turned her eyes away from the sight of my growing member and held up a hand to cover her peripheral vision.

I looked down at my groin and grabbed my shaft. "I'm sorry, honey, but no. I honestly don't have much control over it. Guys, when they get into conversations about sex, sometimes react this way. It's perfectly natural. Just look at me and try to ignore it, okay?" Beth slowly put down her hand and looked back at it uncertainly. "Don't worry, honey. It won't spit at you. Just go on. You were saying something about Kathy and her boyfriend?"

"Oh yeah!" she said breezily, the matter of my erection suddenly put out of her mind and refocused on the "reason" she came down to my bedroom in the first place. "So, they're, like, getting into this kinky stuff, right? Like, creampies and stuff? I thought a creampie was, like, a dessert from Boston or something until the girls had to explain it to me. Anyway, when I asked if she was worried about getting pregnant, she was, like, 'No way! I'm on birth control! You could pump sperm directly into me and I won't get pregnant!' And I was, like, 'No way! You'll get pregnant if it goes right into you, like directly!' And she said that it wouldn't, especially if it was pumped directly into her since whatever was being used to pump it into her wasn't biological and stuff. I just wanted to know if she was right."

"Well," I said slowly, "it's possible that she's right. Do you know what an IUD is?"

"Uh, no."

"IUD stands for Intra-Uterine Device. It's a tiny little piece of plastic or metal that is inserted into a woman's body, right into her womb. Its job is to kill any sperm that gets past the cervix." By now my cock was rock hard and I had begun to absent-mindedly stroke it as the conversation wore on, curious to see what she had in mind.

"Oh. So it's, like, not biological, right?"

"Right," I answered. "It's another form of birth control."

"Oh. Okay. So if sperm was put into my womb, like, with a hose or something, the sperm wouldn't survive, right? Because the hose would interfere or something. But if the sperm was put in there by a penis, it'd survive because a penis IS biological. Right?"

I nodded slowly. "Theoretically, yes," I answered. "Actually, now that I think about it, that makes complete sense. But, honey, why are you asking ME this? Why not your biology teacher or a doctor?"

Beth rolled her eyes at me in exasperation. "Lots of reasons, Dad! First, I know I can trust you and you won't, like, get Kathy in trouble for me telling you all the sex stuff she's been doing. Secondly, it IS kind of embarrassing to discuss with someone I don't know. Thirdly, I'm, uhm, not quite done yet."

"Not done?" I asked. "Not done with what?"

"Well, I actually came down here to ask your help with something."

I shrugged. "You know there's nothing I won't do for you, Sweetheart. Name it."

Beth looked down at her feet, hands still clasped behind her back and said quietly, "I want you to put some sperm in me."

"WHAT?" I asked in mock surprise as I let go of my cock. "Honey, I'm your father! I can't... you're still a... Babygirl, we CAN'T have sex!"

"I'm not asking you to!" she said quickly, though I could tell that she was having a hard time of hiding the smile that wanted to flash across her face. "Just- just listen a minute before you say no, okay?"

I eyed her warily and resumed stroking my fully-erect penis. "All right, but I'm telling you right now that we will NOT have sex."

Beth nodded emphatically. "Are you're right: we won't! Just listen. I already figured it out. I'm still a virgin, but, Dad, you have NO IDEA how badly I want to feel what Kathy was talking about earlier today. Oh my God, it just sounds so NICE! That soft, warm feeling you get when you feel a man's seed oozing around inside you- she made it sound so heavenly and I just HAVE to try it. But I don't want to lose my virginity to some dumb boy and I KNOW we can't have sex. But Darren broke up with me and I don't want to get just any guy to try this out with- you're the only man I can trust to do this, Dad! So I figured that we'd use this." At that point she brought both hands from behind her back and showed me a funnel with a long tip at the end of it.

"A funnel?" I asked, doing my best to look perplexed. Somehow I knew that she'd figure out a way to get to this strange fantasy of hers. I just didn't expect her to come at it from this particular angle. Not that I'd complain, mind you- I was just surprised.

"Yeah," she said brightly. "All I have to do is, like, insert this into myself and then you can pour some cum into me directly. The tip of the funnel will kill all the sperm and I'll still get to feel what it's like and we won't have had any sex to do it! It's genius! And look, Dad, you've already got a stiffie, so why not put it to good use? Please help me do this one, teeny little experiment. Pleeeeease?"

I just shook my head at her while still stroking my cock. "Let me get this straight," I said. "You want me, your father, to shoot my sperm into this funnel while it's inserted directly into your womb. Am I following you right?"

"Please please please! Dad, you said that there was nothing you wouldn't do for me! AND you always said that you'd never lie to me. So this is something I need you to do and if you won't do it, then you'd be lying to me. Please don't be a liar, Daddy. All I'm asking is for you to shoot your cum into this simple funnel. It's not difficult."

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