tagBDSMNow He Has 3 Slaves

Now He Has 3 Slaves


This Story follows on from a previous story called "Master takes his slaves shopping", followed by another story called "Dinner for 3".

Master enjoyed watching his slaves kiss and fondle each other. However, he was not ready to let them cum, he knew that they are both at their best when their need to orgasm is almost too much, at that point they will refuse him nothing. He ordered them to stop and get on their knees into their slave position. They immediately fell to their knees next to each other and they sat back on their heels with their knees parted and their hands clasped behind their backs.This allowed master to see their beautiful pussies and tits without hindrance.

Master looked round the room, it was warm and seductive. It had a large 4 poster bed, a large sofa, a wonderful roaring log fire with a soft white rug in front of it. The bathroom was large with a bath big enough for 4 to have fun in surrounded by mirrors.

He got up from his chair and moved around the room picking up his slaves clothes, he went to the table where he had laid out a number of toys and selected a few items. He wanted to make sure that he was treating his slaves exactly the same. He walked over to his property and told them that they were to stay still. He went to Julie first, her clit clip was still in place and her button was hard and extended. He got on his knees and bent to kiss her clit he licked her gently, and then removed the clip allowing her engorged pussy lips to splay out, he licked her again and she groaned. He warned her not to cum or he would punish her if she did. She bit down hard on her lips to stop herself. Master loved her taste and she was pouring juice and it dripped onto his waiting tongue. He took the small vibrator and inserted it deep into her pussy, he then replaced the clip tightening it on her clit and giving the feeling that the vibrator was sealed into her cunt. He reached behind her and picked up the body jewellery he had laid out earlier in the day as he was planning their fun. He clipped them onto her nipples tightening them just enough to make her groan, he then linked the Y chain to each nipple clip and joined it to the clit clip. He tightened the chain so that the downward pulling pressure on her nipples and the upward pressure on her clit was such that she was effectively tied up as she would not move without the pressure on her nipples and clit increasing.

He stood and moved over to Elsa and the fire in her eyes as he bent to lick her nipples was enough to tell him that she wanted what Julie had and more. He kissed her pussy and licked her and inserted the vibrator, he reached behind her and found the matching clit clip to Julie's, he took her clit and pulled and squeezed it she jerked and groaned she was really enjoying his attention but she knew better than to cum without his permission. He tightened the clit clip, he took the chain and joined the nipple clips to the clit clip again tightening the Y chain and checking that the nipple clips were tight enough.

He moved to the arm chair opposite them and admired his work they looked marvellous, the soft light of the fire making their skins luminous and the body jewellery glistened in the light. He could see their pussy juice seeping from their cunts and pooling on the soft rug beneath them.

He reached for the TV remote and turned on the porn channel, he loved to watch porn with his slaves, and he liked all his senses to be stimulated at the same time. He got up and went to the phone; he ordered another bottle of champagne. He was smiling at his slaves as he put the phone down. He then picked up a second remote control, both of his slaves moaned at the same time as he turned the power up, the little vibrators deep in their pussies stimulating their G spots. He could see that they liked what was happening to them, he sat back and watched them both as they struggled to control their bodies and hold off their orgasms. He was proud of them both; he knew they would not cum until he told them to.

There was a soft knock at the door, he tore his eyes away from his slaves telling them not to move, and he went to open the door. The waitress brought the champagne in on a small trolley, initially she could not see behind master into the room. Master noticed she was a very pretty girl; she was obviously part Asian, and her lovely coffee coloured skin looked perfect, absolutely flawless. She had almond shaped dark brown eyes, long black hair neatly pinned up and her body was neat and compact. Master could feel his interest in this young lady rise, he wanted her, and she would make a good addition to his stable. He decided to see how she would react to the sight of his slaves. He moved aside to allow her into the room, she pushed the trolley forward and as she looked up caught sight of Julie and Elsa in their slave positions, she gasped and looked away quickly. She reached for the champagne to open it; master could see that she was shaking and her eyes darting to snatch quick glimpses of his slaves. He could tell she was fascinated and her colour rose as she worked to open the wine. She licked her lips and he could see that her breathing had quickened. He could smell her arousal.

Master spoke to her very softly asking her if she liked what she saw, she licked her lips again and nodded, he asked if she would like to touch one of his ladies. She looked him directly in the eyes and very quietly said yes. He told her to go and stroke Julie's neck and shoulders. She hesitated then seemed to make up her mind. She stepped over to Julie and very softly trailed her fingers over her shoulders and neck. By this time Julie was groaning and purring with the need for release. The waitress looked at master and he nodded his permission for her to touch Julie's breasts. Master could tell by the look in her eyes that the waitress wanted much more. Master asked her to come and sit beside him on the sofa. He offered her a glass of champagne, she drank the wine gratefully. Master then said that he thought she was beautiful and that if she wanted to stay and join them he would be happy to introduce her to his slaves properly. At the word slaves she looked up at him and asked what that would mean if she stayed. Master did not want to frighten her but he could tell that she was born to be a slave. He told her that they would not ask her to do anything she was uncomfortable with and that she could leave whenever she wanted. However, if she decided to stay then she must follow his orders to the letter.

She sat quietly for a moment never taking her eyes off Elsa and Julie; it was obvious to them all that she wanted to play. She quietly agreed to his terms. He told her to make herself comfortable and to watch his slaves. He slipped off his robe and the waitress gasped in anticipation as his cock sprang into action. He sat down next to her but did not touch her. He picked up the remote to the vibrator and turned it up he could see his slaves groan and start to move both of them were focussed entirely on controlling their bodies and not cuming. He spoke softly to Julie and Elsa telling them that they may move to kiss each other. They immediately moved still kneeling their bodies barely touching, their lips touched and their tongues wove the age old pattern of passion and lust as they kissed, their nipples touched sending further ripples of pleasure through their bodies. Out of the corner of his eye master could see the waitress was watching his slaves intently her eyes devouring them, her hand straying to touch her own breasts. He suggested that she might like to take some of her clothes off. She stood and slowly unbuttoned her blouse her hands were shaking slightly. She slipped her blouse off to reveal a little white bra; she then slipped her shoes off and dropped her skirt to the floor. She stood in front of master in her white panties and bra. The contrast against her coffee coloured skin was divine. He had been right her body was perfect, smooth and silky. He could see the damp patch between her legs spreading and he knew that she wanted to be fucked. He was not going to let her have what she wanted that easily.

He told her to go and release Elsa from her chains. She knelt beside her and released the nipple clips, and then she reached down and gently released her clit from its clip. Elsa groaned as she was released and flexed her muscles. He then told her to do the same for Julie. Now his slaves were free to move as ordered them to. Their pussies were still being assaulted by the vibrator and he knew that he was now bordering on being cruel to then the torture of holding back was becoming too much.

He asked the waitress if she would like to taste Elsa, Elsa laid back on the rug beside the fire and the waitress crawled over to her, she stroked her legs and then kissed her tummy gradually working her way to Elsa nipples, she kissed and licked them slowly Elsa was writhing under her every inch of her body begging for release. Waitress moved slowly down her torso kissing and licking her all the way stroking her arms her legs. She reached her clit and took it slowly into her mouth sucking it in and then releasing it. She moved lower desperate to taste Elsa. Elsa pushed her pussy into the waitresses' mouth she took it all drinking and lapping at Elsa's juices for all she was worth. Master noticed that her panties were now soaking wet. He whispered to Julie to get behind the waitress and start to lick her. Julie did not need to be told twice she removed the rest of the waitresses clothes for her, the waitress did not even look up let alone stop what she was doing to Elsa she was loving every minute of it. When she was naked Julie laid on her back under her kneeling body. Her mouth was just below her lovely smooth hairless pussy. Her juice dripped down onto Julie's lips she licked them and had her first taste. The waitress was sweet and fresh, totally delicious. Julie pushed her tongue into the waitresses' pussy and was rewarded by a groan of pleasure and lust.

Master sat down and watched the 3 beautiful women spread out across the soft white rug with the fire behind them, soft music playing in the background, the light of the fire adding extra eroticism to the scene. God he loved his slaves, he knew that the waitress was going to become his slave and he started to plan how he was going to break her in. He came out of his reverie, as his cock jerked in his hand it was standing hard and proud and he now needed to be part of the action.

He stepped over to the girls; he did not want to stop them as they were having so much fun. He reached down and put his fingers in Elsa's pussy removing the vibrator for her and finger fucking her as the waitress licked her clit. He removed his fingers and licked her juice and smiled as always she tasted great. He then moved over to Julie and licked her clit, removed the vibrator and finger fucked her. She was so so wet her juices coated his hand and dripped down to his elbow. He then went to the waitress and inspected her closely, her nipples were hard he stroked her, she groaned, he trailed his fingers down her back noticing how her body moved and begged for his touch, he parted her bottom so that he could get his first close look at her ass and pussy, it was lovely, he inserted his finger into her pussy and could tell that she was almost ready to cum. He wanted to fuck them all hard and dirty he wanted to take possession of all of them at once, his cock was now jerking and his hardness was becoming painful, his balls were heavy with cum. He got a cushion and placed it under Julies hips, positioning himself between her lovely legs, from this vantage point he could see all his ladies enjoying themselves. He eased his hard cock into the enveloping warmth of Julie's pussy and sighed, he loved to be there almost better than anywhere else. He started to fuck her slowly and deliberately reaching to caress and squeeze her nipples as he fucked her. He placed his other hand on her clit and massaged her button. He then gave the order that they could come as soon as they liked. The ripple of orgasm started with Elsa she exploded and screamed, her body jerking and writhing. Julie pushed her fingers into the waitresses' pussy and ass fucking her and licking her clit at the same time, the waitress moaned and released her orgasm her juices squirting out of her all over Julies face. Master picked up the pace and just as the waitress was peaking Julie started to arch her back and push her pelvis hard into masters cock begging him to fuck her harder and deeper, he was banging against her ass and he was so deep into her. He looked up and as he gave Julies clit one final squeeze she came her cunt muscles clamping around his cock increasing his pleasure and milking him of his cum he unloaded, an animal roar escaping his lips as he pumped his cum into her.

Master collapsed onto the rug; his slaves entwined their bodies round him as they lay by the fire and rested. After a moment or two he looked at the waitress, she was smiling and stroking is cock, he asked her name, she replied Alisha. He nodded and closed his eyes drifting into a soft doze.

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