tagFetishNow I Can Ch. 03

Now I Can Ch. 03


After a lottery win our subject is able to indulge his wildest fantasies; after a spunk filled panty fest he moved on to the bdsm scene. We catch up with him half way through a session. There is some scat play here so don't continue if this offends you.

I must have dozed for a while because I was woken by a sharp kick to the backside from Amora. "Slave, you don't have a cock in your mouth," another kick swiftly followed. "Get it in, now!" Another kick stung me into action; I grabbed for Ian's cock with my lips and sucked it into my mouth. It instantly grew in size and now it was easier to keep it in place; so to make life easier I kept my head bobbing backwards and forwards on his cock. Suddenly the door burst open and Madame X entered.

"Stop moving slave. I didn't say you could enjoy yourself." Then, moving her attention to Ian she said, "Get up. Go and clean up and while you're out the back get something to eat. Feel free to have a beer as well, but don't pee.

Madame now turned to me, "Slave; get on your knees. The mat's wet; suck up the stale pee and lick the mat clean". The pee was now two hours old and smelling quite a bit but I diligently sucked it all up and then used my tongue to lick the mat clean. My two tormentors were busy in the corner of the room getting something ready for me. I waited on my knees till I got the call. "Slave. Over here, now!" I crawled over to Madame where there was an examination table.

I climbed up and lay on my back and Amora fastened me down with ankle straps and wrist cuffs while Madame rummaged in a drawer and produced a tray of sterile needles. My heart started to pound and my cock started to jump around as though it had a will of its own. I had experimented with needles in the past and had managed to insert needles through my nipples; it looked now as though it was my nipples that were going to suffer.

They were still sore from the abuse they had received earlier but it seemed they might get even sorer. I had expected the needles just to go through the nipple but Madame inserted each needle into the edge of the areola and then forced it through to the opposite side; one needle crossways left to right, one vertical top to bottom and then the same on the other nipple. As each needle was pushed through the pain was intense especially as it exited on the opposite side. It really seemed that Madame enjoyed this procedure and when she had finished she stood back to admire her handy work. I think she wasn't happy with the result because she then went to work on my actual nipples; two needles to the left one and two to the right.

I enjoyed the pain; I enjoyed the hurt; I was excited beyond belief. "Now slave, we are going to work on your cock head. Madame looked me in the eye as she said this and I knew she was going to enjoy my suffering.

"Madame I've got a problem," I mumbled.

"Oh, what is it slave?"

"I've tried this myself and whenever the needle first enters my cock I climax straight away," I admitted.

"Oh dear; I certainly don't want your spunk splashing all over the place do I?" No answer was required or expected. "Amora. Suck the slaves cock and make him climax and don't swallow his cum. I think he wants to do that."

Amora leant forward and took my cock in her hand and then slipped her lips over it. She worked to an urgent beat and very soon my cock exploded in her mouth. Keeping her mouth closed she released my penis and moved to the head of the table. I knew what was required; I opened my mouth and Amora allowed the spunk to drip past her lips and into my waiting mouth. To ensure I had it all she then cleared her mouth and spat a mixture of spit and cum into the back of my throat.

My cock was no longer hard and Madame grasped it in her left hand leaving just the head exposed. She waved a two inch needle in front of me so I could see what was going to happen. She positioned it on the right of my penis head and then pushed it in; she kept up the pressure and the needle moved slowly into my cock; it seemed she had to push really hard to get it moving through my cock head. The pain I felt was strong and intense and seemed never ending. I wanted to close my eyes but something in me made me keep watching. The needle reached the other side and the skin started to bulge where the needle was trying to make its exit. A little extra push and a twist of the needle from Madame and the needle burst through my skin on the left of my bell end.

"Look, slave." Madame squeezed my cock head and my pee hole opened up; I could see that the needle had hit dead centre and passed right through my pee tube. "Like some more slave?"

I planned to say no but heard myself saying, "Yes Madame; more please."

Two more needles skewered my cock, each one from back to front. One to the right of my pee hole and one to the left. Madame was delighted and Amora seemed to be quite excited as well. "Amora; lets seal the deal." Said Madame. Amora knew what was required and picked up a red candle from the corner table. She struck a match and lit the candle. She allowed it to burn for a while and then expertly dripped scalding hot wax over my penis and then over each nipple.

A lever was pulled on the bed and my head fell backwards so I was looking at the wall some three feet away. Ian now re-entered the room and was beckoned across to the table by Madame. "I expect you need a pee by now slave." This was addressed to Ian.

"Yes Ma'am," was the answer.

"I want a shot up each nostril and the rest in his mouth," she instructed as she pointed down at me. Ian obliged by positioning his cock hard up against my right nostril and then after a short pause a blast of pee jetted into my nose and blasted down my throat. I coughed and spluttered and my eyes watered. The same procedure was enacted on my left nostril and then the rest of his pee was directed into my mouth. The pee was strong in taste and in smell; I drank most of it but inevitably some ran down my face.

My head was raised again and then without a word they all walked out of the room and I was left alone, a piss soaked pin cushion.

Time passed and I began to get cramps because I couldn't move. Of course the taste of piss stayed in my mouth and the pain of the needles throbbed through my cock and nipples.

I started to fight against the restraints but of course it was to no avail. I suspect I was being watched on closed circuit television because soon after I started struggling the door opened and my two tormentors returned. Madame untied my hands and then handed me a swath of lint dressing. Then without ceremony she yanked the pins out of my cock head. Like a flash I clamped the dressing onto my cock and squeezed hard in an effort to stem the bleeding.

After five minutes Madame pushed my hands away leaving the dressing in place. She then proceeded to wrap my penis and balls in bandages. She wrapped it tightly and securely so that my prick and balls just looked like a white tennis ball dangling between my legs. My legs were unclamped and I was helped to get down. A spreader bar was fitted to my ankles and I was made to stand in the middle of the room with my hands on my head.

"You ever been kicked in the balls slave?" enquired Madame X. She didn't wait for an answer but carried on. "I want no sound and you stay standing. You understand?"

"Yes Madame I understand."

"You think you can do it slave," Madame asked. "I'm going to help by giving you an incentive. Every noise you make you get five strokes of the cane. Every time you drop to the floor you get ten strokes."

No answer was required; my fate was sealed. Madame stood in front of me and then drew her foot back. She lashed out and made contact with my cock and ball package. I yelped in pain and dropped to the floor. Not a good start. When I was able to stand again I was given the fifteen strokes by Amora.

Madame looked me in the eye and said, "Let's try that again slave."

The result was the same and I took another fifteen lashes. The fire in my balls was equalled by the fire of my burning ass. Something had to give. For the next kick to the cock and balls I yelped but managed to stay standing. Only five strokes this time.

On the next kick no sound came from me. Madame put a hand on each of my shoulders and said, "Very good slave." Her face was one inch from mine; she looked me in the eye and then my world collapsed. She had used her knee to unleash the most violent crushing blow to my encased balls. I fell to the floor crying. The pain was intense. Now, as I was lying there Amora administered another twenty strokes.

While this was all happening I was vaguely aware that Ian had been in and out of the room sever times. As the pain subsided I got to my knees and looked across to see Ian standing next to a table. It had been laid with four places. On three plates there was an appetising sausage roll with a side salad. The forth plate was empty apart from a few shreds of lettuce.

"Dinner," shrilled Ian. We all took our places at the table; I was directed to the virtually empty plate. Knives and forks were raised ready to eat and then Madame exclaimed, "Oh dear; the slave didn't get a sausage roll. What a shame. Shall we fix that for him?"

Madame stood up; Amora removed the seat cushion on Madame's chair revealing a chair base with a round hole in it; Madame dropped her pants and sat back down on the chair. Now Amora whisked away my plate and held it under Madame's chair. Madame X farted and strained and then released a turd onto my plate. Amora placed the plate in front of me then whisked away my serviette to clean Madame's bum. My serviette was returned. The seat was returned to its complete state.

Madame then came to my side and leaned over my plate; she spat onto the lettuce and then slowly dribbled more spit onto the plate. She returned to her seat and the three of them calmly started to eat their meal. Madame looked at me and raised her eyebrow as if to say, "What are you waiting for."

I lifted my knife and fork and cut into the brown mess on my plate. The smell of the scat was strong and it got stronger as I exposed the warm centre of the turd. I raised a small portion to my mouth and just let it sit against my closed lips for a few seconds then I opened my mouth and slipped it in. Experimentally I chewed; I decided I liked the taste and chewed some more. My cock came to life and started to fight against the restraining bandage producing a very uncomfortable feeling.

I knew this was bdsm and I wasn't supposed to enjoy being made to eat shit, but sorry, I was enjoying it. I scooped up another forkful and popped it in. I chewed and I swallowed and all the time I was engulfed in the smell of Madame's shit. I ate everything on my plate and then licked it clean. I was the first to finish and was pleased as punch.

When we had all finished I was led to the centre of the room and the pins were removed from my nipples. Once again wads of cotton wool were needed to stem the flow of blood.

"Well slave it's time or your final fucking." Having said this Madame led me to a set of stocks and clamped my head and hands in place. Ian came round to the front of me and stood with his cock armed and ready. Behind me Amora was ready to go into action; I tried to relax as she rammed her cock into my ass. I opened my lips ready to receive Ian's cock; it slipped past my lips and rested for a while on my tongue. I moved my tongue from side to side on the underside of his prick; I closed my lips and sucked. Ian started to move backward and forwards; on each thrust his member went deeper into my mouth. I gagged a little but this was ignored.

I was impaled from each end. Ian's thrusting became more intense and he started grunting; then he pulled his penis back so it was sitting just inside my mouth. He used his fingers to work on his shaft and then with a shudder he came. The spunk flooded my mouth; it was unlike any other taste; it seemed to me to be the nectar of the gods. Warm, succulent and creamy. Ian removed his cock which allowed me to use my mouth and tongue to full advantage. I moved the spunk from side to side; I moved it to the back of my mouth and then forward again. I could define the different textures. There was part of the spunk that seemed to have body to it as I pressed it against the roof of my mouth. Some of it had a stringiness and as I passed it through my teeth it moved through the gaps like bits of string.

Suddenly the thrusting at my backside stopped and Amora's penis was pulled out. She came round to the front of me, pulled the condom off and tried to get her prick into my mouth. Her aim was good but she didn't make it all the way her prick erupted in front of my face. My mouth was open so most of it shot onto my tongue; the rest splashed over my face. Once again I revelled in the exquisite taste of spunk.

"Slave, you've had far too much enjoyment. I think we'll make you pay for that. Fifty lashes," said Madame. "Fifty lashes from my favourite whip."

One by one the lashes came; I counted each one and thrilled at the touch of the whip. Then by ten strokes the thrill was gone and pain replaced it. By twenty I was sure that I could take no more. The pace slowed and after each count I started to beg for mercy. By thirty I was pleading in the most pathetic way but still the lashes came. By forty I was offering cash incentives to Madame to make her stop. She was a true professional and she carried on to fifty.

She came to the front of me, stooped down and said, "One more kick slave. One more kick to your cock and balls. It's going to hurt and the pain is going to be with you for the next hour while you stay here. Enjoy!"

She disappeared from my sight and I waited for the kick to happen; nothing came and I waited some more. Five minutes went by then I heard a movement. As contact was made with my balls I screamed and my entire body tensed, then I realised it wasn't the kick it was just a bluff. This chain of events happened three more times and each time I thought it was the big one. The fifth contact was not a bluff, it was the real thing and I thought my balls had been busted open. I tried to drop to my knees and couldn't because the stocks were strangling me. I couldn't stop moaning and groaning, I broke out in a cold sweat. I wanted to pass out but had to hang on to consciousness so I could support myself.

After a short time I realised I was alone. The excitement was gone and I was left with the pain and the throbbing. I tried to concentrate on the positives which should have been the taste of cum and shit in my mouth but without the sexual arousal these lost their attraction.

A lot of time passed and I judged that I must have been in the stocks for close on two hours. Eventually Amora came and released me; the spreader was removed and I was allowed to dress. I was shown the way out; I turned my back on that Paddington flat and resolved to live on the memories rather than go through the realities again.

When I got home I removed the bandage from my cock and balls; they were black and blue all over and oh so tender but at least they were intact.

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