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Now She Takes Control


This author's second submission of erotic writing and would welcome any constructive criticism and/or comments.


My husband is a good man, a wonderful father to our kids, and a good provider for our family, but things have changed recently in our sex life. He's a very handsome man, at 36 he has stayed trim and always perfectly groomed, and I've always found his powerful position at the Bank to be extremely sexy. Knowing that he manages billions of dollars of risk exposure for one of the big-bad-banks, as they have come to be known, has always been a huge turn-on for me.

In our younger days, I would go and visit him in the office and seeing him in action as the BSD ("big-swinging-dick", to steal the moniker from Liar's Poker, the quintessential reading for young financiers) would wet my pussy like nothing else, and I would inevitably find myself on my knees under his desk, slurping hungrily on his cock while he on conference calls would discuss one deal or another. As the finance jargon became more complex my panty-less pussy would drip; and as his booming, then twenty-something voice turned aged bastions of the hard fought deal to putty, I would fist my cunt until collapse, body wracked with spent orgasm. When finally off his calls, he would then turn his focus to my willing throat, slamming his heavy balls off my chin until his cum deliciously exploded in my mouth. I always found this salty epicurean delight so wonderfully satisfying. My own cum still dripping down my thighs, I would crawl out from under his desk, situate my skirt as it had been, then leave him, most of the time without saying a word. As a young woman, his power was intoxicating, made more so by the envious looks of the young female analysts who would jealously eye me at every appearance in his office. I was, in those days, his slut. Both of us having the brash, risk taking personality that yielded success for him in the office, there was no place too public, no situation too brazen for me to succumb to his sexual whim. There were often occasions that I felt sure would land us in the clink, which we somehow managed to avoid. I look back on those days and smile...

At some point though, things changed. Work takes its toll, kids, stress, daily life - it all adds up. I don't know that I ever really lost my sexual appetite, I think however that I no longer get off on being his slut. And in the process, I think I've become the big-swiging-dick - at least as our relationship is concerned.

I've always known the potential power my legs and feet have over him, over most men for that matter, and I must say, they really are beautiful. I guess I should describe myself a little though - go google Isla Fischer, and you'll know exactly what I look like. I'm a petite 5'6", long auburn hair, a very nice c-cup, and legs that were made to shown off with high heels. I wear a size 6.5 and have perfect feet - high arches and cute little toes that I always keep meticulously pedicured. I have a penchant for stiletto heels, and love seeing men try to be discreet about watching my legs crossed out into the open at outdoor cafes; teasing the particularly dumb-founded ones by dangling my shoe from my cute little toes.

In previous years, he enjoyed my feet on his terms - foot jobs under the table at restaurants when he wanted, masturbating and cumming on my feet when I didn't feel like having his cock in my ass, mouth or pussy. Don't get me wrong, most times I was really into it, I mean cum is wonderful for the skin, but looking back I had zero control.

Alas, these are not those days. I haven't let him fuck me in months, and can't recall the last time I let him use my mouth. No, these days, it is his face that is getting used - on my terms and when I want to get off. And when I want to give him a treat, I'm the one who fishes his cock out with my toes, pulling his protein moisturizer with the bottom of my perfectly formed feet.

I went out dancing with the girls last week. Bending over in front of him to pick up my keys before leaving for the night, I could tell he was painfully backed up, and with my legs looking the way they did, I too would have worshiped them. I know it's cheesy, but we hit some of the dance clubs that are frequented by a great many twenty-somethings. Ladies' night, cheap, poorly mixed drinks, being hit-on by boys that wouldn't know what to do with me even if they had been successful in the attempt - I'm sure you know the type of club I'm describing.

I wore a tiny little spaghetti strap tank top, little black skirt and some devilish black stilettos. I think a sophisticated woman stands out among the little blonde chaff, and my girls and I were demanding some attention.

We would occasionally have some boys to dance with and on one occasion, this innocent red-head cutie gingerly danced up to me. I turned and focused some attention on him, backing my cute little ass up into him... It's funny how on occasion appearances don't really match reality, because after a very short period of time I could feel what could only be described as a MONSTER cock, growing in his jeans. And he looked so innocent! I felt my face flush a little, but continued my gyrations. My pussy began to drip and soon allowed my hands to reach back and pull him into me; in turn giving him the green light to hold me by the hips.

The dance floor was dark and I lost touch with my girls. The music was throbbing to the beat of my pussy and the log I felt pushing through a frustrating layer of denim was dying to cum. I stood straight, leaned back into him, and he sucked my ear into his mouth. I reached under his untucked shirt and was surprised at finding the head of his cock was protruding a full two inches above his belt. He gasped at the feel of my grip on his cock head, and I knew I would make him cum. Right there on the dance floor.

The Nine Inch Nails song "Closer" (I wanna fuck you like an animal) came on and I almost came. The deep rhythm and hard hitting bass made my pussy cream. I reached up with my left and dug nails into his neck as my right hand squeezed his cock. Precum lubricated my hand and before long I was full on jerking him off. At some point during this deliciously erotic song, I removed my left hand from his neck to reach under my skirt, where I ferociously attacked my pussy. My mind was swimming in the moment and before I knew it and without word from him, he stiffened and I felt cum erupt from his head. He blew rope after rope of thick cum, covering my hand and arm, running down the front of his pants and onto the back of my skirt. The pungent scent of his cum hit my nose and my mouth watered. The last shiver of his orgasm passed and I turned, looked up at him, then licked my hand clean as I stared into his eyes; a silly, awestruck grin on his face. I left him standing there, a mess, enjoying a few knowing smiles from other couples as I made my way to the ladies room.

I cleaned myself up the best I could, my thong panties still soaking wet from being tantalizingly close to orgasm on the dance floor. I gave myself a sheepish smile in the mirror, then went out to find my girls. We left shortly thereafter and if my girls either saw what happened or smelled the sex on me, they never said anything about it.

I walked into the house and my pussy was still wet from replaying my dance floor encounter all the way home. Hubby was still awake, watching TV in the den.. I think he was actually rubbing his cock through his shorts when I startled him.

He said something I didn't pay attention to, but quickly shut him up when I walked up, pushed him over onto the couch, threw a leg over his head and sat on his face. I wanted to cum. I wanted to cum hard and I didn't want to hear his mindless dribble. He was audibly surprised, his muffled whatever barely escaping the entrapment of my steaming pussy. My cunt was locked down on his mouth and my puckered little asshole perched nicely right on top of his nose.

To this point I had not taken the time to pull my panties off and I was getting annoyed, my pussy not having access to his tongue and lips. Hooking thumbs under the side strings of my LaPerla thong, I pulled hard and ripped my thong straight out from my ass.

I can only imagine how I must have tasted - no doubt tangy from the sweat of dancing and half-stale cum from my dance floor tryst. But I didn't care. This was now my turf. I owned this otherwise very powerful man, and he was mine to use and abuse as I like. I was drunk with the power of taking him, using him, and I glimpsed how he felt for so many years, as I made my mouth, pussy, ass and feet his playscape.

I started grinding my pussy into his face, bucking my hips and smothering him in the process. Occasionally he would catch some air as I fucked his face. My pretty little feet were now on either side of his head and I pulled my ass cheeks apart, giving full access to my gaping pussy and asshole. I started calling him my bitch, recalling fondly that's what he would call me as he fucked my unlubricated asshole, and directed him to tongue my ass. He eagerly complied and tongued my ass with aplomb.

Hubby's cock was bouncing up and down - he was clearly enjoying himself, though I think he was probably frustrated that my knees were holding his hands down. I could see he was feebly trying to reach his little cock with his pinned-down hand. Intentionally being a bitch though, I didn't let him touch.

Continuing to fuck his face, my long overdue orgasm thankfully approached. The closer I came to orgasm, the more force I directed into fucking his face. I reached back and grabbed a handful of hair as it hit me, pulling him up even further into my ass.. I pulled as hard as I could and bucked wildly as wave after wave of orgasm brutalized my body. My high heels dug into the side of his head and my asshole was now stretched over his nose. I had never really been one to squirt, but became very aware of the fact that liquid was pouring out of my pussy, into his mouth and down the sides of his face.

After what felt like the most intense, longest orgasm of my life, I collapsed.. I fell forward and rolled off the couch and onto the plushly carpeted floor. Exhausted!

Recovering from the bluish skin tone he had taken on, the result of being smothered through my intense orgasm, Hubby stood and removed his shorts expectantly. He thought he would get laid. He crawled down to the ground, his average-sized cock standing up proudly, and as he tried to lean over me hoping to skewer my pussy, I reached up and planted a high-heeled foot onto his chest and pushed hard. He fell backward, surprised.

I grinned an evil grin, crossed my legs, and extended a stiletto clad foot.... "You may cum on my feet, but must be finished in five minutes. I'm going to bed." He responded favorably, almost enjoying being made to subordinate himself to me. He sat up on his knees, my pretty little foot in his right hand as his left stroked away. Given the volume of precum now pouring from his cock, I knew this wouldn't take long.

He jerked and writhed. His grip on my foot tightened and within 90 seconds, came hard, belting out an impressive amount of cum all over me. His cock now spent and twitching, I commanded him to rub his cum into my legs and feet. He did so happily.

I got up and walked off to bed in my heels. God I love being the Big-Swinging-Dick!

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