tagGroup SexNow That's an Introduction: Hot Tub

Now That's an Introduction: Hot Tub


Relaxed. Perfectly relaxed. The hot tub is warm, the bubbles coaxing my muscles into a state of perfect non-use. I rest my head back over the lip of the tub, my eyes closed, enjoying the moment of solitude. I hear footsteps approaching, a couple approaching. The water ripples and splashes as they slide in, sitting roughly opposite me on the other side of the pool. I let their sounds paint a picture in my mind, they're laughing, quiet conversation informing my expectations. Opening my eyes, I find I wasn't far off. They're a couple, maybe late 20's or early 30's. He's tall, tanned, rail thin, his blonde hair cut short against his head. She's petite by comparison, short with chestnut brown hair tied back in a loose pony tail. I try not to stare, her ice blue bikini stretched tight over her breasts, her nipple showing through. I smile at them, and they at me, and then I rest my head back again, relaxing.

I hear the change in mood before I open my eyes, finding them leaning in close to one another, mouth to mouth, kissing deeply. Their tongues snake out, caressing one another. I smile wickedly to myself, imagining what might be going on under the surface. I'd love to watch the show, but I don't want to be impolite. So I lean my head back and enjoy the view in my mind's eye. I hear them giggle as they stop, footsteps approaching. In my mind I can see them glancing up at the newcomer, then glancing back, liking what they see. I don't have to open my eyes to picture it, but I do anyway, and am glad I did. I smile at you as you drop a towel on the chair next to the tub, your black one piece shining in the sunlight. You smile back as you slide in next to me, one hand playfully rubbing my thigh as you take a seat.

I lean over and kiss you, playful, teasing, and I know they're watching. You squeeze my thigh as my tongue slips past your lips, meeting yours. Without our lips parting, you move, sliding over to sit on my lap, your arms going around my neck. You know they're watching, and it turns you on. As our kiss breaks, we turn to look at them, finding them embracing yet again. Smiling at me, a playful twinkle in your eyes, you lean back into my kiss. As we make out, my cock begins to come to life, pressing gently against your ass. You squeeze my shoulder with a hand and I know you feel it. I think about taking you back to our room, to explore your body with my hands. But why wait. You don't flinch, you don't push my hand away. You melt into me as my hand reaches up, fondling your breasts. I kiss your neck as I play with your huge tits, the material of your suit rough against my hands. You're so turned on as I play with you in front of them, and a quick glance tells me they're watching us again. I notice him in particular, unable to take his eyes off of you. I wonder for a brief second if he wishes it were him with your amazing chest in his hands. As we kiss again, I think about offering them a real show, wondering what you would think if I did. I can't resist the temptation, slipping one finger under the strap of your suit, pulling it down off your shoulder. She gasps audibly, and I see her biting her lower lip out of the corner of my eye. She's as turned on as you are, I think. They kiss each other again, harder, but I see them glancing over at us still. I take the other strap of your suit in my fingers, sliding it down of your shoulder. I turn you, still sitting on my lap, but now with your back to me, facing them. My lips find your shoulder, gently caressing your skin with my tongue, as I reach around, grabbing your suit and pulling it down. You wiggle your arms out and I hear them both gasp as your huge tits come free, your hard nipples flashing out at them. You grind your hips into mine as you crane your neck back, kissing me once more.

My hands are on your breasts, kneading, playing, my hard cock poking at you beneath the water. They can't take their eyes off of us now. You break our kiss, flashing them a devilish smile that makes her blush. I see her hand straying to his lap, rubbing at his crotch. You stand up then, giving them a full view of your naked chest, before turning back to me, pushing up, to sit on the edge of the tub. Before I can sit down you've untied my trunks, your hand snaking down to wrap around my shaft. I feel a moment of self-consciousness as you pull me free of my shorts, stroking me with you hand. It's a moment that fades quickly, suddenly, as you kiss the head of my erect penis, swirling your tongue over the bulbous tip. You're bent over in the tub, your suit hanging half off, your perfect ass waggling suggestively at them as they watch you suck my cock. You move slowly, deliberately, teasing me with your every action, gently bobbing your lips up and down on my shaft. I'm in heaven.

You pause to glance back at them as they move. She can't seem to stop herself, pulling him up to sit in the same position opposite me. She pulls his trunks down, exposing a thick cock which she licks eagerly, from base to tip, kissing, her tongue swirling. You stop to watch for a moment, reveling the pleasure she gives him, stroking me with your hand. You surprise me then, moving slowly, furtively. His eyes go wide as he watches you cross the pool, coming up behind her. She jumps, startled, as you put a hand on her arm, but recovers to give a final flourish to his knob with her tongue. You don't say a word as you lean in to kiss her shoulder. She moves hesitantly, unsure, as she rises and you kiss her lips, gently. She seems shocked, but the light in her eyes tells us both how hot she is right at that moment. As you pull away, not wanting to push her, she leans in, opening her mouth to let your tongues meet in a subtle dance of lust. He can't do anything but sit there and stare, his cock quivering at the sight. His eyes are locked on your tits and I suspect he's completely unprepared for what I think is about to happen. As you kiss her, your hand reaches out, finds his, pulling his hand up, placing it on your breast, urging him on. He looks at his lady, completely unsure. She looks uncertain as well, and for just a second I wonder if the perfect bubble of the moment is about to burst. But she answers with a hesitant laugh, taking a step back. You turn to him, stepping closer, letting his hands wander your breasts, your belly, before leaning in to kiss him. She purrs, somewhere deep in her throat as she watches, and it grows louder as you let your hand wrap around his hard shaft, stroking him. She looks at me as I move to her side, my hand gently moving to her hip. There is lust in her eyes as she watches you making out with him, jerking him off, his hands on you.

I kiss her shoulder, repeating your actions of just a moment ago. She responds eagerly to my touch, leaning her head to one side so I can kiss her neck. She takes my hand, pulling me to the side of the pool, just a few feet away from you, as she watches you. You've pulled him back into the pool, moved his cock between your breasts. He fucks your tits as we watch. She turns into me, our lips meeting, a kiss that surprises me in its intensity. I feel her reach below the water, taking my cock in her hand, and I respond by sliding my hands up her body, feeling the curve of her thighs, her hips. Her breasts fill my hands as I begin to tease them. He watches us. You watch us. She reaches behind her, undoing the top of her bikini, letting it fall away, her bare breasts in my hands, her hard nipples calling to my mouth. She gasps as I take her nipple between my lips, letting my tongue slide over it, around it. He is pounding away at your tits in obvious enjoyment as she pushes me back and up, moving me again to sit on the lip of the pool. You moan, he stares, half jealous, as she puts her mouth on me. The jealousy doesn't last, as you laugh devilishly, guiding his thick knob to your lips. He puts a hand on the back of your head, guiding you faster, harder on his cock. I watch you working him, enjoying the ecstasy of her tongue on me. I see you squirming beneath the water, then you throw your bathing suit to the side, naked. You let your mouth slide off him, taking his hand, pulling him up and out of the pool. Your beautiful naked behind sways suggestively as you guide him to a chair, then turn to watch her on my pole. Catching her eye, you exchange wicked grins, and she's stepping up out of the pool. She slips the bottom half of her bikini down and off as I rise out of the pool. Moving swiftly, she drops to her knees in front of him, taking him again in her mouth even as you sit in the chair next to them, pulling me to you, your lips wrapping around the end of my cock.

I can't take it anymore, pushing you forcefully back into the chair, spreading your legs. You smile at me, nodding to assure me you're ready, as I slip between your thighs, my cock pressing past your lips, sliding deep into you. You moan loudly as you get fucked, watching her suck him. She's obviously jealous, as moments later she straddles him, her pussy swallowing his pole. She rides him forcefully, her body moving smoothly up and down on him as his hands fondle her breasts. From the sounds of things, she cums quickly, breathlessly gasping as she quakes on the end of his pole. The sight of her makes you so wet, my cock pounding into your wet slit, and your muscles contract, the explosion of your own orgasm like nothing I've ever felt from you. She climbs off his dick as she comes down, his fingers stroking his cock, and she takes him into her mouth again. He's nearing climax you gently push me off of you, moving to your knees, tapping her on the shoulder. You take his hard on in your hand, as she lets it fall from her mouth, swallowing him yourself. She eagerly steps over to me, her tongue swirling around the head of my cock once more. He cums, his body shaking, his cock throbbing in your mouth. She feels so good on my pole I never want her to stop, want to go all night, but her hand teasing my balls pushes me over the edge, my hot, white juice spilling into her mouth.

As we stand there, momentarily spent, you lean over and kiss her, tasting me on her tongue, letting her taste him. As we each begin to dress, you turn to them at last. "Hi, we're..."

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