tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNow What the Hell? Ch. 02

Now What the Hell? Ch. 02


When the mystery lady suddenly appeared on a webcam in my home computor, it rattled me at first. I had visions of her getting my passwords, and diverting my bank accounts off to Nigeria or someplace like that.

I even went so far as to stop by the Bank on the way home, and reaffirm my "No electronic transfers" without my personal signature lock I place on all my accounts.

Then I picked up a new virus program, because no matter how much I liked the looks of whoever this woman was, I didn't want anyone running around inside my PC!

I spent the entire day at the Massage Therapy college I teach at, just checking out all of the females. A couple of them caught me staring at their tits, one gave me a funny look, the other gave me a nice grin.

Not normal for me, I see women in various stages of naked nearly every day in my profession.

I was looking for someone who had never been on my table, about 5'4", near as I could tell online, in shape, with a bust size of around 34" to 36" "B" cup. Trouble with that is, women cheat! I could eliminate about half of the women in the building, becuase they had all been on my table at one time or another, so I already knew what their tits looked like, at least, most of them.

It was simply driving me nuts, I knew from the "Teacher Ted" comment that it was someone who knew me, or knew of me.

I got home and loaded the new virus program, then logged on. I had just finished checking my emails, nothing out of the ordinary, when "POP!" the screen went black, and there she was again.

"That didn't work..LOL!" she typed.. I just sat back, all I could see was her body from the neck to the knees, she had on a thin black bra, matching panties, almost translucent.

Then she sat down in the chair, I caught just a glimpse of her chin, enough to make me realize that she was likely older than my first estimate. She reached back and slipped the bra, revealing those same wonderful breasts again. They were amazing, the nipples puffed out from the flesh of her breasts in little bulges, both perfect in form. I could feel myself starting to get a boner looking at her.

Then she reached out, and moved the camera. Her arm reached out and a light on the side flashed on, there was a couple of blurry images as she stood and slid the panties down, then sat in the chair.

The lens was just inches away from her pussy, it filled the screen larger than life.

I couldn't help myself, I reached down and tripped the catch on my jeans, freeing my now rock hard 8" penis. I realized I was actually gasping, what was this woman doing to me?

I watched her hand slip down and stroke herself, in less than a half-dozen strokes she was into orgasm, I had never seen a woman respond so quickly!

I looked carefully at every detail of her, trying to find a blemish, a clue. For one thing, her lips were much larger than normal, and turned out at the top, actually exposing her clitoris. This by itself is unique, most ladie's outer lips make a smooth transition past the clitoris before opening up like a flower, hers were large, engorged, gorgeous.

Without realizing I was so close, I exploded at the sight before me, some actually reached the screen in front of me.

I continued stroking for a few seconds as I came back down to normal, then reached for a tissue and cleaned up.

"How was that", the line read. "You came, didn't you?" then she was gone..

"How the hell did she know?" I thought. The whole thing didn't last 2 minutes..

I realized I was staring at a normal screen on the computor, sitting in my chair with my pants down around my thighs.

I got up, went and washed up, then came back in and pulled up the employee files at the school. I went down the list, marking off the ones I knew weren't her, due to size, shape, or having worked on them at one time or another.

There was just 3 names left. Jeri was the one I was most suspicious of, she is the part time accountant for the school. About the right size and shape, roughly 35-40, I looked at the file and saw she was actually 44.

I jotted down her phone number from the files, picked up the phone and called. A gruff voice answered, I asked for her. "Yeah, who are you?" the voice demanded. I explained I was from the school, she came to the phone.

I told her I needed a subject for one of my classes. Clever, huh?

Of course, we have no end to the number of volunteers, but it was worth a shot. She asked a bit about what it was all about. I lied and told her my subject for one of my classes had cancelled, and I needed a body type similar to hers for some "advanced work".

"I will see and let you know" she said, and hung up.

I was sitting at my desk shuffling some papers the next day when Jeri came in. "So what do you want me to do?" she asked.

I explained what I had in mind, letting drivel about "fibromyalgia" and "draping techniques" fill the sentences. I kept a straight face, studying her closely.

"Well, I never did anything like that before!" she said, "I am an accountant."

"Yes," I told her, "but you will be perfect for the study!"

She hesitated, then said, "My husband, Tom is really a jealous type."

"Well, we don't need to tell him." I answered with a smile. She smiled back, and said, "OK!"

Pressing my luck, I asked her if she wanted to do a quick runthrough so she would know what to expect. "Sure, I guess so." she answered. I told her to go into the side room, undress and get on the table. I showed her the drape, and went and washed up.

She was lying there on her stomach when I went in, the drape pulled very tightly around her. I knew I had to be quick, I only had about 20 minutes before the students started coming in.

I moved her around into some leg stretches, explaining some of the motions we would be demonstrating. She lay there quietly, in just a few minutes, I had her roll over.

I did some more leg stretches, telling her softly that we would be discussing how pelvic motion related to different ailments. As I lifted her leg into a tight stretch, I tucked the drape between her legs, this brought a little gasp of breath. As I brought her leg down, I used my pinkie finger to trap the drape, tugging in down and baring her right breast.

She was beautiful, well formed, just the right size, but with tiny little button like nipples, wrong woman!

"Excuse me!" I said, and slipped the drape back up and over her upper body. I looked at her face, caught the familiar soft look in her eyes. "Hmmm...I thought. Something to remember for the future!"

Out of time, I quickly finished up, making a mental note to give her a good time in the classroom later, I know exhibitionistic tendencies when I see them...

But wrong woman, one down, two to go....I needed to find my puffy nippled beauty and take her up on her offer...

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