tagSci-Fi & FantasyNoxus Universe - Confession

Noxus Universe - Confession


Author's Notes: The Noxus Universe is an expanse story that has been in the works for 11+ years. The Noxus Universe will consist of a variety of short stories, some erotic some not, revolving around Keith Lynn Montgomery and his lover Stately Michel Donahue.

All characters are well over the age of 18 and all sexual activity is consensual. Use of these characters is prohibited. The characters are original and very dear to me. Please respect that.



Sitting at his vanity Stately nursed a glass of brandy as his mind went back to that strange day three weeks ago. He had been taking the time out of his schedule to work through all he had heard that day. All he had seen, but he always came up with the same conclusion: that wasn't the Keith he knew.

"If there are no objections..." Keith was oddly keeping his gaze averted from Stately as he spoke to the Commanders and their Seconds seated around the long conference table.

Some shifted a bit nervously, which was understandable. None, other than his lover Stately, had ever been subject to his telepathy. He didn't speak, just waited for them to get over their fear and uncertainty. He had long ago went into a lengthy conversation about how his telepathy worked and the safety of what he was offering so he had no intentions of explaining it again. But he could wait, so he did.

Stately was the first to speak, "I do not object," he glanced at Keith and was disappointed yet again that their eyes didn't meet.

The prince spoke then, "Nor do I," at the sound of his voice the uneasy fidgeting stopped. He lifted his head and looked Keith straight in the eye, "I trust you."

That seemed to be enough, the prince's endorsement had every one else answer in the affirmative. Keith nodded, sighed, then closed his eyes...

Stately placed the squat glass onto the wooden surface of the vanity, the brandy long watered down, and leaned back in his chair. That entire evening was horrific. Keith had been blindsided and placed into a position that he couldn't get out of. Stately admitted that he was still angry at Atlanta for that.

On that fateful day three weeks ago, before the meeting had even begun, she had stood up and addressed the assembly, stating that every one needed to know of Keith's origins because it may come up in battle. Keith had looked mortified and had asked her if they really needed to get into that, but she had been adamant and once said now everyone was curious about what she was referring too. Then she said it would be easier to show them all and had instructed for Keith to use his telepathy to share his memories. Stately remembered the resigned look Keith had on his face then the sorrowful gaze that had shifted his way.

The images came out of order, but the message was quite clear. Keith used to be the Second in Command of the current enemy that Noxus was preparing for war with now. And he seemed to relish his job.

The scenes changed rapidly, memories of stabbing a man through the jugular, slicing a woman in half with a broad sword; over and over again they came. Changing and morphing until one key element became clear: Keith had been an assassin. That, however wasn't the most shocking thing the commanders saw that evening. No, it was that of Keith, beating, stabbing and humiliating the woman he calls commander now.

Though it seemed imposable Keith would bring Atlanta near death, just to smirk in her face, wait until she heals only to torture her again.

Stately stood up and with a heavy sigh went to the bathroom to prepare for bed. He didn't know just how much longer he could think of this. His beautiful Keith, had at one time be a brutal monster. Oh God Stately thought I called him that...


Another night and Keith couldn't sleep. Three weeks. He never imagined Stately would be angry with him for this long. Mostly though, he was surprised at his own strong feelings at being ignored by his lover. Three weeks ago was when he realized Stately's opinions about him held weight.

Commander Anastasia Liakos jerked back, gasping as she shook her head violently, trying to rid herself of the image. Keith broke their telepathic connection but allowed the others he held to stay. She was staring at him wide eyed, with her mouth slightly ajar.

Keith didn't see it, his eyes were downcast, ashamed and angry at having to show these people his unpleasant past. He didn't think they needed to know any of this, but his commander had given him an order and he had obeyed. His reputation was strenuous as it was and this would not help him gain favor with anyone. Not that it bothered him all that much; the only opinion that mattered to him besides his best friend Skylenia was Stately's.

This realization had surprised them, he hadn't realized Stately had become that important to him. When they had begun their relationship it was purely sexual. They had agreed on it and it worked for them. Besides Keith wasn't even a part of this realm, so there was no point in trying to start a relationship. However, after months of working together and sleeping together Stately had obviously seeped into his heart.

Because now Keith was ashamed and he couldn't look at his lover, though he knew Stately was staring at him.

It was gnawing at him now; this feeling of loneliness that was within his heart now that Stately was no longer talking to him. He was kind of afraid to really look deeply into what that could mean, but he could at least acknowledge that it meant Stately meant more to him than just a convenient fuck buddy.

That night had been rough for him. To be called out like that, humiliated really...it almost broke him, shattered the walls he had worked years on building. And while Atlanta was quick to convey her trust in him and had even allowed the others in on her good memories of him it had been too late. Stately had already left the room.

Keith broke all the connections with a sigh and cleared his throat. He never liked reliving his past, especially that time in it and he surely didn't want to share it in such graphic detail. These were commanders and soldiers he would have to fight beside. How would they ever trust him now?

"What the hell?!" Commander Liakos was the first to speak, "We let you into our kingdom! Into our home!" She slammed her fist down on the table and screamed, "Just how many battle strategies and secrets have you memorized to take back to your precious Amanda?! Hmm?! You son of a bitch!"

"No no!" Keith snapped his head up and looked at her, making eye contact, "I am not...it's not like that!"

"Liar! How are we supposed to believe anything you say!?"

"Trust me," Atlanta finally spoke up, "that life is an old one. We needed you to know though, because Amanda has a flare for the theatrics. She would exploit his past, try to turn you against him, but if you already know going into battle then her words wouldn't have the desired affect."

"I'm not that man anymore," Keith was looking at Anastasia but was pleading to Stately, "I swear...he is gone."

"Exactly," Atlanta nodded, "the thing everyone should be taking away from this is-"

"That he's a monster."

The words were whispered, but in the stunned silence of the room they were easy to hear. Stately stood then, having said his peace then turned abruptly and left the room.

Keith shuddered as he remembered those words. He had finally looked at his lover and saw as the door slowly clicked shut behind him. He didn't speak after that. He used his telepathy again to show the others Atlanta's memories. She had showed them how they had escaped together from Amanda's grasp, their friendship afterwards and their brief, but exciting sexual relationship. Keith had been stunned to feel her love for him. It was deeper than the platonic emotions he had for her. He still hadn't spoken, but he did give her a look that she staunchly ignored. And in truth he didn't care. He was worried about Stately and he wanted nothing more than to rush out of the room and find him and reassure him. He didn't want to answer questions and justify his past to that room full of judgmental and angry commanders. He remembered just how much he needed Stately in that moment and the sadness that had hit him when he realized that Stately would be too angry to respond.

"Stop!" The prince held up his hand and the room immediately fell silent, "Let us not argue about his past deeds," Danielle's gray eyes scanned the room and landed on every single one of his commanders, "what we need to do now is determine if we feel secure and confident enough to allow Commander Montgomery to still fight beside us."

There were a few grumbles and Keith felt he should speak up then, "I would like to still be able to go into battle with you. Commander Donahue and I have trained our unit well during these last few months and I would feel like I would be letting them down if I were not at their side during their first battle against people such as Amanda and her crew."

"Demons like you, you mean," Commander Drake sneered.

Keith was used to his prejudice and fear. He had spoken up about his dislike for people like him on many other occasions so he just ignored him and went on, "I feel like if I were not there it would be as if I were throwing them into the deep end of the ocean. I can't leave them to flounder alone."

"They won't be alone," Liakos said with a frown of distrust still leveled at Keith, "Commander Donahue will be there."

"No," the prince spoke, "I have instructed that he be with his calvary unit," he sighed then pointed at Commander Drake, "Go find him. He needs to have say in this."

It took longer than expected, but sooner than Keith would have liked, but Stately walked back in with a stone expression on his face. He didn't sit, he just looked at his prince and lifted a brow in a silent question of 'well..."

"Should Commander Montgomery be allowed to fight?"

Stately let out a snort, "Of course. Is that all?"

"Yes," Danielle spoke slowly, with an edge of warning. Stately may be his best friend, but he still wouldn't be permitted to speak in that tone with him while in front of others.

Stately heard the warning and bowed respectively, "Shall I take me leave?"

"Yes," the prince nodded and looked at his friend sadly.

Just as Stately turned to leave Keith spoke, "Stately?" He was uncaring that he used his first name in the assembly or that it might suggest that they were lovers. He looked at him hopefully.

Stately glanced over his shoulder, his violet eyes sparking with anger, "No," was all he said then he was gone again.

Keith closed his eyes and tried to sleep. There was nothing he could do now, but wait for Stately to give him a sign that would let him know he was willing to talk.


At 4:30 in the morning the klaxon sounded jolting the entire kingdom awake. The battle was at hand and Keith rushed to get dressed in his Noxus armor. He gripped his sword and swept out the door and rushed down the stairs into the main hall. Others were already there, despite Keith's speed in getting ready. There was a sort of organized frenzy going on as men and women found their units and said their goodbyes to their loved ones.

Keith sensed Stately the moment he walked into the room. He was giving out orders and pulling on his riding gloves. He looked stunning in his uniform, his blonde hair shone brightly against the dark garment, the muted black metal of his breast plate and shoulder caps made him appear intimidating despite his short lean stature. Keith glanced down and saw his knee high riding boots and even in the mist of this serious situation he couldn't help the image of Stately in nothing but just those boots laid out before him in his bed flushed with arousal that flashed into his mind.

He needed to speak to him. He couldn't wait, this battle would be epic, he knew Amanda never pulled punches, and as in every battle there was no guarantee that either of them would make it out alive. That thought made him nauseous, the thought of losing Stately was too much to bear.

He made his way over to him, about to call out to him, but realized that Stately probably wouldn't respond. But if he thought I needed his services as a Commander...

Keith lifted his hand and called out firmly, but with a hint of question in the tone, "Commander Donahue," when Stately looked in his direction Keith waved his hand, beckoning him over.

Stately rattled off some orders to a man beside him then made his way through the crowd and over to Keith. Keith didn't speak, just turned and started walking, as if his issue needed to be addressed away from the commotion. Stately caught up quickly and soon the two were making their way over to the edge of the crowd.

Suddenly without warning Keith gripped Stately's upper arm and in the same moment opened the side door. He thrust his lover inside the room, it turned out to be a small greenhouse, before he closed the door. Thankfully the moon was still low and the two men could see one another well.

Keith saw Stately's expression of confusion, but before his lover could say anything he scooped him up into his arms and kissed him soundly. Stately gasped against his lips, but didn't object, in fact he wrapped his arms around Keith's neck and kissed him back just as passionately. Keith was stunned that his body didn't respond to the heated kiss, instead of his cock swelling his heart did and the emotion that flooded him shook him to the core.

He ended the kiss, but rested his forehead against his lover's, "I couldn't allow us to go into battle without saying something," he whispered breathlessly, "I know you are angry with me, but I swear to you," at this he pulled back so he could look Stately right in the eye, "I swear I was going to tell you. I never meant for you to find out that way and I wasn't trying to lie to you...I was just...I was just working up the...courage," he tripped over the word, hating to admit weakness, but knowing that if anyone could appreciate his honesty it would be Stately, "I know you hate me now, but...God, I'm sorry. So sorry!"

Stately shook his head, "I don't hate you. I just needed time to think...to process all that I had learned," he gave him a soft smile, "I had every intention of coming back to you. I..." he looked away, clearly thinking over something. Keith didn't speak, allowing Stately his time. Stately knew of their status, their purely physical agreement had been lost quite some time ago. Keith had said it before one evening that they were well past it and Stately had agreed. In fact, Stately had been longing for that progression of their relationship for quite a while before Keith had even mentioned it. Still though, he recognized that Keith wasn't the settling down, white picket fence sort of man. At least he didn't think he was. But Keith had a point; they were going into battle and things needed to be said.

So with a deep breath he looked back at Keith and said firmly, surely, "I love you."

Keith's shock was evident on his face. His brows were raised and his lips slightly parted. He stood there frozen, not exactly sure how Stately had grown to love a man like him.

Stately seeing the surprise and not really expecting an answer anyway looked away and tried to move from out of the circle of Keith's arms.

The movement brought Keith back into the present and he tightened his grip then said, "Yeah."

Stately look up at him, "Yeah," he whispered with a nod hoping Keith would believe his declaration even if it wasn't returned.

Keith, sensing Stately's misunderstanding said more firmly, "Yeah."

Stately frowned a bit, confused, but then he saw Keith's eyes shift and he could feel his uneasiness then it all suddenly clicked. Stately found himself smirking, triumphant, "Yeah?"

When Keith saw that little smile he knew Stately understood, "Yeah," he said again with softness and love in his voice.

Stately chuckled gleefully, "Yeah," he nodded his head as he came up on his tip toes and kissed Keith once more. He took his time with the kiss, ignoring for the moment that he should be out with his unit, preparing his horse. But Keith, in his own utterly adorable way, had just confessed his love as well. He wasn't about to let this moment of pure happiness and contentment slip away. This could very well be their last moment together and he was going to relish in their shared love for one another for as long as he could.

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