tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNrlynkdbabes BBQ Adventure 2

Nrlynkdbabes BBQ Adventure 2


This adventure can be read without reading "Memorial Day BBQ Strip" however it will help you to know about Tian who is a key player in this adventure.

Tian called and invited me to a BBQ at the home of a married couple she is friends with down on the Jersey shore near Long Beach Island (LBI). She had apparently told them about the BBQ where she met me and they wanted to invite their friends to their own adult BBQ with me in attendance. I asked Tian if I needed to worry about showing too much skin and she told me I could show as much as I wanted. I said I would go but needed to decide what I would wear and I would talk to her later in the week. I had been chatting and exchanging e-mails with Sassy Susan daily for the last few months, until about a month ago, when I needed to take a break from the computer, and instant messaging.

During one of our many chats we talked about the BBQ. Sassy played an important part in this adventure, she is always trying to push people to go outside their comfort zones and for that I love her. During the course of the conversation I decided that my outfit for the BBQ was going to be a short flirty skirt and nothing else. Tian was coming to pick me up for the hour -long drive down the Garden State parkway and I would go wearing just the skirt.

I called Tian and told her what I planned to wear and she was thrilled. "Nikki, my friends will love seeing you arrive to their house topless, naked or however you choose and so will I." She said

"I have another idea, if you think it will be OK. Once we are there for a bit I want to take my skirt off and have you destroy it in front of everyone." I love not having anything to wear once I'm naked.

"Oh sure it will be fine, they expect you to be naked sooner or later."

"Tian you need to promise that once we get there and you destroy my skirt that no matter what happens you will not let me cover up until we get back to my house." I said, not realizing how I would regret these words that Saturday night.

" I promise Nikki, once you're naked you will not be able to cover up at all." Tian said with noticeable excitement in her voice.

"Great! I'll talk to you again before the weekend."

So I had confirmed I would wear just a skirt, no jewelry or shoes on Saturday. Soon after talking to Tian I was online talking to Sassy Susan and telling her about my wardrobe decision. Susan is always making suggestions as to what I could do to encourage audience participation and physical contact and for that I love her, but I know the evil bitch (love you sweetie) is going to get me in trouble one day. Susan came up with the idea of decorate Nikki for the BBQ.

Non-permanent markers would be used for two teams to decorate me, each team getting one side of my body from head to toe. Somehow this idea intrigued me and before I knew it I was agreeing to be decorated with markers. More on the rules later, I mentioned it to Tian and she loved the idea, so now I was leaving home in just a skirt, going to have it removed and destroyed and let a bunch of strangers decorate every part of my naked body with markers. It was also decided that the winning team would use soapy water and their hands to wash me off.

I had to go buy markers and I wanted to buy a cheap, sexy, short skirt that I wouldn't mind having destroyed. I should have paid more attention to the weather report during the week before the BBQ; I have since learned to always check the forecast. I went out and bought the markers and a cute, flirty pink skirt to wear on Saturday. I saw near the end of the week that we were in for a few days of less seasonal temperatures.

We have had a pretty hot summer for New Jersey, a lot of days in the upper 80's and 90's but Saturday looked to be in the mid-seventies, which I thought would be fine. I looked Friday night at the weekend weather and saw Saturday was going to be near 75 but breezy and the temperature was going to drop down to about 58 Saturday night. So 58 is not freezing but add in the breeze and it's quite nippy especially when naked. I wasn't about to change my plans, if worse came to worse I could warm up inside from time to time.

Everything was arranged for Saturday, Tian would pick me up about 2pm on Saturday for the hour drive to LBI. I woke up Saturday morning and didn't bother to get dressed; this is pretty much the norm for me unless I am going to work or out somewhere. It was a rather breezy day and only going to be 75 at best. After a light lunch I took a shower and while under the hot water I thought about the day ahead and soon my hand was on my cunt, playing with my clit. I tweaked my nipples, squeezed my boobs and teased my clit before two fingers found their way inside my very excited cunt. Moving them in and out faster as I got more excited.

I moved them in and out faster until I came, after regaining my composure I finished showering, did a bit of makeup and my hair. I had my belly ring in but that was the only piece of jewelry I would wear. Shortly before two I put on my skirt, which as I said was pink, and flirty, quite short reaching to just a couple of inches below my bare cunt and just hiding my naked butt cheeks. Then I waited for Tian to arrive, she arrived right on time and approved of my outfit, if you could call it that. I had on the pink skirt, nothing else and that was all I would have with me for the ride down to the BBQ. I took just a tiny purse with some cash, a Debit card and house key and walked out to Tian's car naked.

Traffic was horrible and the hour drive took just under 2 hours. It was a painfully slow ride down the Garden State Parkway, which kept me from maybe displaying some body parts against the window. If I had needed to pee I would have had to get out of the car and pee in the trees alongside the roadway. I doubt I would have been allowed inside at one of the rest stops. Thankfully that need didn't arise and although I am sure my bare breasts were probably seen by thousands it was an uneventful ride. On the way down I wanted to find out a bit about who would be at the BBQ. Tian told me that her friends Cindy and Dave were the hosts, married in their early 30's with no children yet.

She didn't know anyone else who would be there but once again I was assured that my attire or lack of it would be welcomed with excitement and not just by the guys. I always worry about pissing off the women that are there with their significant others. Tian couldn't really tell me a lot but she did tell me that she had not told Cindy and Dave about what I would be wearing when we arrived, as she wanted them to be surprised.

They knew that I would be scantily dressed and at some point I would be naked and they were looking forward to our arrival. We got off the parkway down near Long Beach Island (LBI) and after a few main roads we were on one of the small narrow streets found all over the Jersey shore. Most houses are small ranch style, the front yard all pebbles and either grass or pebbles in the backyard. Most were on small lagoons that lead out to Barnegat Bay. We arrived at Cindy and Dave's and I began to feel the urge to pee, which I think was caused by the butterflies dancing in my belly.

I get nervous when I am walking partially or fully naked into a strange place filled with people I don't know which I think is a normal reaction to a not so normal situation. I do thrive on all of the emotions that come with running around nearly or fully naked, even the fear. The fear is only surpassed by the sheer excitement of being naked where I shouldn't and my being the center of attention when I walk in and all eyes are on me. We parked right in front of the house and after taking a deep breath I exited the car once Tian was out and standing by the passenger door. I stepped out providing Tian with a nice look up my skirt. It was quite breezy and a bit cooler than a typical August day in New Jersey.

The actual temperature was about 75 but it felt cooler with the breeze and especially since we were right on the water. No one greeted us out front and Tian said that she was told to walk around to the backyard when we arrived. Tian led the way and as we approached the backyard I could hear people talking. It sounded as though there was more than just a few people back there. Another deep breath and we entered the backyard with Tian still in front I was somewhat hidden from view.

A cute blonde, who I soon found out, was our hostess Cindy turned toward us and said hello to Tian before asking, "Is that Nikki behind you?"

"Yes, this is Nikki" Tian replied as she stepped aside to let me be seen by all those looking our way.

I could see most people were obviously shocked by my outfit. Cindy seemed taken aback for just a moment but recovered and said she was very pleased to meet me.

"Is that skirt all you wore when you left home?" Cindy asked

Before I had a chance to reply, Tian grabbed my skirt and lifted the front up exposing my freshly shaved pussy, already a bit damp from the attention. "Yep that's how she left home" Tian replied giggling.

Well I was certainly the center of attention now and so far no one seemed to be giving me any dirty looks. There were quite a few people there and it looked like we had been the last to arrive, which I found out later was Tian's plan. Introductions were made all around. There were 15 people total including Tian and me. Dave and Cindy were the hosts and there were three other couples there either married or dating, two single guys and three girls, two single and one with a boyfriend who couldn't make it. I will give details as needed about the other guests. We moved into the backyard and I saw that the house was right on a lagoon with houses close on each side and a few across the narrow lagoon. There was a lot of boat and Jet Ski traffic as they passed either as they headed out to or back in from the bay.

There were a lot of horns tooting as boats passed and I was spotted sitting topless facing the water. Tian obviously directed me to that chair so I would be visible to anyone passing. We had arrived around 4 p.m. and enjoyed a couple of drinks, Hors d'oeuvre's and a little food to start. There was a trailer off to the side of the yard; the side of the trailer was facing the yard. I asked about the trailer and Cindy said it belonged to a DJ who would be arriving shortly. They had been playing music from a radio since our arrival.

It was almost 6:00 and I noticed the temperature had dropped a bit. I was just a little worried because the forecast was for below average temperatures. They were expecting lows in the fifties that night and then with the breeze and being right on the water it would certainly feel much cooler. I do like to venture out naked in cool or cold weather, snow, rain or whatever. I just limit my time outside depending on the temperature. I even enjoy taking a naked walk in my backyard after a snowstorm and making naked snow angels.

However here I had nothing but my skirt, Tian had brought nothing extra and I wouldn't even have my skirt later. I decided to get up and walk around a little as it was just a bit cool sitting there in the breeze. I asked for directions to the powder room and went in to pee and freshen myself up. That would be the last time I would be inside until I got home much later that night. I finished up and walked back out to the group feeling my skirt flip up from the breeze.

" The breeze keeps blowing my skirt up." I said

"I can fix that." Tian said with a sly grin.

She took my hand and led me over to a wooden picnic table and had me step up onto the bench and then the table. She called Cindy over and whispered something to her that sent Cindy off into the house. As I stood on the bench Tian grasped the hem of my skirt on either side and began to slowly pull it down. The elastic waistband was soon well below my hips and getting close to the top of my pussy.

Once it got down a little more Tian let it go and it slid down to my bare feet. I stepped out of it and watched Tian take it off the table, holding it until Cindy returned, Tian had told Cindy to get scissors and when Cindy returned Tian took the scissors and began cutting my skirt into little pieces as everyone watched in amazement. Now I was totally naked and had nothing with me or in the car, this of course was what made my cunt tingle knowing I had no clothes to put on no matter what happened. The only thing that concerned me at all was the weather but I figured if it got to be too cold I would go in the house to warm up.

I noticed there was a new female that had arrived while I was being stripped of my skirt. She was introduced as Jesse the DJ. She was adorable, about 5'2", not much more than 110 pounds, a brunette with pink tips and rather large boobs for such a small girl. I later found out she was 25 years old, 34c-22-33 with hazel eyes and just 105 pounds. After everyone got over my being totally naked we sat around and chatted a bit more. I could feel it had gotten cooler and it was only about 6:30 p.m. I got up to walk down to the end of the yard near the lagoon and asked Tian to walk with me.

"I think if we are going to play this game we need to get started, it's getting a bit chilly." I said quietly to Tian

"Sure Nikki I'll ask who wants to play and we can start."

"Good because it's going to get even cooler and I want to be done and cleaned up in case I need a towel to warm up."

"No sweetie, you can't have a towel or anything else." Tian said quite sternly

" But it's going to be colder than I expected." I said realizing Tian was going to stand firm on her promise.

" You told me that I am not to allow you any type of cover-up until we are back at your house, you made me promise and nothing will cause me to break it."

Well I figured I would go in the house or something if it got unbearable, especially after the game. Tian had the markers in her purse and when we were back among the group she announced that she had devised a game to play. The game was really created by Sassy Susan who I often refer to as succulent cunt. Everyone wanted to know what the game was, figuring it was one of the usual games people play, Truth or Dare, Charades or something like that then Tian began to explain the game and said everyone could choose to play or not.

"This game is called decorate Nikki." Tian began having everyone's interest.

These are the way the game is played. Those who participate will be divided into two equal teams. Each team will use non-permanent markers to decorate my naked body from head to toe, no area being off limits. They will each get one side of me from my forehead down to my toes. This will give each team one entire side of me front and back, head to toe. Jesse the DJ will be the judge and the winning team will get to clean me off afterwards with soapy water using only their hands. Now some of the girls may not care to participate and some of the attached men may want to but may be reluctant to do so.

All in all ten people wanted to play the game, Cindy and Dave, our host and hostess wanted to play and of course Tian. The two single guys, Anthony and Vince, the two single girls, Kelly and Lisa, Sarah whose boyfriend was not there and a married couple Mark and Carol. The other couples did not want to play but they had no problem watching. Jesse the DJ went over and entered her trailer, then the front panels opened and I saw that it had a video screen on each panel, for Karaoke. The picnic table I would later stand on to give people access to my lower half was near the trailer so Jesse could stay inside there and judge. It was getting cooler and I was beginning to worry about when I got washed down. Maybe that could be done inside while I stood in the tub.

"Ok everyone, we are ready to start. You have 20 minutes to decorate your side of Nikki and don't be shy, she certainly isn't." Tian said winking at me.

" Jesse will decide the winners and remember there is no area of her body that's off limits." Tian said as she moved me near the table.

" Should I lay down and let them do one side then flip over?" I asked

"No, stand up for now so you are in full view of the passing boats."

So I stood there legs about shoulder width apart and Jesse said the time was starting. Suddenly I had people touching me all over with the markers, which tickled me all over. There were people working on each side of my face and on my chest and boobs. I would feel a hand on me now and then as people worked on various parts of me. I guess about five minutes passed when I heard Jesse's voice come booming out of the speakers.

" Do you like all those hands on your naked body, Nikki?"

I realized that anyone nearby would be able to hear Jesse and that would certainly draw attention our way.

"Nikki has a flower on her left tit" boomed from the speakers

After about ten minutes my body was covered from my hips to my face with flowers, words, and all kinds of designs.

" Stand on the table Nikki" Tian said as she took my hand to steady me as I stepped up.

Then they started working on my legs, feet and ass. I felt my ass cheeks being spread apart; they wanted to be sure they got everywhere.

"Don't forget her pussy." came out of the speakers.

I noticed there was a small traffic jam on the lagoon as boats were slowing down, as they looked at me naked getting decorated. It seems Jesse doing a play by play had help to draw more attention my way and I was loved it. I had forgotten about the cool air and hadn't noticed the breeze had picked up since starting. I was so excited from all of the attention and the occasional hands on my body. Then I felt for the first time a marker on my pussy. I looked down and saw Tian working on one side and then Kelly moved in to start on the other side. Tian made sure she didn't miss a spot and Kelly followed suit. I jumped when the marker hit my clit causing my cunt to twitch. Now I knew that they had to be able to see I was wet or at least would notice the scent from my arousal.

"Five minutes left, people." came from the speakers. I was somewhat disappointed it was going to end, but soon enough I would have more hands on me.

I saw all the boats, guys with binoculars and I'm sure though I didn't see them there must have been a few camera's. There were houses right across the narrow lagoon and I saw people out in their yards I was loving this and was happy Sassy Susan suggested it and talked me into doing it, especially among all these strangers both at the party and on the boats. All the partygoers were strangers with the exception of Tian but I had thought this would be a safe place to step out of my comfort zone and allow people to be hands on with me. Sassy is forever trying to help push my boundaries and for that I love her but she usually deals with submissive females and that is something I'm not.

Time was almost over and as I looked down I saw that I was decorated completely. Tian of course had been the first one to go for my pussy and Lisa followed. Both of them even opening me up to make sure they didn't miss a spot. The whole scene was so arousing to an attention whore like me. I was naked in front of I don't know how many strangers, I had hands on various parts of my body, I was certainly the center of attention and Jesse doing the play by play over the speakers had certainly helped to draw attention my way. I had forgotten about the temperature I was so worked up.

"Times up, everyone put down the markers and step off to the side." Jesse's voice said through the large speakers.

I began to get down off the table but was stopped by Jesse's voice.

" Nikki, stay where you are, turn around slowly so everyone can see all sides."

Jesse than began describing what she was seeing as I turned slowly.

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